How do AAP supporters feel about P. Chidambaram representing AAP in court, especially when P.C. is one of the most corrupt politicians in the country?

I am neither an AAP supporter, nor an enemy of AAP.

I always considered them like any other political party, though they always pretended to be ‘holier than thou’.

Their move to engage Mr P Chidambaram gives the following message.

  • Mr Arvind Kejriwal is getting ‘politically wiser’ with each passing day.
  • He has realized that AAP alone can’t form the Government in Center in near future and he can’t become a PM so soon.
  • He has understood that if he has to survive in Indian politics, he has to come out of his ‘holy isolation’ and align with the ‘unholy parties’
  • He has understood the meaning of old political dictum ‘There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.’
  • He has also understood the true meaning of the dictum ‘The enemy of an enemy is a friend’.

He is, therefore, likely to align with Congress soon to fight BJP, which has become his bigger enemy at present.

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  1. How do the BJP supporters feel about the BJP government hiring someone like Harish Salve to represent India at the International Court of Justice in the Kulbhusan Jadhav case? Harish Salve, who saved Salman Khan from going to jail in his infamous hit and run case? Harish Salve, who also helped Vodafone win a Rs. 11,000 crore tax evasion case against the government in 2012?

    Well, they shouldn’t feel anything. Salve was the best person to get the job done, and so he was hired. Period.

    We need decoupling here.

    It is not the Aam Aadmi Party that’s hired P. Chidambaram. It’s the Delhi government. You can’t even debate the fine points of this fact like the Arun Jaitley defamation case.

    And P. Chidambaram is one of India’s most highly rated lawyers. Have you heard the man speak? He is a nightmare for even the slyest interviewer out there. Just way too smart and cogent with his words.

    His political background and party affiliation thus, are totally irrelevant here. He has been hired to argue a constitutional point and if the government thinks he can do the job well, then why not? Maybe he has a good hold over constitutional law. Or whatever.

    There is no smoking gun here.

    No one sold their integrity. No one turned guilty by association. Chidambaram could be a criminal out on bail and I’d still have the same answer.

    Lawyers are lawyers. They’ll do their jobs.

    PS: BJP supporters raising a big hue and cry about this is a bit rich. The AAP hasn’t yet opened its doors to an influx of corrupt Congress politicians and have not given them plump posts either. Like the BJP has been doing for the last three years.

  2. I think Arvind is a great exponent of using things to his advantage like a true businessman. Are you surprised him for taking services of the same man whom he called one of the most corrupt in India[1]?

    Just see how his cohorts are defending his move in media.[2]

    “AAP insisted that "there have been previous instances where political leaders have fought legal cases in favour of their political adversaries."

    The party with a difference basing their morality on the low morality of others. So much for party with a difference. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow they would start corruption and nepotism using the same logic. Arvind seem to have made it clear through his cohorts that he won’t be taking decision on morality or ethics (which perhaps was never there to begin with) but on the basis of what other does.

    If a doctor is accused of financial corruption, I can still get his services. But if he is accused of being corrupt in dispensing medical services, I won’t go for him. According to bar council of India, an advocate is expected to uphold integrity in financial matters[3]. Why chose the one who is a political adversary and whom he considers the most unethical and corrupt? There are 362 senior advocates[4] and 2298 advocates[5] on record in Supreme court alone, Why this choice? Is it that difficult to make out? PC is not even a senior counsel I guess.

    When Kejriwal named Chidambram in his “Corruption list” he was of no use for him back then. Chidu would be booted out like Ram Jethmalani once Arvind finds the “deal” not worth going forward with.

    If you remember he got Yogendra Yadav to work for him for more then a decade making him do the groundwork of the party in the name of social activism . One month after gaining power he was kicked out from AAP with expletives (literally)[6].

    The same thing happened with Prashant Bushan, the Lokpal Bill drafted by Prashant on request of ARvind, which proved to be his trump card in his 2015 victory. Poor Prashant& Family had donated 1 Crore to party[7] and kicked out ironically by a man who himself contributed as people say zilch out of personal finances to the party. No regard of age and seniority.

