Who played Spider-Man best among Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland?

Exactly as stated by Ken Miyamoto , I agree to his point. The first Popular Spiderman movie was given by Tobey Maguire and stated the base of what persona Spider-Man actually has. He played it very well and the movie backed him up. He drew the baseline of the comic character in the real world but fans overrated him.

Andrew came next, younger better dialogue delivery and posed a funnier character with more artistic way of developing superpower. But he went through a bad story line and a discouraged theme by the fans. Though he was more like the actual spiderman of comics but fans expected something else, something that is more similar to Tobey.

Tom Holland comes next. Though we haven't seen much of him, but what he gave in Civil War was pretty awesome and loved by most. What I've seen is he is much more dedicated has better skills (those flips ). He is more like the comics and is more relatable to the age of Petar Parker. Personally I believe with great story he will love by all the fans more than any other. Let's all hope for the best.

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  1. Toby:

    Peter Portrayl: 8/10. We got a nervous, shy version of Peter Parker that was shown to be at the bottom of the high school food chain. Then we got the socially awkward young man living a double life.

    Spider-Man Portrayl: 6/10. A modest score. Had the role done okay for the most part. But we got more of a serious Spidey than the wise-cracking we head than earlier and the organic webshooters didn’t live up to engineering nature.

    Average Score: 7/10


    Peter Portrayl: 5/10. Instead of the shy, nerdy, loser, we had a semi-popular, cool big-brother version of the hero. True he was appealing with a new spin of the character but it didn’t sit well with me.

    Spider-Man Portrayl: 9/10. Very close match to the real comic Spider-Man with his wise-cracks returning. Then the mechanical webshooters made a return showing that he needed to go back and change things in the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    Average Score: 7/10


    Peter Portrayl: 10/10. Shy, nerdy, fanboy. What we've wanted since the beginning. He’S shown immense admiration for Tony Stark as seen in Civil War and the trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming. It has also been shown he has an affinity for technology like in the comics. Stellar performance.

    Spider-Man Portrayl: 10/10, fucking perfect. Getting used to a new suit, looking up to a role model, being an overall kid in a candy store. So far Tom has shown that he studied the source material well or just nails every part. This version of Spider-Man might, no, will be the best.

    Average Score: 10/10

    So in short, even thought it’s been a short run, Tom Holland is shown to be the best actor for Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

  2. First off we haven’t really seen enough of Tom holland yet to really compare. Secondly he’a playing a slightly different character.

    Both Toby and Andrew play what is essentially spidey as an adult. Both of them act in ways that are comparable to the adult spider-man in the comics with some accents hear and there that harken back to his younger days.

    Personally I think Andrew Garfield did a better job across the board. There are complaints and such sure, but there always are. But he has the snark, he has the look down pat, and he’s got the smarts and the outsider vibe. We “know” parker is smart, but tobey never really did a good job of showing that. Andrew on the other hand is sitting on roofs cracking genetic decay formulas and making webbing from mail ordered supplies. The other thing, tobey’s montages are awful. Tripping around, bike tires flying out windows, being stupidly pleased about not sleeping through class, dancing around and suave emo like. All these montages do is serve as filler till more hero stuff happens and they are portraying parker as being, well, kind of a dope. Meanwhile garfield’s montages do the exact opposite. They hammer home the point that spidey is a hero BECAUSE he’s peter Parker. It’a not parker that needs spidey in order to be capable. Spider-man is capable because spider man is peter Parker. Other really great scenes that showcase this are the spider-web he makes in the sewers, the interaction with the child at the end of amazing 2, and the part where he messes up his leg. Tobey does have a really impressive scene on the train, nobody is discounting that. But this rest of his performance feels so, lukewarm in comparison. Like it’s not awful for the most part but it does nothing to set spidey apart from every other “smart snark dork” hero type. Michael Vera coulda done pretty much the same exact role the same exact way.

    So yeah. In my opinion (even tho I grew up with tobey’s spidey) Andrew takes the trophy for this hands down. He’/ more compelling and he has more umph to his performance.

  3. Let’s take a look at each of them.

    Tobey Maguire

    • The first ever spiderman movie star
    • Great stories,Great villains and good fight scenes.
    • The scene I admire is this one

    • He used some sort of glue for sticking the plate and the rest was AWESOME.
    • Concluding A good Trilogy.

