What is one thing you want to do before you die?

One thing, why only one I can give you loads of stuff I want to do before I die, to list a few:-

1) Photography– Capturing all the happy moments, places travelled, all the loved ones and looking at them and feeling thankful for the life, rather than complaining about petty things and off course that nostalgic feeling to be back in time and live that moment again.

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2) Mythology– Wouldn't it be fun to take a deeper look into the subject such as mythology, to uncover the mysteries of what is real and what is a myth,for once I want to learn something that I like and not cramming a night before exam for the sake of marks and passing the subject.

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3) Travel blogger– Who dosen't love travelling, and wouldn't it be great to get paid for your love to travel. And the thrill and adventure of venturing into the unknown to uncover the mysteries that lay beyond. Along with that inspiring people to leave the couch and hit the road and make memories and share experiences.

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4)Surfing-Waiting for that one wave to come, as soon as it comes into sight realizing that your heart beats are a little faster, you know you are ready for it and then you balance yourself on your surf boat and it starts cutting through water like a knife through butter, that magical feeling that fills your heart as water hovers over you and starts propogating you towards the closing loop.

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5) Sky diving– Standing on the edge of the plane, hearing loud thumping of your heart in your ears, looking down and having doubt on your sanity and then somebody pushes you off the plane because your feets are frozen unable to let go and then you felt that your heart gave away but suddenly you come back to your senses and realize that you are still alive and as light as a feather, you look around and only one word comes to your mind "AWESOME".

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These are some of the few from the long list of my to do's.

"Why settle for one thing when their are loads of stuff to try. Now go and explore."

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  1. Leh-Ladakh Road Trip.

    I have been a big admirer of riding and travelling. Somehow, riding on long journeys to different locations gives me a sense of contentedness, a sense of being at peace. I have been riding since I was 12 years old and each time I hop on any vehicle, be it Mum’s old scooty, or brother’s new bike, every time the thrill is same as the first time I took a ride.

    Why Leh-Ladakh? Well, why not. Leh-ladakh has long known to be the driver’s paradise. Owing to my love for travelling and riding, it has been a long time dream trip. The scenic natural beauty, the excitement of riding on few of the highest motorable roads, to visit some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and have a glimpse at the Buddhist culture, to treat your photographic mind with some breathtaking beautiful scenes, and over and above all to spend some time in the lap of mother nature, to spend some time on a true heaven on Earth !!

    PS – Apologies if it does seem more like Ladakh tourism advertisement 😛

  2. If you can, make sure you don’t die having never done/had the following. These answers will PROBABLY tick some people off, but this is an opinion piece, not a factual statement.

    1. Sex (consensual and of age). No, it’s not the be all end all but there IS a reason humanity is still around and it’s NOT because we enjoy spending 18+ years raising smaller opinionated spiteful versions of ourselves.
    2. Go shooting. I mean at a range. Loud noises, precision marksmanship, being able to shoot the cigar butt off a tree 100m away…
    3. Go swimming in the oceans. Yes, oceans. The water in the Pacific is not the same as the water in the Atlantic or Indian oceans.
    4. If you like swimming, learb SCUBA or at least go snorkelling. There is SO MUCH underwater to see.
    5. Visit a museum by yourself. Don’t take the tour.
    6. Travel to at least the following places: The UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, and ALL OVER THE USA… yes even Alaska… do your USA tour by car, not plane.
    7. Do something that gets your adrenaline going: skydiving, cliff jumping, SCUBA, parasailing, helicopter tours, driving a sports car on a private track at 120+ mph… Do it at least once.
    8. Go out to eat with someone you care for and ignore the prices on the menu.
    9. Buy a stuffed animal, give it to someone. Get them to buy you one.
    10. Vote… freaking VOTE if your country holds elections or has a democratic process.
    11. Write a book. Short stories, novellas, full on three book series… doesn’t matter. You might surprise yourself.
    12. Tell your parents, significant other, children you love them. Do this as often as possible.
    13. Do NOT… end an encounter with someone you care about on a bad note. Always end with a positive. Even if you are mad, upset, hurt, or just crazy. If they die and your last words or actions were in anger or spite, you will regret it your entire life.

