How to be more silent

It's good that you want to become silent. I like this thought of yours.

But instead I would suggest you to become ambivert, means introvert from inside and extrovert from outside. In short maintain your inner peace and while speaking, speak with confidence.

Now comes the next question. How to attain that inner peace? If you attain inner peace, no need to work on your communication skills as latter is dependent on former.

As usual and you would be knowing this, 5 minutes of sitting in “Dhyan” is good at initial level. I also practice this. Later on when you grow in this direction, start practicing the same under some Guru as this will take you in the right direction ( Decide this on your own whether to take guidance or not as till that time you would be wise enough to take your decisions)

And one simple but complex formula I would give you is

Start helping others and don't expect anything in return. ( Help can be in non-monetory form also).

I think this formula need not be explained. It all comes thru experience.

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  1. Thanks for A2A Allan.

    Being silent is not everybody's cup of tea!.

    Talk only when needed and not just for the sake of blaberring something.

    Talk less, Listen more.

    Don't be hyper ventilated on certain issues.

    Make your point clear and try not to argue much.

    If people find you arrogant and snobbish cos you speak less or only when required, ignore their assumptions about you cos you need not prove anything to them.

    Walk away from situations and remain quiet if you can't handle unwanted arguments. It's better that way for both parties involved.

  2. Pay more attention to others.

    Talk only when you are pushed.

    Keep reading books.

    Listen to music with headphones.

    Practice medication.

    Keep chewing on gums.

    Plug your ears.

    Act Dumb.( Deaf adds more meanng)

    Lastly SILENT is::::

    ENLIST Yourself as LISTEN only.


    1. Act more cautiously. Quiet people tend to be less impulsive, and they consider decisions from multiple angles before acting. …
    2. Keep your body language approachable and gentle. …
    3. Be calm and patient. …
    4. Earn others' trust by being to the point and reliable. …
    5. Know yourself — and do the opposite.
    • Start listening to others.
    • Observe your surroundings. See how people interact, how they tackle their problems.
    • Don't ever interrupt any person while he/she is explaining something to you.

    Hope this will work because it helped me a lot.

  3. If you look closely at the letters of the word silent, you will realise that it can be rearranged as listen. That's what you have to do to become silent.

    Also, the more you listen, the more you learn.

  4. Trust me this will take you nowhere, but in despair.

    Build up some negative feelings on people whom, you want to show that you are silent, and think talking to them is unworthy.

    See it’s like negative feelings can sometimes be positive. like for a bad habit, if you want to get rid of it you’ll have to develop negative feelings.

    Thats how it goes with talking too, Thats how you can be silent, start thinking that talking is a stupid thing and you could be silent.

    If you are a busy man, keep yourself so busy that you hardly have time to communicate. and If you are a man of leisure you can try the first option of generating negative feelings.

    This is purely my point of view. Others views if relevant would be appreciated too. Since I’m no expert in this field.

  5. Learn more. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware, attentive, enthralled in the moment. When you see and feel the beauty of life, you'll realise that there's nothing required for you to speak. All you have to do is just be in the now. Being silent is wonderful.

  6. When you are alone, focus on your mind, it will be like peak hour New York traffic jam or a Jurassic park, and you will participate and jump into the conversations. Judge and criticize. Hate and shout at imaginary situations.

    The moment you can notice that and become aware, stop the whole scene. Come out of that and witness the scene. Stop the mental chatter. That is silence.

  7. Silent behaviour is caused due to some internal changes that you occured in our life.This may be due to some heartfelt reasons or some issues that occured in your life.Depression is one of the main causes of silent behaviour don't be worry,be happy with what you have.Try to talk or mingle with everyone.Try to express your feeling to your dear ones let them know and let them console happy and try to find happiness .smile always……

  8. IGNORE…

    You know you are right, and everytime you should not give explanations to prove yourself.Just think it once that may be if you are silence the opposite party may get relaxed and while seeing that you are not responding he/she may be quiet for that period.

    Know your importance and be calm.

  9. Try to develop your interest for others and what's exciting to them… what's going on in their lives, what they think about etc. and learn from other people. My experience is that he who takks over, interrupts, doesn't listen to others’ opinions or thoughts Can become arrogant, foolish and friendless rather quickly

  10. Interesting. I had a period like this as well.

    This may sound pedantic, but my best advice is just to not talk. Instead, think of your response, say it to yourself without opening your mouth, think ‘is it important?’ and then say it if so. Usually cuts your words by about half.

    As for remaining calm, start by practicing a poker face. Good news? meh. Bad news? meh.

    Honestly, though, this is a way to go through life that I don’t particularly enjoy. I think it’s best to be yourself, and if ourself is someone who’s ready to jump into conversations and shout jokes, then you’ll be hurting yourself if you suppress that.

    Of course, that’s not to say that you should be your unvarnished self 100% of the time. That never works,

    Just… temper yourself. Don’t turn into a pillar of quiet wisdom all of a sudden. Take it slow.

  11. Tape your mouth

    Sounds silly but if you dont want to do it in real life atleast do it in the figurative sense.

    Remember that you can yank off the tape even if its gonna hurt.

    Hope this helps 😀

  12. The best way is to observe the one speaking. If you try to pay attention to them you can see through their personality and understand their thought process.

    What you do with that is up to you and how inhumane you are.

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