What is the best picture of you?


If she knew I was publishing this, I'd be black and blue for a month. Like so many “older” women, she doesn't like to be photographed. I have some wonderful, professional shots from our wedding, when she was 44, some candids from our honeymoon a few months later, a scattering from her 40's and 50's, and a few from the last half decade. This one, from last November, is a sneak shot that she doesn't know I got.

It is in the US National Botanical Gardens in Washington DC, in the tropical atrium near the entrance. The hair? One trim post chemo. Used to be a lot darker. Now somewhat longer, it bit more stylish, and sporting a purple streak on the upper right (her right) bangs.

It was the day I got to introduce a woman who rarely sees 10AM to one of the best experiences of my life. Dawn on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. For those not familiar, the statue of Lincoln faces east to Washington's obelisk, and the Capital. The sun comes up behind the capital and Washington's obelisk, directly into Lincoln's face. Bring coffee or tea, your favorite pastry, and a pre-perused newspaper on which to sit, because those marble steps are COLD regardless of air temp.

As the sun comes up, you have a few young, hearty tourists walking around. Then there's the runners. Marines and army, mostly, and you can tell by the tags under their shirts, and the Rocky runs up the steps, much longer than those in Philly, and the man at the top, sitting in quiet contemplation. Join him. It makes about a half hour from first light to the sun coming over Washington's spire. Time well spent.

She put it in the memory bank's, and I'll get to carry it for us both later. The look of delight as the sun first poked over the dome. The look of contemplation as a 6'2″, 200 pound Marine triple stepped to the top, looped the open side under Mr. Lincoln's gaze then loped down four steps at a time and headed for the Capital.

Michelangelo would have been looking for a suitable chunk of marble.

This picture is all I need to summon that morning.

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  1. Just one picture,eh? There are many photos close to my heart. It's hard to pick one. Still I'd like to nominate this one.

    My first close interaction with BSF at Wagah Border,Punjab.

    Last year I went for a vacation to Kashmir via Amritsar along with my parents and best friend's family. I,always drawn to military and paramilitary personnel wanted to visit Wagah border badly  and witness the famous beating retreat ceremony. Everyone except my dad was against me as they preferred  Kolkata to Delhi flights. However,like  always my wish was granted at the end.We landed in Amritsar in the torrid heat of an April afternoon. We reached the previously booked hotel, unpacked,had bath and lunch and immediately set for Wagah Border . After crossing a series of hurdles and checking we finally were there around 3 p.m.

    The area was covered  under the tight vigilance of BSF ,specially in the afternoon as the spectacle of the ceremony attracts many visitors from both sides of the border, as well as international tourists.  Buses arrived with passengers from Lahore, touch of great solidarity and hospitality could be seen in everything by the BSF soldiers.

    Beating retreat ceremony happens every evening before the sunset ,we had to wait for almost three hours. Sitting three hours at a stake in the scorching heat of April summer afternoon in Punjab! Everyone was exhausted,thirsty. Being a sun sensitive ,I was about to faint,blood was coming out from my nose. I thought of returning to hotel. Then

    this sight caught my eyes.  I could sense the hardship and  toiling yet rigorous experience of the soldiers including BSF's women on a daily basis . If they can sacrifice everything for the sake of motherland ,why can't I bear simple heat just for one day? I picked up myself and went to interact with them with my cam.

    I talked to them,approached them to have a photo with me.  Their upright posture , fit physique, valiant gesture ,righteous and gracious look on their sweat covered faces overwhelmed me.

    Then the magical and indescribale moment came! Before the commencement of the retreat ceremony,they allow a few spectators to wave the national flag at the Indo-Pak border.Luckily, I got the opportunity to experience the patriotic moment in any Indian's life. Commandant passed the flag to me and asked to wave the flag at the border.Everyone's eyes on me,soldiers from the side watching me,me holding the national flag. Nervous yet proudest moment of my life!  Selection in the campusing,my first job,foreign tour,promotion nothing can match the glory,pride and honour I experienced that day! That day I felt the true meaning of "Proud Indian."

    Then the blustering parade by the soldiers from both the sides followed by perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations' flags started. It's a daily military practice by the security forces of India(Border Security Forces ) and Pakistan(Pakistan Rangers) followed since 1959 at Wagah border .

