What is the thing that you will never part with in your entire life?

I would love to answer this question and thank you for putting in this question as many at times have been thinking in my sense about the same. Life is actually unpredictable, unfolds in an unplanned way and time never waits for anyone.

We have come across many at times to this popular say that “ nothing changes in our day to day life but once you look back, you see many things have changed and we have passed through a big leap of time all framed into memories”.

so in my whole life , I would never part from my memories.

The memories which made me happy, made me proud and the ones which made me learn some very bitter but true lessons of life.

Yes, the materialistic things which we love are all temporary. As per human behaviour we keep on shifting our choices but something in our heart remains there enclosed in a secret chamber and that is what I love to endure and think about. Gives me courage and directions to pass my way out in my regular sessions of life.

Thank you for reading.

Keep smiling 🙂

How proud are you about being an Indian, and what are you so proud of?

Wow! I see so many negative comments and most of them are baseless – it feels like I am watching BBC/NYT or at a speech of Mani Shankar Aiyar. All these people – who have never traveled outside – think all the World's problems are Indian and other problem infested countries are paradises.
If you hate the country so much – either work to change it or get out and let us who work for a better future have our way.

DISCLAIMER : As the title states this is only the positive things about India – since our negatives are talked about widely along every spectrum of the media/internet/even in one on one conversations daily.  All the pure negativity/propaganda/exaggerated faults make people lose hope /confidence which is bad for us. I am typing this to give people confidence/hope that India is getting better and we will rise.

Reasons to be proud being an Indian :

1. We started the Non-Aligned Movement which pulled many countries out of the Cold War between First and Second World nations (they represent Capitalist and Communist countries – yes that was the first meaning for these words. FYI Third World Countries initially referred to us because we didn't join the other two groups) and kept them on a relatively safe path – check what happened to the Middle east after they got involved with them. They super radicalized since the 70's onwards. So I say the NAM is a good movement and we should be proud of it.

2. We always stood up for ourselves and for the right causes (we're considered one of the few countries who actually stand up for the needs of the poor countries at International forums like the recent Food issue at the WTO) despite all the overwhelming odds – we stood against the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 despite the US and UK sending carrier fleets against us. More RECENTLY, we stood against the entire WTO to protect the food subsidies for our people and many nations who opposed this bill but could not speak out – joined us and gave us support – check the articles on all news media/alternative media.

3. We indigenously built up our Nuclear/Space technology – we're the first country outside the 5 UNSC members who has build indingeously nuclear submarines/carriers/missile technology/space technology/space exploration missions/built our fighter jet/built the World's first Supersonic missiles (maneuverable also) etc.
NOTE: Some UNSC members and others like UK, Israel – got tech from the US – they get tech help even now. China got some technology for free and others it stole. Now you see why the fact we built/bought our own tech is something to be proud of.

4. We're the only Country in the World to have followers of every Religion/Philosophy in the world inside one border and not bursting at the seams. We do have the occasional flare ups but compared to the mess in the US/UK – we're far far better.

5. We have never supported Terrorism (disguised as Assymmetric warfare or some such) against any nation for any reason – unlike Pakistan which openly promotes/spreads terrorism/terrorists against Civilian populations – unlike USA which started the whole Mujaheddin mess in the first place – they funded them first in Afghanistan through Pakistan to fight the Soviets. Even today they supply money and weapons to Pakistan despite it being seen that they use it for terrorism rather than against it. Unlike what some report say – our Government/Majority populations did not support the LTTE. They were engaged in criminal activities/terrorism/bombings in our Country as well – so we hunted them down. Though just like everywhere – there were those 1/10000 assholes who supported them for selfish gains.

P.S.: The LTTE started because the Sinhalese Government disenfranchised a section of their own population and made them into third class citizens – such oppression caused the Civil War. No one else had a hand in this – that devastating Civil War and all the casualties because of it are on them squarely.

6. Despite our military/economic ability we have not bullied any nation to accept our terms – we dealt fairly. Check the bullying tactics done by other nations once they got economic/military prowess. For eg: Check our deals in Africa and the rest and compare them with the West/China deals.

7. An average Indian can talk about anything they want – even bashing the Government in public – can a Chinese do that?

8. We haven't violated anyone's borders – even the border problem with Bangladesh was solved peacefully at the ICJ and we accepted their judgement – how many countries (especially China) have broken ICJ rulings or refuse to follow the laws they signed (UNCLOS for one). Isn't being a law abiding nation something to be proud of?

