Is it possible for artificial intelligence to build human intelligence?

I would offer the analogy of “can artificial intelligence build a Picasso”? Yes, but it depends on your definition. AI can simulate any human feat, within some margin of error, eventually. So yes, AI can build human intelligence with some smaller and smaller margin of error. It might meet some people's definition by 2030, or for some by 2035, but nearly everyone will agree by 2040. It's only a matter of time.

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  1. This hypothetical question seems very “Brave New World” and slightly “Frankenstein” to me.

    I wouldn’t rule it out as impossible but I think it may have to involve genetic engineering, in which case, other human involvement would achieve this first. This might lead to a large evolutionary jump to another species of human.

    Whatever the speculation, I think it unlikely that AI would do it. I feel that AI would concentrate on improving AI.

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