    It is called the beating retreat border ceremony on the international level. One infantryman  stands at attention on each side of the gate. As the sun sets, the iron gates at the border are opened and the two flags are lowered simultaneously. The flags are folded and the ceremony ends with a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the closing of the gates again. I was fortunate enough to record the whole ceremony on my cam.

    When we are sleeping safe at home, BSF’s men and women are having scorching rigorous day and more alerted  night outs at the international border. Yes, these are the brave soldiers protecting our motherland. After all, our borders are not the easiest places to guard! But they are the soldiers of BSF, always "ON DUTY TO DEATH".

  2. “Your” best picture can meet which photo of me I like best, or which photo I’ve taken that I like best. I’ll answer both:

    This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. This is Red. I worked with Red when I volunteered at SoFla’s largest no kill shelter. I started walking her because she was medical (bum knees, musta been a running back in her pre-rescue life LOL). Came to find out that she was not well socialized, had separation anxiety, was an escape artist extraordinaire and would occassionally try to eat another dog for no obvious reason (I’m sure she had reasons, she just couldn’t tell me). One-on-one, Red was perfect. She learned leash manners and other manners, ate fine on her own but would not stay in a cage/kennel. Ever. She needed a home that would accomodate a 40ish pound dog with moderate exercise needs, someone home most of the time and a need to be kept away from cages & cats. It took 2 years, but Red got her perfect home.

    Why I love this photo so much? Red didn’t “show” well. She was shy & would sometimes forget her manners when stressed. However, when I was with her or one of her known handlers …. this was Red. This happy, flirty, funny, affectionate girl. This is how I imagine her in her furever home. That’s why this is a favorite photo that I’ve taken.

    One of my favorite photos of me. We are lucky to have a friend who has a beautiful lake house and is very generous sharing it. This is me, meditating on the dock. This photo evokes the feelings of not only happiness staying with my family & friends but the peace of the moment.

  3. This photo is from my recent trip to Poovar Lake in Kerala.


    I found a job after dropping out and being broke for some time; a job where I am well respected for what I do and pays me well. In essence of this, I decided to take a trip to a place every month, on the weekend.

    This very photo ended up being my favourite for various reasons –

    1. I have always wanted to visit Kerala’s backwaters.
    2. I ended up looking like a noob-tourist, wearing a tee which had prints of coconuts; didn’t intend to wear, but it was really hot so the choice of a lighter colour.
    3. The safety jacket made me live my MMORPG dreams, to an extent.
    4. Usually one would prefer a selfie, but I am cheating here a bit; I am brought up in Mumbai, and the very man ensuring my safety on these waters happened to have worked in the city that never sleeps (it is Mumbai, the city) for many years. One would correct me saying that it is him doing his job, but I see the dedication to service in his eyes that I noticed when I was going through the pictures in my hotel room.

    I would like to take another minute of your life.

    It is past midnight and I was lazy to open my folder and scavenge; a better option was opening Instagram, copying the photo and pasting it here. It didn’t work at first. I right clicked, hit view “page source,” and after reading through codes, I found the directory

    The highlight in blue is the link where one can copy, open in a new tab, and save/copy with ease. It works all the time, and someone would not even need to screenshot your page, even though Instagram has been working on notifying users about screenshots.

    Even worse is that is lets you download in the same quality as it is on Instagram, which means that your identity/work could be stolen, without image degradation.

    I am unsure if it affects most people who will read, but I am not well versed in coding/photo editing, and could be wrong. Notify me for any mistakes/misunderstandings and I will remove this ASAP.

  4. Originally Answered: Which one is your best picture and why?

    Depends on the definition of your picture.

    The best picture of me, in my opinion, was taken by a photographer for a newspaper with the quite flattering note Parkour expert.

    My favourite picture that I’ve snapped myself was with a friend during a harsh winter in Scandinavia, with some help of an aircraft lamp and a fog machine.
    I kind of like its mysterious feeling.

    According to others it might be this one though, as its my only picture ever to score a prize in a photography contest.

  5. One?? That depends!

    Do you want one…

    …where I’m happy?

    Seasoned roller coaster riders being utterly thrilled by the Harry Potter castle ride! We felt like four year olds!

    …where I’m relaxed?

