Why do we have to change the fuel prices on a daily basis?

By using Ruto – Traveler’s App I was amazed to know the daily fuel price in my city. They show petrol and diesel prices separately and the amount increased/ decreased with the previous day price. It helped me to understand the fuel change in my city more.

Ruto is the best app to know the daily accurate fuel price in India. Their fuel prices are accurate to my knowledge.

Download Ruto – Traveler’s App

Currently they are showing fuel price only in certain major cities they have promised to expand soon all over India and include many more services useful for everyone.

Ruto – Traveler’s App is the perfect road-trip companion. I have used many apps for my road-trip in the past but we have to install many apps for different categories but Ruto

Can impotence be caused by nicotine?

Yes, impotence can be caused due to nicotine. Due to consumption of nicotine man can unable to achieve and maintain an appropriate penile erection during intimacy session and cause weak erection or erection failure.

What quote has had the biggest impact on your life?

The quote that has had the greatest impact on my life comes from Warren Buffett:

“You have the brainpower, you have the energy; you need to develop the habits of success”.

The above quote gives me internal strength to fight against all odds. It tells me, each time I go through it, that there may be people who would be better than me at things but that shouldn’t bother me because I have the enough strength in my brain and enough spirit in my body to take up the stairs of success given that I put in enough hard work but the one thing that will really set me apart from the crowd will be the “habits of success”.

What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting the Vatican City?

That would make an excellent topic for a paper by a sociologist or anthropologist!

I assume you do not mean religious or moral taboos – like, murder is illegal, etc. – by the question?

So, some of the more general things – if this is what you mean:

  • When you enter St. Peter’s Basilica or the Sistine Chapel, you are expected to remember it is a church, not a museum – dress relatively modestly (no bare shoulders or thighs, no hats), keep a respectful quiet, and in the chapel, no pictures.
  • Swimming in the fountains is taboo.
  • It is taboo to address senior clergy with a casual “Hey, Frankie!” Know and use the formal styles of address for prelates (the pope is “Your Holiness”, a cardinal “Your Eminence”, bishops “Your Excellency”, etc.).
  • Officially, the Curia can employee any qualified person to serve in most offices. Unofficially, you have a snowball’s chance in hell if you are not a priest (even if the priest is less qualified than a deacon, sister, or lay minister/theologian). Until Pope Francis, it was taboo to even talk about this or other kinds of clericalism.
  • Also until Pope Francis, it was taboo to openly criticize the pope, except in the most measured and respectful of ways. Especially among cardinals.
  • Until John Paul II, it was taboo to publicly admit that the pope was sick.
  • Until Francis, it was taboo to photograph/record the pope eating or drinking. (Francis loves his mate, though….)
  • When meeting the pope in private audience, it is taboo for anyone but a Catholic princess/queen to wear white. (Logic would suggest a Catholic woman head of state or wife of one would get this privilege too, but apparently not…)
  • Swiss Guard are not allowed to date, at least until they advance to a certain rank.
  • It is taboo to dress like a cleric if you are not ordained. It is simultaneously taboo for seminarians, who are not ordained and not clerics, not to be dressed like clerics at times. This contradiction has been in place for 35 years and no one seems concerned about fixing it.
  • It is taboo for priests who are not of the diocese of Rome to wear the fascia with their cassock (bishops and monsignori, excepted).
  • It is taboo to order a cappuccino after lunch, put pineapple on pizza, walk around in public with wet hair, or forget to wear a scarf in anything less than 80 F, or put ice in your drinks. … Actually those are all Roman/Italian taboos that have been inculturated into the Vatican.
  • It is apparently taboo to expect the Vatican to be run with the efficiency of the Swiss or the Americans, even under a German pope.

What is the most important social network in the world of photography?

Best social media network for photography is hands down Instagram. It:

  • is purely visual with emphasis on photo and competes in no other arena (I.e. Facebook and Twitter compete to share news updates)
  • has over 500 million active monthly users
  • 75% of Instagram users take action (I know right?! Stat found here)
  • it offers a myriad of places to link externally – think websites and other social media (currently FB and Twitter)
  • it offers in app metrics measurements

and so much more that I’m sure others will share. The flip side to why this is the most important is why it beats out other social media channels:

  • Facebook is already the local town square – there’s too many people trying to do too much in too small a space (think business pages, personal profiles filling the news feed, apps, games, ads, messaging, etc)
  • Pinterest is for a very specific demographic of people, which also isn’t that large (Pinterest has 150 million (ish) users, Instagram 500 million, Facebook 2 Billion)
  • Twitter is trying to do more in the arena of instant updates – not visual or photography followings (and is also dominated by fake or inactive profiles and bots)

If you’re in photography, you must be on Instagram.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Tim | Relation Media

Do I have to get involved in LGBT culture if I'm bisexual?

In a very broad sense, nobody has to do anything. We do what we want. Of course, there are consequences.

LGBT culture?

That's a broad concept. It could encompass a lot of different activities that could vary substantially and even exclusively depending on what communities you're referring to.

There is no such monolithic entity as LGBT culture.

If you're a bisexual woman and you wish to meet women for sexual or romantic reasons, it would clearly​ be advisable to spend some time and energy associating with women who might share your interests.

If you're a bisexual man, ditto.

That's up to you, though.

