Why do people blame God for war and hunger? He gave humans free will.

People need something to blame as they refuse to be responsible for their own (or collective) actions. “God” or “Allah” or “Fill in the Blank” as interpreted by man will always get the blame so man does not have to be responsible for negative occurrences like war or hunger. Free will is merely another aspect of the construction of “chance” within the context of the eternal Universe and so a mere mortal will continue to have the free will to blame an unknown Power because to blame ourselves would be to acknowldge our inferior existence and thereby removing that God-Entity that is so much easier to blame. Not our fault we will collectively cry.

In the world of “God” as however you define it, only perfection exists and perfection also consists of good and evil (again, words we use as humans to describe what we like or don’t like). The Perfect God Energy knows no distinction between good or evil – it merely IS.

People will continue to blame God for all things they cannot solve, they cannot understand, or they cannot ultimately believe could ever be fixed by themselves. That blame is encouraged and advertised and perpetuated by every religeon which uses fear over their“followers.”

When every person finally comes from love and not fear, and recognizes we are all connected — only then will we step up as a collective species stop blaming a God entity for negative and evil and find solutions to remove evil once and for all.

I, for one, can only hope that happens, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath. I don’t blame “God.” I blame myself and try and change just my tiny piece of the universe one day at a time.

One by one, the blame game might someday end.

Now that is a goal worth shooting for….

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  1. Well, as an atheist who doesn’t believe in God in the first place, I certainly don’t blame that non-existent being for anything. I do, however, argue that the existence of such things as war and hunger contradicts that standard description of God as being both omnipotent and all-loving, and therefore proves that such a God does not actually exist. See my long answer here:

    The Problem of Evil by Barry Goldberg on Essays on Atheism

    Here are some short comments:

    • War is certainly “caused” by humans and is therefore an exercise of their free will. However, many people wage war specifically claiming that God commanded them to do it, that God is on their side, etc. The Old Testament is full of examples where God told the Israelites to attack and completely wipe out other nations (including women and children and even infants). So it would seem that, if you believe in God, you could certainly blame him for at least some wars.
    • How in the world can you blame hunger on free will? Aside from the occasional protestor who fasts, nobody chooses to go hungry. Sure, sometimes hunger can be an indirect result of poor choices made in the past, but often it’s purely a matter of where and when you are born.
    • There are so many other instances of suffering in the world that have nothing whatsoever to do with free will that this whole question is pointless. Genetic diseases. Natural disasters. Accidents. Parasitical infections. The list goes on and on. Again, as an atheist I don’t blame God for this, but I do point out that the existence of these things is proof that an omniscient and all-loving God simply does not exist.
  2. Why do people blame God for war and hunger? He gave humans free will.

    War and hunger might be humans’ fault, but how about earthquakes? Or bone cancer in children? Or volcano eruptions? Or one of the thousands of catastrophes humans can do nothing about? Why does an omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient god let all those happen? Human free will cannot be the reason here, we cannot change those if we want it or not.

    The only way out this is “God works mysterious ways.” which basically means “We know it makes no sense but it happened. Therefore it was God’s will, because since he is omniscient he knew it was going to happen and because he is omnipotent he could have changed it and with that is must be in our best interest because he is omnibenevolent.” which of course is no reason but nothing but ignorance.

  3. Thank you for the question, “Why do people blame God for war and hunger? He gave humans free will?”

    The discussion on who is to be blamed for the war and hunger, death and disease is laid at the feet of God. The argument that since God is supposedly sovereign and omnipotent and yet he chooses or is unable to intervene into human history means that he is not God or a cruel God.

    I believe there is misconception that God is obligated to rescue every person from their foolish actions. There is human responsibility. Free will doesn’t negate human responsibility. We know that eating or drinking an abundance of refine sugar in soda, artificial sugar, eating fatty foods, etc, causes health issues. We know that smoking leads to cancer, polluting our water and air will affect our bodies. The genetically engineer seeds, the artificial hormones given to animals being eaten by us will have an adverse affect on our body. We have the choice of growing or eating more organic food, limiting the amount of unhealthy food or continue to eat the foods that we do each day. Do we really expect God to stop us from eating unhealthy food? If he did, we would feel that we have no free will.

    When we look at calamities of hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, the Bible describes that the world was beautiful and very good at the end of sixth day. What caused the rise of such natural disasters. We know how storms arises, what causes flooding and even earthquakes. To what degree is human being responsible for adverse climate as we burned or cut down rain forest and trees, drill for oil and mine for gold and silver that devastates the environment. God has given human beings the responsibility to care for the earth, not rape the earth of her natural resources. Do we expect God to restrict natural disasters when the earth is devastated? Certainly our common sense should tell us not to live in flood zones but we love the beach front properties and beaches. If we know that hurricanes strikes the coastal areas, why are we building in front of it! Would it be prudent to prohibit people from living there? So we spends billions each year to repair the damage by hurricanes and blame God for allowing deaths to happen when one should be living there or at least should have left at the warning of hurricanes. That’s being responsible with our human will.