    Bed, kitties, self-care post-it notes and index cards, crochet practice hearts… home!

    …where I’ve decided I’m flawless?

    My sister’s hat? Borrowed. My sorority’s tank top? I forget what I paid. Taking a picture because I finally realized there was nothing morally wrong with wearing pajamas all day if that was self-care for me? Priceless! No shame necessary.

    …where I think I look like a celebrity?

    What you can’t necessarily see is how profoundly unhappy I am. I took this picture because I got myself all dressed up and motivated to go to a party and then couldn’t find the party, which plunged my mood even lower than it had been already.

    …where I feel like a total bad ass?

    This is St. Pete Pride! I finally made myself a mohawk like I’d been meaning to ever since I got my half-shave, half-undercut. That’s about half a tube of hair gel lol. The rainbow gift bow turned out even better than expected!

    …where I’m doing what I love?

    This is my Renaissance Festival character/costume! I’m Wendy Weaver, lovely to meet you!

    I could go on and on…!

    My pictures remind me of all the good times and fantastic people in my life.

    When I’m sad, looking through my phone’s photo library can be really grounding. The pictures help me focus on the positive in my life instead of the negative – and once I do that, it’s much easier to believe that the bad times will pass and good times will return eventually.

    Hope that helps!


    Star Army ⭐️ Quora Guild

  6. My best picture of me is me with a SNAKE.

    Most sporting snake I ever across in my life back in the december of 2015.

    That chap stopped for a while and posed around for a dozen photos till I had enough material to send my CV across to Raghu for MTV Roadies with ‘Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ as the cover letter. I didn’t make it to the show, obviously because you need to drink Mountain Dew before all acts of daredevilry and all I drank was Milk then and all i drink is Antiquity Blue now. I also mailed the same to Rohit Shetty but didn't make it to Khatron ke Khiladi either, because unless you are blowing him, or he is blowing up cars, he's hardly impressed. He would rather lock himself and Tushar Kapoor in a room, just to put random things in the latters mouth only to 'work' on the the kind of voices, a mute Tushar Kapoor can blabber out in Golmaal 4. I am just guessing it would not be easy to blabber fucked up gibberish unless your mouth is actually fucked. (speech impediment,obviously)

    Nevertheless I returned with a bowl of milk to elevate my friendship with the snake to brotherly love and also celebrate an untimely Nag panchmi, but that chap was long gone when I returned with no notes left behind saying he was going to return next week or any other week. I thus, missed out on a golden opportunity to make 'a powerful friend with direct blessings of Lord Shiva' cause you know 'दूध का कर्ज़' can get you all the divine clout you need, especially when some sadistic humans are needlessly harassing you. Who has ever been prosecuted for if your snake's bite has actually caused the death of someone who overwhelmingly deserves it?

    Disappointed, I made coffee from all the milk and added a little bit of whisky to tide over my sadness. I was later offered milk from the snake for my chivalry who had taken the picture of me and the snake in the first place. I thought all snakes and friends of snakes had milk to stay alive so I didn’t shoot down the offer.

    Now to think of it, you can never truly know which snake is going to turn out poisonous.

  7. Hey ! Actually My Elder sister takes tuition at my home in the evening. She handle classes from 1st class to 7th class.Many Kids will come to our tuition and In absence of my sister I will take care for sometime.

    Kids are really Amazing ! They catch Up easily after we say what is wrong and what is right ! In another way Their is big smile on their faces if we fulfill their wishes.

    Like buying Chocalate for them.

    Offering New dress to them. A smile at the moment is very precious !!

    One day I was handling my sister tuition for sometime and I was asking their name and their school name .Kids said very boldly their names. Kids told stories and many said Poems and many said Rhymes !

    I was so loved to hear those stories and poems and rhymes and at that moment I went 15 years back on my age.

    At the end I offered them Chocalates and they started telling their own story happened in school and in home.Everyone was so happy. We took some selfies.

    Lakshmi Priya knows Bharadhanatiyam and she knows that I like to watch Bharadhanatiyam. Yeah !! I like to watch to those Traditional Dance.

    Lakshmi Priya a 5th standard girl danced Bharadhanatiyam in front of all and she made me to feel happy.I was so Excited to watch that.

    I never forget this moment and This is my favorite Picture.

