If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

I personally would prepare myself ahead of time for my anxiety problems. Learn techniques and tricks that would help me better adapt to life and the demands of the world, rather than stumble around clueless and afraid for years before realizing that I wasn't 'broken' or 'defective'. I would try to accept and be content with myself, my limitations as well as my potentials, and find as comfortable a balance as I could manage. A lot of my life has wound up being dedicated to managing anxiety, so having a head start would have been super awesome.

I would also have tweaked my relationships with my parents, nothing huge mind you. I'm lucky enough that both my parents were kind and loved me and did their best by me. However, my Dad died at the age of 57, and I can't help but wonder if I could have done anything to have changed that, like by preparing better meals, or encouraging a more active lifestyle. My mother is mostly deaf, and I would've insisted on my family learning sign language a lot earlier to make things easier for her, and so she could feel less like she was missing out on things during social interactions. I would also never have given my cat wet food, since it destroyed her kidneys and she died way too early.

Hm. It seems kinda lame now that I look at it in written form. I wouldn't do anything awesome or earth shattering. I would just like to have been able to make my family as happy and comfortable as we could have been.

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  1. So starting from today's scenario:

    1. To join an engineering college *I'm already into one* but with a motive not only to enjoy the college life but to build my future out of it, learning new skills with the most curious mind, and get some really good grades. *for all the new comers that landed in engineering, do not listen to anybody, study hard, grades are really important with good skill set to get you your first job, I repeat grades are important to climb the first step to success*.
    2. To opt for science was my best decision, but choosing optional is where I sucked at. Would have chosen Physical Education over that stupid C language and oops so as to get good grades.
    3. I was a bright student. After 10th, changing school for a good education in science was a good idea, but could have been better if I had a motive to make it to better colleges and studied there.
    4. I was good at art, sketching is what I loved to do when it was a subject in schools but left it in the middle of nowhere and stopped practicing. Not even touched a pencil from 9th to 12th as far as I remember. As soon as I enter college, was thinking that I got to be really good at this atleast, but I sucked as compared to my fellows. Started again, and now I am really good at it. Would have been better if practiced it for those 4 years too.
    5. People are so into looking for odd and different things now a days that even is the new odd. I want to be even.
    6. So, my mind was not letting me an even, so I shut down my head and wrote this point. I did it. Wrote the 6th point, if it counts as being different.

    But life never gives a second chance, a person can, be that person.

    I don't know if I read these lines somewhere, it just popped and my fingers were on the keyboard.

  2. I wish i could go back and hug my father.

    I was always my father's favorite child, the one whom he preferred over my sisters. He had this immense trust in me and i too never let him down. I always did what he wanted me to do.

    He was searching suitable match for me when i fell for a guy. I was so much in love with him and wanted to marry him. But at then he was not earning so i was forced to wait for a year or two. Meanwhile my father got me introduced to a few guys to arrange my marriage. Either i got rejected or i rejected the guy, i knew what i wanted.

    Then one day when my boyfriend got placed, i told my father about him. My father was very furious as I kept him in dark. Our relationship went bitter and we were hardly talking with each other.

    Yet, he talked with my boyfriend's parents. Got my marriage fixed and got me married. My family and family in law were not quite fond of each other and the atmosphere was bitter all the time. The whole wedding ceremony took place in great tension though my father gave a huge party, invited a hell lot of people, arranged everything perfectly… It was literally a lavish big fat indian wedding. Yet, no one from either side was happy.

    Next day was my vidai (when girl leaves her parent's house and goes to her in laws' place).

    I was constantly crying, my mind was flooded with all the beautiful memories that i had at my parents' home. I was hugging all my family members, friends, relatives and there he was…my father. He too was crying…i looked at him with teary eyes. I wanted to run into him,hug him hard and tell him how sorry i was for all the hurt i caused. But i just couldn't. I don't know why but i just folded my hands before him and he did the same.

