According to Christians what will happen to me if I do not worship Jesus Christ?

It depends on your flavor of Christianity.

Wars have been fought over this question for centuries.

  1. Simple answer: either you behave or you believe.
  2. Long answer:

The question is usually phrased like this: “What makes you a just person?”

There is a difference between Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism and Methodism on one side and Luteranism-Calvinism on the other.

Side one:

The majority of Christians, that is Catholics (1.200 million), Orthodox (300 million), Anglicans (85 million) and Methodists (75 million) think that you are just by your deeds.

You can be an atheist or a Muslim but if you strive all your life to do God’s will you are sanctified and you go to Heaven.

They argue, Bible in hand, using James 2:14-26, Galatians 5:19-21 and Matthew 19:17, that you have to avoid sin.

So, if you do not worship Jesus Christ but you behave, all is kosher (pun intended).

Side two:

Lutherans and Calvinists (around 400 million) believe that you have to worship J.C. because you are just if you have faith and that does not depend on your merits or actions, as it is a gift from God.

So, if you are a Muslim or an atheist or, worse, a Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican or Methodist, then you go to Hell.

They pick from the Bible Eph 2:8, as well as Acts 16:14 and Phil 1:2 to prove they are right.

Justification (theology) – Wikipedia

So, pick carefully. Wings and halo are not going to descend by themselves on you.

I have a friend that insist on doing good deeds, have faith, circumcise, pray towards Mecca, understand that the world is an illusion, pray to Wiccan gods, etcetera, etcetera, all at the same time.

He says he doesn't want to go to Hell based on a technicality.

I have wise friends, let me tell you.

15 Replies to “According to Christians what will happen to me if I do not worship Jesus Christ?”

  1. Nothing will happen. God will never force anybody to worship or love HIm. But at the same time, GOd become furious if you disturb the peace of the society by your sins. Love to God shall come naturally and not by forced way!!

    There are six vices, which are 1) illegal sex (kama), 2) violence (krodha), 3) greediness (corruption of money), 4) fascination (moha), 5) Ego (mada) and 6) jealousy (maatsarya). The first three affect other souls and hence are considered to be strong sins or main gates to the hell as per the Gita. The latter three are not serious in case others are not affected. Illegal sex with some soul pains its life partner to a very deep extent. Violence to kill living beings for food and killing people for various reasons like rowdyism or terrorism is the greatest sin. Earning unlawful money by exploiting others is also a very serious sin since the affected persons suffer a lot.

    Out of these six vices, the first three are very serious leading the soul certainly to hell since these three sins are harming others. The latter three sins do not lead to hell provided there is no damage to others. If you have fascination to world, you need not go to hell if your fascination to your wife/husband or issues or money does not harm others. Similarly, your ego will not take you to hell as long as your ego doesn’t hurt others. Similarly, your jealousy towards others will not give any punishment in hell if it is not harming others. Sometimes, jealousy also helps you in your development. If you examine the first three sins, your anger/violence will certainly damage others. Similarly, your greediness for money is resulting in corruption by which you are stealing others’ money by which others suffer. Similarly, your illegal sex will certainly cause suffering to others.

    When Dharmaraja asked his grandfather, Bhishma, about the essence of justice, Bhishma replied that the essence of justice is that one should not do that to others, which, if is done by others to him results in hurting himself. Therefore, the criminal nature of the sin resulting in punishment is always due to only damage done by yourself to others. Hence, God in the Gita mentioned that only these three sins are the main gates to hell, which are violence, financial corruption and illegal sex.

    The foremost sin is violence to kill other living beings for the sake of food or some other personal grudge. God Brahma becomes furious by this sin because He alone is the authority to grant longevity. When you do not have power to give life to a killed living being, you do not have any right to kill any living being. The death sentence given by a judge should be ultimate. It means that before implementing death sentence to a living being, you should give several chances to the soul for rectification of sin by reformation. Reformation is the real aim of any punishment and not vengeance. You are hanging a person to death for the only reason that the criminal may kill another human being. If reformation is achieved and the sin is not practically repeated, there is no need of punishment. Similarly, killing a living being for food is the top most level of this first sin. You must always imagine that you are captured by a demon, which is going to eat you! Whatever agony you feel in that time and during the time of cutting your body by the jaws of the demon, the same agony is felt by that living being, being killed for the sake of your food! God Brahma represents the quality of Rajas and the anger in violence is also due to Rajas only. This is the qualitative link.