    Anna Hazare, poor fellow believed that Arvind consider him Guru”. Made the old man do all the hard work in spearheading an anti corruption campaign. Soon after victory he didn’t come face to face with him.

    And there are many like Captain Gopinath, Gurpreet Ghugi [8], Anjali Damania Manish Raizada, etc. who have to quit AAP when the great leader was done with them. Next in line perhaps is Kumar Vishwas who has always been a threat for outshining Kejriwal in AAP with his charisma.

    Arvind should answer one thing personally to press with respect to Chidambram:

    “Does Arvind consider still consider Chidambram one of the corrupt person in India like he declared officially? Yes or No

    There is little chance of him doing that.

    He must be reminded that party is not a Kairyana shop (Departmental store) that he running on his whims and caprice. It should be run on ideology and morality, not for the sole motive of personal profit.


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  3. For the record, I am not a typical supporter of AAP – I have been in the past and am still waiting and watching as the muddy waters are clearing and as I see some of the good emerging. A while to go yet for that initial fervor to ever return.


    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    For instance, I see a Mukul Roy of a certain definite Sharada scam being feted by the holier-than-thou BJP especially the PM who had famously declared that “neither would he eat nor let anyone eat” (lost in translation, but hey, we have all heard it enough to translate by rote). Then there have have been countless others – small and big fry whose sins have been absolved with the induction into various rival parties.

    There, I have placed a mandatory rant that this is something all parties do. Having said that, I will also add for record that AAP professes to be different and I maintain, I hold them at different standards.

    Indeed however, a Chidambaram representing the Delhi Government which has a more than clear AAP majority is something that I find difficult to digest.

    The only reasonable explanation one could provide is that all top lawyers either are affiliated to the BJP or the Congress. Since this is a case against the BJP, it bears to reason that a BJP lawyer would not commit professional harakiri and take the side of the AAP Government.

    Considering however that AAP professes to be holier-than-thou-er than BJP, I didn't expect this and I certainly don't endorse this.

    Chidambaram has a zero clean image. If I were AAP, I might have entrusted the case consultations with anyone but a Congress lawyer. Whatever may be Chidambaram's motives at agreeing, there cannot be much merit in what AAP is doing.

    Don't cry if your lawyer misrepresents you and stabs you in the back. You invited trouble, dear AAP.

  4. Non Masala answer here.

    P Chidambaram is representing the Government of National Capital Territory (NCT), not Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). There is a difference between Aam Aadmi Party and the Government of NCT. The former is a political party and the latter, well, a government.

    If it were a legal case involving AAP's own matters, hiring Chidambaram may have been ironical. But this legal case is not about AAP.

    It is about Delhi. It is about clarity of Constitutional mandate to the Government of Delhi. If you know your Constitution, you would know that NCT of Delhi is a somewhat hybrid federal entity, lying somewhere between full state and full Union Territory.

    As per the Allocation of Business Rules, much of Delhi administration is run by Ministry of Home Affairs, (Government of India). So, the basic tussle is with regard to division of powers between Government of Delhi and Ministry of Home Affairs.

    This leads to peculiar problems in governance such as:

    • Delhi Police is not within Delhi government control.
    • Transfers and appointments of officials not within Delhi government control.
    • Control over land, law and order is not with Government of Delhi.

    Why Chidambaram is a good choice?

    Chidambaram is a former Home Minister. He understands the nuts and bolts of how Delhi Government and the Union Home Ministry may come into conflict. By hiring him for this job, Delhi Government has given itself a shot in the arm.

    So, hiring Chidambaram is a wise move by the Delhi Government. AAP/Congress/BJP etc are not even in the picture. It is about two governments and governments alone.

    For once, let us not speculate. This no Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. It is a federal, Constitutional Law matter. Let it be treated so.

  5. Most of the parties have good lawyers to defend them.

    Congress has battery of lawyers in Kapil Sibal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Salman Khurshid and P Chidamabaram. All these people are the top lawyers in the country.

    BJP is in power and can send the attorney general and the solicitor general to the court. They have Arun Jaitley too and can also hire lawyers like Harish Salve (who saved Salman Khan and Vodafone) as in the kul Bhushan Yadav case.