    I so much want to go back and change this. Though now after 4 years of my marriage, we are on best of the terms again.

    Right now, i am at my father's place and he is playing with my 3 months old daughter. Both of them are laughing but no laughter can remove this guilt of not hugging him that day.

    I wish i could go back and do-over this one thing.

  3. Well I turned 23 today and it is early morning . So this answer would cumulative result of all the retrospection that I have been doing for the past 10–12 days. Since I am 23 and I am not too young anymore , there are a lot of mistakes and mishaps that I have made . Needless to say that I would like to fix them.

    • No Smoking – I got infected to this disease when I was a sophomore . The infection had only spread ever since . I have tapered the amount of cigarettes to a binary number in a day i.e (0–1) . But then if given a choice to go back and “do-over” this would be on top of priority list.
    • Exercising – Loosing fat is more difficult than you think. But why let it deposit at the first place ? Bad eating habits and no exercise have gifted me a beer belly. This should not have happened in the first place.
    • Bought less expensive mobile phones – Not that I spend a lot on my mobile handsets , but I have a habit of loosing mobile phones . And because mobile handsets are worth somewhere around 2–20 k rupees in India they are hell of a lot of money .
    • Prevent hair fall – All people living in and around my engineering college’s hostel have a problem of receding hairline . And I am no different , I would like to put in my best efforts to stop this regular hair loss by proper care.
    • Not quitting – I have gotten myself into quite a few creative endeavors but I have never successful at any of them because I quit early. After the honeymoon days are over, I do not get the motivation to continue . If I could “do over” certain things in life this would surely make it to the list .

    Amen !!!!!!!!

  4. Dare to be different.

    To quote Robert Frost-

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

    I took the one less travelled by-

    and that’s made all the difference.

    Most of the people who follow me on Quora do not know that I am, in fact, an engineering student. Most of my A2As are related to writing skills. A normal day in my life consists of hours and hours of writing.

    I wanted to be a journalist since grade 5. I wanted to pursue media studies. And I can’t really blame anyone for the path that I currently am on.

    Isn’ it a “practical and logical thing” to do? When people say “Kala se ghar nahi banta” (Creativity cannot run your house) and when most of them mock you for so much as considering to take up arts (being the school topper that I was), you start to have second thoughts.

    Today, I am in an engineering college, alright. And not in a bad one, either. However, I am only known as a writer here. I am the Editor-in-Chief of our college magazine and a Freelance Writer otherwise. I am always writing.

    When I see that my classmates get to learn and build things they have immense passion for, I feel envious. Because they get to do what they love everyday. And I? I am an average student now.

    From Little Miss Perfect to The Incarnation Of Flaws. That’s quite a leap now, isn’t it?

    It really hurts me when I see people with media studies or English Honours write poems and participate in open mics. Nobody around me even knows what spoken word is. They know everything about what goes on when you load a website. They know what all your mobile phone is really capable of. Some of them spend hours designing robots.

    I try to make it through every lecture without starting to hate myself for simply not being good enough.

    I have immersed myself into co-curriculars and extra-curriculars. I head one or another committee for the festivals. I keep writing, writing, writing and I try my best to understand what the hell is going on. There are no second thoughts about the fact that the rest of my life will be spent actively pursuing my creative side.

    But sometimes, it just feels like such a waste.

    It doesn’t help that the engineering scenario today IS really like what the movies and novels have to say.

    I will get a degree for sure, but I can never call myself an engineer.

  5. First, I’d like to say that I’m pretty happy with the life I have right now, even though I’m displeased with a lot of the life events that led me here. So I’m answering more in the spirit of ‘what would I like to see if I could witness an alternate timeline in which I did something differently’.

    When I was 17, I couldn’t figure out how to make something of myself after High School. I was struggling with my grades as it was (undiagnosed A.D.D. likely contributed to this) and had no interest in voluntarily extending the education experience. Given my family’s financial circumstances and my poor grades, it seemed unlikely I’d be able to go to college even if I had been interested.