    Andrew Garfield

    • Takes down the lizard,Electro,Goblin
    • I was hoping for the third movie with sinister six in it
    • Screwed the second movie by killing Gwen
    • Better Graphics
    • This meme was born

    Tom Holland

    • Showed up with the AVENGERS
    • his dialogues try to be sarcastic but end up bad,ofcourse he is shown as a teenager
    • Eagerly waiting for his homecoming.

    I will choose for Tobey right now,hopefully my choice might change after the new movie.


  4. Holland and Garfield’s are both great in their own ways. I see a lot of people not like Garfield’s but I just chalk it up as they most likely don’t know comic book Spider-man very well. If you thought Garfield’s Spider-man was full of himself or whatever, that’s really not far off from how Spider-man use to be.

    As you can see, Pete use to be quite arrogant during his early years as Spider-man. Even back when Gwen died he was bragging about how great he thought he was.

    Until of course he pulled Gwen up and found out what really happened.

    Poor Pete has had to learn some lessons the hard way, which I think Garfield’s was somewhat accomplishing in TASM 2 though we never got to see it go into much fruition.

    Holland’s is the most like Spider-man overall. Some seem to take issue with Holland’s Spider-man being young but you have to consider that Peter got his powers when he was 15. He also seems to capture some of Peter’s charm and quips.

    He also seems to be a mix of 616 with Ultimate Marvel, in regards to his secret identity. In Ultimate Marvel more people were aware of Peter’s double life as Spider-man such as MJ, Aunt May, and a few others.

    As for Tobey’s, eh..Like Bale’s Batman, he’s good for a Hollywood version of the character but not much like the comic counterpart. There was so much deviation in the Raimi films that I think one of the few parts they actually played by the books was Normie getting spiked by his glider.

    So yeah, if I had to rank them then for me it would be

    1. Holland
    2. Garfield
    3. Mcguire
  5. Well In my opinion The Best of the three is:

    1- Tobey Maguire

    2- Andrew Garfield

    3- Tom Holland


    1 – Storyline

    If you have watched All of the Spiderman Movie’s then you know that The first and Best were Spiderman Trilogy which has Tobey Maguire. He is the perfect person for the role of Spiderman. Now Coming to The Amazing Spiderman it's Storyline is far different from the Original Story in the Comics. And Finally Tom Holland.. He just became spiderman. So he is at the last.

    2 – Villans

    What is a Hero without a Tough Villan. And Again The Tobey series includes : Green Goblin, Doctor Octavius and Carnage and Sand Man. My personal favourite was Green Goblin because he was the first and the best. Then comes the TASM it has: The Rhino and The Lizard. Rhino was better than Lizard but the fight between Lizard and Spidey was best. Finally Tom Holland he does not have it's Individual movie (Now Homecoming) so we don't know how it's gonna be.

    3- Spider Man Suit and Spider Sense

    Agian Tobey designed and made the Spideman suit for fighting hell in a cell match with that Giant Fighter(Sorry forgot his Name). And then made Red and Blue Spider Suit which was perfect. And He got his powers of Spider being bitten by a radioactive spider. Then comes Andrew He also made his Spider suit which was made of Spnadex and was better looking frankly. But the main drawback is.. He made a machine which releases spiderweb. Which is not quite good because it cause Spidey a problem (It's a machine).

    He also has Good Reflexes and Spidey Sense. Then comes Tom Holland his suit is made by/ upgraded by Tony Stark A. K. A Iron Man. Well he himself also made the Suit in Civil War, Which was also good.

    Conclusion :

    Tobey's Stories, Spider Story and Sense and Villans are the best from the All three. We are waiting for Homecoming. We will see after Movie.. What do you think..

  6. It is very difficult of a choice to make.

    Tobey Maguire was the best representation of an adult Peter Parker. His Spiderman part was a bit off the grid. (PP- 9/10, SM – 5/10)

    Andrew Garfield was the best representation of an adult Spiderman. His Peter Parker impersonation was not up to the mark if you ask me. But he was the Spiderman that movie fans deserved. (PP- 4/10, SM – 9/10)

    Now when you come to Tom Holland, he scores decently on both the aspects – Peter Parker and Spiderman. The difference is that he is a good representation of both – a teenage Peter and a teenage Spiderman. (PP – 8/10, SM – 8/10). Keep in mind that the spiderman here is too young and is yet to discover the full potential within him unlike the previous stories where it just clicks and Boom! You have the full extent of powers.

    So based on your priorities you can change the markings.

