Who's better: Kingsley Coman or Ousmane Dembele?

It would have to be Dembele. He is very young and has already become an integral part of Borussia Dortmund. Apart from his searing pace he is ambidextrous too, which means he can dribble, shoot, pass, control the ball with both feet equally well. That makes him more unpredictable and much more of a threat going forward. His reading of the game also seems better than Coman. So, I would want Ousmane Dembele in my team rather than Kingsley Coman.

What is the percentage of student passes after revaluation in VTU?

The answer is very few , my friend , very few people pass after revaluations.

According to my experience passing in the VTU exams has nothing to do with your knowledge or intelligence. (Even NASA is looking for answers as on how the papers in VTU are evaluated :p)

Never in my entire VTU life till now , as I'm in the final year , have I ever been satisfied with their results. When you expect 80 they give you 65 when you expect 60 they give you 37. Also when you expect bad marks in one subject and good in another, the opposite is what you get in VTU. Same goes for the revaluation. This so-called revaluations are nothing but just another money making scheme for them. I feel they hardly look at your answer booklet again, let alone giving it a thorough checking.

This happened to me in my 4th semester in CSE where I had received very low marks in most of the subjects and it was my first time when I missed an FCD. So being desperate for more marks which is all VTU wants you to be I applied for reval for three subjects. And when the results came in, I kid you not there was no increment of a single marks in one of the subjects called ADA. These people charge you Rs. 400 per subject and that's what you get as output :zero! Nada! And for the other two subjects there was an increment of 4–5 marks each which hardly changed my overall percentage which from 67. Something became 68.11 . There went my 1200 bucks …

So it would be my advise to you to take your brains out, store it in a refrigerator and start mugging every word from VTU textbooks . Only when you're done , you can place your brain back. VTU only wants you to copy paste every word from their books nothing more than that. Even your examples for any answers should be from the book , so that they don't have to leave their comfort zone to actually read and understand your answers.

Good Luck.

Is Wonder Woman (2017 film) a god or a demigod?

The other answers have covered this pretty well. The two-cents I want to add is a technicality. Comics she is a demi-goddess with the powers of many gods and is the Goddess of War (status and power seem incongruent but aren’t). In the films she is expressly stated to be a god, the last scion of Olympus at the end of the movie. Depending on what Hippolyta is really would be the technicality. Hippolyta is not mortal, she is immortal, but not a goddess; Zeus is a god (son of the two most powerful Titans) and the King of the Olympian Gods, his genes are pretty reliable in making gods with pretty much any female — about half the Olympians are powerful gods (with mortal mothers). Diana is the God-Killer, engineered to kill gods, therefore her power at least rivals god-status, and seemingly increases the more she uses them.

How to write longer answers here on Quora

I will assume that when you say ‘bigger’, you are not looking to just make them take up more space on the page without any actual improvement in the content. Charles Dickens published in the age where many writers were paid by the word, and A Tale of Two Cities notwithstanding, it showed.

One technique is simply to apply formatting; good formatting can change a single run-on paragraph of 15 lines into a significantly longer — and more importantly, much easier to read — response. In particular, proper use of paragraph separations and bulleted or numbered lists can significantly extend the visual length of an answer. I refer you here: What are good guidelines for formatting (spacing, punctuation, grammar, spelling, bullets, etc.) answers and posts on Quora?

In terms of content, I would say that there are three main approaches used by Quorans that increase the size of an answer, either visually or by word count.

The first is inclusion of supporting data. Addition of charts or images directly into your answer in order to support your claims will increase the length. Similarly, if you link to an article, adding either a short summary of the content or a small quote section highlighting the pertinent point you are referencing will increase the length of your answer.

As an example of this, in the second paragraph I referenced formatting as a technique. In addition to referring you to a question that gave some information about formatting, I also highlighted paragraph separation and use of lists as being items that can have a high impact.

Note: Some people do include images into their answers as a mechanism for trying to drive popularity, when the images don’t actually improve the answer in any way. Please don’t do this.

The second approach is to include items that improve the accessibility of the writing. This can include use of ‘color’, interjections of specific examples or small stories that improve the interest or illustrate a point from a different perspective. Even giving an alternate statement of your point can serve this purpose; it increases the likelihood that your reader will grasp your essential point and continue. This is important because readers who are struggling to understand your content give up and go read something else.

As an example of color, the bit I used about Charles Dickens in the first paragraph was not really necessary to answer the question, but probably a good percentage of people who read one of Charles Dickens’ classics in high school connected with that statement in an immediate way and their agreement with the statement made them more likely to keep reading.

Good organization also improves the accessibility of writing by enabling the reader to ‘follow along’ a managed train of thought. Organizational strategies can add length to an answer, for instance one of the most common writing techniques for organization involves writing a summary paragraph to preface your content, and then explaining each point in your summary in more detail. I used this technique here when I wrote:

In terms of content, I would say that there are three main approaches used by Quorans that increase the size of an answer, either visually or by word count.

It wasn’t appropriate here, but in other circumstances I might have listed out the three methods in this paragraph before going into detail, and that would have made that two-line paragraph even longer.

