How many of you miss the bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan?

Does it really matter ?

The Question should be,

How many of us could think,

At what extent, a life becomes miserable, of a family of Indian soldier, who attained martyrdom while fighting against terrorists from pakistan ?

Come on,

Please don't 'PEE' on Indian soldiers martyrdom.

And mind well

Its totally apolitical, its only and only about Indian soldiers.


One Reply to “How many of you miss the bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan?”

  1. I do!

    Keeping all the political matters aside, and talking just on the basis of being a cricket lover, I would say I badly miss cricket between India and Pakistan.

    An India vs Pakistan cricket match is the best competition the game of cricket can provide us with!

    I seriously miss those crazy crowds cheering for their teams.

    I miss those goosebumps which everyone felt when India’s and Pakistan’s national anthems were sung together before the start of the game.

    I miss those Indian and Pakistani flags being raised by crowd side by side.

    I miss those intense nervous moments during the match.

    I miss those heated up arguments between the players.

    I miss those great and proud feeling of winning against our arch rivals!!

    I miss those days…I really do! #IndVsPak

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