  7. Andrew Garfield is the most underrated Spider-Man/Peter Parker while Tobey Maguire is the most over-rated.

    Garfield captured the character well, but he suffered from a terrible sequel that was overly conceived to try and catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe by piling multiple villains into one film and trying to set up a multi-franchise with the sinister six. It was rushed and was disastrous, despite a solid first outing with the best casting of the franchise yet at that time.

    Tobey Maguire’s portrayal, in my opinion, was beyond overrated at a time when superhero movies were slowly at a rise, thus it was a breath of fresh air for many just to see Spider-Man on the screen. The movies, all three, DON’T HOLD UP. Go watch them. They are horrible compared to today’s standards. Some nostalgia and laughs, yes, but Maguire’s portrayal especially was just terrible.

    Tom Holland came in as Sony was recovering from the drastic Sony hack that turned the studio upside down, forcing them to make a big PR move to beat the critics back. That PR – and financial – move was partnering with Marvel and allowing them to be involved with Spider-Man cinematically.

    That gave us Tom Holland who stole every scene he was in within Captain America: Civil War.

    Garfield was a perfect older Spider-Man (although he was playing the character in his high school years) and Holland is the perfect TRUE high school age Spider-Man.

  8. I’d have to say Tom Holland (which shouldn’t be taken as either Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield are bad actors) because he brings an awkwardness, an innocence and a charming earnestness to Peter Parker that’s welcome (and been missing).

    And perhaps even more importantly, his Spider-Man is in some ways as awkward as he is. It works really well because–unlike in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy–the difficulty of getting a grip on his abilities isn’t over and done in (what I recall being) a quick montage.

    Though most importantly, in Spider-Man: Homecoming you don’t see Parker assemble a costume despite literally having no experience in sewing clothing (having repaired up more than a few holes in various types of clothing in my time it’s not nearly as easy as the movie made it seem).

  9. For me personally, I felt Tobey Maguire to be the best. The best in this regard is highly relative and what is best for me may not be the same for others. Actually all three of them did justice to the role but what made Tobey the best for me was the era. It was the time when superhero movies weren’t as popular as they are today. It was rare to get to watch a good superhero movie in those days.

    Andrew Garfield was let down by a poor script and a poor choice of villains. Sam Raimi’s villains were spot on and that brought out the best out of Spider-Man as well. Tom Holland was brilliant too and he was also supported by a badass villain portrayed brilliantly by Michael Keaton. It would be tough to choose between Tom and Tobey but I would go with Tobey in this aspect. The order for me would be


  10. Hands down, Andrew Garfield was the best Spider Man. He displayed Spidey’s sense of humor and cockiness exactly the way I would expect to see it. It may be due to advances in CGI, but even the fights are choreographed more like the comics.

    Tobey Maguire, on the other hand, was a *much* better Peter Parker. His quiet, bookish demeanor felt like Peter. You can imagine him being the nerd at school. Garfield was cocky, even as Peter.

    We haven’t seen much of Tom Holland, yet. By definition he can’t be the best – he’s barely played Spider Man and less-so Peter Parker. I do like him. By the time he’s done with his Spider Man/Avengers/whatever else movies he could be the best Spidey.

  11. Traditionally, according to Comics, Spiderman is supposed to be a teenager. So, of all these actors, Tom Holland best fit the role! He’s just 21. On the other hand, when shooting for the movie, both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire looked like grownup men even with all the desperate attempts to look teenager.

    Also, Tom Holland has the playful, cocky attitude and personality that Spiderman originally had. Other actors who played this titular role, they both looked awkward in acting. So yes, many believe Tom Holland is the perfect Spiderman till date.

    But on a personal note, my own preference was always Andrew Garfield. I loved him and his pairing with Emma Stone. The chemistry between them was incredible. It was magical. I know Spiderman isn’t supposed to be a romantic movie. But the only reason I loved The Amazing Spiderman….. 1/2 was because of them. And I was pretty bumped out hearing that Andrew Garfield isn’t Spiderman anymore.

    Toby Maguire was decent too. His series of Spiderman had a great story line with outstanding cast and action. But he never fit the role properly.

    Who plays Spiderman role the best- Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire?

  12. The best spider-man:

    No one can perfectly pitch out how spider-man is portrayed in comics. See, The CGI eyes in Spider-man: Homecoming didn't work out for me. There are so many avatars of spider-man in comic-verse. Just considering the spider-man and also Peter Parker characters, The Rating would be like this.

    1.Tobey Maguire:

    2.Andrew Garfield:

    3.Tom Holland:

    It is just my opinion. It is my own ranking system. BTW, Tom Holland has done a good job.

