What's the worst movie of 2017 as of now?

The worst movie of 2017 (out of the 3 I have seen so far), has to be this:

Do you see how F*CKING awesome this poster is? How could this movie possibly suck?

First, a little background of what I was expecting from this. I really wasn’t crazy about Prometheus. I liked the ideas it tried to present, I liked the style and the atmosphere, a couple of dialogue scenes, but that was about it. I really liked the idea that we could go other places in the “Alien” universe, that didn’t necessarily have the titular creature, but shared a similar “DNA”. That idea was very appealing to me, and I liked archaeology in space…but it didn’t escape dumb characters and plot devices, and tried to replicate the “everyone but the heroine and the android su

What franchises are the most profitable for startups?

Recruitment franchise is the most profitable startup these days as with the rapid increase in the number of companies all across the world, there has been a significant increase in the number of employees required in the organisations. Every company in the world is hunting for the right candidates and this search is what keeps on driving the industry ahead. So there is a continuous need of manpower which makes this business most profitable.

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Why do some people complain about American soldiers defending Israel, while there are a dozen of US allies that have American troops garrisoned in their territory?

I researched this question the last time it was asked. There may be some citizens who don't like our bases but their governments have agreed to their presence. As I previously suggested the individual who believed we had no business establishing a base on his native soil, I believe it was an Italian, should protest to their government. Our presence is the result of a treaty arrangement (SOFA). This is true even for our base at Guantanamo Bay although the current Cuban government would prefer to not honor the original agreement which makes the lease perpetual. We send Cuba a rent check every year. Castro regrets having cashed the first one he received.

We are generally paying rent ($160 million to the Philippines annually) or offering our services in other ways such as by training the local troops or helping the country with its defense needs. Sometimes the host country is so eager to have us there they are paying part of our expenses. In any case we have a positive impact on the local economy.

For instance we left Iraq because of the expiration of the "Status of Force