What is the best advice your dad has given you?

10 days before his death …!

Advice : “Ivvadam alavaatu chesko nana, chaala baaguntundi”

(Start giving my son, that’s really a good feeling.)

A multi-specialty hospital food court !!

He was being treated for throat cancer(He was a teetotaler). Doctors and we were very happy that his reaction and recovery to the Chemo was very positive.

That was my 2nd day with him in the hospital and his 3rd week. My brother(elder) was with him for first two weeks. We brothers decided to be with him for that 45 days Chemo swapping every two weeks as my father didn’t want my mother to be with him in that hospital as she cannot withstand it.

My father was a very reserved person and speaks very less.

After the regular doctor visits that morning he asked me to take him out from that room and hospital environment for a change. But we were strictly told by the hospital staff and care takers not to do that as it leads to some infections.

Since my father’s condition was not bad and his body withstanding levels to the Chemo was good doctor gave a permission for an hour to take him out.

Though it was a permission for outing, I took him to the hospital food court inside the campus and our conversation started.

It was the first time that my father was very much open to me and started discussing every single thing that he remember about me. It started from my college gold medal day and continued till the incident of my first small accident when I was 1.5 yrs old. I’m completely seeing a different person in him, our smiles turned into laughter.

I would say that 45 minutes of talk with him was the best part of my life.

Then he had put me this question ..

Dad: “Do you know why a few old people (neighbours) visit our home whenever you come for any festival or any other times ???”

(Actually my father and mother lives in our village me and my brother lives in different cities due to our work life.

The old people he mentioned were poor people in our village neighborhood.)

Me: with a question mark(?) face “as I grow up as one of them and settled somewhere now, they just wanted to how I’m doing and how’s my life”

Dad: “That’s fine!! but do you remember especially(he quoted 3, 4 names of old people) XYZ, ABC, GHJ.. visits every time you come home??

Me: Blank Face

Dad: “Ok listen! They are very poor and they couldn’t work anymore. Do you really know they hardly get food to eat. Even their kids/sons situation also same and they work hard to get the basic needs for their wife and kids. These old people were always a 3rd priority for them, there is nothing wrong in that as their economical situations are so bad. But these old people do have medical needs and other small small wishes like us. Since you are well settled they visit you with an expectation that you may give them some money.”

Me was in complete shock and could relate their face expressions when they visited me to my father’s words.

Dad (Continued) : Do you know that your mother gives them some money and tell them that those were given by you?

Remember Suresh, life gives chances to a few people to give back. You may give lots of treats to your colleagues and spend lots of money on other entertainment. But start giving these kind of people as well. Do you know what they tell when your mother gives money on behalf of you

Maaku telsamma Chinnayya Bangaram, maa baabu challagaa undaali

(We know ma our kid is gold, he should be happy always)

That 200, 300 rupees you give them may not be a big deal for you but that fulfills their small small wishes like buying something for their grand kids or getting some new cloths, etc. Then he said this advice..

“Ivvadam alavaatu chesko nana, chaala baaguntundi”

(Start giving my son, that’s really a very good feeling.)

After 10 days due to some serious lung infections he left us. But those words and the time he spent with me always stays with me.

I want to tell him this now …

“Ivvadam nijamgaa chaala bagundi Nanna :)”

(Giving is very satisfactory dad)..

Thank you Nanna ..

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  1. We learn many things from our parents actions. They seems like a little things but they matters a lot.

    Do good things and good things will come your way

    I love doing good things and experienced the taste of getting good things back from strangers as well 🙂

    Gift policy

    Whenever you gift something to others make sure that gift is in good condition.I often see many people gifting low quality goods to others. Whatever you give now that you get in return on some other day.

    Respecting others Privacy

    Lives have increasingly become open books. Gradually, we've started to feel we have a right to know more about others which is absolutely wrong.If a person keeps mocking on our private matters, it will be really annoying. Sometimes even we don't know how to react.A well mannered person will respect others privacy.I am one among them 🙂

    Choose your friends carefully

    The people you choose to have around you make all the difference. Good friends can help bring out the best in you.I am blessed to have THE BEST friend with lovable qualities(selfless,Intelligent,Innocent,Innovative,Generous…)and I learned a lot from my best buddy.