    Let’s at least be fair about this topic. As parents we allow or even see our children eat too much candy. Should the child blame the cavities on the parents because s/he wanted to eat it or should that child suffer the effects of his actions. Certainly most parents discourage their child from eating it, warn against it, but that child doesn’t listen, then the parent may allow their child to learn a lesson of having a cavity. It appears that as human beings, we repeat the same mistake over and over again. If our teenage son drives recklessly and crashes his car, should the teenager blame the parents for not being in the car to stop it!

    God permitted his own people to ignore his commands. He even sent prophets to warn them of impeding judgment. The consequences was not immediate, but when discipline occurred, it brought suffering and death (read Judges).

    The Bible declares that one day the earth will be re-created and once again become the perfect world that God made in Genesis 1. It will even be better if I can say that.

    The Apostle Paul declares this statement regarding our natural world in Rom. 8:18–25. “18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. 20 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

    22 We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. 23 Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies. 24 For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? 25 But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”

    In other words, God has a plan and that plan is unfolding even today. According to the Apostle Paul, the re-creation of earth will happen when the children of God will be revealed, but for now it is subject to frustration and decay. God allows what is happening so that we can see our works of our own hands on earth and then he will show again his work on creation.

    SUMMARY: We devastate the earth while one day God will restore and beautify the earth. There won’t be any hurricanes and floods, diseases and death in God’s kingdom.

  4. First off, we have to answer one simple question: Is the god you ask about Omniscient, yes or no. The answer really is that simple.

    If your answer is no, we can put free-will on the table. In the case of NO, your god is probably more of a researcher trying to find out what complex beings will do when presented with certain situations. Mind you, as any good programmer or researcher might do, it may have set certain conditions to limit the design. Such as, no magic allowed, no ability to use Jedi mind wave (curse the luck!), no superpowers, limited life spans…

    If your answer is YES however, chuck freewill into the sewer along with solid waste from yesterday’s breakfast, and all that water your kidneys discarded from the case of Bud you and your buds drank during the latest sportsball game.

    Omniscience literally means “all knowing”. It means that there is nothing that the possessor can’t know about the past present of future on any subject you care to toss out. In that case, freewill is just hooey. God would know every decision you are going to make. How everything will play out. You are basically in a side scrolling game from the 1980’s with no actual end to the game other than when you finally die your last life.

  5. The weirdest thing about this whole question, is the necessity to blame anyone at all for something people obviously don’t even want.

    For isn’t it the case that God’s aim [like any good spiritual teacher in Judaism and Buddhism] is to bring people to spiritual awakening – bliss, peace and eternal life, not to save them from earthly disasters?

    Why anyone on the path to that destination would demand their physical body or emotional needs to be protected rather than their spiritual ones is beyond me.

    Of course, for people not on that path, it makes sense to make these demands and then reject the path because it doesn’t fulfil your expectations. Like a gigolo, who doesnt really want true love and can’t accept it when it is offered.

    These people are conversely quite happy to accept that Nature carries out destructive acts ambivalently and randomly. Their checklist for God [or any spiritual path to holiness] is that of a 3-year-old demanding attention, who, not getting what he wants, is unable to see a bigger picture. So he withholds love from his mother, in case that helps him manipulate his little world better. For of course, getting everything you personally want is the purpose of life.


    These are people who assume they have the right to any life they want. They do not treat their own or anyone’s physical existence as a gift and a tool with which to find eternal spiritual existence.

    Only those who see the precious opportunity to accept every high AND low of life as part of the path to holiness can stop blaming God [or anything or anyone else for that matter] for making the achievement of that goal possible.

  6. Free will makes no sense as it is proposed on the bible.

    The god of this belief is (by definition) to be all powerful and all knowing.

    All knowing means present, past and future is the same for him. Also “place” is not a problem.

    But they say this “superbeing” is also “omnipresent” that means he is everywhere(I ask myself…in the hell too?).

    That being said, for me(of course, hypothetically speaking) it makes no sense(as being “perfect” as definition says he is) the human creation.

    Because, taking this “truths” as valid, in the very moment he “created”(or even before that) he knew that things was going straig to Murphy’s law.

    Why do that? Would an engineer project a car and, if have the power, let it be manufactured and sold and advertised to people buy it, knowing that the car will kill the first buyers in the first turn? And note that it is not being “oniscient”(all-knowing). The engineer would’t “see” at the very moment he had the car’s idea , exactly who was the first victim(s) with all the suffering related to it, etc.
    What a locust plague has to do with human free will?
    Both, natural phenomenon just happens, no matter what you do.