You don't have to do anything.

Are parents always right? Aren't they too a cause for quarrels at home?

Current parent, former child here.

No, parents are not always right. Yes, there are times when they are the cause of a quarrel in the home.

But that does not give you an excuse for being quarrelsome yourself.

Parents, you see, are human. We get tired. We don’t always see all the facts. We make decisions in the heat of emotion.

We’re not perfect.

There will be times when parents are completely, totally, and undeniably wrong. A parent abusing and/or endangering the life of their child – in a sexual way especially – is completely wrong. That becomes a situation the child absolutely needs to get out of, and involve the proper authorities as well as other trusted adults.

As for the rest of the time? When you ask your parent if you can go to the school dance, and they say no instantly because they’re quite sure a teacher told them that it’s next Friday night, and that is your great-great-grandmother’s 107th birthday, which you will be attending with family members who flew in from around the globe – only, it’s the Friday night after that and there is no scheduling conflict – then yes, your parent is wrong. Technically the argument that will probably follow is “their fault”, because they are the mistaken one.

The solution is not an argument, however. Honoring your parents is not easy! Yet, in many situations, another very Biblical word of instruction helps greatly: “A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)

You can indeed argue it out. After all, it was their mistake that began it.

Or, you can quietly and calmly nod and consider the conversation respectfully closed.

You can highlight Great-Grandma’s birthday party on the calendar. You can pencil in the school dance on the other Friday – the one it’s really on. You can pop into the kitchen, fix your parent a glass of fresh lemonade, and while you’re near the calendar, the conversation could go like this:

“Wow, Mom – look! Can you believe Great-Grandma is 107 this Friday? I’m so glad her party is this week! My friends were talking yesterday about how excited they are about the school dance and they just can’t bear to wait two whole weeks for it. I’m glad I don’t have to wait that long! They might have to wait two more weeks for the school dance, but I only have to wait one week to go to Grandma’s party! Yay!”

At that point, your rather baffled parent is staring at you a little oddly.

Run that by me again?

“The school dance is in two weeks – everyone’s sad about waiting so long. Grandma’s party is this weekend!”

You’re kidding.


Some may call this manipulation – and, to a degree, it is.

However, it’s a far more successful strategy than engaging in a shouting match loaded with classic lines such as “You never let me do anything!”, “I’m the parent and I make the decisions”, and “That’s not fair!” all loudly yelled.

You never know what’s behind a parent’s decision. It may not always be a noble motive. They may just be exhausted – stressed – worried – or distracted. We’re human. We mess up.

But there is much to be said for honoring the position of a parent. Yes, the potential for an argument may well be sparked by a parent.

You, however, can choose to honor their position and not engage in a shouting match.

(As a former teenager I totally get it. That’s not easy. It’s not fun. But it is rewarding, often instantly and also in ways only the “long run” reveals.)

Were the early Waffen SS divisions entirely German?

Yes, if I am right the first official SchutzStaffel division was the “1st SS-Standarte” which later got command of the “Allgemeine-SS” (‘SS headquaters’ which later expanded into more). Though this was not really a combat unit it was made at first to guard meetings in the good old beer cellars of Germany. Because the final SS (I’ll come back to this later) was theoreticaly created in 1929 I think the first divisions only consisted out of Germans, since you had to be a member of the Nazi party and Aryan in order to join. There of course could be a case of some foreigner who joined the Nazi party and later the first SS division but this would be very very rare, since the Germans had a very good registration system back then. So they could directly find someone was not a “ethnical Aryan” and a member of the Nazi party. Also I think no foreigner would have had intrests in 1929 to join the SS simply because then it was not what it became 10 years later.

Coming back to what I said earlier, the first forerunner (first SS) of the SS was the “Saal Schutz” which did the security at the meetings back in 1925, then it changed to “Schutzkommando” in the same year, this time it was created as personal guard for hitler since the SA (Sturmabteilung) was made for the mass and this special guard unit for Hitler was hand picked by people only he trusted. Still in 1925 the units name changed to “Sturmstaffel” and became a national organization. A few months later if I am correct it got its final name “SchutzStaffel” which translates to “Protection Squad” which at that time had the function to protect all NSDAP high ranking members, including Hitler with still his personal SS unit. Hitlers personal squad then later became the “1st. SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” and its function expanded from guarding the Fürher to a full sized combat Division which saw combat on several fronts. So in short, yes the first SS division only existed out of Germans, maybe a old friend from Austria which Hitler trusted but I doubt that chance. Because in the beginning it only counted 8 man, all pure German.

(Sorry if the answer is not formulated very good but its my first answer. I have to work on my grammar a bit. But since I have a great interests and some fair knowledge about Nazism (Not on a neo-nazi way, but history and scientific wise) and the army of germany in WW2 especialy the Schutzstaffel, I thought I can give you a fair answer.)

I might have to move back to India since I am unable to find opportunities in a passionate area of mine. Should I worry about losing 5 years of time?

Nothing is a waste in life. Everything we do changes us a tiny bit in terms of what we know and what we can do.

You say you spent five years there, that’s a good time to learn a lot which you can apply elsewhere. If you think India does not have those opportunities then find a place that does have them, albeit to a lesser extent and move there. You might be able to grow faster due to the experience you have and in the meantime you can be on the lookout for opportunities in the place you want.