  2. Throughout my childhood, my father occasionally said to me:

    If ever in life you come to a wall, and it seems too big to cross, don’t hit your head into it – come to me. We will defeat it together.

    I heard this many times, and I remember how I felt when he said it.

    I felt loved, safe and grateful. I felt like he had my back, and that was very valuable to me, even when I was a little girl.

    My childhood was a place of uncertainty, sadness and fear. I never felt safe and I always feared what would happen next. That is why his words mattered a lot.

    I thought to myself:

    Things are bad now, but in the future, if I have a problem, my father will be there for me.

    He promised it, so it had to be true.

    My father is a manipulative narcissist. He is extremely strong, powerful and charismatic. He is also deeply troubled, aggressive and insecure, underneath it all.

    He hurt me a lot in my life, but I could not understand any of it until later. The reason for this is that I always blindly believed his words, and excused his actions towards me and the others.

    I completely adored him, as he took the sunlight out of my heart and tried to replace it with a generic little flash-light made of his ideas what I should become.

    However, throughout my childhood these words that he repeated a lot to me, shone like a neon sign inside my head. I never forgot them, and they were often my source of comfort and peace.

    In a true narcissistic fashion, my father was delighted with me when I did well. When I studied in America, he could say to his friends that his daughter is a psychology and anthropology student in the US. When I later became a manager in one large corporation and was subsequently head-hunted into another great corporation and became the leader of 2 departments, he was bursting with pride. His daughter was really successful. He could tell his friends, and it made him look great.

    And then I came to a wall. In fact I crashed into it head first, almost dying as it happened. I got really sick and had to be hospitalized with an eating disorder.

    It was going to be ok because:

    If ever in life you come to a wall, and it seems too big to cross, don’t hit your head into it – come to me. We will defeat it together.

    The day I was hospitalized, I reached to my father. He said to me on the phone:

    I’m sorry. I support only positive things, and this is nothing positive.

    And with that he went away.

    I stayed in the hospital for 6 months. First weeks were bad. I was hooked up to machines, IV, tubes… I would loose consciousness several times each day. And then something inside me got determined to fight.

    As I was facing this life threatening wall without my father to help me, I made a decision to defeat it and live.

    I fought for my life with claws and teeth, with all I had. I worked hard, and I got through to the other side. I became healthy and happy.

    I redefined success to be what it was for me, and not for him. Instead of needing to be a top manager, in order to make him proud, I started listening to my heart. It told me that success for me was to do good in this world and to shine as much light as I can for a little while I get to be on this earth.

    I tell my children this beautiful sentence too. When I say it, I mean it.

    If ever in life they come to a wall, I will be right there with them. Success or failure, ups or downs, I will be there. If they hit rock bottom, I will place my hands underneath them to soften the fall.

    Abandonment did not break me. It taught me not to abandon.

  3. Too much of anything is always harmful

    Now this applies to everything. Every single thing in life! Be it relationships, friendships, or even food!

    1. Friendships

    When I was in 2nd std. my english teacher asked us a question, “ Who is the richest man in the world?”

    Some of the GK geniuses of my class answered promptly – Bill Gates!!

    Yes, the teacher was impressed by their GK, but however, she said that it was the wrong answer.

    She then said the following answer :

    “The man with most number of friends is the richest man on earth!!”

    I swear to god , that had become the motto of my life!

    I mean, come on now, who doesn't want to be rich?

    I tried my best to make a billion friends (Billionaire, makes sense, doesn't it?)

    Ok now, the thing is, making friends is easy, maintaining is not. Its going to be a contribution from both sides. But I was totally determined at maintaining them.

    Being a sensitive person by birth, life was pretty annoying. I generally get very attached to any friend i made. I basically start expecting life long true best friendship from that person. I know. I know. I was stupid!

    I used to have trust issues all the time. Back then in my 8th std too. (I know, crazy right?) My friends (mostly only girls) would not behave as i would expect them to. I used to put my heart and soul into the friendship and hence expecting the same. I was getting annoyed by their behaviour more than often. Every single one seemed to be hostile towards me after a certain point of time.

