According to Christians what will happen to me if I do not worship Jesus Christ?

It depends on your flavor of Christianity.

Wars have been fought over this question for centuries.

  1. Simple answer: either you behave or you believe.
  2. Long answer:

The question is usually phrased like this: “What makes you a just person?”

There is a difference between Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism and Methodism on one side and Luteranism-Calvinism on the other.

Side one:

The majority of Christians, that is Catholics (1.200 million), Orthodox (300 million), Anglicans (85 million) and Methodists (75 million) think that you are just by your deeds.

You can be an atheist or a Muslim but if you strive all your life to do God’s will you are sanctified and you go to Heaven.

They argue, Bible in hand, using James 2:14-26, Galatians 5:19-21 and Matthew 19:17, that you have to avoid sin.

So, if you do not worship Jesus Christ but you behave, all is kosher (pun intended).

Side two:

Lutherans and Calvinists (around 400 million) believe that you have to worship J.C. because you are just if you have faith and that does not depend on your merits or actions, as it is a gift from God.

So, if you are a Muslim or an atheist or, worse, a Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican or Methodist, then you go to Hell.

They pick from the Bible Eph 2:8, as well as Acts 16:14 and Phil 1:2 to prove they are right.

Justification (theology) – Wikipedia

So, pick carefully. Wings and halo are not going to descend by themselves on you.

I have a friend that insist on doing good deeds, have faith, circumcise, pray towards Mecca, understand that the world is an illusion, pray to Wiccan gods, etcetera, etcetera, all at the same time.

He says he doesn't want to go to Hell based on a technicality.

I have wise friends, let me tell you.

How do B2B software companies determine the price of their product if there are no close competitors?

*sticks finger in mouth*

*Trying to feel the direction of the wind with wet finger*

The advice for profit margin is different depending on your industry and who you're asking, but here's my two cents:

If you're selling physical goods, you generally want to sell the product for at least 4x – 6x more than what you're buying it for.

When it comes to digital goods (software, information, SaaS) it's not unusual to have a 20x – 100x markup.

But look at your industry. Even if you don't have any close competitors, you're probably operating in an established niche or area of business.

Are you selling to the big dogs, large enterprises? Or are you selling to the solopreneur?

Solopreneurs won't afford paying top market prices + a 6 months consulting retainer.

Price it based on who you're selling to, and based on what they need.

I once heard some pricing advice from Ramit Sethi that totally blew me away:

You don't want a too high conversion rate"

…and this can sound way off at first, but when you think about it, he's totally right.

Business is about balance. A balance between you getting paid what you're worth, and your customer paying what they think whatever you’re selling is worth.

Let's say…

If you're selling brand new Volvo XC90's for $5000 – you're going to sell a lot of them.

Volvo XC90 retail for at least $60.000 and as a result, people are going to flock around you because they're getting the deal of a lifetime.

You are going to have a way too high conversion rate – and you won’t be able keep that up if you want to make a living.

You need to raise prices to lower your conversion rate.

Ideally, you want to have a 2% – 5% conversion rate.

Because at that level you're not giving away too much value, and your customers feel that they're buying something valuable.

My suggestion is that you adjust your pricing until you convert between 2% – 5% of your leads into customers.

How to be more silent

It's good that you want to become silent. I like this thought of yours.

But instead I would suggest you to become ambivert, means introvert from inside and extrovert from outside. In short maintain your inner peace and while speaking, speak with confidence.

Now comes the next question. How to attain that inner peace? If you attain inner peace, no need to work on your communication skills as latter is dependent on former.

As usual and you would be knowing this, 5 minutes of sitting in “Dhyan” is good at initial level. I also practice this. Later on when you grow in this direction, start practicing the same under some Guru as this will take you in the right direction ( Decide this on your own whether to take guidance or not as till that time you would be wise enough to take your decisions)

And one simple but complex formula I would give you is

Start helping others and don't expect anything in return. ( Help can be in non-monetory form also).

I think this formula need not be explained. It all comes thru experience.

What is your favourite colour and why?

My favorite color is blue. Blue and all its shades. Blue means a deep sea, curly waves, summer mornings and nights, cool water, fresh air, whole piece, and maternity for me:) I adore this color that makes me feel calm and full of energy.