    Bible and FREE WILL.
    In the old testment, it is said that god interfered directly or indirectly many times in men’s business. Of course, that in the last 6–7000 years. The almost 200.000 years that men walked on earth, with all sort of illness, disasters, famine, doesn’t count.(thanks Hitchens).
    Free will?

    Can you not see that all this is man made? We see the changes on religions with changes in society and not the other way round.

  7. Because you'd think that a supposedly omnipotent and all-powerful god would have the decency to prevent something likely this:

    Parents will give their children “free will” and will let them make decisions on their own and to run free and play, but parents will usually step in and put a stop to the madness if children start fighting with eachother.

    So either God was a negligent parent, asleep at the wheel from 1939–1945, or he just didn't care, which leads to this:

  8. Ahh… the old "free will" nut, eh?

    OK then if it's all down to free will, explain the Holocaust? What about the free will of the people who were murdered in gas chambers or shot in the back of the head and dumped in ditches? Was it their free will to be there and have this done to them? Or did the free will of the Nazis have priority over that of their victims?

    Another example not related to war or hunger, you happen to be walking along a street in your nearest town some dark night, and someone jumps out of the shadows and shoves a knife in your ribs. What happened your free will there? Was it your free will to have a thug stab a knife into you, or does the free will of a scumbag overrule that of an innocent?

    This free will claptrap is just another tool used by theists who know if their god exists he's either unable to protect them or unwilling to. However if they accept this, then their god's either a cruel, callous monster who doesn't give a fiddlers about them, or he isn't all powerful and is basically a lie. To acknowledge this would throw their whole belief system right our the door, so instead they fall back on "oh it's all down to free will!"

  9. First of all, what if I disagree with you on your big premise of “free will”? It's simply not a warranted premise. Especially when theism is concerned, God is usually assumed to have had a “plan” for everybody. Moreover, even if theism isn't assumed, “free will” is still not an obvious conclusion to be drawn as far as subjects like neuroscience go.

    Or if “free will” is given as a good premise and God assumed to exist, the big question to ask is “What do you mean by ‘free will’ and how does that lead to the conclusion that God is not to be blamed for war and hunger?” Are humans to be blamed for them therefore? And why doesn't God punish these free beings for those evils that can be considered as human deeds? How do you account for the fact that among humans there is the system of justice to punish those free beings whom have committed crimes?

  10. Hi,

    Thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts. The belief in God starts in the heart and mind, if God is not in your heart or mind, you won't believe. And, I understand.

    I do however believe in God. And though I despise famine, violence, and war. I also realize that this world is comprised of opposites. Love/Hate, War/Peace, Good/Evil, etc. From my perspective, certain things must be allowed in order to complete balance. And unfortunalately (in my opinion), bad things occur because good things occur, which is a reminder that we are not perfect, life will not be perfect, but can be forgiven.

    I beleive in God because I see his existence. Dare to see through the obvious and maybe you’ll find something greater than yourself. If not, that's okay too. Have a great day! 🙂

  11. Whenever we are hungry, cold, lonely or have just been made to feel stupid, we long for someone to blame. God fits the bill.

    Our natures are no different from the ancient Israelites whom God guided through a semi- desert, fed, forged into a nation, taught (or tried to teach) to think as free people — and who moaned incessantly about every little thing. Moses lost his temper with them; not God.

    Most of the time we use our free will unwisely — to look for someone to blame. But we are free to choose another course of action. I'm trying to learn the habit of not asking “Why me?”

    Instead, I'm trying (thank you Caroline Myss) to ask “What lesson am I supposed to learn from this mess?” That's hard — but much eeasier than listening for the answer.

  12. Did he?Gos is omnipotent, almighty and allknowing. this is basically a cornerstone in christianity so we kind ahave to take this in consideration.

    What does this mean then? Well lets look at Adam and Eve, he did put them in eden and planted a tree they could not eat from. if they would do so they would get punished.

    Now think about this. God is omnipotent and allknowing so it could not have been a test to see if they would eat from the fruit or not. Because this he would obviously KNOW for a fact. Otherwise he would not be omnipotent and allknowing. So with him knowing for a fact that they WOULD eat from the fruit makes them unable to do anything else. It is impossible for them to not eat from the fruit because God already KNOW they will.

    This kinda makes the free will impossible. They have no free will. They had no choise other than eat the fruit.

    Also it show that god is a rather cruel god, he did plant the tree there saying he would punish them if they ate from it and all the time he did KNOW they would do so that they had no choise no free will, no chanse to do anything else.

