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I used to read a lot when I was a child, but now it seems like I've lost interest. I really want to start reading again but I get easily bored, what could I do?

I perfectly understand and have experienced what you are going through right now. I went through a similar phase, devouring books in a single sitting and suddenly there was a period when I had to halt my reading.

After this gap period, I faced a lack of interest.

The best solution and the one which worked in my case was….

  1. Start afresh.
  2. Begin by reading INTERESTING short stories, maybe Philip K. Dick, P.G. Wodehouse etc.
  3. Then go for the kids fantasy, which have a sense of humour, imagination, mythology, basically a Mish mash so that your mind gets in the game. Here I'll recommend you, Rick Riordan.
  4. Then move to the abridged versions of the classics.
  5. Finally, for raising the bar higher, go for the original works, maybe Agatha Christie, Tolkien etc. Or whatever suits your interests.
  6. Now my friend, it comes to your interest to stay in the process of erudition and not lose the focus.

[math]\displaystyle \sum_{cyc} \dfrac{ab + bc + ca}{a(a + 2b)}\tag*{}[/math] If [math]a[/math], [math]b,[/math] and [math]c[/math] are positive reals, what is the minimum value of the above expression?

Observe that adding 3 to it, it is equal to

[math]\sum \frac{a(a+2b) + ab + bc + ca}{a(a+2b)} = \sum \frac{b(c+2a) + a(a+b+c)}{a(a+2b)} = (\sum \frac{b(c+2a)}{a(a+2b)}) + (\sum \frac{a+b+c}{a+2b})[/math]

The first terms are at least 3 by AMGM. Examining the other term, let [math]s = \sum a[/math]. Indeed, by Cauchy Schwarz:

[math](\sum \frac{s}{a+2b})(\sum s(a + 2b)) \geq (\sum s)^2 = 9s^2[/math]

which implies

[math](\sum \frac{s}{a+2b}) \geq \frac{9s^2}{s \sum a+2b} = 3[/math]

as desired.

Is it a bad idea to flirt with a girl at the first time you're talking to her?

Not necessarily a bad idea as long as there is a mutual response from her. Sometimes, she might be liking you but she did not show any signs of liking towards you. Girls can be that complicated. Give her a time or a space after you have done flirting with her. But just make sure your flirting is convincing enough to make her believe that you only want to be with her. Girls can have a strict sense of belongings once she is with the guy she likes. You engage with her or you dump her, just make sure you are prepared for the worst since you are the one who flirts with her in the first place.

What are the job prospects of CSE with a specialization in bioinformatics from VIT Vellore?

If you are talking about taking tha specialization in bachelors, I wouldn't recommend that . Bachelors is all about learning basics and getting ifea where you are strong and if the program suits you or not. It is a small step for a bigger goal. So, try to take a basic course like CSE in bachelors and then you can think about the speciality during last 2 years .

If it is in Masters, then you gotta have difficult time find a job in your specialization immediately after your study. One of my cousin did that and she ended up in a software company.

The situation I was talking in Asian countries like India where the development of these kind of fields just started. So, if you are planning to do in any other part of the world, first I would recommend you to do a very good research about that field in the country. You can find that from univers website , if many profe are working then you might stand a chance.

Let me know what exactly you need and I can answer accordingly.

Has military dictatorship ever led to development of a country?

was the authoritarian military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from April 1, 1964 to March 15, 1985. It began with the 1964 coup d'état led by the Armed Forces against the administration of the President João Goulart, who had assumed the office after being vice-president, upon the resignation of the democratically elected president Janio Quadros, and ended when José Sarney took office on March 15, 1985 as President. The military revolt was fomented by Magalhães Pinto, Adhemar de Barros, and Carlos Lacerda (who had already participated in the conspiracy to depose Getúlio Vargas in 1945), Governors of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Guanabara. The coup was also supported by the Embassy and State Department of the United States.


The military dictatorship lasted for almost twenty-one years; despite initial pledges to the contrary, military governments in 1967 enacted a new, restrictive Constitution, and stifled freedom of speech and political opposition with support from the U.S. government. The regime adopted nationalism, economic development, and Anti-Communism as its guidelines.

The dictatorship reached the height of its popularity in the 1970s, with the so-called Brazilian Miracle (helped by much propaganda), even as the regime censored all media, tortured and banished dissidents. In March 1979, João Figueiredo became President, and while combating the "hard-line" and supporting a re-democratization policy, he couldn't control the chronic inflation and concurrent fall of other military dictatorships in South America. Brazilian Presidential elections of 1984 were won by opposition civilian candidates. In 1979 Figueiredo passed the Amnesty Law for political crimes committed for and against the regime. Since the 1988 Constitutionwas passed and Brazil returned to full democracy, the military have remained under control of civilian politicians, with no role in domestic politics.