    Do a couple of these… they are fun.

  3. A whole lot of things! In fact I have my own ‘ to-do-after-Mbbs list’.

    1. Meet Stephanie Meyer (author of Twilight series), Josephine Angelini (author of Starcrossed series), J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter series) and Sabaa Tahir ( An ember in the ashes) ; and get my books signed by them. I even managed to mail Sabaa Tahir, to which she replied and I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Meeting these authors would be so thrilling. Such amazing people.

    2. Walk on a bioluminescent sea shore barefoot, if that kind of beach truly exists,for I've only seen in pictures and they look right out of a fairytale.

    3. Write a book. And watch it in print. Published. My own book.

    4. Dress up on my wedding. A flowing red lehenga. Take endless pictures till the photographer gets annoyed *wink*

    5. A long cruise on my honeymoon. In a ship as big as the titanic or even bigger. And stand in the famous titanic movie pose with my future better half ( the Kate Winslet & Leonardo de’Caprio pose)

    6. Visit the Hersheys factory and gobble up as many Hersheys milk chocolates as I could in a day. Hersheys being the only chocolate I like. That would be so like Charlie and the chocolate factory .

    7. Sit in the flight cockpit with the pilots so that I could see the view from front when the flight takes off. That would look amazing. The way I imagine it to be. And if it's a night flight, then it would seem like am ascending into the sky, lit with a million tiny stars.

    8- lie down on a sandy beach at night. Watching the stars beam down at me. And hearing the waves crash against the shore.

    9- An underwater ride. In a submarine. Go deep down into the ocean. And watch the sinister sea creatures. This, provided am brave enough. This would be my 20,000 leagues under the sea experience.

    10- Go on a crazy shopping experience with my mom. Buy a bag of every colour. With matching shoes. And matching nail paints.

  4. Goto Paris.

    Breathe in the air, soak in the unadulterated history of the world’s first true city. Look down from the Tour de Eiffel, stand face to face with Mona Lisa, learn to read French and then read a copy of Le Parisien cover to cover, be regaled by Sacre coeur and Notterdam, go broke in Champs de elysee. Visit a cafe, and savour the fresh aroma of coffee with a baguette. Napoleon had marched his Grande’ armee’ with their pockets filled with baguettes.Honestly, I don’t mind if these are the last things I do. I could happily consider my bucketlist fulfilled.

    I would have liked to come out with a novel of my own. But since I have started to realise I am a bit “expressively challenged”, I am hoping to atleast end up writing a script for a movie. I was pretty taken with the idea of Tagore trilogy in my college days-What could be better than Big B playing the poet in his later years, and reciting those beautiful verses in his iconic barritone.

    Have a vineyard of my own. Spend lazy afternoons in wine tasting. Doing it the proper way.

    Go skydiving once. I am afraid of heights, so the best I have done till now is parasurfing and parasailing.

    Learn French and Spanish. I almost joined Alliance Francaise du Bengale, but stopped short because of exams.

    Build a mancave when I finally build my house. It will have a snooker table, a card table, a tt table, and ofcourse a well stocked bar and a badass hometheatre. It must have a fire extinguisher, a separate exit, and a powder room of its own.

    I want to remain a great flirt for as long as possible. If I can make a woman blush(in a good way) on my deathbed, I will have nailed it.

    I might have to scratch that last one,because I think I might suscribe to the four ASHRAMAS described in Vedic literature. I hope to renounce the world when I am about 70 and my folks are less dependent on me, and live in caves or forests doing a lot of soul searching and meditation. At this point,It would be also great time to become a citizen of a country that allows euthanasia . I could settle for my final act without much fuss.

    I have recently turned ovolactovegetarian, it would be great to become Vegan some day.

  5. There are many things. Just sit back ,relax and keep reading. Hope you will enjoy it.

    1. I want to sing in front of audience and my favorite singer Jason Mraz.

    ​Yeah , Akshiet let's sing together.