    So I decided to join the Army. My plan was:

    1. Receive avionics training
    2. Spend 20 years doing avionics work for the Army
    3. Retire from Army at age 37, having earned full pension benefits
    4. (Optional) Go to college, taking advantage of various Army tuition assistance programs
    5. Enter the civilian workforce with 20 years of military training & experience

    The plan fell apart because I was both impulsive and impatient (again, A.D.D. probably played a large part in this) and instead of simply waiting until I was out of high school, or signing up via the Delayed Entry Program, I opted to join the National Guard via their Split Training Option. This put me in uniform at the age of 17, instead of waiting until I was 18, which seemed like a great idea at the time but ultimately proved my undoing.

    During my senior year, my family moved from Massachusetts to Vermont, and I reached out to a recruiter in our new hometown to evaluate my options.
    The nearest aviation unit was in the capital, which was about an hour’s drive, while the unit in town was an armor company. This complication was getting me down and I was struggling with thoughts of how to cope with it when the recruiter offered a solution : sign up with the local unit, training either as an armor crewman or a supply specialist, then change my job when transferring from National Guard to active duty. I immediately latched onto this idea because it offered a way out of my quandary.

    One year later, it was explained to me by the active duty recruiter that one does not simply change their military job whenever the mood strikes. Because I was planning a 20-year stint, I had signed the longest contract term available (8 years) and my only opportunity to change jobs would be at re-enlistment. I transferred into active duty as an armor crewman and spent about 18 months chasing after some loophole that would get me back on my original plan before getting kicked out for, essentially, being more trouble than I was worth.

    To this day, 30 years after I first signed up, I still wonder how my life would have turned out if I’d just waited another year to join the Army after high school.

  6. There is only one thing I regret to this day.

    Not reaching out to a lonely person.

    I had a friend from school. We were really good friends then, but over time we lost contact. I tried to stay in touch but somehow .. we just weren't talking anymore.

    One day out of the blue, this guy (let's call him XYZ) texts me over Facebook. A simple hey, hello, how are you, what are you doing, etc. I also keep the conversation to the minimum, even when I know that he definitely wants to talk. But we don't, and after sometime the convo ends.

    Three days later, I get a call from another school friend, saying XYZ committed suicide. And he just wasn't there anymore.

    I'm shocked, stunned, and speechless. I don't know whether he was saying his final goodbyes, or was trying to find someone who could listen to him, but I can't help but feel guilty about this. If only I would have talked to him then.

    Since this incident, I make it a point to somehow keep in touch with all my close and good friends, and let them know that they will always find me around when they want to be heard.

    I want to be there for people who need someone, just to vent out or needing support, whatever it is.

    So, for a do-over, I would like to go back to that day and change the way I talked to him, I should have let him know that people still care, and somehow dwell on the hope that it might have saved him and he would be among us today.

  7. Be better at building and keeping integrity.

    There's a life motto I keep and trying my whole life to make it happen: be a person of your words. I found out that keeping promises and commitment is one of the hardest thing to do. It holds control of every decision we make in life.

    I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but it doesn't really matter compared to the guilt and self-blaming that I had for not being able to keep my words, for the lies and other manipulative schemes to cover it.

    I know it could turn us to be indecisive not to take things we're not sure we can do. But getting out of the box like that might only needs the right mindset. Integrity, on the other hand, need persistence. It is linked to honesty and humbleness.

    It will make us more trustworthy, give confidence and pride on it, because we're doing the right thing, everybody knows it, and we won't end up in self-loathing for purposely or accidentally break promises or lying. Guilt will be a new friend to handle if it happen.

    Ned Stark and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones TV series are a good example for people keeping their integrity, even though it could appear to be minor opinions sometimes.

