As a Turkish woman, how has life changed for you comparing the period before Erdogan's rule, his early years, and before and after the coup?

As a turkish men belongs to middle class with secular family values , i’m little bit upset women did not answered decently this question. So i’m going to try to answer this in generic perspective from men eyes

Short answer is It is pretty much same.

Longer one is:

There are some statistics has been showing increases on sexual assaults numbers but those data has not been collected well before Erdogan's time. So blaming this government directly little bir cruel that’s why i’m going to share observation.

After secular republic getting traction turkish culture divided to many sub cultures. My claim is that main drivers on those cultures were mostly walfare related. So if a girl’s family from a secular middle class family her daily problems are not so different then an usual babyboomer or 1980s generation of U.S womans.

What happened last 15 year, Erdogan has mobilized masses from ghettos and villages by incrasing their wellfare and bashing on middle class. While doing that he got help from islamic sects, conservative businessman and wealthy liberals.

Resulting that vulgarism and their ignorant culture start to spread all over Turkey. Ignorants and Conservatives start to shout more and values of secular nation diminished in mind of society. Women rights is just a one aspect of this damage.

So basically a girl's environment drives her faith. If she had born at east side of turkey as a member of a kurdish family, she could be murdered because her uncle had raped her. This situation is same for 15 years ago and now (or 15 year later if feudalism will continue at the east). If she borned as a secular family member , she is going to educated to become an independent women, if she would select her acquintaces from same environment her life will be similar any women in western world apart where her life touched other classes – a boss from other class, walking pavement etc… –

Now i want to mention most effected class. what conservative family member girls. In this case she will be raise and she will be educated. She will become a lawyer,doctor etc… with highest degrees then she is going to be married with a suitable conservative young man. She is not going to work and going to accept this lifestyle without questioning. She will work as a babydoll for her husband as -made up- islamic rules suggests. Even this generation women accepted this role , there are known tensions. And those tensions are supressed through their community by using elder women in their sects. But it seems children of this generation won't going to accept men authority over them as their mother did. Deism has been increasing within next generation children. Real break point will happen in this class, this girls won’t going to accept to stay at background -at least my wishful thinking-

As the wealth moves from one class to another most probably secular families will diminish and conservative families will take place and if the girls of next generation will not rebel against their mothers/fathers you will start to observe answer you expect (maybe 15 years later).

In summary, Erdogan's reign did not directly changed women life but It has changed demography at Turkey.

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  1. Before Erdogan headscarved women (more than half of the female population) couldn’t get an university education without using a toupee or leaving the headscarf.

    Today, they can be minister, soldier, doctor etc.

  2. I don't like Erdogan at all. But honestly, nothing has changed, at least for me. I am 31 years old, i have worked in 4 different regions including east and southeast and i have never had a discrimination because of my gender in this country. I appretiate to Ataturk for this a lot. I hope there will be no backwards. There are a lot of problems for women who live in some areas with a different culture, it is mostly due to family traditions and religious beliefs, but rights given by goverment are good and not decreased during time.

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