    I first listened to his music this year onwards.  I was quiet fascinated by his style and positivity it brings to me.
    I practiced singing his songs whenever I got the opportunity.

    But being introvert, I am scared of attention and my ears seemed to show that by turning red like tomato.

    I hope I will figure it out. Make him amazed.

    2. Play on a  gaming console

    ​Honestly, I don't know how kids these days convince their parents to buy them one. When I start earning I will try to get myself one.

    3. Meet my old friends

    ​I still remember most of my old friends. I was mostly alone and was onto books and cars from my childhood.I was a late speaker as I had no one of my age to interact with me.

    But when I shifted to a new place . I made many friends due to my qualities and personality. They were never judgedmental to me. I played, enjoyed and celebrated with them.

    Time and opportunity separated us all, to make a career and fortune. When the latter gets accomplished, I will try to meet them.

    4. Traveling to my village Kuti

    The last time, I visited my village was when I was in 4th grade. The excitement, thrill and journey always occupied my me. At that time there were not many options to reach there, so the only option was walking for 4 days.

    Kuti is a beautiful place to be in, situated at an altitude of 3650 meters. It's one of the most coolest and awesome place.

    5. Explore

    ​Yes, I want to explore the country I am born and currently living (that is India). I have studied so many things in books, but not experienced it yet. The topography, geography and culture always fascinated me.

    6. Driving a car

    ​I am still clueless about driving a car. I practiced few times but wasn't good in gear shifting and was quite nervous. Sometimes, forgot that hand break was applied.

    7. Have my own personal library

    ​I still think and do insist reading books in solitude is the best way to open up our mind. I still love reading books from my earlier days mainly on universe(only got  my hands on very few books). I will also try to read books on Harry Potter ( as I never understood the movie).

    8. Get back in shape

    After restraining myself 4 year from sports. I got a bit chubby. I want to exercise regularly to be more fit than, I was earlier.

    9. Invention……… (Well when I do one I will surely write it down)

  6. In today’s trendy world all are caught with moving forward, we sometimes miss doing stuff that we like, things that will make us alive, things which makes us feel hysteria.

    No single person in the world has a single digit dream in his list, each would probably have notebook of stuffs they are excited to do. I can’t list all of them, but I can list those which tops the list.

    1. Creating a Wild Life sanctuary of my own: Sounds crazy right! But the fact is, it is one of my dream. Forests are turned to concrete jungle and all I see is a destruction brought upon us.

      Do you know Dr. A.K. Malhotra and Pamela Malhotra?

    1. The photo taken is not in some tourist places, it’s taken in their backyard. Just imagine how much they would have struggled to make this happen. The result of their is just marvelous.

      The couple, passionate about wildlife and nature conservation, bought 55 acres of land to plant native trees and protect the environment. Today, they are responsible for creating over 300 acres of wild life sanctuary that hosts animals like Bengal Tigers, Asian Elephants, Hyena, Wild Boar, Leopards, Sambhar, etc

      For more details on this couple please read reach the below link:
      The Couple Who Bought Barren Land In 1991 And Transformed It Into A 300 Acre Wildlife Sanctuary – The Better India

      Maybe I can’t create a forest, but at least I wanted to buy a huge land some where outside the city(Because I can’t afford a huge piece of land in City). Built a small lake with fishes in it. Plants some trees which provides shade, plants flowers and shrubs and many more which can bring peace to people who may visit it.

    2. Around the World to Learn Culture: Of Course! travelling the world is not something new. Everyone has this in their list, But my wish to travel the world is not only to see or enjoy the picturesque places. I wanted to travel and also learn their culture. Learn the way they dress, Learn the mythological stories behind their walls, learn their Food habits, their dress sense, etc.

      Some cultures amaze us while some are really bizarre. Cultures which is not touched by the technology as an interesting beliefs and tradition. Tribes which are hidden in jungle from the modern world are the ones who still follow their ancestors way while we all dropped our cultures to adapt a new one.