  8. I would probably not change anything. Its because all those horrible and okay decisions bought me here, to who I am, to what I’ve become and, I like it. But, of course there are some places where I wish I had done differently, though differently etc.

    I wish I had thought less, done more. Human nature to spend almost 95% of our precious time planning, 3% time pass, 1% other things but 1% actual work. I really wish that I had the value of doing more than just planning in me from childhood.

    “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

    Everybody wants advice but nobody wants to do the work. If you cut the time you spend deliberating in half and spent that time actively pursuing what you want, how much farther ahead do you think you’d be? Answer honestly but don’t agonize over it (because “stressing over all that stuff in that past sure made me feel better!” said nobody anywhere, anyhoo, anyone, ever). Your challenge, should you accept it: Less thinking, more doing.

    I can still try, but I keep facing one of my biggest enemies- Laziness. It’s going to take time and the effort and hopefully, I’ll do it soon 🙂

  9. If I could have a "do over", I would live a fearless life and the life of constant change. Like most people, we spend a lot of our earlier years concerned about pleasing others. As a result, we end up wasting a significant amount of time doing things we think we like but it is actually someone else who likes it for us. So if I could have a “do over” I would change these five things:

    1. not worry about money. The idea that we need to be responsible adults is what keeps most of us from realizing a fullfilled life. If we don't worry about money, we would leave that job we despise, the toxic relationship, etc.
    2. ignore the haters. It's like that saying your parents tell you when you were going to school. They say ask questions because there are others in the classroom who have the same question. Haters are the same way. They hate because they want to keep you for realizing your full potential because they are concerned about not realizing their own. By keeping you down, it helps them justify their shortcomings.
    3. Change frequently. Do not be married to anyone thought, belief, or understanding. If you allow yourself to adapt quickly, you will grow quickly. Without change there cannot be growth.
    4. Be honest. No one is worth lying over. Be honest and live with the results. Anyone I need to lie to maintain a relationship with is not worth having in my life. Any action I took part in that makes me believe lying is my only option is an action I need to face head-on so I will never do it again.
    5. take more risks. It is often said we do not regret the actions we took as much as we regret the actions we did not take.

    The good news is each breathe we take means we have a chance to change our lives. I put in my three week notice last week and will live by the values I teach.

    Undre Griggs


  10. I would like to do mistakes. What I have learned from my past that:-

    1. Mistakes makes you stronger.
    2. Mistakes make you realize value of time.
    3. Mistakes make you realize that there is no point in regretting rather you should try not to repeat it in future.
    4. Mistakes make you realize that no one is born perfect .
    5. Mistakes make you realize that failure is not the end.
    6. Mistakes removes your clouds of illusion.
    7. Mistakes transform you to a man from a boy.
    8. Mistakes can change your attitude. Which will lift you from scrap to mount Everest peak.
    9. Mistakes makes you realize perfection lies in imperfection.
    10. Mistakes make you respect your life.
    11. Mistakes makes you aware and responsible person.
    12. Mistakes change your perception about others.
    13. Mistakes make you fearless and bold.
    14. Mistakes make you realize to trust your mind more than your heart.
    15. Mistakes make you aware to stay away from sweet poisons in life.

    Whenever I did mistakes I came out as a more refined and matured person. Mistakes are like bitter medicine that can heal you if you take it’s right dose or it may cause severe side effects if not taken in controlled manner.

  11. I would get out of my comfort zone more often and meet more people during my early 20’s. As an introverted home being, I maintained a steady relationship with the few close friends I admitted into my life, books and music throughout that period. Although all these enriched my life, I also missed out on plenty for being a recluse. As a result, I often felt like a socially challenged person in many situations, an alien who did not understand social cues. I have learnt quite a few lessons in that department in the last few years, so I am doing fine. Therefore no regrets as such. However, I feel had it happened earlier, my life would have been different and I could have avoided a lot of bad shit. Nevertheless, life is good, as long as I reach my destination while making the most of the journey.