Actually, every color has its own meaning. I’d like to provide you with these details. And I will start from blue, of course:)

Blue – trust, peace, honesty and loyalty. This color reduces stress, evokes relaxation, and if you adore this color the most – you are pretty sincere.

Red – sexual passion, energy, ambition. This color is strong, it generates your energy. If you try to keep many things around you red – you’re extroverted and confident.

Orange – communication, optimism, superficiality. Orange makes you related to adventure and risk-taking. If you’re in love with orange – you’re pretty independent personality.

Yellow – mind, intellect. This color creates enthusiasm for life and if you’re in love with yellow – you’re cheerful and fun.

Green – nature, balance, growth. Green evokes harmony, if you prefer green among other colors – you’re practical and down-to-earth.

Brown – protection, comfort and material wealth. If you prefer brown among other colors – you’re steady, reliable, and pretty confident.

Gray – compromise, neutral, unemotional. Gray feels pretty quiet, if you like gray – you’re usually indifferent about life, and you try to hide from the world.

White – innocence, pure. This color is totally reflective. If you adore white – you’re neat and immaculate.

Black – secret, mystery, external. Black means power and control, if you can;t live without black – you pay attention to prestige and power.

If you’ve got interested, take a close look at the source, where I’ve found the information. There you’ll find a detailed description of each color and interesting facts about colors and people.

Colors have a great influence on us. That’s why we adore visiting some cafes, eating some food, and even visiting some websites. Color lies in the subconscious even if we are unfamiliar with it:) By the way, color means a lot in web design. Check out resources below to discover!

  • Color Theory Explained: What Color Scheme Should I Choose?
    Role of Colors in Making Websites Conversion-Friendly
  • Psychology of Color & Website Conversion

If you’re passionate about blue …:)

  • Coolness of Blue in Web Design – Interactive Infographic – MonsterPost

Anyway, all colors in the world are truly beautiful:)

How corrupt is everything really?

I apologise up front: this will be a L-O-N-G dissertation!

Totally. (that's the short answer!)

If humans are a part of it, it will be corrupt! Humans are flawed and cannot make perfect determinations all the time, when greed and other traits add to this, often taking advantage of the imperfections we craft, the result is corruption.

The degree of corruption is difficult to gauge. Some is blatant and very visible, other is difficult to detect because it is either so small or because of the enormity of it.

Assume all government is corrupt, all corporate entities are greedy and individuals want what is best for them, and if you get something good too, that's a bonus, then if you experience better than this gauge, you are doing okay.

As examples: Ukraine and Russia have blatant corruption, as well as subtle and gross corruption and people there recognise this, even condone it by shrugging and saying “I can’t do anything about it.” In the UK, US and EU, corruption is generally Gross, on such a scale that it is difficult to see unless there is a frame of reference to judge it by, and it is very difficult for individuals to acquire this frame of reference. The World Corruption Index lists Ukraine and Russia as mid to lower on the scale of countries, while the UK, US and EU are in the top region of having less corruption…

China has a really big problem with corruption and in five years has turned this around. It still has corruption and always will, but it is possible to change things.

Ukraine had a revolution and threw out a corrupt political regime – but little changed for ordinary people… why? Because the mechanisms of government – the Civil Service, who are not elected – remained, and they were just as corrupt as the political regime they threw out. The new political regime gets criticism for not making change when, to a significant degree, it is not them that are causing individuals hardship. The blatant problem here is easily observed, but hard to address in any practical manner.

The EU has a select number of people who are not elected sitting and making decisions about how the EU will run. this group can and does make decisions that over-rule the sovereign right of a country to make its own laws and determine its own future. These people are subjected to minimal scrutiny and are not accountable to the individuals of the member countries whose lives they impact on a daily basis. The issue is so large, it is difficult to get a frame of reference on it for individuals, therefore, is just accepted as the way things are. One of the members of this select group is currently wanted in one country for fraud and an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest… but still he is making decisions about millions of peoples lives and how the EU will control these people well into the future.

Which of these is better?

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms: the first is full of raging fires; the second, assassins with loaded guns; and the third, lions who haven't eaten in years. Which room is the safest?