    The second type of sin is stealing by cheating or robbing others money by force. Money is Goddess Lakshmi and hence this type of sin makes God Vishnu to become furious. Today, almost everyone is a victim of corruption. Before cheating somebody for the sake of money, you should analyse the damage done to others especially poor people. You must at least avoid corruption in the case of poor people. If you rob the wealth of a sinner, that money should not be enjoyed by yourself and your family members. That should be spent to serve the beggars or should be spent for spiritual purpose. You may digest even most dangerous poison but not the sinful money, which will destroy yourself and your family. It is said that the sinful money earned by you comes like a railway engine to carry away by linking with your earned money through justice also, which is like a series of compartments standing on the track by the side of a platform (Anyaayenaarjitam vittam sahamoolam vinashyati).

    Vishnu stands for the quality of Sattvam, which is knowledge and analysis. You must analyze carefully whenever you earn or spend money. Most of the people spend money in the way that leads them to hell only. Expenditure or donation of money also leads you to hell. Everybody is spending lot of money on functions donating to relatives and friends, who have enough food in their homes. You spend lot of money on a function due to your desire to expose yourself based on ego. You deny food to a beggar dying with hunger. You calculate to give food to a devotee or spiritual preacher coming to your house, who helps you in elevating your spiritual knowledge or devotion. Money is never wasted because its expenditure will either bring good (Punyam) or bad (Paapam). Even if you throw money into river to call it as wastage, such act is also a sin. Hence, you should be very careful with deep analysis while earning or spending money.

    The third type of sin is illegal sex, which is based on blind lust linked to the quality of Tamas. God Shiva stands for Tamas and becomes furious due to this sin. Just you observe Lord Shiva, who burnt the cupid enraging lust in any living being. You must always meditate upon Lord Shiva to avoid this sin. If you are cheating a husband by going with his wife or cheating a father by going with his daughter, imagine yourself standing in the place of such husband and father! By which you are hurt, you should not do the same to others as said above by Bhishma.

    God created this world and is very particular of the justice, peace and balance of this society. You must avoid these three types of sins at least due to fear to hell created by God. This is the minimum and maximum expectation of God from a human being. God is not furious even if the human being is an atheist provided the atheist avoids the above three types of sins. Even an atheist is granted heaven if he/she follows the justice avoiding the sins. In fact, God maintains the atheists because they are also in Divine service. They do the service of God by acting as examiners to devotees. On hearing the criticism of God from an atheist, whether the devotion of a devotee is shaken or not is the test. They criticize theists doing sins and this develops alertness and care in devotees. They disprove the false miracles done by exploiters, which is very much essential to save the devotees from false trap of false devotees and pseudo human incarnations.

    If you are living as per this minimum and maximum expectation of God, He is pleased with you even if you are an atheist. He never encourages devotion. Devotion is the field started by human souls only and not God. God creates several obstructions to the devotion in the name of tests as we see the life histories of several devotees.

  2. “Worship” seems to indicate an ongoing process. As long as someone SINCERELY asks Jesus to forgive his sins, he is saved. One isn’t graded according to how well or poorly one performs after forming the contract—so conceivably one ould subsequently lose all faith and still stay saved. This shouldn’t happen very often to people who are sincere in the first place—but it can’t be totally ruled out. Also, one can’t be thinking “I’ll say an insincere prayer and then live as I please.” That is not true sincerity. Now for the easy part—everyone who hasn’t accepted Jesus as their savior spends eternity burning in a great lake of fire with no hope of pardon or remission.

    This is general knowledge. What is the motivation behind such a question?

  3. You do mean worship Yahweh God. When did Yeshua (Jesus) say that man was to worship Yeshua? Did not Yeshua Himself worship His Father? Now if you infer that as is the Father, so is the Son, then yes, in worshipping God man worships the Son, as Deuteronomy states “the Lord is God. The Lord is One.” In this sense we worship Yeshua. Although Yeshua stated that we should only worship Yahweh God. You shall have no other gods besides Me.

    As for what would happen to you if you did not accept Yeshua? He said the only way to the Father is through the Son, to go through the Son one must believe what the Son says. What the Son says is that He is the Life, the Truth, and the Light of men. To not accept Yeshua is to reject Yahweh God. To reject God is to be eternally seperated from the source of Life and Creation as He is Life, Love, and Creation. The opposite of Life and Creation is Death and Destruction. Choose.

  4. You will loose a great opportunity in life to be happier. And some help (more in the form of “consoling” than “practical help”, though) during the worst part of your lifes.

    Worshiping Jesus (but I don't like the term. I greatly prefer “Have faith in Jesus”, with faith a mixture of religious, political and street creed. Jesus is a Lannister: he always pays his debts.) should add something to your life, not subtracting from it. So you will not loose anything that you already have, but definitely you will miss some opportunities.

    For me Jesus is the only good answer to the conundrum “Unde malus?” (From where evil?). And his answer is “I can't tell you, but I will suffer with you”.