Brazil’s military regime provided a model for other military regimes and dictatorships around Latin America, systematizing the “Doctrine of National Security,”


which "justified" the military’s actions as operating in the interest of National Security in a time of crisis, creating an intellectual basis upon which other military regimes relied.


What advantage does an automatic transmission have over manual transmission?

Advantages of an automatic transmission car (Applies mainly to United States):

  1. Easier to buy. At least in the United States, you have to look a bit to find a manual transmission vehicle. You can’t throw a rock without hitting an automatic.
  2. Easier to sell. A lot of Americans can’t drive stick or can but don’t care to. Everybody can drive automatic. Larger pool of potential buyers.
  3. You can loan it to your friend/significant other who can’t drive a stick.
  4. (dubious benefit) Increased ability to text, talk, eat, read, apply makeup, and do all the other things besides driving that so many people like to do when they drive.

What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

First impressions are pretty important (Primacy effect).
So make sure you are appropriately dressed, well-groomed, and enter the room with a smile and a pleasing countenance.

So is the final impression. (Recency effect)
Make sure you end the interview on a good note. Do your homework when it comes to the role you are applying for, the company profile, the industry outlook and future trajectory.

Most interviews end with the interviewer soliciting questions from the candidate. Try and ask something relevant and interesting.

Get some sleep the night before.
You want to be well-rested and fully awake the next day. Lack of sleep would mean you are a little foggy, grumpy, and not performing at your best.

Be honest.
Nobody expects you to be perfect and all-knowing. If you do not know something, admit it. It is better than beating-around-the-bush and trying to cover up, which almost never works. And if you get caught bluffing, it's a sure shot way of getting rejected.

Be yourself.
Some people try to be nicer. Some try to be more professional. And it backfires a lot of time. You can either come across as a suck-up, or downright rude. Also, if you are not preoccupied with the pretense you are putting up, you can focus more on the things that actually matter.

Clean up your social media footprint.
A lot of interviewers have started doing background research on candidates by going through their social media profiles.

Make sure that your Linkedin profile is updated, there are no objectionable photos on your Instagram account, your retarded, inflammatory, or plain ignorant Facebook posts.

Make sure your resume is updated.
If the latest item on your resume is something you did more than a year ago, you will come across as either incompetent or just too lazy to even update your profile.

Arrive on time.
Don't think, "It's just a 15-minute ride. I will start 20 minutes early". Start an hour before instead. Make sure you have factored in any chance unfortunate incidents like an unlikely jam, an accident, the cab breaking down, not being able to find the office or the exact interview location.

Also, if you arrive decently early, you have time to do a sanity check. Wash your face, comb your hair, check your documents, be mentally prepared. Make sure your "interview persona" takes over as soon as you enter the company premises. Be polite to everyone starting including the security guard and receptionist. You never know who else is there in the waiting area.

Treat it like a date.
Make it an interesting conversation rather than a terrifying interrogation. After all, you are there not only for the interviewer to judge your competency, but also for you to evaluate whether the profile, the team, and the company culture is in sync with your personality.

A wonderful article/series of illustrations on Lifehacker does a good job of explaining the basic etiquette to be followed before, during, and after an interview.

Interview Objective: Join the 180° Club

What You Hopefully Did Months Ago

Because I GUARANTEE This Will Happen Before Your Interview

What You Should Do Leading Up to the Interview

What You Should Bring

The Suit

This is Not a Party

"Fashionably Late" Does Not Exist

The Handshake

How Enthusiastic You Should Appear

Question Category Overview: What I (the Interviewer) am Really Trying to Figure Out

Tell Me About Yourself

What are Your Strengths?

What are Your Weaknesses?

Your Phone

Describe a Time You Had Difficulty Working with a Coworker.

What Was Your Biggest Mistake?

Describe Your Ideal Workplace

What Do You Know About this Company?

Why do You Want this Job?