  13. Tom Holland. There’s no doubt about it.

    I felt he completely nailed the awkwardness of Peter Parker and his everyday life spot-on, and he played the heriocs of Spiderman equally well. I think what we must not forget it that Spiderman is a teenage superhero, and he feels fear. In fact, Stan Lee, the man himself, even comfirmed that the reason that Spider-Man wears a mask is to hid his fear from his enemies. Tom Holland’s fight scenes were great, in a sense that it wasn’t too professional looking and yet still portrayed just the right hero vibe that we all waited for.

    I admit, I haven’t watched the first Spider-Man series in a long time. From what I remember, Maguire’s performance of Peter wasn’t all that great, and his fight style was completely different to comic book Spider-Man. He didn’t throw any corny punchlines as he swung from beam to beam, which doesn’t really reflect Spider-Man’s personality all that well. He gets a 6/10 I suppose.

    He is the torchbearer of the series though, props to him.

    Andrew Garfield’s performance was great too. I felt his version of Peter was on point af, and he hit the awkwardness of Peter right on the mark. I don’t remember much of his performance as the hero itself, but I don’t think it was as good as Tom’s version. I’d give him a 7/10 overall.


    Going back to my original point, Peter is a teen. Tom was the right age to play him, and his desire to be the “hero” and to be “noticed” is something every teen can relate to, deeep down in our pitch black hearts. Dry mouths when we talk to or crushes (oOH) and the awkward babbling when he gets into a sticky situation is realistic and played to just the right degree. He’s just the right amound of snarky, without coming off as being too cocky when he plays Spider-Man.

    I digress.

    Thanks for reading and uh have a good day!

  14. It's of course all very subjective but at the moment I have a slight preference for Andrew Garfield. I really enjoyed the performance Tom Holland put in Civil War but as it was an extended cameo it feels a bit unfair as he only had to put in about 20 minutes against Maguire’s six odd hours and Garfield’s five?

    I absolutely prefer Rami’s three films overall compared to the slightly muddled and not quite so Amazing films. However Maguire while a good actor never seemed the best fit to me for Peter Parker. While he wasn’t much older than Garfield during their respective tenures in the suit he definitely seemd it.

    And yes Spider-man is serious when the situation calls for it but day to day he enjoys being Spider-man and has fun with it. Maguire just seemed constantly angst ridden and never sold any of the trademark Parker quips.

    Garfield while working with weaker material had moments of real levity and fun with the role. The opening sequence of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was one of the strongest depictions of the webbed wonder I've ever seen. The rest of the film was unfortunately not quite as strong but I was genuinely disappointed when Garfield was booted from the role.

  15. The traditional Spider-Man of the Comics is represented as a child-like,fun loving naive sort of a character who just 'plays' and jokes around with his enemies and other characters

    Keeping this in mind, Tom Holland's Spider-Man was the most accurate description of the Spider-Man(Marvel likes it that way, don't they?)

    So,my vote goes with Tom

    But the real answer depends upon individual preferences.

  16. There have been three incarnations of Spiderman in Hollywood since 2002. Each of the actors who have portrayed the role of the Web Slinger has done it for at least two times each. So, with each of them getting substantial time on screen, an all factor comparison would be pretty fair. Here is the analysis to find the best Spiderman out of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.-”The Triple Spidey Trouble: Who Is The Best Spiderman And Why?”(read this article toknow the answer)

  17. Be it Maguire, Garfield or Holland all were great but in my opinion Tom Holland portrayed Spider-Man better than the other two.

    He adds the perfect sarcasm to Spidey. He looks more like a high school guy and he perfectly portrayed Spider-Man as well as his alter ego Peter Parker.

    Both Maguire and Garfield were great but you can see that while Maguire was not that good Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield was not that good Peter Parker.

    On the other we can see that Holland portrayed both Spidey as well as Spider-Man beautifully. He was flawless.

  18. I think Tobey Maguire .. He was the second one ever to play spider man and his second movie spidey was one of the greatest superhero films..very much unlike Garfield's second film or even first .

    Thank you..

  19. Tobey MaGuire…

    Tom Holland is great… but he’s playing a reeeeeeaaaaaallllyy immature Spiderman (which is fine or even great)…. which makes his job WAY EASIER than the more emotional role played by MaGuire

    But as he grows in the role. I think Tom Holland would get the thrones as he gets more mature and “serious” movies…(I don’t mean without humor, but with more dramatic weight)

    As of now… Is MaGuire

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