    Lakshmi Priya & Myself

    I posted this photo in Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook got more Number in likes and I showed to her and she smiled. Ever her parents saw that photo in Facebook and said My daughter really Looks Pretty in this !!

    Thanks for reading !

  8. Now if best = coolest, then definitely this!

    Now someone created this for me, and sent it across. There are a couple of devices via which you can do this (Other than an editing software), but I’m not going to list them or go into detail because then it would look like blatant advertising, and I’m sharing this picture because I just love it so much, being the caffeine addict that I am.

    In addition to that, these are some of my best (favorite) pictures!

  9. My best picture?

    • Do you mean to say a picture taken by me?
    • Or the picture of mine?

    No problem I'll consider it to be the 1st one as I have seen some answers that mentioned the picture taken by them.

    Okay,so the best picture taken by me till now is-

    This picture was taken by me during my vacation and from approximately 4–5 kms (aerial distance) away from this beautiful monument.

    It was the time when the sun was about to set and there were certain chances of rain.

    This beautiful scenery seems to be edited but it's 100% genuine.

    Thanks. :))

  10. The Earth is Art, the Photographer is only a Witness.

    My Moto G2 Clicks –

    Hunger drives you crazy.

    Food is what we need.

    Water Jelly.

    Its Hot.

    Spider-man Spider-man…

    Caterpillar waiting to fly.

    When the sunrises, I wake up and chase my dreams…

    Sky is not the limit.

    Haunted tree.

    Chasing the sun.

    Happy Yellow.

    Every ending is the beginning of a new race.

    Home Sweet Home.

    Dry leaves reminds me of old love.

    Noise of them scares us in the darkness.

    Even they are not single. (Leaves Liebe)

    Ganesha’s Favorite.

    Every dark cloud has Silver linings.

    Look at her candid pose.

    I am Phenomenal…

    Take off to your Dreams.

    All we need is a Ray of Light in Darkness.

    Sparkling Light.

    Wine & Dine.

    The King of the Jungle.

    Incredible India.

    Glimpses of Nainital.

    What a Splash…!!!

    Metro Life.

    A perfect Attire makes you feel Confident.


    Light Fountain.

    Can you read what is written ?


    Autumn pic

    Winter is coming.

    The Real Hero.

    Caption less. Can you suggest one ?

    Give me Red.

    The BEAST.




    Night Life – City Lights

    Half Burned.

    Sun kissed.

    I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like…. 🙂

    For more visit – Mr.A (@a.ashootosh) • Instagram photos and videos

    Ashutosh Athawale

    Caption Credits – Pallavi Athawale

  11. As The photograph is the pause button of life

    So Every picture is best which represents your life and feelings. Each picture has its own story. Sometime you are serious , sometime you are moody, sometime you are happy and sometime you are sad.

    Although these pictures are not clear, but i know the story behind them..

    I love this picture in which i am writing something on a paper. My face is not clear but my love for writing can be expressed through it .

    Or this one. It was the last click at Karachi .As it was the day to come back home, so just after breakfast , we visit seaside to enjoy a few happy moments of life there ,it is also a best picture for me with alot of memories.

    then this picture during the youth mentor-ship video at Karachi.

    At last ..Not my ..But the picture of my birthday cake .. (It was on 14th November). My exam was on the same day (Inorganic chemistry) . I was too much angry but my friends gave me a surprise .. Due to their efforts it is a best picture..

    Pic source : My Mobile


  12. Okay, I admit it, I just wanted to have more than two pictures of me on this website. Yes, so far there’s only two… my profile picture, which I felt obligated to put on here, and a picture of me with Theresa May… where I look awful! Plus its a welcome break from endless stuff about politics.

    First of all though… what makes a picture the ‘best’?

    I have pictures which show achievement…

    (Graduating with my Master’s degree)

    I have pictures which make me look rather suave…

    (After a formal at uni)

    Pictures which make me happy…

    (Enjoying the recent snow with my girlfriend)

    And pictures which make me proud…

    (My second MCR college matriculation photo, but with me at the front as President)

    Which picture people think is the best is entirely up to them, but as each of these has particular merit for me I think they’re all the best. Just in different ways by the different feelings they invoke.