  12. If I could restart a moment in my life, It would be back in elementary school. I was influenced at a young age to like men who look like:

    Yes, my emo phase started when I was very, very young. Because of this, I started devloping traits of an emo person. From being dark to dressing dark, from complaining about life to being an outcast.

    Every second I was emo was the most miserable of my life.

    I didn’t get to enjoy my younger years because everything was dark and gloomy. Now I am older, even though a piece of what used to be is inside of me,

    I am in the pursuit of happiness.

  13. Read more: I’ve learned more in the last two years than I did in 18 years of schooling because I discovered a love and passion for reading and autodidactism. I consume a new book every week relating to any and every subject that captures my attention. Instead of relying on other people to define the curriculum that I should follow I allowed my inquisitive nature and curiosity to propel me forward. I’ve learned about quantum mechanics, Theodore Roosevelt and the evolution of man in the last month while supplementing that with some of Russia’s most fabled works of fiction.

    Fail more: We fail to recognise the opportunity we are afforded when we are young to fail and make mistakes. We mistakenly assume that failure is fatal and stop taking risks. We even stop asking questions for fear of judgement or other people thinking we are stupid. We drift through life aimlessly between experiences striving for perfection instead of learning from failure and coming back stronger. Youth is the safety net that provides you the opportunity to dream. Children should be encouraged to take more risks when they are young because it endows them with the ability to dream for the rest of their lives.

    Never Settle: Settling is easy, we’ve all done it. Instead of living the life we love we live the life that others expect us to. We see what everyone else is doing and want that instead of trusting ourselves to find true happiness. Humanity has evolved to cultivate lives where certain milestones must be ticked off by certain ages otherwise people start to ask questions. Our parents ask us when we are settling down or when they will have grandkids before we have even discovered who we are. If we are in a relationship marriage is expected, if we are married why don’t we have kids? We succumb to pressure and let other people craft our lives based on the way people have always lived. Instead of paying attention I should have broken free and escaped to become myself. I’d have been braver allowing me to be bolder and settle my insatiable appetite for exploration.

    Remain Naive: On holiday at playgroup we willingly make friends with children irrespective of gender, creed, colour or religious beliefs. We are confident in who we are and allow others to see and experience our idiosyncrasies. Children aren’t put off by the scale of the world or the size of the problems we face. Instead, they boldly march into the middle of the playground and embrace all children like family sharing their toys and views of with reckless abandon and lack of judgement for what other believe. How much better would the world be if we didn't grow out of our own selflessness nature and mature into beasts governed by greed and scepticism. Instead I wish we all remained naturally predisposed to assume peoples good intentions instead of judging and act according to what we assume.

    Ask more: Somewhere along the road of life we stop asking as many questions and the quality and volume of our knowledge is detrimentally affected. We have all sat in class rooms where at the end of a lecture the professor requests questions only to be greeted with silence. What do we have to lose? Even if someone refuses to answer we are in no worse a position than we were before we asked. The same applies to asking love interests out on a date or an acquaintance for advice. The worst possible outcome is that they say no, big deal. To receive more we must ask more. We must put ourselves out there and chase the information, experiences and relationships we desire otherwise life will be dictated to us instead of us being the protagonists of our own story.

    Compliment more: I rarely express my gratefulness even when it is overwhelming. If I have a great meal I never pass my compliments on to the chef, if I have a great experience I never thank the organiser, if I have a great day with my parents I never tell them I love them. The only time I feel grateful for the things I have is when something negative happens and I realise how lucky I am. The last time I told my mother I loved her was when she assisted me through a particular challenging personal issue not after a blissful Christmas day where she catered to the whole family and lavished us all in gifts and affection. We take the good times for granted and assume they will continue forever and pay no attention to our good fortune. We appear ungrateful and unappreciative of the tremendous effort other people make to enrich our lives. I’d have spent more time thanking my teachers for imparting their wisdom on me, my mentors for lifting me up and my family for cultivating the man I have become.

