What is the runway of an aircraft carrier made of?

It’s thick steel, about five inches I believe. On top of that is what’s generically called non-skid. It’s a tar-like substance with grains of silica in it, and it’s applied so that it’s very rough and bumpy. It has to be applied in very specific environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, so when new non-skid is applied (always in the ship’s home port or a shipyard, never at sea), it’s often done under tents that have been set up so the environment can be controlled.

What’s interesting is that over the course of a six month or longer deployment, the non-skid is worn away by the impacts of the tailhooks so that you an see the underlying paint or whatever it is that’s between the steel and the non-skid. It gets really slick by the end of the cruise, especially once it gets greasy and if it also becomes wet from rain or sea spray.

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  1. Runways of most of the airports is made up of the combination of Asphalt and concrete.

    Airport having less traffic movements want their costs to be as less as possible. So they go for concrete instead of Asphalt (Asphalt is expensive).

    The deep base of the runway is made up of concrete foundation and asphalt on top. This thickness of the both combination on runway vary from place to place. It is thicker on the touchdown zone and take off zones as compared to the others.

    Asphalt is expensive but less maintenance needed. While, concrete is cheaper but needs maintenance very often.

    below is the picture of Asphalt.

    Hope this helps !!!

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