    AAP also had a good lawyer in Prashant Bhushan but he fell victim to the use and throw policy of Arvind Kejriwal. So AAP will have to take the services of Ram Jethmalani, Gopal Subramaniam and P Chidamabaram.

    As far as Chidamabaram is concerned , he is one the top legal eagles in the country. AAP has all the right to be represented by the lawyer of their choice. Being corrupt and alleged of corruption are totally different things. He has no proceeding going on against him for corruption.

    But AAP should have taken the services of Kapil Sibal who I consider is the best lawyer in the country.


  6. How do AAP supporters feel ?

    Well, i am no AAP supporter, but my answer is based on the past debates, arguments, and interactions that i had with some of the very staunch AAP Supporters, so this is something that is completely based on my intuition, and a hypothetical answer.

    1. First and foremost the AAP supporters would try to justify this by bringing in various corollaries. For them PC would be the best in the business to do this for AK, and this should be considered a practical approach.
    2. They would also try to argue strongly by giving false or misleading examples of instances from BJP. After all, everything for them is now about BJP.
    3. They would not accept that they are graduating as B-team of Congress. Started as corruption crusaders, they try to present them as only alternative, but slowly and steadily they are trying to take the position of congress. For them a position of “alternative opposition” is still better than “Distant No option”.
    4. They [AAP Supporters] would definitely challenge anyone who would call PC most corrupt, and may ask for submission of proof, may ask to follow proper process of prosecution etc. etc. For them Modi may be Mass murderer despite coming clean from all the courts, PC is most corrupt (as per their leader – Mr. Kejriwal), but suddenly with the affiliation and association, the facts can only be established once validated. They may just quote the association of Mukul Dey from TMC to BJP, to win the verbose debate battle.
    5. AAP supporters would dodge any logical reasoning and would just try there level hard to align with Sir Arvind Kejriwal’s, antics with various dramatics.


  7. Delhi government took help of Ram Jethmalani and now is taking help from P Chidambram. Both are seasoned lawyers and are doing what they are supposed to do – Practice Law.

    No BJP supporter would refuse to go to a good Doctor if that Doctor is aligned to Congress.

    No Congress supporter would say that Dr Harshvardhan is not a good Doctor.

    As an AAP supporter, who has now seen politics very closely, not only of AAP, but also of BJP and Congress, such professional activities don’t bother me.

    Another thing – Calling P Chidambram as one of the most corrupt politician is as unacceptable as calling Arun Jaitley corrupt or calling Narendra Modi a mass murderer. Nothing has been proved in the court of law so such thing should never be said in the public domain as it amounts to defamation and legal action can be taken on it.

  8. Kejriwal: A painfull story

    Well to answer this. Let me recall that till 2015 i was an ardent supporter of AAP. I am following the party since IAC movement and for the first time when he won in 2013 after giving a shocking defeat to three times chief minister of Delhi, a ray of hope emerged. I thought that now common people of this country will drive politics not the netas but soon after lok sabha elections everthing changed. From the issue of corruption, Kejriwal shifted to caste and appeasment politics and followed all the tricks which traditional political outfits followed for decades. I remember the same AAP and Kejriwal used to abuse congress for corruption but now when he is hiring corrupt person from same party as lawyer then, all such stuff is fading the options of a political alternative.

    I miss the below Kejriwal.

  9. There are 2 ways to look at it.. AAP has proved time and again that they are not the party that at the inception appeared to be different from other political aspirants or the established parties who are hungry for regaining their foot hold. AK for instance has gone back on every position he has taken in the past and has now become a trained politician in switching sides so many times that no one now remembers which side he belongs to, except of course that he is against the ruling party. I am answering this question as some one who once upon a time impressed with the party leadership and considered AAP as a credible 3rd alternative. Now, coming to the question the 2 ways to look at it are
    1. There are no permanent opponents or friends in politics so AAP need not have to answer any moral or ethical question about going to PC for representing them. With past legal bills unpaid AAP might have found a new lawyer to advocate their case in PC, of course with some extended credit period & possibly some discount. And befriending PC against a common enemy they are fighting in the BJP its a good chance for AAP to consolidate and may be forge an alliance in future with Congress and that PC being targetted due to personal vendetta by the BJP adds weight to the argument, atleast until the final verdict is out.
    2. Second hypothesis is that AAP can come out with a high moral stand saying past differences with PC have been put under the carpet by giving importance to party ideology and that PC is representing AK as party chief and in the interest of the party, AK is looking at macro picture in the interest of the government and hence has got PC to win the case for him on his being the best bet to fight the case on merit (since other options have been exhausted now).