  14. I would do over from adolescent til. Now. I wouldn't have me my brother molest me, I wouldn't have gave in to sex with someone I didn't want and I wouldn't have let my consume me and become the next 30 year's of anorexia. I wouldn't have done drugs and finished college instead and would have my psychology degree. I would have still had my daughter and married my ex regardless of personality disorders. I.would have shown my daughter more affection and would not have OCD control my moods and therefore would have been better at emotionally fulfilling her needs. I would have sent her to a daycare that I checked out and trusted a she would not have been abused and if she were i still would've quit my job to stay home and report the issue and try to get her help even knowing my ex would not approve. I would have had another child even if adoption were needed. I would have made sure my kids were healthy emotionally and physically and my daugbrer would have been able to avoid her trauma and drug use, the violence she endured and the self hate and self harm I would tell my to let her get help if needed and ask him to do the same with me and we would have stayed married as drufs for me would not become relapse and huge mistake at 37 to end in divorce at 42ish and my daughter would have all of her children and be married to a non abusive man. We never would have moved to Kansas city Missouri area and we would still be a family. My family and I would be close because drugs and my ex narcissist never would have isolated me because they would never have been available. I would enjoy my grandchildren. All 4 of them as they all would never have bed been taken because my daughter and drugs. Russell who she still has partially.would come see grandma everyday if possible and my daughter too. I would have money because I would not have been so sick and unable to work in 2009 so would not have to try and survive on social security disability all alone and a white female in the worst ghetto in the meth capital of MO. Scared sometimes to walk at night so home and bored usually. I would have close friends just a few and do things with them. I would drive a Chevy or possibly a Chrysler of some type cause any car is better than no car. I would help the poor and do everything I could for my family and I would win 500 million dollar Powerball right after I got my college degree. Life would be easy and my mind would not have been emotionally and mentally fucked up by my ex 33 year old so I would be confident not taking shit from anyone but not doing others wrong either. I would live a happy Christian life til I died at the same time as my mom, daughter, grandkids, sisters and son I would have had and my brothers. Lol life would be different but would I be me who I am now. Pretty confident with decent self esteem and pretty happy considering my situation or would i be miserable. I would have chose my new do over path because there's a Chance at better and I would take that chance to be able to be the best mom, sister, aunt, grandma, granddaughter, cousin etc because drugs and and anorexia would never have happened me. The end.

    Actually I am not certain about me and my ex husband. He wasn't real nice to me and I meant only his wife to him if that makes sense. He controlled me and everything

  15. This is my grandfather.

    Four years back at the age of 81 he lost his wife, my grandma. Obviously he feel lost.

    I tried to spend my “most of the time” with him after that. But due to busy office schedule that “most of the time” turns in to small visits.

    Today he is no more with us. Incident happened just a few days back.

    There are so many plans that i have thought for both of us. Like when he was totally in bed rest condition, i want to lift him up and put him down on wheel chair and took him with me in my car for a ride. I want to buy him a suit. He liked party a lot ,so i want to took him in different clubs, want to find him a girlfriend, i just want to be his bro.

    The day of his death to till date that one regret continuously occupies most of the space in my mind, So if i get the chance to do over i definitely change above all things.

    Cause believe me , your grandparents are the only one who loves you more than you parents and never ever scold you no matter what you have done.

  16. That is a very difficult question. I only finished the 9th grade but I despise school so I don't regret that. I wish a lot of things were different from my childhood but you can't choose your parents.

    I am not bitter about my life but just saying I wish since it was asked, that I had better guidance.

    At the age of 20 I ended up in prison and did not leave there until 30. I think those were the best years of my life. In a way I had more control of my life than at any other time. I have to emphasize "in a way". I mean before that I had money and was hustling but I wasted it on material things and that served no purpose.

