Do I miss something if I have never watched a movie?

A movie, not only allows us to dream but to live them. It fills us with hope, motivates us to chase our goal.

It teaches us that Our greatest glory is not only rising, but rising everytime we fall.

It teaches us to stay strong during tough times because that is only when one can stay strong.

The pursuit of happyness:

There are few movies which will hit you right in the feels. Which will show you 'Achieving great is never as easy as it looks'.

It motivates you to never quit what you love. It tells you to fight for your dreams even if it means to fight against the world.

If you want something, go get it. Period.

The Shawshank redemption:

A movie tells you that life will be unjust to you sometimes, you will feel like giving up, death will feel easier than life, that is the moment where you've to collect yourself and stand up, look into the eyes of death and tell it, Not yet.

It will teach you even after losing for several times always hope, for Fear keeps you prisoner, Hope sets you free.

The dark knight Trilogy:

It teaches you that the world will hurt you, they will hit you right in your Achilles heel and even the heroes are helpless sometimes. But that doesn't make you any weaker.

A hero is not defined by his cape or his suit, a simple act of kindness towards the needy, a helping hand is what defines the hero among us.

Fight club:

I am not going to say anything about this film. You've to see Fight club.


A movie teaches that to become a champion, you've to take hits.

Moving one step forward when you don't think you can makes the difference.

It teaches you that You are what you are because of your decision, to be great or to be waste is your choice.

Good will hunting:

Nobody in this world is perfect. If everybody was perfect well, everybody would be same. We all have imperfections, but that is what makes us unique. A movie teaches you to embrace each other's imperfections.

You will always have bad times, but it'll wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to.


A movie teaches you that nothing is more satisfactory then improving the lives of your people.

Nothing is bigger than the love for nation.

Translation of dialogue in image:

I don't believe that our country is the greatest in the world,but I do believe that, we have the talent, the power, to make it great.

P.S: I cannot explain what you're missing in a single answer, but I can tell you, You're missing something.

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4 Replies to “Do I miss something if I have never watched a movie?”

  1. Yes. Watch 4–5 movies like GUIDE, FIGHT CLUB, BANGALORE DAYS etc and you’d figure out what you’re missing. I cant say it in a few words that’s why i mentioned these movies.

  2. Offcourse yaar,it might feel rude on my part but you have missed a lot if you have never watched any movie….movie are mirrors to life,they teach you a lot about life and much more along with entertainment….watching good movies also makes you emotionally stronger.THE OVERALL SENSE FOR WHICH THE WHOLE MANKIND WATCHES MOVIES IS ULTIMATELY TO BECOME BETTER AS A PERSON.And also….some movies refine your intellectual capacity and increase the grey areas of your brain.Books also are an alternative for that….but I prefer movies personally just because of the simple fact that they are less time consuming along with the visual pleasure. So my friend….just grab some free time and watch a movie as per your taste….u won't be dissatisfied. Start watching good movies bro…it will transform you totally.

  3. No you didn't but for experience I would prefer you to watch movie not Bollywood or Tollywood except some of Bollywood movies.. Watch Hollywood movies only they are best. Knowledge, experience and your thinking capacity increase.

  4. If you're given a choice between watching a movie or not, and you choose not, then that's your business. If you're curious, check it out. Theater is great, but if you're a homebody, then watching in the privacy of your own sitting area is really convenient. A friend of mine told me once "I've never drunk a soft drink (Pepsi or whatever). Never had it, don't miss it." So I said "That's the way I feel about sex." hahahahaha

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