  13. Well, this is a combination of two pictures which makes it memorable for me (the best is yet to come).

    Here they are…

    On the left is me, clinging to my brother, five years elder to me.

    Now, this one was taken approximately twenty years later.

    I'm on the right, still clinging to my brother.

    Why is it memorable?

    Though most of the times i don't accept this, but in moments of emotional outbursts, i realise he is a support system for me.

    Growing up as the most-friendly-brothers-in-the-neighbourhood was definitely a memorable experience.

    But what really makes it a golden memory is the fact that i find it extremely difficult to open up with people and he was my practice-ground to learn human behaviour. And he did tolerate me for all my experiments.

    thank you

  14. I’m torn between the two. Someone help.

    Many pregnant women feel insecure about their bodies with a baby bump, I know I did. For the longest time, I struggled to accept the fact I was pregnant and my ever expanding belly. For most of my pregnancy, I didn’t want to be seen by people, I didn’t want to be noticed or stared at. Though when people did approach was to admire and congratulate me. Even that, I didn’t like.

    But I have yet to find anything marginally as magical, beautiful, and empowering as a woman carrying a life inside her and creating a human being all from scratch.

    It’s easy to overlook, but we all exist because some woman carried us in her belly and went through hell to grant us this incredible opportunity to greet the earth.

    Fragile as you were in our wombs, a gazillion complications could’ve happened and prevented you from your very existence. From concieving all the way until babyhood. Every step is pure miracle. Inexplicably intricate work of nature.

    Never take your life for granted. The mere fact you’re alive is worthy of the biggest celebration.

    Needless to mention, I learned to appreciate and love my baby bump soon enough that I was at a huge book sale nine month pregnant. I was feeling particularly proud that I put on a dress. (Mind you, I never wear dresses. Ever.) And I was still grocery shopping on my due date. (One day before I gave birth.)

    Doesn’t look like I was about to give birth, right? Hah.

    My pregnancy was the most crazy yet magical moment of my life. It was depressing, it was invigorating, it was horrifying, it was empowering, it was torturing, it was gratifying. Above everything, it was fulfilling. Being a mother and nurturer fulfills me.

    And the prize?

    I got an eight pound human being!

  15. The best picture for me is the picture taken at the time of my convocation around a year back ( you can see the happiness on my face knowing I made my parents feel proud )

    This is the best photograph of me upto today.

    Thanks, Prasanna. 🙂

  16. According to me i personally have my favorite picture.

    This picture was taken with my mom and dad. It represents the care and support they have taken for me and stands as a symbol that they are always there for me no matter what.

    “Warmth and love”

  17. I have two best pictures all the time on phone.

    1. I used to have a huge crush on a girl in my college but could not ask her out just for coffee also because I was so afraid to talk to her. So I used to stalk her without her notice and go back to my work and studies.One day we were practicing for our college flash mob. And suddenly saw her that she is taking some rest after dance practice so I immediately went to her and asked a photo The moment I asked 4 more girls came to have a photo with me !! Lucky right here we go

    Firstly I thought to have a selfie with her but these 4 girls made her to sit closely to me !!Wow great right !!

    2. The below is the one whenever I look at it makes me think that I look very professional here we go !! An engineer is nothing but pissed off,ruled off,yet look so decent with his attire!!

  18. Date- 17th of December, 2017.

    Today was an amazing day. Want to know why?

    I met Gopalkrishna Vishwanath Sir – my Quora guru for the third time.

    Here is my picture with GV sir. I couldn't stop smiling, at all.

    We were lucky enough to interact with him and also his amazing wife.

    Thank you GV sir for this fantastic meeting. Thank you Meghana Nagesh for the company and the photograph 🙂

    Pc- Meghana Nagesh.

    Thank you for the amazing A2A!

  19. It was the day when I completed 18 years on this planet Earth. My IPCC exams were near so I didn't celebrate with my squad but just clicked few selfies on tea time with my Mom.

    Simply, I don't know anything about the first day with her world. But it was the best day for her after all that pain and medicines, I was declared to be a normal child.

    She had lost 3 times her baby and it was a girl child. Although she had a son, my Dad and her heart was expecting a daughter. Also on the same evening, my Dad had received his fees (40k) for a new assignment in full, which, for an new DTL holder, was a huge amount.


    They named me Trupti because it means satisfaction:-)

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