    I was sad. I approached my dad. He showed me another perspective.

    He told, “ maybe it is you who expects a lot from them, it is not their fault”

    Too much of anything is harmful, in case of any relationship, between friends, between siblings or with your better half as well. Your love for them, becomes poison on overdosage.

    Golden words.

    Probably either one of them starts getting tired of it.

    Hence,make friends, help them. Don't expect anything back. You’ll be the happiest person on earth.

    I followed it. Its hard. Takes time. But worth it! I really feel mature now. I do have one best friend since years. I know only she can bear with me. She has been through my thick and thin. But I don't believe in anymore best friendship.

    I have friends. I help them. They help me.

    I don’t share every single detail of my life with them. Neither do they.

    It is a really good feeling all over.


    Nope. I cannot stop having too much of it. I just CANNOT!!

    Sorry Dad , I could not leave food 😛


  4. This was a forward in a whatsapp group ,but a beautiful message to all the youngsters out there.

    1. Do not bear grudge toward those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well, except your mother and I. To those who are good to you, you have to treasure it and be thankful, and ALSO you have to be cautious , because everyone has a motive for every move. When a person is good to you , it does not mean he really likes you. You have to be careful, don't hastily regard him as a best friend.
    2. No one sis indispensable, nothing in the world that you must possess. Once you understand the idea, it would be easier for you to go through life when people around you don't want you anymore, or when you lose what/who you love most.
    3. Life is short. When you waste your life today, tomorrow you would find that life is leaving you. The earlier you treasure your life, the better you enjoy life.
    4. Love is a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with some time and with one's mood. If your so called loved ones leaves you, be patient, time will wash away your aches and sadness. Don't over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.
    5. A lot of successful people did not receive good education, that does not mean you can be successful by not studying hard! Whatever knowledge you gain is your weapon in life.One can go from rags to riches, but one has to start from some rags.
    6. I do not expect you to financially support me when I am old, either would I financially support your whole life. My responsibility of a supporter ends when you are grown up. After that ,you decide whether you want to travel in a public transport or in your limousine, whether rich or poor.
    7. You honour your words but don't expect others to be so.If you don't understand this, you would end up with necessary troubles.
    8. I have bought lottery tickets for umpteen years , but I never strike any prize. That show if you want to be rich, you have to work hard! there is no free lunch!


  5. My dad.

    My dad gave great advice.

    My dad told me I'll know it’s right when I feel safe in his arms.

    My dad told me to always know what's happening way in front and way behind me… this applies to driving and to life.

    My dad told me he wouldn't be around forever. He said I would be okay.

    My dad taught me that family is the most important thing in the world.

    My dad told me stuff is just stuff. You can get new stuff.

    My dad taught me he loves me.

    My dad told me to never trust a man who says, “trust me”… while wearing a T-shirt that said, “TRUST ME.”

    My dad showed me that friends can be family too.

    My dad told me to hug my sister and say I'm sorry.

    My dad told me to hug my brother and say I'm sorry.

    My dad told me to hug my sister and forgive her.

    My dad told me to hug my brother and forgive him.

    My dad told me he'll always be with me.

    My dad told me that when I get good at a sport or motor skill with my right hand, to learn it with my left hand – only then can I really claim to be good at it.

    My dad told me to look up a word or phrase when I didn't understand it.

    My dad taught me to love unconditionally.

    But the best advice Dad gave me he didn't say out loud at all. Dad taught me that life is short. The impact you make on people in that time is what is important. He died when he was 44 years old and I was 15. There were so many people at his funeral before social media that many of them had to stand outside on the street during the service. The visitations went hours longer than scheduled so that people from out of town could pay their respects. Such a legacy at such a young age in 1996 was not common.

    In this way, my dad gave me the advice that I should live my life with the caring and compassion that he did. The stories people told me of my dad taught me that he treated them well and that I should never treat someone like they are beneath me or unworthy of my time. Never undervalue someone's experiences or story no matter how different or unpalatable it may seem to you.