  10. Rohit Nigam ‘s and Altaf Abdul Kalam ‘s answers are good enough.

    I wish to add one more angle. I truly believe In Politics, everything is about Politics.

    Mr. Chidambaram could not have taken up the fight for ‘Delhi Government versus Centre Government’ case if there was no political benefit to doing so either for him or for his party – the Congress. They are not friends – will NOT be friends ever.

    Is dis Parl really "supreme"? R v to treat Laloo, Mulayam. Sibbal. Chiddu. Raja "supreme"? Will they ever allow strong anti-corruption law?

    — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) December 22, 2011

    I believe, Congress party secretly believes[may be rightly so] that it has a chance to win the next state elections in Delhi in 2020[If it can remind Delhi Jans of 15 year of Sheila rule and almost close to 0 fights with the LGs and LG Nots of the day].

    THAT will mean Congress party may find itself in the same spot as today’s Aam Aadmi Party. It may also face a hostile LG and now that the limits of the constitutions have been tested by Arvind, it makes sense to make it clear once in for all as to –

    Who is Delhi’s real ‘Maalik’ ?

    Arvind’s Government may have also realized the interest congress might have in the case and may have decided to tap into it.

    As for BJP, they continue to fool citizens and want to argue against their own manifesto. See this :-).

    Things that AAP copied in its Manifesto from BJP

    5. Full Statehood to Delhi
    6. Delhi Police under State Govt

    RT #Kamalkhilega

    — BJP Delhi (@BJP4Delhi) December 2, 2013

  11. Believe it or not , the only movement I have ever been part of in my short life was IAC (India against corruption ) .I literally went to the road for them with candles in my hand.

    As I have boldly stated in my bio that my political inclination is ‘Anti congress’ .
    Somewhere I lost my respect for AAP (I loved AAP back then) when they formed the government with corrupt congress which they could run for mere 49 days .

    So with my capacity as an ex AAP supporter if you ask me how do I feel on P.C. association with AAP . I would say .

    1. It doesn't surprise me , Over time I have come to term with the simple fact that AAP is just another party with their political ambitions .
    2. No one in politics is untouchable, when Kejriwal stood with LALU and appreciated him in Bihar , I was hurt being a Bihari who suffered personally in LALU jungle raj ,I lost whatever hope of revival of my respect for him.
    3. When founding member , Yogendra and Prashant were shown the door with public humiliation . I was hurt .

    Basically the ideals on which I supported AAP were hurt so many times that I have grown immune now .It doesn't hurt anymore .

    My only pain which remains to this date is ,in absence of “A party with difference” . I would again need to choose between INC (Corrupt ) or BJP ( Communal ) . I chose to go with BJP in 2014 .

  12. Often people confuse moral ethics with Legality. They are two separate things . Legally even a person like ‘Ajmal Kasab’ is ‘guaranteed’ a lawyer by the constitution of India. Legally, that lawyer, despite his/her best feelings can not show any slackness in defending him or he/she can be disbarred. You or I may not like it but that is how a country runs.

    When P Chidambaram steps in a court of law as a lawyer, he is not a politician. He is bound by legal privileges. He can choose to lie, misrepresent the facts, put a spin, all with in the legal framework, without repercussions and outside of it, with repercussions. So whether or not PC is corrupt has absolutely ZERO bearing when he is in a court of law as a lawyer.

    I hope it answers your question.