    Thankfully the Catholic Church has left the whole “You need to be baptized to enter Heaven before the end of the times” thing, so you can reasonably expect to enter Heaven even if you are a Muslim or an Atheist.

  5. The question should be rephrased: "According to the Bible, what is God’s promise when we receive and trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour”.

    Because of sin….all people, without exception, are condemned to death eternally.

    Jesus is the way to be redeemed from the consequence and condemnation of sin into eternal life.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believe in Him wil not die but have eternal life” John 3:16

    There is all to gain and nothing to lose to believe and trust God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  6. I am a Christian — specifically, a Catholic.

    To answer your question: it depends.

    If you do not worship Jesus Christ, yet know that he is God, you are rejecting communion with God. The result is that you will live the rest of your existence outside communion with God — which is another way of saying that you will live outside the bliss of heaven.

    On the other hand, if you do not worship Jesus Christ, but for some reason or another, have been hindered from understanding who he is (for example, never having been told about him, or never having been told about him in a way that overcame the prejudices you received from your education), then the way you live the rest of your existence will depend on how you responded to the degree of truth that you were able to perceive. If you embraced love to the degree that you were able, then you will live the rest of your existence in love — that is, in heaven — but if you rejected goodness, beauty, and truth, you will be deprived of them for the rest of your existence.

  7. According to them, God’s wrath abides on you you will burn in hell for all eternity for your sins.

    Pretty loving God, eh? Especially considering that God was the one who made Adam sin!

    Rom. 8:20–21: For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

    Ignore them. They’re the blind leading the blind, and they’ve already fallen into the pit.

  8. First things first. What you need is reconciliation with God. There is already One God and he is three in one. God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What you need is to be saved. All have sinned and need a Savior. If you have lied you have become a liar. If you have hated anyone you have become a murder in your heart. If you have lusted after anyone you have become an adulterer in your heart. There is only one who is without sin. He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is Lord. He is the Savior. One is saved through repentance and belief in Jesus. He died on the cross of Calvary that man may be reconciled with God through his work on the cross. Repentance is to accept that one has sinned before a Holy God and belief is to believe on the Lord Jesus and to believe in his death, burial and resurrection and then to accept him as Lord and Savior. In Christ there is forgiveness of sins, deliverance, and reconciliation with God.

  9. According to what Christians say, it does not matter! Christians are not the ones who determine eternal life. What matters is what God says and does, but, remember this, God is far more interested in a loving relationship with you than determining what will happen with you.

  10. Well, I’m sure some of them will say you can’t get into heaven. I guess they are entitled to their opinion.

    Personally, I think what you believe is of little importance. What matters is what you do. I think a lot of Xtians believe that Jesus set such a good standard, showed such a good pattern of living, that one can best learn to live with joy and compassion if one follows Jesus. And that too is a fine opinion.

    I have met a lot of people who were fine people — the only thing that truly matters — and they were not Xtian at all. We all worship the same god, but call Her by different names. And, yes, Truth is certainly a very fine example of God.

    One British scientist said that the universe is stranger than we think; it is even stranger than we can think. Quantum physics seems to show that in wonderful ways. Something would seem to be holding everything together in an ineffable way.Some of us think it is sentient; some of us don’t. Whatever it is, it’s pretty darned awesome. Consider what we’re discovering about particles these days. You can’t make this stuff up.

  11. According to many Christians you will go to hell to be tormented forever.

    But according to the Bible whatever you turn your hand to, you will have already had your reward in this life and you will eventually die without hope of eternal life. The Bible’s view of death agrees with science on this matter; it is cessation of life.

    A non believer who has made a previous commitment to God may well be raised to judgement but I can’t confirm or deny that because it is up to Jesus, the righteous judge. The outcome may well be the same, though—the second death.

  12. fundamentalist christianity will state that you go to hell.

    When told this by their very obnoxious preachers, I just ask them to back their empty words with evidence. This tends to send them into fits of logical fallacies, emotional outbursts and quoting out of their book of mythology.

    This display of theirs is often the best way to promote atheism that anyone could come up with… it shows their ignorance to the world.

  13. From what I can tell, if you accept Jesus you can kill, rape, steal all you want, just repent, and you go to heaven. Live a good life, cure cancer, pull old people and children from burning buildings, cure world hunger, but not believe in Jesus and you go to Hell. Christianity is not a moral and just system. Any system that says Hitler could be in heaven, but none of the 6 million Jews he murdered could be, is flawed.

  14. Nothing will happen to you that will happen to others, including christians.

    Live you life as you see fit and then be fully aware that once you die it's

    the end. And stay away from pushy religious persons who think they

    have the answers. They do not.

  15. You will live the life of your choosing on earth, and then you will have the eternity of your choosing thereafter.

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