    Everyone comes from somewhere and no one gets to choose where that somewhere is.

    That is the best advice my dad ever gave to me.

  6. My Dad is a quiet person. There are certain things he has said which have had a great impact on me.

    Three. Three of such instances are ingrained in my mind:

    One. Never ever resort to suicide as a solution. When I was a child, maybe in 5th standard or so, 10th standard board examination was flooding the news. Number of students commiting suicide had risen and reasons were various- like stress, parental pressure, failure, etc.

    Such incidences leave a great impact on a child's mind. That too for an exam whose scores won't even matter in later life.

    I still remember, on the way back home from school, he said to me, “ Himani, NEVER EVER resort to suicide as a solution. Whatever is the problem, you can always tell us. We are there for you and we will help you.

    I cannot emphasize further on how much important this lesson is to me and I am glad that this was brought up at an early age, just before I was entering the 'teenage'.

    Two- Regarding spouse- be there for each other

    This one is regarding my sister's(cousin) marriage. It was a love marriage and she was talking about her partner with my parents. I was listening eagerly to the conversation peeking from behind the curtain of room's entrance.

    After asking few questions about him and whether both were sure about it, my Dad told her what was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard from a parent regarding marriage; he said, “ Now, keep it in your mind that you be there for each other always. No matter what, even if the world is against you, even if WE go against you, don't leave each other's side.

    I got goosebumps listening to those words. When two people have each other's support, they can fight any adversity in life.

    Three. Be independent first.

    Me, Mom and Dad were chit-chatting during the afternoon tea. Mom was teasing me about the topic I hate to talk about- yeah, Marriage! While me and Mom were arguing, Dad interrupted, “ Do not settle down unless you become independent.”

    This is a very, very important issue for women. I have seen lives getting disrupted because wife is dependent on the husband and she continues to bear the atrocities.

    In the end, I feel, all the advices you receive from people are based on what they've experienced or seen in their lives and is influenced by the environment they've lived in. It may or may not fit into your situation.

    Just listen, be receptive, there's a lot that can be learnt from each other's lives.

  7. Kudos quorans…

    Just to begin with i belong to middle class family. My father was the youngest of three brothers fortunately the most educated one amongst them( thnx to my grandad who made him focus on education)

    With his efforts he secured a government PSU job at a respectable position and got married to my mom. We used to live in mumbai in 1 RK flat. Again due to his efforts we are in such a stable position that we now live in a 2BHK and i can focus on the direction on my life.

    The sad truth is that, the relationship with my father and me is a little complicated (both being a leo…). But apart from the issues, there's a lot to learn from him.

    This is what he said to me when i came home at midnight from my office riding my bike and he was the one who opened the door at night. Next day when i was having some casual time he came to me and said

    Dad: you come late at night when your shift timings are from 11–8pm. What do you do in office so late?

    I was not able to answer that question since being my first job i had some pressure. But the job was of a telesales profile ( doing temporary). Further then after i was avoiding the conversation he said..

    Whatever you do, think whether its worth the effort or not… We aren't running short of money… if you are smart enough to understand you will get what I'm saying!!

    After that i realised being a Mech. Engineer doing a telesales profile just for the sake of earning even when we dont face any survival issues. He wanted me to focus on higher studies or a better job.

    The conclusion being that there are a lot of people who sacrifice their passion or studies in the sake of earning money. But this saying is very true…

    “When you start earning you stop learning”

    Focus on completing your entire education in one go. And whatever you do look for the return that you are going to get to check whether its worth the effort or not. And if its worth then work hard for it..because

    “Efforts Materialise”


  8. The best advice which my dad gave me was , not to take stress for anything and not to unnecessary worry about anything because worrying is not going to make any change. Not to keep thinking and being struck upon the things which can't be changed.

    It was 24 th may 2016 and my class 10th boards results were going to be declared. That date was predicted by some news channel and that was not true. Results came on 28th. My dad was in goa, I called him and told that I am very much worried, I can't take these negative thoughts anymore. I was panick attacked that time. He told in him calm and soothing manner “ Itna chinta mat kiya karo, itna socha mat karo, jo hoga achha hi hoga, ye exam to de diya ab , aage ka socho, jo ho gaya usko badla nahi ja sakta!” ( don't take so much of stress, don't overthink what will happen will be good, you have already given the exam now think about future , what has happened cannot be changed) .