      I practically have a curiosity to learn new cultures whether they are nerve tickling or shocking.

  7. I’m writing an answer after 8 months. All these days and weeks, I won’t say, I was inactive , rather I was under a hibernation mode. To restore my innings, I don't think, there could have been a better question to start off with. I wrote my last answer to "What is my biggest regret in life?" and today I'm putting off the hiatus sheet with this "What I want to do at least once before I die?"

    Now, the answer to this question can be given in several ways with a philosophical backdrop or maybe with a materialistic backdrop. I am close to completing 26 years of life and that is almost 35% of my life (assuming I get to write my final quora answer in 2056, which makes it 40 years more from now).

    So, basically, the question can be further pruned to "What do I want to do at least once in my next 40 years?". Surely, the question now makes a lot of sense and carries sufficient weight? I've my bandwidth and overall scenario locked.

    Now ,allow me to split these 40 years further:

    26 years to 35 years :Time to do most of the hard work. Period during which I need to completely settle down.

    36 years to 45 years : Time to enjoy the most with my future family. Perform most of the family obligations. Accumulate savings.

    46 years to 55 years : Time to spend those savings. Discharge the obligations Getting yourself free & begin to enter the retirement phase.

    56 years to 65 years : Retirement phase. Practically no work out of compulsion, rather more out of free will. Settling kids & spending time with the spouse.

    So, my next 40 years, ideally can be classified into 4 categories:

    Category A : Professional period

    Category B : Household period

    Category C : Expenditure period

    Category D : Retirement period

    Now, my desire to do a particular thing would depend on respective category of life period. A particular thing best suited for category A would never reap much enjoyment if done during category C and like something best suited for category D won't be an ideal affair if performed during category B.

    So, here I'm enlisting my bucket list categorized into my different life periods. I wish to do a particular thing as mentioned during that particular life period itself and specially like before the next life period begins.

    Category A :

    1. Constructing a house & an office on my own.
    2. Achieving a level of income, where I can easily donate 10% of my earnings.
    3. Being able to balance work such that I’m able to spend sufficient time with family.
    4. Ensuring I’m able to spare sufficient time to write answers on Quora.

    Category B :

    1. Ensuring my kids get best of the education and skills.
    2. Ensuring my better half is financially independent, secured & satisfied
    3. Ensuring my family is proud of me & relaxed.
    4. Ensuring I’m able to spare sufficient time to write answers on Quora.

    Category C:

    1. Ensuring my family gets best of luxuries, comforts & are always in a peace of mind.
    2. Ensuring I’m able to support dreams of my children.
    3. Ensuring I’m able to fulfill all the desires of my parents & better half.
    4. Ensuring I’m able to spare sufficient time to write answers on Quora.

    Category D:

    1. Ensuring I get to binge all my favorite movies and TV shows which I could not do during the earlier three categories.
    2. Ensuring I get to read the best of the literature and content.
    3. Ensuring I get to do as much writing I can do.
    4. Ensuring I get to socialize as much I can.
    5. Ensuring I’m able to travel as much as I can.
    6. Ensuring I’ve no enemies and no bitter relations with anyone.
    7. Ensuring I’ve no debt.
    8. Ensuring I’m able to be a reason of pride to my family, friends & colleagues.
    9. Ensuring I’m able to fairly distribute my wealth among my heirs.
    10. Ensuring I’m able to achieve a state of complete “Satisfaction”

    The answer written above is actually quite a broad picture answer. I could’ve easily drawn a materialistic bucket list of kissing a statue of liberty & dancing in Vegas and all that shit. But in true sense, before I die, I want to be completely “Satisfied” (Santosham Param Sukham).

  8. If I am going to die today,WTF!! what iam gonna do..can i save myself ?.. at one side i can totally be sad, give my goodbyes and watch the ticking clock as a Time Bomb!! In-fact this time will become worse than dying!