  13. In politics, if you want to survive, you just can't stay true to your each and every word. No one has ever remained absolutely true to their ideals. Yes, Arvind Kejriwal once called him out for his corruption and now is taking his help, which even though I'm an AAP supporter, will agree is a little shocking. But it doesn't upsets me at all. You know why? It's because of this simple question –

    Do you prefer someone who's working marvellously in the fields of education, health and has reduced electricity rates by half, made water free, etc but takes U-turn on whom he takes support with (which btw affects my life in no way. It isn't like him taking help of PC will lead to corruption or price hike)


    Would you prefer someone who says he will do this and that after coming in power, but all what he actually does is corruption. Prices rise,poor decisions lead to deaths of poor, farmers commit suicide, etc. But obviously, the man doesn't takes support of people like PC.

    Well, I would definitely go with the former. The second one won't take support from PC because he himself is no less than him. The U-turns taken by the second person will actually affect my life. That's why I'm not mad at all at Arvind kejriwal for taking support from whom he thought will win him the case. He's doing what he thinks he needs to do to survive. But in no way his actions are affecting the life of common people. So, why should we even care who is fighting his case?

    He will lose my support the day his U-turns start hurting the lives of common people. He will lose my support the day he himself becomes a PC, not just takes help from one. I hope you get the point.


  14. For proper understanding of politics, we should remember the following:

    • Politics is the first and last refuge of scoundrels.
    • All politicians are bred in the same stinking quagmire.
    • Political necessity over-rides virtue at all points of time.
    • Politics make strange bed-fellows. It is all cozy comfort of convenience.
    • There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.
    • In politics, your enemy’s enemy can be your best friend.
    • The political end is more sacrosanct than the means.
    • Politics is the amazing art of the incorrigible and impossible.
    • A political vote is often the choice of the lesser evil.
    • All is fair in love, war and politics.
  15. I am no AAP supporter, but I feel that your question is self-explanatory.

    Kejriwal called Chidambaram, a corrupt politican.

    Chidambaram is an excellent lawyer.

    Kejriwal needed a lawyer. He hired Chidambaram as a lawyer.

    Chidambaram is not a corrupt lawyer and Kejriwal didn't accept Chidambaram in his political party.

    So it is fine. We should let it go.

  16. Chidambaram defending AAP is not any kind of feeling to feel. But this is just a consquence out of the fact that AAP lacks intellcetual assets. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have Kapil Sibal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Chidambaram to defend them in court. If I were to imagine AAP in Union government now it's pretty clear that they don't have good leader to take Law ministry portfolio. For this very reason people like Chetan Bhagat left AAP and diverted their affinities to Modi.

    Ram Jetmilani really messed up this case and left more adverseries to defend the case. Currently Chiddu's son is facing the heat of CBI cases. They might on some understanding to share similar kind of grudge. I was taught that atoms of chlorine and sodium combine to take crystal form. I'm convinced that is due to theory of electron deficit and excess in valence bond and I don't have any feelings about phenomenon. One thing we realize that sensationalism and confrontation tactics will not always work in our favor.

  17. Makes my belief that my decision to leave AAP as the best decision​ of my life.

    I was a former AAP volunteer, and like many others, even I believed that this party will provide a great, clean and healthy political future for my country.

    Read my experience about AAP: Anshul Vipat's answer to Will you vote for AAP? Why?

    Shri Kejriwal even took the help of Ram Jethmalani and made the people pay for it. It's like I am paying petrol but my car is used by someone else.

    Taking the help of P Chindambaram or not is irrelevant today. The party is just like any other political party in India. Today's AAP is not what it was at the time of it's inception. The swarajya concept is long dead.

    Yeh Politics ko saaf karne nikle the, aaj ussi politics ne inhe bhi ganda kar hi diya hai” (They promised to clean politics, but ultimately made themselves dirtier)

  18. PC is one of the most corrupt politician of the country- what makes you think so? Had he been implicated by any court?

    AAP is learning the ropes very fast. They know very well that their political rivals are not their enemies. However, AAP has to keep their guards on. After Jethmalani fiasco, they should be circumspect about who they are aligning with?

  19. I don't understand the philosophy of so many people throwing mud on each and everybody representing Congress. P.Chidambaram is one of the best lawyer in this country . Along with Kapil Sibal, Arun Jaitley, Singhvi he forms the best of lawyers with polical affinity. BJP and it's stupid cadres seems to believe by simply posting corrupt in many words is enough to accuse and sentence any one from Congress. If at all you have any proof post it and then accuse.

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