    This was the best advice given to me by my dad and the last piece of advice because I lost my dad that very evening. He went for para sailing and the sail mislanded ,he couldn't be save.

    His last words and his last piece of advice kept echoing in my head, initially it was very difficult to think of future without he being by my side but later on his advice kept an urge burning inside me which always suggested me to move on from the things which can't be changed.

  9. Unfortunately I have very faint memories of my dad, he passed away when I was 11. Though I still remember a few things which has helped me in life and believe you me, I still regret not having spent more time with him ( I was still a kid never got into a serious conversation). His diary is the most prized possession I have and i still love reading it over and over again.

    1. Never judge people with their Bank account balance – Being an exporter, my dad had a big group of friends, across the world, few big shots already but who wanted to make big in life but were still struggling. He always used to say, passion should attract, money shouldnt.
    2. Difference being Happy and being Rich- Like mentioned earlier, he always stressed on being happy then being upset about not making enough.
    3. Relation between Hardwork and Luck- Being an entrepreneur himself, that too in a time when internet and mobile phone didnt exist, he struggled his way out to establish himself. He mentioned “Overnight success is not overnight, but overnight result of decades of hard work”
    4. Gambling – Being an Indian we were always a Cricket crazy family, his friends used to come over with family to watch almost all the important matches. I was old enough to understand they were betting right from the first ball. Being a cricket enthusiast I started being a part of their discussion, predicting scores, wins and all, my father made it clear and asked me to promise, not to get into it ever. Gamble on people he said, support,hire people who who want to make big in life, thats the best form of gambling, you might still loose, but you will win the individual for life.

    I am lucky to be born in the era, when technology has made business easier, minus internet, cell phone, business would be impossible.

    I wish everyday had my dad been around my professional life would have been much sorted, nevertheless one has to fight his own battle.

    I try and do atleast one thing everyday to make him proud.

  10. He was teaching me the one thing every father loves to teach.

    **Riding a Bicycle**

    Image Search: Google

    When he thought that I have learned the skill and was ready to go and conquer the world.

    He said, “Today you have learned the very first lesson on how to live your life outside the vicinity of your comfort zone (HOME)”

    Every step of your learning represents something…

    1. The training wheels were your mother and I. We were there with you for some time of your life but you have to live your life on your own for the most part.
    2. The Handle of the bicycle is your focus. And your hands depict the control. Always keep both your hands on the handle to keep full control of the directions.
    3. The Paddle is your hard work. The more you paddle the farther you will reach in life.
    4. There will be some problems like flat tire, learn how to fix them.
    5. Some of the people passing by will support you and some will try to distract you or make you change the way. Identify the type and ignore the negative ones and keep close the positive ones.
    6. The cycle moving forward is you moving forward with the success. Sometime the progress will seem slow because you might be uphill but other time you will think that you are going fast. In both cases keep your calm and always stay humble.
    7. And the road on which you are moving is life. Make it beautiful.

    But always remember to keep moving forward.

  11. My father gave me many advices that helped me in growing in life,but I will tell the one which I considered to be the best.

    I am that type of a girl who can be convinced very easily ,not because I am stupid but because I trust people very easily. Because of which I have been betrayed by people no. of times in terms of friendship or work, don't know why people cannot keep up someone's trust though it can be done for free.(nowadays people always think about money first, so thought of making my statement more understandable).

    So, as a matter of fact parents always forsee the consequences their children might face because of their nature as obviously they know us best. In my case also this thing happened, and when I was betrayed and told my parents,not being any fault of mine how people used me for their work,what they got after doing this!

    My father just said

    “Never do wrong with others, But also don't let them do wrong with yourself”

    After hearing this statement it felt like I now understood everything.

    He said so much by not saying much!

    Thank you papa


  12. It was my high school reunion, and I knew the shame I was feeling was the penalty for constantly changing my major, dropping in and out of school, and still living at home.