    In morning i get to know that i am going to die tonight. I just have this day in hand First thing To do is :

    Skip the bath 😛 (Seriously who cares about germs any more! You are going to die)

    Eat all the stuff you love and eat a lot of them (No diabetes or Blood-Pressure can kill you in one day, Enjoy!! )

    Try smoking with tag line “Smoking kills Who cares” !!

    If you are single and have any girl in mind.. this is the best time to propose!!
    If she says “No” you are not going to be sad as you won’t be there tomorrow. If she says “yes” Lucky man!! at-least you managed to cross all those who died single 😛

    Ever wanted to do crazy on the roads, this is your time!!

    Give away your hard-disk or laptop to someone who can care! or You can always wish to take it to your grave!! you probably don’t wanna get bored there.

    Its best time to do what scared you the most was it swimming , Rock climbing, Scuba diving , air skeying or driving on highway with speed above 170! Anything go and just do it (PS: don’t kill anyone else in the process :P)

    If you want to become famous : Go ahead and write any answer on Quora (or Post on facebook ) that i am gonna die please give me these many up-votes. If somehow they actually come to know that you died just imagine how many sympathy votes you will get! You will get famous though you will never know 😛

    In the end just before the moment, call a private number and that’s gonna encrypt all the secret data you have in your drive!!! 😉

    Goodnight bbyee!!

  9. I want to visit Pakistan side of Kashmir, I know as an Indian it is not possible until the relationship gets better between India and Pakistan.

    Some of the places on my wishlist are-

    1. Fairy Meadows- 15 Ravishing Images Of Fairy Meadows – SHUGHAL

    2. Rakaposhi view point- kendalljenner.fun fan club Rakaposhi View Point with Instagram

    Nothing can be better than seeing an ice fall in Karakoram range.

    3. Atabad lake- Ataabaad Lake, an amazing lake formed due to landsliding. | GBiT

    4. Khunjerab pass- پاک چین سرحد خنجراب میں برف باری کا نیا سلسلہ شروع

    5. Husaini bridge- Hussaini Suspension Bridge

    I want to meet the people of Gilgit Baltistan ( Hunza valley and Gilgit)

    Additional fact,

    The area of kashmir valley under administration of India is 15,9458 sq. Km.

    The area of Azad kashmir is 13,297 sq. Km and area of Gilgit Baltistan is 72,971 sq. Km, these areas are under administration of Pakistan.

    Now, I can only visit 1/7th of the actual area of Kashmir due to ongoing tensions between the nations.

    I really want India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue with Pacifism (as there is no end to war ), so I could visit these and some other beautiful destinations located on the other side of the border.

  10. Life can be made legendary if we know that its limited and will end one day. So, the thought of living the last day of my life comes with the things which I had been wanting to do but coundnt do because of the worry that it will have an impact on future. But when no future exits then living in the present is the only option and I feel is the best ever!! So, here are the few things I would love to do before my last day arrives:-

    1. Thank everyone by writing letters for the people around me for their love.
    2. Run because being an asthma patient I could hardly run in my life.
    3. Ask a Girl for a quick date!Would write a page about my journey of life.
    4. Would teach to everyone about the mistakes I committed and will tell them dont shy away from making those.
    5. Tell them to be fearless.
    6. Would give all my belongings to the people in need.
    7. Hug and kiss my parents as I had always shy away from doing that! and express my love for them fully!

    P.S. This will surely be an ideal day of my life! May GOD grant me this 🙂

  11. THINGS TO DO :

    Things to do Now That Will Make Your Life Better and most importantly its possible in India too.


    Skydiving is a sport conjoin a skydiver skipping down from an airplane or similar craft while it is parachuting and flying to the ground.

    Skydiving can be done individually and also with other people. Training is needed to go alone. The jump can also be made from bottom of a hot air balloon or helicopter from 4000m or 13,000 ft. Skydiving can be an provocative sport.

    In emulative skydiving, participants are judged according to their style in free fall and their precision in landing to a indicated point.

    Skydiving in India is currently available at Mysore, Bangalore & Gujarat…..
    Pondicherry Skydiving is temporarily not available But it may resume very soon…

    • BIKING :

    Biking is the sport of riding bike or bicycles off-road, often over drastic territory. Bikes share equality with other bikes, but inclusive features structural to expand patience and performance in rough territory.

