How to change my life completely

Being in your 20’s is the most crucial year of your life. Nothing seems to be in place. Everything seems to be in a mess. You feel depressed, lost, aimless, lifeless and the list goes on.

Your 20’s will produce more failures than you’ll ever choose to remember. The key is when you fail, don’t begin calling yourself a failure. Like said it’s okay to be scared; to fear failure but the only key thing is to not go around it but to face it.

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really really brave- Mandy Hale

So you need to do or change a couple of things in your life to bring that change in your life.

  • Access your skill set. Find your strong and weak areas in your studies. Think about it , challenge and reason yourself. Analyze what is the reason for not clearing your CA examination. Change your pattern of studying. If CA is not your cup of tea take up something else, there is an abundance of opportunities out there.
  • Take up an Outdoor Activity. In today’s changing scenario, you need to be a jack of all trades. Apart from your studies you also need to have a personality. Moreover sports helps us to remain fit and even bring positive energy in our life. Take up any sport you like. You can do running, cricket, badminton etc. Just go outside for an hour. Run.
  • Build up a social life. Humans are social animal and we need a social life as a lack of it directly influences our mental health. Call your friends; meet them once in a while. If you don’t have any; try conversing with people in your colony, in our tuition, college friends, call your old friends. Move your ass off, sitting won’t do any good.
  • Start reading. Reading is something which anyone can do and at anytime and the most easiest way to increase your knowledge . Just find any genre which interest’s you and start reading. It won’t do you any harm and would help your mind to expand.
  • Spend time with your Family. Family is the most important of all. They care about us in a way no one else would ever do(especially mother’s). Talk to them about your problem. Tell them how you feel about it. They are the only people who will truly help you. Spend time with them as this time would never come back.

Again these are not the things which could be achieved in a single day. You need to work hard each and every day. There is no shortcut for hard work. Do not sit idle and go in your action mode. Be patient. If something doesn’t happen keep on trying and remain positive in your life.

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  1. I think I am right person to answer this, as I am fighting pretty much the same situation currently in my life. And I think I am doing it well.

    The most important thing you need to know is you CANNOT change yourself and achieve the things you aspire overnight. It's a long long process.

    I am 25 now, I can't say for certain about you, but I can certainly say about myself that I was very lazy person and that was the main thing which was pulling me down every time I think of this situation. I wasted a lot of time, like browsing internet, thinking of imaginary world, just lying down on bed for hours doing nothing, and sometimes I don't even know where. Completely unproductive period.

    My suggestions (based on what I did)

    First, be practical. As I already mentioned you cannot change yourself overnight.

    Second, take the first step. I took up running as my first step, I set a target to myself that I will run for 30 days (with Sundays off). I started running, letme remind you, this target of 30 days was not like the previous ones, I told to myself whatever might happen, however busy I would be, wherever I might stuck, I will not skip running a single day. Set a reward for yourself on completing the 30 day target. One day I came home at 11 p.m., fully tired, didn't had dinner by then, yet I put on my shorts and shoe and jogged on streets (parks closes by 9 p.m. max here).

    So the point is, take up something what you wish, I took up running, you can take up anything you want and set a 30 day target. But, be determined, have perseverance, develop the determination to continue for 30 days. If you can't convince yourself that you can do it for 30 days, then don't start yet, hold back, re-plan what do you want to do for 30 days, it can be anything. Once you are ready and determined that you will do that task for 30 days, only then you start.

    I didn't feel any better during the 30 days, but trust me on the 30th day I was so happy that finally I have achieved something I wanted to. My confidence just shoot up. I was so happy, I think I cant articulate it properly, but it was overwhelming. Friends supported me all the while. Now finally, I know, how I can change my life.

    Then, I extended this concept for more things and about to achieve that too. The first day of running, was the day my life was changed, though it is too early to say as that day was just 2 n half months ago, but I feel the difference in me. I am going to achieve greater heights in my life, step by step.

    Set the first step, prepare yourself to do it daily for 30 days, and just do it.

  2. Wake up early in the morning atleast by 5 am, take cold water bath. Believe me it works miracles, walk bare foot when ever possible, its a form of acupressure to your feet which will regulate blood circulation and keeps your mind sharp.

    It is said in Vedas 1/6th of the food we consume will turn in to thoughts, and our thoughts will get converted into actions and our actions will determine our life path.

    To changes life change your food/eating habits. Eat freshly prepared food which is not stored for days / months in storage houses. Fresh fruits vegetables dry nuts,sprouts, pulses grains along with milk butter milk and other milk products. They are more than sufficient for anybody to be healthy.

    Drink sufficient water 3–4 lts would suffice an adult.

    Fast(no solids only liquids one complete day) every 2 weeks which will make you energetic and completely healthy.

    you will see a drastic change in your life, following these things.

    I am not asking you to become sanyasi, that is what our body is made for, and we are not following the cycle properly.

    To be frank with the present life style i my self find it very difficult to follow, and end up falling sick/ feel pain in different forms.

  3. Do the opposite of what you did till date.

    1. When you want to cry, Smile.
    2. When you want to sleep, Work.
    3. When you want to work, Sleep.
    4. When you want to sing, Dance.
    5. When you want to dance, Sing.
    6. When you feeling like to run away from something, Face it.
    7. When you don't want to talk to anyone, Invite all your friemds for a coffee.
    8. The one who hurted you, Forgive them.
    9. The one who love you, Embrace them.
    10. Each time your life feel miserable. Shout Loud, “ I love my life and I am gonna do the best for my life.”
    11. When you take other's advice, listen to yourself.
    12. When you listen to yourself, verify it with others.
    13. The one you hated, be friends with them.
    14. The one you loved, make them feel special.
    15. And if all above fails, start mass reading books and get a hobby.
    16. Start answering questions of your niche in Quora.

    Though this method will look crazy, it works really really good. I have been trying this, each time i screw up and I am doing really great with life.

    My age is 24, i failed class 9 and then got backlogs in graduation for some misunderstandings. I started 5 startups and 4 failed and 1 had to shut down due to funds. I am planning to start another and I am really excited about it. Every time I failed, i added something great in life.

    What I learnt from life is that, if you fail the most in your 20s and accept the failure than you are wise. If you learn from those failures and try again, you gain wisdom. Always remember, no pain no gain.

    Go and apply for CA again. Give double the time and effort you gave the last time. And for the timing, pursue some certifications from edX .

    Remember Giving Up and Feeling Miserable for Life are the signs of losers, not, winmers. Be a winner.

  4. You are young and during this phase most of us worry about our future.

    I can suggest you few things which I did to overcome my hard phase.

    1. It's Okay if you dint clear your CA you always have another chance keep trying hard until you get it. I failed in 2nd puc maths it was hard n shameful but I was very determined and worked hard gave my best and focused only on one thing clearing this paper and the happiness which I got when I scored 63 marks even people who scored above 80 would have not felt that happy. So be determined n work hard u will surely get through
    2. Whenever you are depressed don't be alone make sure you watch a motivational video or talk to your parents spend some time with them you will never feel depressed
    3. For you self confidence try talking about a topic in front of a mirror or record a video you can improve your speech over time and your self confidence will boost 🙂
    4. I think you feel better soon buddy all the best!
  5. Pruthvi Nagalla's answer to How long was your lowest point in your life until life got better?

    I have been at low point for nine years and I said enough one day and told to myself I am no longer gonna listen to the directions of life. Life has to take the direction I say. Then it all changed.

  6. Change your prospective towards life and the way you deal with situations and think upon them as well. Mingle yourself in more of what makes you happy , and you’ll enjoy everything then .

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