    Did I also mention that I was the “poor guy” at the rich kid 90210 school?

    While my classmates were getting brand new BMW’s for their 16th birthdays, let's just say I wasn't.

    So most of my class went Ivy League, private prestige name-schools, and I could give a tour of every junior college within 20 miles of my house.

    I had mentioned something to my Dad about not going to “my stupid reunion”, and that's when he gave me the pep talk of a lifetime.

    “Everyone is on their own journey, so you aren't in a race. Your goal is to go there, have fun, catch up, and ask questions. You might be surprised how many people are racing down a path, instead of following their own.

    It's like racing someone on the freeway, but you aren't even going to the same place.

    You have a path, even if you haven't found it yet. So go and have fun.”

    Of course, he was right… on an epic, all time, level.


    that reunion was all about courage. I showed up, had a blast, and it helped me pull back the success veil I had everyone else covered in.

    My 10 year reunion I was a business owner, and had a beautiful girlfriend (later became my wife). When they had a contest for who had the best job, I won. None of which would have been possible without my Dad's words.

    Image credit: 'La La Land' Director Breaks Down the Movie’s Amazing Opening

  13. My dad being an honest person always advices me to be Honest: Never take the money which is not your's.

    That money will never give you inner peace. And ultimately you or your family will suffer, and you will have to PAY.

    My father and mother(she is a lecturer in government school) never took a Rupee apart from their salary.

    I still remember when we used to live in a rented house, we four were out of the house. Some theifs came, tried to unlock the gate. Fortunately, one of our neighbour's daughter saw theifs unlocking the house, she quickly called her cousins. And all of those children made the theifs go and sat there till we were back.

    So yes sooner or later karma works.

  14. Back in the days when I was a young graduate (now I am a young post graduate) I had spent lot of money on applying for courses or exams and never was serious about them.
    It was difficult for a middle class family to afford that but my parents were nevertheless supportive.

    I went on to great extent of doing CA after engineering! It costed me closely INR 7,000 for the application another INR 3,000 for study materials.
    Like every other kid, I was super excited about this new career and started preparing vigorously.
    Everyone else said its madness but my parents were supportive. However, the excitement started fading away and as the exams got near, I had half a heart to study or even write.
    I failed royally (well, not royally. Scored 96 for a 100 cutoff) an exam which students 4 years younger to me clear with ease.

    With a pinch of shame and guilt I apologized to my parents for wasting their money.

    My dad had never interfered about my studies or the money spent(it was my mum who took care of academics and finances). However, that day he said something which made me think deeply and since then, I am on a good career path.

    "Money is not in question here, what matters is whether you have learnt the lesson or not. We will not be always there for you to judge or guide. You have to take wise decisions. But never be afraid of trying different things. Its ok that you failed, now you know that you shouldn't do it but if you had not tried then you'd have repented lifelong for not trying"

    Those words hold so true in our everyday life. I have been careful since then and have tried my best to make them proud.

  15. Best advice from a teacher of my life:

    1. Go out of your comfort zone when you are young
    2. Be stable after you 28
    3. Go & roam for your career (While starting his business, he has roamed like hell & built automobiles business & the heavy name he made since this 32 years.)
    4. Build your own business & go on adventures until your 28’s
    5. Be flexible & be a pure soul
    6. Exercise regularly (He is so fit on his 55 & still work continuously starting 8 AM to 10 PM)
    7. Be honest. In business or at any place, don’t relate everything money with everything. His business has lost more than 10+ Lakhs in this journey, as every person who borrows things without money will not return money)

    I am very lucky to have such a motivational father. Anyways, whatever your mother/father do, they are god through whom you are hear.

    Remember, make your parents happy & you will achieve all things in your life. They are the real wealth & real god. 🙂

  16. “I am your dad. I do care a lot for you. I can try to easen up your life. But I can't live it for you”.

    It may seem so simple and obvious now, but it hit me very hard when he said this to me.

    Back in my sophomore year at Engineering college, I was really frustrated about all the bad things happening to me.

    I had to go through a painful breakup and to make things worse, I had no interest in Engineering which made me believe that it is not my cup of tea.