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Lunch: Price Considerations

Lunch: Limit Your Pickiness

Lunch: Appropriate BAC Level

Lunch: Very Important Additional Consideration

What to Remember Regarding a Thank You Email

P.P.S. Here's a website listing the FAQs in interviews and how to tackle them

  • Question 1 Tell me about yourself.
  • Question 2 What are your greatest strengths?
  • Question 3 What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • Question 4 Tell me about something you did – or failed to do – that you now feel a little ashamed of.
  • Question 5 Why are you leaving (or did you leave) this position?
  • Question 6 The "Silent Treatment"
  • Question 7 Why should I hire you?
  • Question 8 Aren't you overqualified for this position?
  • Question 9 Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • Question 10 Describe your ideal company, location and job.
  • Question 11 Why do you want to work at our company?
  • Question 12 What are your career options right now?
  • Question 13 Why have you been out of work so long?
  • Question 14 Tell me honestly about the strong points and weak points of your boss (company, management team, etc.)…
  • Question 15 What good books have you read lately?
  • Question 16 Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.
  • Question 17 What are your outside interests?
  • Question 18 The "Fatal Flaw" question
  • Question 19 How do you feel about reporting to a younger person (minority, woman, etc)?
  • Question 20 On confidential matters…
  • Question 21 Would you lie for the company?
  • Question 22 Looking back, what would you do differently in your life?
  • Question 23 Could you have done better in your last job?
  • Question 24 Can you work under pressure?
  • Question 25 What makes you angry?
  • Question 26 Why aren't you earning more money at this stage of your career?
  • Question 27 Who has inspired you in your life and why?
  • Question 28 What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
  • Question 29 Tell me about the most boring job you've ever had.
  • Question 30 Have you been absent from work more than a few days in any previous position?
  • Question 31 What changes would you make if you came on board?
  • Question 32 I'm concerned that you don't have as much experience as we'd like in…
  • Question 33 How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
  • Question 34 Are you willing to relocate or travel?
  • Question 35 Do you have the stomach to fire people? Have you had experience firing many people?
  • Question 36 Why have you had so many jobs?
  • Question 37 What do you see as the proper role/mission of…
  • Question 38 What would you say to your boss if he's crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?
  • Question 39 How could you have improved your career progress?
  • Question 40 What would you do if a fellow executive on your own corporate level wasn't pulling his/her weight…and this was hurting your department?
  • Question 41 You've been with your firm a long time. Won't it be hard switching to a new company?
  • Question 42 May I contact your present employer for a reference?
  • Question 43 Give me an example of your creativity (analytical skill…managing ability, etc.)
  • Question 44 Where could you use some improvement?
  • Question 45 What do you worry about?
  • Question 46 How many hours a week do you normally work?
  • Question 47 What's the most difficult part of being a (job title)?
  • Question 48 The "Hypothetical Problem"
  • Question 49 What was the toughest challenge you've ever faced?
  • Question 50 Have you consider starting your own business?
  • Question 51 What are your goals?
  • Question 52 What do you for when you hire people?
  • Question 53 Sell me this stapler…(this pencil…this clock…or some other object on interviewer's desk).
  • Question 54 "The Salary Question" – How much money do you want?
  • Question 55 The Illegal Question
  • Question 56 The "Secret" Illegal Question
  • Question 57 What was the toughest part of your last job?
  • Question 58 How do you define success…and how do you measure up to your own definition?
  • Question 59 "The Opinion Question" – What do you think about …Abortion…The President…The Death Penalty…(or any other controversial subject)?
  • Question 60 If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
  • Question 61 Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?
  • Question 62 Why should I hire you from the outside when I could promote someone from within?
  • Question 63 Tell me something negative you've heard about our company…
  • Question 64 On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

Is Catelyn able to figure out that Lysa's pregnancy was aborted by Hoster? Was it Petyr's child?

Yes, she was able to figure it out.

Lord Hoster Tully, while slipping in and out of consciousness, spoke Tansy along with other words and phrases like “blood”, “forgive me”, “be a good wife”, and “you will have others, sweet babes and trueborn”.

Catelyn, at first, thought of some commonfolk woman named Tansy with whom her father had relations but then realized that he was looking for forgiveness from his younger daughter. She also penned a latter to Lysa telling her how sorry their father was.

As for second part, while it is not confirmed in books, I believed Cat knew that as well. She figured it out that Jon Arryn needed a young bride who was fertile to bear him sons and her father placed the condition of marriage with Lysa in exchange of his support.

If Lysa was with child before her marriage the only person who can be the father could be Petyr.

If she had lost a child before, that might explain Father’s words, and much else besides. Lysa’s match with Lord Arryn had been hastily arranged, and Jon was an old man even then, older than their father. An old man without an heir. His first two wives had left him childless, his brother’s son had been murdered with Brandon Stark in King’s Landing, his gallant cousin had died in the Battle of the Bells. He needed a young wife if House Arryn was to continue, a young wife known to be fertile.

“You made him take her,” she whispered. “Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords and spears of House Tully.”

Lord Jon might wed Lysa to bind the Tullys to the cause of the rebellion, and in hopes of a son, but it would have been hard for him to love a woman who came to his bed soiled and unwilling. He would have been kind, no doubt; dutiful, yes; but Lysa needed warmth.

Image source – Winter is Coming

What is the importance of the hydrologic cycle and what are some examples of it?

Because it is a part of it. Not just a part, but also a result of it. Water is in our environment in all of it’s normal states ranging from gas to solid. It moves induced by thermal radiation, gravity effects and thermal gradients created by the sun or the reaction of chemicals. They are all part of our environment. The rest is nothing invented by humans. The hydrological cycle is just one big observation of a rather big solar powered water pump.