Is Catelyn able to figure out that Lysa's pregnancy was aborted by Hoster? Was it Petyr's child?

Yes, she was able to figure it out.

Lord Hoster Tully, while slipping in and out of consciousness, spoke Tansy along with other words and phrases like “blood”, “forgive me”, “be a good wife”, and “you will have others, sweet babes and trueborn”.

Catelyn, at first, thought of some commonfolk woman named Tansy with whom her father had relations but then realized that he was looking for forgiveness from his younger daughter. She also penned a latter to Lysa telling her how sorry their father was.

As for second part, while it is not confirmed in books, I believed Cat knew that as well. She figured it out that Jon Arryn needed a young bride who was fertile to bear him sons and her father placed the condition of marriage with Lysa in exchange of his support.

If Lysa was with child before her marriage the only person who can be the father could be Petyr.

If she had lost a child before, that might explain Father’s words, and much else besides. Lysa’s match with Lord Arryn had been hastily arranged, and Jon was an old man even then, older than their father. An old man without an heir. His first two wives had left him childless, his brother’s son had been murdered with Brandon Stark in King’s Landing, his gallant cousin had died in the Battle of the Bells. He needed a young wife if House Arryn was to continue, a young wife known to be fertile.

“You made him take her,” she whispered. “Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords and spears of House Tully.”

Lord Jon might wed Lysa to bind the Tullys to the cause of the rebellion, and in hopes of a son, but it would have been hard for him to love a woman who came to his bed soiled and unwilling. He would have been kind, no doubt; dutiful, yes; but Lysa needed warmth.

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  1. She did figure out Lysa was pregnant and Hoster did abort it and possibly without her consent. She used that knowledge in order to plead with her to forgive their father in his last hour and send for army for their cause.

    Lord Hoster moaned. "Forgive me," he said, so softly she could scarcely hear the words. "Tansy . . . blood . . . the blood . . . gods be kind . . ."

    His words disturbed her more than she could say, though she could make no sense of them. Blood, she thought. Must it all come back to blood? Father, who was this woman, and what did you do to her that needs so much forgiveness?

    Could Tansy be some pet name he called Lysa, the way he called me Cat? Lord Hoster had mistaken her for her sister before. You'll have others, he said. Sweet babes, and trueborn. Lysa had miscarried five times, twice in the Eyrie, thrice at King's Landing . . . but never at Riverrun, where Lord Hoster would have been at hand to comfort her. Never, unless . . . unless she was with child, that first time . . .

    She and her sister had been married on the same day, and left in their father's care when their new husbands had ridden off to rejoin Robert's rebellion. Afterward, when their moon blood did not come at the accustomed time, Lysa had gushed happily of the sons she was certain they carried.

    However, the baby was Littlefinger’s was not something she could possibly figure out because she doesn’t have enough information like we do. In fact we all knew because of the mental breakdown she suffered in the next book before she was murdered and how Petyr insisted he took virginity of both sisters( both times were Lysa but he was drunk the first time) .

    Lysa’s sexual encounters and her obsession and love for Petyr was under wraps even back then. Lysa never told anyone that she loved him or what is happening between them and it was for such a short while so soon before the chaos of Rebellion that it never crossed Cat’s mind 14 years later that maybe there is more between Lysa and Petyr . She presumes it was some random singer or such and could only go so far where she knows because of her pregnancy she was chosen as a bride for Jon because he has no children despite being married twice for long time to each.

  2. Yes and yes.

    Catelyn deduces that Hoster aborted Lysa's pregnancy and made Jon Arryn marry her in return for the support of the riverlands.

    The aborted child was of Peter but Catelyn doesn't realise this.

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