    Only way for this to not be true is if God is Not omnipotent and allknowing. and that would crash one of the fundamental things the christian religion is built upon.

    or could it be that nothing of this is true and god does not exist and the bible is just a story book

  13. God is considered as omnipotent.

    Thus either one of the followings must apply:

    • God does and cause (or did and caused) nothing in the world.
    • God is willing to execute modifications to the world (he designed stuff in advance), which renders him responsible for everything. He is aware of every possibility and has the power to prevent any of them.

    You choose which to apply to your God.

    The only workaround is to declare your God as not omnipotent.

  14. Because people cannot control it and expect higher force to take action on people who are initiating it. Can god punish them? What about their loved ones – is it pain for those specific people to give happiness to others? What action do you think God should take on this account?

    People use their free-will to commit acts and the destiny will provide an opportunity for them to correct it. if people fail to correct themselves – based on the intensity of pain or suffering caused to others, they will reap rewards either in the same birth or pay for it in their next birth(s). God has no involvement in it, for if you strongly believe in HIM and have HOPE then HE will take care of you. All you require is patience, being compassionate and extreme LOVE for god.

  15. Projection.

    Fear of looking within & seeing their own magnificence.

    Fear of God (same thing, really). They're afraid they'll be punished for thinking they're separate & making tragic use of free will.

    It relieves them of responsibility.

    They don't know any better.

    In many religions, God punishes. In one way, it’s consistent with their belief system. In another way, it's not. I don't know how they reconcile it with free will. Perhaps “gods Will” gets priority over free will.

  16. It’s funny, isn’t it, that the amount of ‘free will’ your god supposedly thought he should give human beings turns out to be exactly the amount that we would expect to have if your god didn’t exist at all? I mean, we can’t make ‘free will’ decisions to fly, or teleport to the moon, or live without eating; all we can decide to do is the same kind of things that animals and other objects without free will can do, simply by following the iron laws of physics. So the supposed ‘gift’ of free will is a bit of a disappointment anyway.

    But if you want to make your Imaginary Friend omnipotent, then you have to take the consequences. An omnipotent god can make anything happen, or prevent it happening, instantly and with no effort whatsoever; that’s pretty much what ‘omnipotent’ means. So whatever happens on earth, that god—if he exists—has either made it happen or allowed it to happen, when he could have caused it to be otherwise with no effort at all. That’s pretty much what being ‘responsible’ means.

    If I know X will happen, and I can stop X with no effort, and prevent any bad consequences arising as a result of stopping X, also with no effort, and I don’t stop X, then there’s no other way to explain that than by saying I wanted X to happen. And an omnipotent god is in that situation with regard to everything that occurs.

  17. Too arrogant and blind too see that it is man that does this, We have the power to stop these horrible things. Yet, some spend their days watching neanderthals playing with balls on some playing field. Cheering about how much they make for each game. Bitching about the man in office asking why don’t he feed the hungry. Hey, your legs busted? You can do something too. I bet you had plenty of money in your pocket when you bought your beer for the day/week. He the Father gave us each the opportunity to have a loving caring heart. Emotions to look and see the needy and to do something about it. Boy, did we all ever let Him down.

  18. But he also made humans, so surely must take some responsibility for their natural tendencies.

    Also famine can be caused by natural events as is disease be it infectious or genetic. Parasites and predators where also all down to him.

    That's if you believe of course, looked at from a scientific point of view though the world makes a lot more sense.

    The argument for free will is also paradoxical if god is all powerful and all knowing. Since they knew how every thing in the universe would be at anytime when they created it. That means god made you in the full knowledge of every action you would “choose” to take. Being all powerful he could have made you in such away as you would have made different choices. That being the case I would argue god made you to make the choices you will make. There fore he is really responsible for your actions, not you and the term free will is meaningless if your creator is both omniscient and omnipotent.

    But then I'm an atheist.

  19. God is non existng any where n the Universe so question of “war and hunger” or any free will cannot arise. Do you beleive in Bible if so read first book Genesis from Bible where God said at the beginning there were deep waters covered with darkness where God is hovering. Then God said “let there be light” means by his will force God replaced darkness by light and so on he completed everything in 6 days and rested on 7th day. This is genesis theory of God.Now Ask yourself were there deep waters where God is hovering at the beginning of the universe ? It is false. Science discovered Big Bang singularity was at the beginning not deep waters at the begInning . Who is fals? God is false. God defrauded human being finding man senseless fools. Hence God created nothing as he does not know what were there at the begging. Means no God causes war and hunger. It is not true. Cause is power of some man causes war and hunger is caused by “ want is endless” in the societies causes very equal distributions of wealth among mankind. God is non existing. Don’t think.

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