The third method is simply thoroughness. Taking the time to explore various angles of an answer, and go into a little bit of depth about each one, will definitely increase an answer’s length. In this very answer here:

  • I could have only listed formatting, and the answer would have been shorter.
  • I could have only listed formatting and named the three writing techniques without elaborating on them, and the answer would have been shorter.
  • I could have only listed formatting and named the three writing techniques and elaborated on them, but not taken the time to give examples from this answer to highlight how those techniques work, and the answer would have been shorter.
  • I could have only listed formatting and named the three writing techniques and elaborated on them and included examples from this answer highlighting those techniques, but when I addressed accessibility I could have only talked about color and not about the effects of organization, and this answer would have been shorter.

… but I feel I have been pretty thorough, and this answer is therefore somewhat long. I should note that there are some people who are gifted with the ability to be both thorough and brief, but I am not one of them.

I would like to leave you with a final thought. There is a fine line to be walked here between completing a reader’s understanding of an answer and completing a descent into minutiae that loses the reader’s interest. Walking that line is the tricky part — addition of content using these techniques should actually add something to the answer other than words. While some of Dickens’ books are considered classics, few people of my acquaintance regard them as enjoyable reading. Even a very technical answer can be a pleasure to read if the subject matter is explained well, and taking the time to make sure a reader has a positive interaction with your writing will increase the probability not only that they will read your words, but that they will remember them as well.

Can I get admission in an NIT with 150 marks on the JEE Main through the OBC(NCL)?

Yes definitely you can get , but the college won't be that good considering core branches(cs , mech, eee). Many branch and college predictors are present online which can tell you about the nits you are getting with that rank.

One of the branch predictors of resonance

College & Branch Predictor for JEE(Main) 2017

It would be helpful if you tell me your exact rank.

Why does my computer run Tropico 4 so slowly?

You sure it’s not just other applications or games? If it’s just Tropico 4, maybe your settings are not optimized (multicore rendering, lowered settings, etc.), but on that topic, I really can’t help because I don’t play Tropico 4.

Most likely is that your computer either has bad hardware or software. For software, upgrade your drivers until performance improves. For hardware, the only way is to upgrade existing parts, most notably the CPU and GPU. Or just buy a new computer.

What would medieval people think of the future if they saw the carnage of World War One?

They wouldn't understand the weaponry and would think it to be a force of god. Killing off these fire stick wielding men that are killing each other.

Artillery would literally be uncomprehendable. Explosions that just occur without any outside influence that the human eye can perceive. Guns are simple and wouldn't take long to understand. Ships made of metal. Tanks. Even the uniforms of the day, would absolutely terrify normal people from the medieval era into absolute shock.

Holy shit.

Explain how this isn't the apocalypse and is instead only the 2nd worst War to come.

Arguably the most heroic war in Human History.

That took more lives than any before it.

Explain it to him. ^^^

And no, cannon usage nor early muskets would not matter in the grand scheme. The amount of separation between this

And this…

Is absolutely foolish.

Who earns more in the long run: a systems programmer or the application programmer?

System programmer and application programmer have different career graphs. Application programmers grow linearly whereas it is exponential in case of system programmer.

After the first 3 years, system programmers know only 15% of the knowledge of the domain whereas application programmers are close to 50% when it comes to domain knowledge. That's why the application programmers are paid better in starting of their career and is rightly because they can start contributing to the company from the word go.

The real game begins when both are 8+ years experienced. There won't be much difference between a 3 years experienced application programmer and an 8 years old but if you compare systems programmer the gap is huge. A good system progammer needs to have a thorough knowledge of hardware, operating system and programming and deep understanding of how these three co-work together such that the system remains bug free.

A robust low level software is the foundation of stable system.

But if you see job market then there are more opportunities for an application developer as you can start developing it on any scale you wish. Because of huge oppurtunity an average application developer can earn a lot but a master system programmer is an asset to the company.

Is it mannerless to eat the cheese portion of pizza and leave the ends?

When sharing a pizza with others, throwing away the crust and reaching for another piece is height of bad manners. It will be recognized as selfishness.

If you don't like the crust, then save enough sauce/ cheese for it so that you can have some with each bite.

Throwing away the crust is socially acceptable if you are at an all you can eat buffet or you paid the pizza. But even in those situations, it will be wasteful and clutter the table with uneaten mess.

How much time do most medical doctors allot for their non-new patients? 10 or 15 minutes?

We schedule such patients for 15–30 minute slots, which in the real world is 10 & 25 minutes. Insurance covers the dictation time as well.

If you have complex issues, always ask for a longer appointment. Often patients come in for short, focused follow up appointments with lists of new complaints, then become angry when they have to schedule another appointment or all their concerns were not addressed to their satisfaction. Be reasonable. It's not fair to other patients for them to wait because another patient has multiple new, non urgent complaints. Feet hurt? Back hurt? Sleep poorly? Memory concerns? We really do want to help you with those, but simply cannot in that short appointment made to check out that new med.

Now…new onset shortness of breath, chest pain, or infection streaking? Pardon my French, but fuck the appointment. Just come in or go to the ERM