Is a universe from nothing possible?

How could it be otherwise?

For a universe to be created from something would be impossible – the something would, by definition, be part of the universe. There are only two possibilities:

  1. Universe always existed (eternal inflation)
  2. Universe created ex nihilo. (Yes that means creation of everything, including spacetime, from absolutely nothing.)

Both are consistent with what we know of physical law[*] and imply a zero-energy (observable) universe.

[*] okay, the universe is not consistent with baryon or lepton number conservation, but no one expects that to be a fundamental law. Soon to be superseded by Baryon − Lepton conservation.

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  1. To clarify Dan’s answer for the non-physicists, gravitational potential energy is usually taken to be zero at infinity, making it negative. There have been estimates from time to time (e.g. a book by A. Ghosh) that using the mass from gravity relation postulated by Einstein (1912) and Sciama (1953) and approximately by Ciufolini and Wheeler, that this negative potential may exactly balance the mass and kinetic energy. The philosophical implications are somewhat mind boggling.

  2. A Universe from nothing is not possible. Most scientists beleive that it is possible as they are the great magicinas. The real answer is that no one knows the truth about the Universe. Our knowledege about the Universe is very limited. We have not understood the most fundamental force called gravity. We know its effects, but we can not create or distroy it as we do not know exactly what it is. Scientist say that energy can not be created or distroyed. Then how all of a sudden lots of energy was released by the Big Bang? Where did it occur? Something can not happen into nothing. The human body expands within itself fron birth to death,but the fertilsation did not occur in child’s body. It occurs into the mother’s body. If we beleive in the Big Bang, then we must beleive in Big Crunch too. As we have seen in the Universe, we have to accept that energy allways exist in the Universe and it can keep on changing from one form into the other. Same way we have to accept that the space always exist. The space has no beginning or ending. It has no boundary or edges. Nothing can affect it, I mean nothing. No amount of heat, temperature, weight, pressure can affect it. There is no time in the space as there is no changes. Time always follow the energy as it always changes from one form into the other. It is the energy that keeps the motion going in the Universe. Energy and time go togehter. With very limited knowdege about the Universe, it does not make sense to say that the Universe from nothing is possible.

  3. I love this question. The “bottomless mystery of being” has me baffled and fascinated at once. Perhaps a universe from nothing isn't so much possible as it is inevitable. We're here, aren't we? Ultimately, anything is possible, with or without nothingness to set the stage.

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