Is it possible for artificial intelligence to build human intelligence?

I would offer the analogy of “can artificial intelligence build a Picasso”? Yes, but it depends on your definition. AI can simulate any human feat, within some margin of error, eventually. So yes, AI can build human intelligence with some smaller and smaller margin of error. It might meet some people's definition by 2030, or for some by 2035, but nearly everyone will agree by 2040. It's only a matter of time.

Do I miss something if I have never watched a movie?

A movie, not only allows us to dream but to live them. It fills us with hope, motivates us to chase our goal.

It teaches us that Our greatest glory is not only rising, but rising everytime we fall.

It teaches us to stay strong during tough times because that is only when one can stay strong.

The pursuit of happyness:

There are few movies which will hit you right in the feels. Which will show you 'Achieving great is never as easy as it looks'.

It motivates you to never quit what you love. It tells you to fight for your dreams even if it means to fight against the world.

If you want something, go get it. Period.

The Shawshank redemption:

A movie tells you that life will be unjust to you sometimes, you will feel like giving up, death will feel easier than life, that is the moment where you've to collect yourself and stand up, look into the eyes of death and tell it, Not yet.

It will teach you even after losing for several times always hope, for Fear keeps you prisoner, Hope sets you free.

The dark knight Trilogy:

It teaches you that the world will hurt you, they will hit you right in your Achilles heel and even the heroes are helpless sometimes. But that doesn't make you any weaker.

A hero is not defined by his cape or his suit, a simple act of kindness towards the needy, a helping hand is what defines the hero among us.

Fight club:

I am not going to say anything about this film. You've to see Fight club.


A movie teaches that to become a champion, you've to take hits.

Moving one step forward when you don't think you can makes the difference.

It teaches you that You are what you are because of your decision, to be great or to be waste is your choice.

Good will hunting:

Nobody in this world is perfect. If everybody was perfect well, everybody would be same. We all have imperfections, but that is what makes us unique. A movie teaches you to embrace each other's imperfections.

You will always have bad times, but it'll wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to.


A movie teaches you that nothing is more satisfactory then improving the lives of your people.

Nothing is bigger than the love for nation.

Translation of dialogue in image:

I don't believe that our country is the greatest in the world,but I do believe that, we have the talent, the power, to make it great.

P.S: I cannot explain what you're missing in a single answer, but I can tell you, You're missing something.

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As a Turkish woman, how has life changed for you comparing the period before Erdogan's rule, his early years, and before and after the coup?

As a turkish men belongs to middle class with secular family values , i’m little bit upset women did not answered decently this question. So i’m going to try to answer this in generic perspective from men eyes

Short answer is It is pretty much same.

Longer one is:

There are some statistics has been showing increases on sexual assaults numbers but those data has not been collected well before Erdogan's time. So blaming this government directly little bir cruel that’s why i’m going to share observation.

After secular republic getting traction turkish culture divided to many sub cultures. My claim is that main drivers on those cultures were mostly walfare related. So if a girl’s family from a secular middle class family her daily problems are not so different then an usual babyboomer or 1980s generation of U.S womans.

What happened last 15 year, Erdogan has mobilized masses from ghettos and villages by incrasing their wellfare and bashing on middle class. While doing that he got help from islamic sects, conservative businessman and wealthy liberals.

Resulting that vulgarism and their ignorant culture start to spread all over Turkey. Ignorants and Conservatives start to shout more and values of secular nation diminished in mind of society. Women rights is just a one aspect of this damage.

So basically a girl's environment drives her faith. If she had born at east side of turkey as a member of a kurdish family, she could be murdered because her uncle had raped her. This situation is same for 15 years ago and now (or 15 year later if feudalism will continue at the east). If she borned as a secular family member , she is going to educated to become an independent women, if she would select her acquintaces from same environment her life will be similar any women in western world apart where her life touched other classes – a boss from other class, walking pavement etc… –

Now i want to mention most effected class. what conservative family member girls. In this case she will be raise and she will be educated. She will become a lawyer,doctor etc… with highest degrees then she is going to be married with a suitable conservative young man. She is not going to work and going to accept this lifestyle without questioning. She will work as a babydoll for her husband as -made up- islamic rules suggests. Even this generation women accepted this role , there are known tensions. And those tensions are supressed through their community by using elder women in their sects. But it seems children of this generation won't going to accept men authority over them as their mother did. Deism has been increasing within next generation children. Real break point will happen in this class, this girls won’t going to accept to stay at background -at least my wishful thinking-

As the wealth moves from one class to another most probably secular families will diminish and conservative families will take place and if the girls of next generation will not rebel against their mothers/fathers you will start to observe answer you expect (maybe 15 years later).