9. More recently we ran History's largest election with more than 80 crore people voting. Isn't that something to be proud of?

10. Around the World – Indians are not considered welfare parasites/terrorists unless mistaken for other nationalities – we're considered decent/excellent workers/people who pay their taxes and live peacefully. Though there are some problems due to cultural difference/due to media hype or sensationalizing like the curry smell issue – it's not a detriment at all.

11. Even the most notorious right wing politician in Denmark gave a public interview stating that he would like Indians as immigrants compared to others – getting a openly accepted racists/bigot to say that – isn't that a proof of our actions/deeds and something to be proud of?

12. Indians are welcomed into every University in the World – everywhere from the top US universities to the top Universities in Japan/Korea – most other nationals have to go through many layers of security screening/academic credentials verification.

13. India is the only country that is able to be friendly with almost everyone : eg : we're friends with both Israel and Iran, Russia and NATO, etc – though it's not commonly known – India is a mediator in most cases where these competing nations come into conflict.

Recently under the new Modi Government, we have launched a massive Foreign policy to increase ties/solve issues and re-establish ties with all nations. For eg: Our problems with Bangladesh (land Border agreements, etc), are being solved. We have restarted our relationships with Australia, Canada, UAE and other countries where our Government hasn't focused on for more than 30 years. We have established trade/military/political deals with many South-East Asian nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

We have even established full scale relationships with the Arab nations which were generally cold towards us and always chose Pakistan (except for Oman which has been pro-Indian for a long time and the first middle eastern country to offer us oil and sign a protection agreement with us).
We got a grand welcome there and this shows that times and our country is changing for the better.

14. India has always repaid her debts with interest – eg: Russia helped us out in the past, we helped them with their problems like the recent Crimea issue.

Israel helped us out during the Kargil war and we started fully interacting with them and have slowly started helping them in every way we can – initially with economy, military purchases, market opening, joint-projects, public support, etc and most recently even open political support – as one diplomat said succinctly to his Israeli counterpart : "We buy 9 billion dollars worth of equipment from you, what does a few UN votes matter?" Also, our public from all walks/religion supported Israel in public marches like the one that happened in Calcutta.

15. India has turned to lender from borrower nation. Google and you will see all the economic data. We have sent billions in aid to South, South-East, Central Asia and Africa. We have established so many projects like Pan-Africa e-network project, skilled training, micro-projects (Afghanistan for one) like canal building, micro-hydropower dams, power lines, internet connections, etc which have immediate and long term effects.

16. India is considered the most stable major economy in the World – even during the recession we were not hit as hard as the rest of the World – our economy has been built to be shock proof and domestic. Though our rate of growth and corresponding interest gained in bonds is not as high as China's –

Which organic food certification organizations are the most respected worldwide, and why?

This is a tricky question!

Only because every country has its own certification with its own set of rules a guidelines for inclusion.

Our products (the Certified Organic ones) are certified by the USDA, Swiss Body, Australian Certification Body and the Organic State of India body.

These are the ones I am personally aware of and I can attest to it being difficult to qualify for each one!

Being Certified Organic requires a lot of finance, time and energy because it is very hard to obtain certification due to neighbouring non-compliant farms, wind movements (for pesticides an chemicals, etc), soil also due to wind movements, and particularly for products such as honey, etc.

Organic Farmers also lose a lot of crops due to the use of natural pesticides that are not as “successful” (in terms of saving the crop – regardless of how healthy it truly is) and thus often result in less crops against the backdrop of extra effort, time, other resources and money.

I believe that all organic certifications will require the above as a minimum which would suggest that certification fro

Can I use a piano version of a music (The Last Waltz: Oldboy) for my short film?

For free? The is almost assuredly no. IIRC, Jo Yeong-Wook composed this song for the film Old Boy, making it a modern composition and protected by all applicable copyright laws.

You would need to make arrangements to purchase the rights to the version of the song that you wish to use. Copyright law is a bit murky and I’m not a lawyer, just a video producer with 25 years of experience. And that experience tells me there are no loopholes to exploit in this situation.

So my advice is don’t take risks violating the law by using someone else’s work. There is a lot of free and affordable production music out there that might give you a similar feel to this work without risking legal consequences.

What do you think about the different experiment of movie Jagga Jasoos?

The improvement comes from experiments.You have to try new things to see if they work or not.Tried & tested formulas can get you success.But you are not doing any addition to your work for your end users i.e. audience.Doing experiment is very important.The difference between Hollywood & Bollywood is the risk taking appetite.Hollywood takes a lot of risk beacuse they experiment alot.