    More than my childhood which I had no control over, the time I was on my own from 16 ( and I was emancipated legally at 13 but stayed with friend's and their parents but left to be on my own at 16) I deeply regret wasting that time. Not even so much the hustling, but I could have invested the money or have been more productive.

    Don't get me wrong, I was quiet and polite and wasn't out in clubs or messing around. I made my money and watched a lot of tv. It was a waste. Given my background I don't know what I could have done different, but I wish I did.

    Prison was the most productive time in my life to date. I read and read and read and read some more. I despise school but even now I thrive off learning. I learned fluent Spanish which has come in handy. I learned I have a deep passion for learning.

    So I can't regret my 20's in prison. From 30 to mid 40's where I am now, well most I know want to be in my shoes. I got married and started a business ( they don't want to hire ex-cons, but I can hire myself) and it's grown. I'm not a millionaire but I don't worry about money and probably spend several hundred a week just at Whole Foods.

    But though I have decent income I wish I would have taken off and travelled to another country. I am eligible due to my ethnicity for citizenship in a couple different countries. Not that America is bad, though it's not what it used to be, but learning more languages and cultures makes me feel like I'm alive. Running a business to make money ( and I don't want to be broke and appreciate what I have) does nothing for me. I'm not cut out for married life, though I married an amazing woman.

    I guess I am a bit different or at least my scenario for this question. I can't say something like I wish I went into med school instead of law school or something like that. I guess I wish I found my passion for learning at a younger age but the book so to speak is still being written….

  17. I seem a bit young to be answering this.

    When I was in, let's see, 3rd and 4th grade, I went to a school that I despised and hated. The name of it is The British School Quito, in Quito, Ecuador.

    If I could go back in time and change anything, I would not have gone to that school.

    I was still ahead of everybody in my grade, but the freaking teachers wouldn't do anything to accommodate my needs.

    Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the teachers were stupid?

    I was bullied in this school, and I told the teachers MANY times. Well guess what? They though that I was the bully when I was the victim. Dumb.

    One day, there were kids poking a caterpillar, and they ended up killing it. I looked at the dead caterpillar on the ground, and proceeded to kick it around. My teacher, Ms. Turner, yelled at me for kicking a dead caterpillar.

    I had “misbehaved” in class the same day by reading a book when I was bored. May I remind you I was way ahead of that grade, as we were learning to add 4 digit numbers in 4th grade.

    That night, I had to handwrite all the rules and guidelines of the school since I kicked a dead caterpillar. I also had to see the principal, who wasn't as bad as my teacher, but I still had to go to the principal’s office.

    God, I still shudder at the fact that I allowed all of that to happen.

    Screw you, Ms. Turner. I wasted two years at a school of crap.

  18. I'd kill all my friends in a different way!

    Ummmmm….. Just kidding!

    Or am I ?!?

    *Evil laugh*

    Change…..Ughhhhh…. That Horrific word!!

    If I had the power to change something,

    I'd probably change my habit of procrastination.

    Believe me when I say it's a habit! It's worse than any other addiction, just sucks you in,almost like a black hole, makes you spaghetti, but you are never getting out unless you realize you are a 'Master Procrastinator' and that you need get out of that hell hole your life has become.

    Another thing I would change is ,


    Ok,I agree I'm lame.


  19. I would have joined the military (ideally the United States Marine Corps) immediately upon graduating either high school or college. there always seemed to be something else to do first. College, study abroad, graduate school, early fatherhood, and then one day I woke up and it was too late.

    I am a social liberal, in contrast to the stereotype, I believe that I am free to live my life because there are people that will fight to defend my freedom to be a liberal. As such, my failure to serve is the greatest regret of my life. It's all my fault. I made those choices. And now I am too old (47 at the time of this writing) to change it.

    For those of you who have served in the defense of Western Democracy, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can forgive me for making the wrong decision.

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