Do black holes consist any mass?

Yes, Black Holes have mass. But the Density of matter inside a black hole is not same everywhere. Actually all the mass of the Black Hole is concentrated at the center. It is called a Singularity. Without Singularity a Black Hole is made of nothing and it has a sharp boundary called an Event . This how a black Hole looks like,

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  1. Consider the whole universe as a huge 3 dimensional fabric in which every celestial body is moving …Now what happens to a 2dimensional fabric if large mass is placed,it creates a pit in which everything get attracted at the centre …whenever a large star dies it shrink …as mass is getting shrunk even a small peanut sized body also posses a mass more than sun so it creates a sharp pit in the 3 dimensional fabric of universe through which lights even gets attracted yes black holes do posses mass and a very huge amount of mass ..Infact the largest known black hole to humans has mass equal to 20 billion suns and its diameter is 27 times of our solar system so Imagine how huge star could had died to create that deadly black hole

    watch this video if you want to know more about it

  2. Black hole is a region of space in which a sufficient amount of mass is concentrated to form a gravitational prison – a region into which matter or light can enter from the outside, but from which nothing that has ever fallen in can ever leave.

    Black holes are highly densed.Black hole have tremendous amount of mass in a very small volume.

    So coming to your question,Yes black hole consists mass.

  3. Actually it is not still proved but there are two hypothesis.

    1. When black holes consumes any object like sun then its mass increases.
    2. When black holes consumes any object like sun it exerts various rays like x-rays and some other particles so its mass remains constant.
  4. YES they do. All the things they swallow makes up the mass of black hole.

    Anything that goes into the black hole do not have its mass destroyed as you must be knowing about the Law of conservation of mass.

  5. Gravity is the property of mass. If you know newtons law of gravitational force then You may know that force is directly proportional to mass. Now since the black hole has a gravitational force enough to not let light pass through it it can be deduced that blackhole has a very great mass enclosed in a specific area.

  6. Yes.

    They definitely have mass due to all the particles which have entered the black hole.

    Hypothetically , if particles start leaving a black hole, the mass will decrease .

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