My answer is actually room 2! (what?) Think about it. In room 1, you will die from the flames or by dehydration, both which are excruciatingly long and painful Deaths. In room 3, as many have stated, the Lions are most likely dead, but then what? Since it is a death penalty, you're not going to get out alive, even if you survive. Thus you will most likely die from malnutrition (that is, if you try surviving on lion meat alone), dehydration,starvation, food poisoning, etc. You get point. As much as the “right” answer is Room 3, it's a death penalty, so you are supposed to die, one way or another. Thus, Room 2 is the safest option as it involves minimal suffering and a relatively fast death.

[okay, maybe I've watched too much Danganronpa, but I'm sure most people would prefer the fast execution over the gruesome ones from the game]

Edit: This is my answer provided that he has to choose a room. Of course, if he chooses not to choose, there's the possibility that someone else will choose instead of him, most likely the judge or possibly the victims relatives (?maybe?), or if chooses to “take an extremely long time deciding" the decision will most likely be made for him instead (again). It has already been decided that it is a death penalty, so there's no escaping it now. All that there is left to hope for is that the assassins make a clean and quick execution.

Alternatively, the assassins may all have been previous murderers who got sent into that room as well and ‘fake’ an execution in order to save him, but that's not likely…

What is the runway of an aircraft carrier made of?

It’s thick steel, about five inches I believe. On top of that is what’s generically called non-skid. It’s a tar-like substance with grains of silica in it, and it’s applied so that it’s very rough and bumpy. It has to be applied in very specific environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, so when new non-skid is applied (always in the ship’s home port or a shipyard, never at sea), it’s often done under tents that have been set up so the environment can be controlled.

What’s interesting is that over the course of a six month or longer deployment, the non-skid is worn away by the impacts of the tailhooks so that you an see the underlying paint or whatever it is that’s between the steel and the non-skid. It gets really slick by the end of the cruise, especially once it gets greasy and if it also becomes wet from rain or sea spray.

How many of you miss the bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan?

Does it really matter ?

The Question should be,

How many of us could think,

At what extent, a life becomes miserable, of a family of Indian soldier, who attained martyrdom while fighting against terrorists from pakistan ?

Come on,

Please don't 'PEE' on Indian soldiers martyrdom.

And mind well

Its totally apolitical, its only and only about Indian soldiers.


How to change my life completely

Being in your 20’s is the most crucial year of your life. Nothing seems to be in place. Everything seems to be in a mess. You feel depressed, lost, aimless, lifeless and the list goes on.

Your 20’s will produce more failures than you’ll ever choose to remember. The key is when you fail, don’t begin calling yourself a failure. Like said it’s okay to be scared; to fear failure but the only key thing is to not go around it but to face it.

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really really brave- Mandy Hale

So you need to do or change a couple of things in your life to bring that change in your life.

  • Access your skill set. Find your strong and weak areas in your studies. Think about it , challenge and reason yourself. Analyze what is the reason for not clearing your CA examination. Change your pattern of studying. If CA is not your cup of tea take up something else, there is an abundance of opportunities out there.
  • Take up an Outdoor Activity. In today’s changing scenario, you need to be a jack of all trades. Apart from your studies you also need to have a personality. Moreover sports helps us to remain fit and even bring positive energy in our life. Take up any sport you like. You can do running, cricket, badminton etc. Just go outside for an hour. Run.
  • Build up a social life. Humans are social animal and we need a social life as a lack of it directly influences our mental health. Call your friends; meet them once in a while. If you don’t have any; try conversing with people in your colony, in our tuition, college friends, call your old friends. Move your ass off, sitting won’t do any good.
  • Start reading. Reading is something which anyone can do and at anytime and the most easiest way to increase your knowledge . Just find any genre which interest’s you and start reading. It won’t do you any harm and would help your mind to expand.
  • Spend time with your Family. Family is the most important of all. They care about us in a way no one else would ever do(especially mother’s). Talk to them about your problem. Tell them how you feel about it. They are the only people who will truly help you. Spend time with them as this time would never come back.

Again these are not the things which could be achieved in a single day. You need to work hard each and every day. There is no shortcut for hard work. Do not sit idle and go in your action mode. Be patient. If something doesn’t happen keep on trying and remain positive in your life.