In summary, Erdogan's reign did not directly changed women life but It has changed demography at Turkey.

I have no knowledge of SEO. How can I start learning SEO?

There are 2 types of things that can be learnt in the world:
1. Wisdom that is Timeless
2. Skill that needs updation

SEO strictly belongs to the second group and changes every 3 months. No book / course / article / forum thread can keep up with the pace and consider it obsolete if that is more than 2 years old.

From 10,000 feet view, learning SEO is a 2 step process:

  1. Start with a crash course
    This is just to give you a crash course on what SEO concepts are and what matters (atleast at the time of when the book was written). Search for a reputed author that gives you that perspective.

    Take everything that book says with a pinch of salt. This is strictly to learn the concepts. It maybe completely irrelevant in today’s world.

  2. Start following the industry
    This is where things get tricky. SEO is divided in different schools of thought and everyone wants to teach you their style. Yes, there are some underlying rules that tend not to change (which you would learn in step 1 if the book is good) but other than that… everything changes. Follow thought leaders of the industry like Rand Fishkin or Neil Patel but then again, that is just one school of thought I am referring to. There is alot more to it.

Finally, the lines of SEO are getting blurred into Customer / User experience as Search engines have started to create mathematical / statistical formulas to know what is liked by users and what is not.

When you can’t tell the difference between if that is an SEO tactic or a UX issue, that is when you can say, you know a thing or two about SEO.

Do black holes consist any mass?

Yes, Black Holes have mass. But the Density of matter inside a black hole is not same everywhere. Actually all the mass of the Black Hole is concentrated at the center. It is called a Singularity. Without Singularity a Black Hole is made of nothing and it has a sharp boundary called an Event . This how a black Hole looks like,

What is Better Call Saul about?

Better Call Saul (BCS) is about the journey of Jimmy McGill from being a small time lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico to becoming Saul Goodman — the big time lawyer with a questionable character and slippery ethics (although this has always been true for him).

The events in BCS happen before those of Breaking Bad (BB) and are set in the same universe as the latter. If you had watched and liked BB before starting to watch BCS then chances are that you'll like this one too. Speaking from personal experience, I am a big fan of BB and I like watching BCS a lot. It is interesting how different characters from BB have started making appearances in BCS, clearing clouds over the minds of the ever so inquisitive viewers.

I highly recommend watching BB first. That's also how the creators of the show planned it — the way characters are shown in BCS, it is pretty obvious that they expect viewers to have already known about them.

Better Call Saul is best enjoyed as a prequel!




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What are some cool tips for creating a lock screen wallpaper for an iPhone?

You have two choices, make one yourself or grab one off the internet.

Personally I took some nice photos and used one that's pretty cool, that's been my lock screen for years.

A company logo can work well, as can album cover or movie art, whatever your into.

A cool idea is to do an image search for optical illusions and use one of them. It's also a cool way to know which contact is calling if they didn't post a nice pic on Facebook

Can you find grillworks patent pending documents?

Remember: Laws in different countries are not the same: You will get a better answer to any legal questions if you specify the applicable jurisdiction. Quora is not just India. Or the US. Or just Sweden. Or wherever you are from.

“Grillworks”. What is that? The name of a company? A type of product?

If a company, is that the formal name that the company would use when filing a patent application? Is that the name of the company to whom the patent is assigned (not necessarily the same…particularly if the company has lots of subsidiary companies, and predecessor companies, one of which may actually as a patent holding company for other corporate entities)?

Patent pending documents? Do you mean you want to see a copy of the filed patent application? Or do you also want to see assignment documents, office actions' and responses etc. as well? What you can see, and what exists will depend on…the laws of the country and the regulations of the applicable patent office.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific in my answer, but you weren't terribly specific in your question.

Perhaps the best course of action is to consult a patent attorney or patent agent in your jurisdiction, who will have the ability to work with you to find out what you really want to know, and will know what you can find out…and how.