    So, one day, I told him that I wanted to quit Engineering and pursue VISCOM or Journalism which had always been my interest. He told me to complete the academic year and figure things out later. I was not convinced.

    I stopped going to college. I started watching all the movies and TV shows 24*7 and read books everyday.

    And this made him believe that I was literally wasting my life and that I wasn't able to differentiate between passion and career. Because he wanted me to complete a pro study before pursuing my goals in journalism, writing and cinema. He wanted my life to be secured.

    That is when he gave me that advice and it totally changed me after that. I continued engineering and I tried my best to be more independent. Also now, I spend some good time for my passion and I will try to make it my career after the completion of engineering.

    P.S : There is no better mantra than your dad's advice. (தந்தை சொல் மிக்க மந்திரம் இல்லை)

    Your mom just wants you to be happy. But your dad wants you to be rich, successful and happy.

  17. A2A

    You know what Gautam my father is the most intelligent farmer I have ever seen.

    All these years he adviced many things which helped me a lot. His way to advice me is not by speaking which I might consider like “papa don't give lectures na” , he choose to advice me by his actions and so I learned them very accurately.

    But your question reminded me one of the funny advice and which he only spoke & certainly didn't followed.

    So the Golden words were

    " Don't marry at the age of study and don't study at the age of getting married"

    Being a 12th standard student it was not easy to understand but later on I got him right.

    I knew he wanted to tell it's a time to study not to marry and let me say accurately he was telling me not to get into any kind of relationship as I was staying in hostel for the very first time. He was trying to say that he will get me my man at the very right age and he kept his promise,I got engaged at the age of 22. You must be knowing it's the right age!!!

    For me it was a kind of win win situations.

    No stupid break ups and no stupid cries.I might have been writing my break up stories like others and not all these happy one.

    Thank you papa. You are the best.

    Hope it helps to people there.

    Thanks for your view 🙂

  18. ME : Dad.. i was driving properly. Even though the man squawk on me from his car … you don’t know how to drive..??

    DAD : just ignore .. because there are many times when you come across with these type of reactions –

    { let assume these characters as santa & banta }

    ( santa – tu kon ?? )

    ( banta – main .. kha m kha )

    translate –

    (santa – who are you ?? )

    ( banta – i m a man who is here to argue on.. for no reason )

    So , you should firstly look upon one ..before entering into argument . Because some of the fellows are always ready to fight …And the only thing they need is weapon…!!!

    So just be an ignorant at times…*

    (image source – google)

    STAY HAPPY..••◇

  19. From my entire family root, my dad was the first one to reach a college actually Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy for certification of PUC – Pre University Certificate but he couldn't able to complete because of the poverty in his family. Yes he is a PUC drop out.

    But once he told me about what his dad told to him when he was being friend with a rich friend who could afford to buy even a car.

    My grandpa advised my dad, “you're roaming that rich guy, do you know about his status? could you able to manage to spend equally with him? Then why you used to be friend with him?”

    So my dad felt very bad for this point out as poor. He wanted to become successful in his life even though he was not graduated.

    He went to Saudi Arabia & worked hard. Believe it or not. He became more equal in the financial status with that friend after some years. Still they are best friends. I'm not disrespecting their friendship anyways. It's just about his perseverance & hardwork.

    He has 4 sons & I'm the last. Since my dad was working in abroad, my 1st brother failed to enter college due to lack of care. So there are three more sons left. My dad quit his well settled job in KSA and returned to India.

    He took very much care on our studies. In fact, all three remaining sons became engineers now. Since he doesn't have much source of income in India without a strong basement before, he had to sell all his properties (land, vehicles, gold) just to made us graduated.

    We had seen much difficulties in our life crossing those time, even we couldn't afford to buy a new dress on eid.

    So someone asked my dad, better you'd preferred to stay there in Saudi Arabia for a better earning and lived a better life.

    He smiled & replied,

    If I prefer money over education, we would be happy only for few years. But I preferred education over money so that it will make my entire generation happy in future.

    It's the best advice he has given me.

    Anyone could be a father, but someone who cares for their children more than self only can be a Dad. I love my dad.

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