    Biking is excel by these major categories like..

    1. Downhill
    2. Cross-country
    3. Free ride
    4. All Mountain
    5. Dirt Jumping
    6. Trail Riding/Biking
    7. Urban/Street
    8. Marathon
    9. Trials
    10. Four Cross

    The feelings for this things to do before you die is more amazing and have ultimate experience ever of throughout life.

    Source : http://adtubeindia.com/blogs/201

  12. I’ve tried my best to make a list of things to do that will cost you nothing/very less.

    1. Experiment. Say yes to something that intimidates you, pushes you out of your comfort zone but also excites you.
    2. Overcome one of your worst fears. If you have a phobia for deep waters, learn how to swim through it.
    3. Learn a new language or two.
    4. Fall in love. Love them more than anything in this world. Love them not because you want to be loved back, love them because you cannot help it.
    5. Be passionate about something and let others know what you can do. You love writing? Start a blog. You love decking up? Show others how to. Start a youtube channel. You can sketch? Start an instagram handle. Don’t hide away those talents.
    6. Live in another city for at least 3 years. The farther from your previous residence, the better. You’ll learn things you didn’t even know that you didn’t know.
    7. Travel. Go on long road trips. Don’t take your smartphone with you. Have one of those basic phones to contact in case of emergencies. They have a prolonged battery life too.
    8. Be impulsive. If you see someone cute, don’t hesitate to ask them out. Call an old friend whom you haven’t talked to in a long time. Like Nike says, Just Do it. Don’t bother about the consequence.
    9. Get completely drenched in the rain. You know those showers without thunder/lightning and it’s simply pouring down heavily yet harmlessly? Those kind. Dance, run, jump, do whatever you feel like. You’ll feel exhilarated. Totally worth it even if you catch a cold.
    10. Adopt a pet. Take care of it like it was your baby. You’ll know what parenting is like.
    11. Go to a music concert. Sing along with the band and the crowd. Participate in a flash mob or run a marathon. The energy is amazing.
    12. Fall asleep holding the hand of someone you love, under a starlit sky.

    Will keep updating the list if I come up with more. 🙂

    Thanks for the A2A, Venkatesh N. 🙂

  13. *********************** THE INEVITABLE BUILD-UP **********************************

    I am an Indian (north Indian, just to be particular) born in the early nineties. My dad is a defense personnel. As I grew up and started understanding things with my continually improving cognitive abilities, I got acquainted with our neighboring country Pakistan. My father once tried explaining the situation in Kashmir to me and how it was and still continues to remain a bone of contention for the two countries. Before I could grasp the idea and decide who is right, Pakistan, India or the Kashmiri separatists, the Kargil War of 1999 had already started which embittered the then-going peace talks.

    As I started watching television apart from the cartoons, I found out about the frequent terrorist activities, bomb blasts, and hate speeches which were something both the countries were suffering from. And the same television served the purpose of creating a villainous image of the entire country on the basis of inhuman acts which were committed by some select elements.

    When books came into my life, I read more about the history of our subcontinent which I found to be a masterpiece painted with all the wonderful colours. But with time, this painting more recently (talking in the sense of history, modern times) was colored with the red of the people who all belonged to the motherland. Fate delivered two big cuts into the geographical fabric of the subcontinent. Fate, along with its human collaborators with economic and political motives, continued to use its relentless pair of scissors on other fabrics as well but little damage they could do to the cultural one.

    Talking about the present, a lot of terrorist attacks still continue to plague Pakistan as I read on internet. Plus from what I have seen on internet, I believe only some people there like Indians (but all of them are like Indians). At present I have just stepped into my early twenties and apprehensions of this sort continue to crop inside me whenever I think about visiting the country on a tourist visa.