In Bollywood risk taking has just started.Bahabali was a very big experiment & was very risky.But it paid of well.

Similarly Jagga Jasoos is also an experiment,many people will love it and many will not like it. In my opinion this experiment was worth it.And definitely inspires a lot many to take these kind of risks.This will definitely raise standards of bollywood movies.

Are the Nordic countries and the Scandinavian countries the same?

There is a lot of confusion about this and the terms tend to be mixed up a lot.

The most used term is the Nordic countries, which is:

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Åland (?)

The term the Scandinavian countries is only a physical regional designation:

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway

The term the Scandinavian countries is commonly confused with the Nordic countries.

How to bring a sword from China to the United States

As long as it’s not an automatically opening knife, or a switchblade, you can knock yourself out, so long as you pay the customs/import fees.

As long as they are not cultural artifact or cultural property, the U.S. doesn’t care about the importation of cutlery, including knives, including very long ones, unless they are ceramic.

See also:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Prohibited and Restricted Items


Traveling outside of the U.S., Traveling with and bringing back personal knife / switchblade knife / knives / swords

What does it mean when you are dreaming of someone you don't know?

The eyes are the lenses for which the mind captures images like a camera with a junk file along with important/labeled files.

You happened to see this person, maybe or maybe not aware of their presence, somewhere/time in your waking life; judging by the unfamiliarity, it would be in the day before you woke up, (the least important something is and the less you are aware of it, the less your mind cares to remember and clears the junk file sooner).

Sorry, it's nothing mystical. It's simply logic and science.

I happened to think they are of the same coin. 😉

At what university do most heads of state in your country traditionally study?

In France, four of our eight presidents have studied in ÉNA (École Nationale d’Administration or National School of Administration). These are Giscard d’Estaing, Chirac, Hollande and Macron. Four have attended Sciences Po or its ancestor : Pompidou, Mitterrand, Chirac and Hollande.

The only two not to have attended any of these schools are De Gaulle (our first president, elected in 1958, studied at the military school of Saint Cyr) and Sarkozy (elected in 2007, studied law).

The ÉNA is a very prestigious and selective university created to educate the heads of national administration. A large number of politicians come from there and the school is often criticised for creating a conformist class of elites, the “Enarcs”.

Sciences Po is the best French university in political science. Many of its former students are journalists, diplomats, tradesmen…

How is the campus life in IIT Ropar?

It's been almost 4 months here and i think i can answer this well enough now.

First of all, IIT Ropar has still not moved to the new campus (main campus) because it is still not complete. But we were shown the new campus and it is not uncertain that we will move to it in 2018.

First year students (2017 batch, 260 students) have been allotted two hostels, with four students in one room (believe me, this is the best part if you ignore the sleeplessness caused due to alarms ringing at different times ). Second yearites live in another hostel with two students in one room. Both first and second yearites reside in transit-campus-1, while third and fourth year students reside in NIELIT campus (another campus on lease).

Transit-campus-1 has been modified to make it so efficient that it has grounds for almost every sport, and it can easily accommodate any number of sessions held by any club without clash.

Inside the campus, you can expect anything and everything! There are jamming sessions by the music club of IIT Ropar, there are occasional kabaddi matches (some organised by the authorities while some just for pleasure), there are sports (you have to complete minimum hours of playing a sport to get 1 credit per semester), there are inter-hostel sports matches, there are CSGO matches, there are birthday parties with some never-seen-before people eating out of your pocket, and there are so many events organised by the college (even if you are very enthusiastic, you cannot attend all the events!). The canteen doesn't close before 2 a.m. beacuse nights attract most students. In my four months of living here, i have seen fests like Quintessence (intra college tech fest) where there were events such as robosoccer, beforeAFTER (it was a photo editing competetion), MUN (with Executive Board invited from outside the college), workshop on Internet Of Things, Nukkad Natak and much much more. And all these events were part of only one fest! I completely forgot to mention that the prize money you get for winning the events is also huge (because IITs are top class government colleges and we have separate, huge budgets for cultural and other events). Every weekend, there are events (until the exmas are near ), out of which you will surely find atleast one which suits your interests. IIT environment is the best, and you feel like home here, because everyone surrounding you is also an IITian!

PS- If you are keen to know about the geeks, there are some students who like to be completely isolated and study all day round, but they are very few in number. Most of us enjoy every day of our campus life here.