    ******************************THE CRUX ***********************************
    But if there is one thing I would surely do before dying (being realistic, here) is go visit Pakistan where the remains of the first civilization in the subcontinent and one of the firsts in the world are still there. I want to roam on the streets of Pakistan as freely as I do in India. Meet people with whom we share more than just borders and cricket. Eat with them the delicious food the recipes of which have been passed on from generations to generations for centuries. Sit with them and read Ghalib , Faiz , Sahir Ludhianvi or folklore of Heer Ranjha. Sing with them the songs of saints which belonged to our land and roamed about teaching people how to love humanity above faiths.
    May be I can talk to them about Gandhi and how great a man he was. I would do it when I am older by a few decades, they would probably be more willing to listen to me then. Yes, as one thing to do before dying, I would like to extend my hand towards the people of Pakistan, and I would like to do it personally in their country :).

  14. when you are born, there wont exist any set of rules/things that you must do!

    A normal thing to do is LIVE joyfully with others ( with family and friends). A pet would create more enthusiastic atmosphere, so can own one and to adore it and it only brings happiness.

    Universe is broader than one can imagine! its impossible to travel around this universe or to even think u can see a parallel universe!

    You live on this beautiful earth which has magnificent and breathtaking beautiful places , enjoying them with your eyes would be amazing.

    Knowledge is power, every time you learn something new it will only give you happiness and confidence. Can have interest in reading books.

    there's too many awesome food in the world, enjoy the youth and food when you can! don't miss to enjoy the food and you can have a list of what all you want to try. Ohhhhh YUMMMYY!

    can lead a adventurous life traveling , list out what you want to do before dying(bucket list), what are the adventures you want to try , for ex: riding in hot air balloon, swimming with dolphins, visiting 7 wonders of the world etc.

    life can get thrilling by doing more little things like campaigning with friends/ family.

    playing games and making memories each and every day and can even find happiness in simple flow of life, love-marriage- children and experiencing every stage of it.

    My last thoughts are if you are AMBITIOUS, achieve something before you die and help how much you can to the people and to live a harmonious life.

  15. PUBLIC SERVICE {especially something for poor}

    My aim in life is to earn more and spend maximum of it for those deprived of it. And that’s what i want to do before i die.

    Whenever I see a poor old lady , children begging or anybody lacking the necessities of life it really makes me sad . Why only government is being blamed for poverty ? Why can’t a normal citizen do something for the betterment of society? Why are our youngsters so heartless? What if you were in that condition or pain?

    We need to think about our people struggling with this problem. India is not a poor country but the thinking of some people are making it poor here.

    This problem can be solved by providing better infrastructure to the poors, educating them and with right health policy in the country and youngsters can play a vital role here .

    My decision to go for CIVIL SERVICES is this only .

    Also “ TALISMAN” by Mahatama Gandhi motivates me alot which says:

    May God bless the reader 🙂

  16. I have SO many. The list keeps getting bigger with every passing day. But here's some of them.

    1. Skydive
    2. Backpack around Spiti, Ladakh, Leh, Valley of Flowers, Ireland and Goa.
    3. Go on a catamaran ride and jump into mid-sea.
    4. Adopt a dog.
    5. Be someone's bridesmaid at a church wedding.
    6. Campfire at the beach with strangers.
    7. Witness a star storm, stare at Northern Lights, meteor showers. Wish on them.
    8. Meet Superstar Rajinikanth.
    9. A karaoke night.
    10. Guitar lessons, woodworking and learn Bengali.
    11. Build a private library.
    12. Become a location independent artist and designer.
    13. Buy a small telescope and the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection.
    14. Go on a random date with someone with whom I have no prior introductions with.
    15. Start a travel journal.
    16. Learn martial arts. Kickboxing has been on my mind for a long time.
    17. Learn to cook like Amma and Paati. (That's my mother and grandmother respectively)
    18. Be a part of a flash mob.
    19. See blue eyes on a boy.
    20. Attend new year celebration's party and see what the fuss is all about.
    21. Own an airy loft-studio.
    22. Read all the works of Bukowski and Neruda.
    23. Witness Durga Pooja at Calcutta, Vinayak Chaturthi at Bombay, Onam in Kerala and celebrate Holi at the ghats of Varanasi.
    24. Read Subramania Bharathi, in Tamil, on my own.
    25. Sky lanterns.
    26. Work night shifts at a cinema theatre.
    27. Meet someone named Kyle or Kylie.
    28. Travel atop a running train/bus, travel in the back of a truck to a destination.
    29. Play football in the rain.
    30. Bike along Western ghats.
    31. Become a published author.
  17. Seriously, i want to do lot of things before i die..
    1. I want to explore the world (solo trip alone )
    I want to visit world's amazing places, visit diff countries, want to meet new diff kind of people having diff shades..want to live fully, I really want to climb the mountain which will be at its peakest point and want to shout..as shown in YJHD.. 😉
    2. I want a trip with my besties to leh  ladakh by bike – 
    i know it will be the best thing will happen to me ever..
    3. I want to sleep under the sky full of stars with moonlight near a sea shore peacefully – most probably with someone i love. i really would love to spend one night like that having deep conversation with him.. 🙂
    4.I want to say thank you to my parents – It feels akward now to say thank you to them or sometimes i say it through my actions too but still i want to say thank you for this life to them loudly and want to tightly hug them..
    5.I want to live life in such a way that i will be someone's ideal model
    It will feel more proud to be someone's ideal person/ role model..i want to live my life in such a way that some one will think i am ideal..
    6. I want to dance whole night in party  –  probably it may sound weired and akward too but still i want to dance whole night in party or at club without even thinking of someone..that what others will think of me..!?
    7. I want to attend live concert of any singer most probably arjit singh with my besties –
    I will really love to attend night full of music, loud music,dance with besties or loved one
    8.I want to run in a marathon
    Yeah..nor to win but to run fast as much as i can..so that i can utilize my energy and stamina and will have proud feeling for lifetime 🙂 😉
    9. I want to save someone's life
    It can be in any form, but if i ever would get any chance to save anyone's life i will do it..
    10. I want to see night life in mumbai
    Have read and heard about night life in mumbai a lot..i want to experience that..want to seat peacefully at marine drive with the blowing wind playing with my hairs 😉 🙂
    11.I want to live in different country – not for lifetime because i love my india..but to know about their culture and lifestyle i will really love to spend 2 years in another country
    12.I want to see that ghoasts are exists or not really by taking a sleepover at haunted place 😉
    It is true that ghoasts exists or are they rumours..Dont want to die with that confusion 😉
    13.I want to swim in the ocean
    Though i am not a perfect swimmer still i want to experience it in my life.
    14.Finally i want to follow and live dream – i want to do something different that will give me immense pleasure and i want to follow that dream and live peacefully
    15.last but not the least i want to think that " I lived fully not only survived " during my last breath.. 🙂

  18. Thanks for A2A Anwesha Chakraborty

    There are things that I want to do before I die.

    • To see this my my own eyes.

    The northern lights

    • And this….

    Atacama, Chile

    • And this…

    The Place where sun never sets. The Midnight Sun, Norway.

    • And this…

    The theatre of Dreams, The Old Trafford, Manchester

    • And finally, live the remaining days of my life peacefully in my city,here….

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Thanks for reading



  19. Write letters to those you love. Tell them what they have meant to you and how they impacted your life. Tell them what you wish for them.

    Write letters for your young children, grandchildren, and even those descendants not yet born. Tell them what you learned in life, what challenges you overcame, and what successes you had. Pass on your values, beliefs and faith to them.

    Write letters to those you may be estranged from, those you’ve hurt or those who have hurt you. Express your regret for the hurt, whether you were to blame or not. Heal old wounds. At one time they were important in your life. Go back to that time and rekindle the affection you felt for each other.

    It’s often easier to say what you mean and feel in a letter than it is to verbalize it. The letters don’t have to be long — a page or two at most. Often a couple of paragraphs will cover what you want to say. It’s not as important how you write it or how much you write, as it is that you just write what’s in your heart. The main thing is — just do it.

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