How far can the Indian navy go from India's shores without violating any other country's water boundaries?

According to the United National Conventions of the Sea, 12 nautical miles from the coast of any country is considered as that country's territorial waters. So any ship can freely pass after that boundary . 200 Nautical miles from the coast is considered as it's Exclusive Economic Zone where only that particular country is allowed to exploit the natural resources like petroleum etc.

Is locking a crying child in a basement a form of abuse (I just remembered my dad doing this to me)?

Everyone responded with yes. I don't disagree.

I feel it's important to know more to gain understanding.

My father would be so repulsed by our crying that he physically could not stand to hear it.

I don't know the specifics. Why you were crying or for how long you were in the basement.

I do know, that I was left to cry things out because it would send him into a rage. It was more for my protection.

He would have to leave or get me outside where the cries were not so amplified.

I wonder now if he may have had a sensory processing disorder because I do and babies crying are unbearable for me.

Interestingly, I have worked with children for years. I can't stop the crying but I can read the warning signs and usually minimize the cries.

Unless the little ones are sick then I use ear plugs. I have had moments where I had to put the baby in a safe place and walk away for a few moments to take a few deep breaths, quiet the ringing in my ears and slow the dizziness.

I'm not looking to excuse the behavior, obviously I would never choose to lock a child anywhere nor abandon them. But this is an old memory that has resurfaced.

If you don't know everything surrounding the event I would suggest talking to your dad and filling in the pieces if this is even possible. I guess my natural response is to try to understand why and not be too hasty to judge but also not condoning nor excusing the event either.

No matter the reason, locking a child in a basement is abuse. I also feel locking a child in a bedroom is abuse however many people will disagree as its a normal practice for many.

To me, locking is the key. You've taken away their freedom. They are in fact prisoners and at your mercy for release. What effect does that have mentally? Yeah. That's abusive.

It's also wrong because what if the worst happens? What if they need to get out but can't? A house fire? Flash flooding?

These thoughts haunt me. I'd hate to be responsible for them not being able to get out.

I hope you are able to resolve this suppressed memory and not let it torment you in future.

How to become less sensitive

Dont show your emotions… or rather dont talk to many persons regarding how you feel… you need to find 1 or 2 person and only talk to them how you feel and what are you thinking , because when you speak to many people regarding your feeling and emotions you become vulnerable. and actually people do change and when they make fun of you later or exploit your feeling you do feel bad. so dont express yourself to everyone, the alternative would to write , write daily anything make a journal and be sure to read it after one week. you will laugh at yourself but at the same time you will understand yourself better.

second is .. i know you have asked this question so i definitely know this… stop crying in every part of emotional drama in movies . i know it is a very small thing but it is true, whenever you feel like crying while watching movie … just observe yourself and control your emotions , it is good practice.

And lastly , i would say there is nothing wrong in being highly sensitive . If you are sensitive then you are a better human being than others , trust me. everyone should be sensitive , the issue is they dont. so it is their problem not yours.

whatever happening in this world , it need more and more people to be sensitive.

Enjoy life 🙂 and brace yourself …. you are in much better state than others…

After getting a CS degree from a Tier 3 college in India, which had no resources, how should I hone my programming skills and knowledge within 6 months so as to secure a job in a good company?

Don’t worry, it’s not just your college. Most other engineering colleges also lack resources. This is one of the reasons that over 90% engineering graduates are unfit for software development jobs

Consequently, graduates don’t have the skills that are required by the industry.
The simplest way to say this is— graduates are not prepared for the jobs roles that are currently available in the industry. While there’s shortage of data scientists in India , and this demand for data scientists is growing there are hardly resources to provide skills in this domain to graduates.

Now, I am going to cut through competitive programming, building a Github profile, growing your network etc. and tell you exactly what you can learn to get a job.

So what job roles are available for computer science graduates?

For computer science graduates, most job roles in the IT industry are created around—

Front-end development — where you build dynamic interfaces. According to latest demands for the industry, to be a front-end developer, you need to know HTML5, CSS, Jquery, and frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular.js, React.js, etc

Back-end development— where you work on making websites more functional. Again, according to the latest demands of the industry, you need to know a server side programming language like PHP, JavaScript, etc. and frameworks like Node.js, Express.js, etc

Full-stack development — where you work on both front-end and back-end development. Needless to say, you need to technologies that are used across both.

Data Science— where you help businesses to solve problems using data. You need to learn R and Python along with basics statistics and algorithms.

As you may see, the technologies that one needs to know in order to get jobs in the above domains are hardly taught in the colleges. So the first thing you need to do is learn these skills.

Now where can you get a job with the above skills?

Just to give you a brief idea, the jobs for computer science graduates are available — in service-based companies and product-based companies. What’s the difference?

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say, companies like TCS, Cognizant, HCL, etc fall under the category of service-based companies, while companies like Amazon, Food Panda , Zomato fall under the category of product-based companies. Since both these category of companies operate internationally both are multinational companies. But which one is worth to work in ?

Here are the key differences—

  1. As a fresher, you earn anywhere between 3–3.5 lac P.A, (irrespective of the tech domain) while you earn anywhere between 5- 7 lac P.A at a product-based company depending on your proficiency in skills.
  2. While it takes up to 2–3 years for a promotion, you can get a promotion in a matter of 6 months at a product-based company
  3. Once you start working on a technology, you would be stuck with it for as long as you are at a service-based company. While at a product-based company, you get to upgrade yourself as the requirements appear.

If you’re looking for good salary, good growth, and excellent future, product-based companies are the way to go. But, getting a job at a product-based company isn’t easy.

Now, how can you get into product-based companies?
There are two ways to do so—

  1. Apply directly to these companies (on their careers page)
    Most of the times, recruiters ignore (or skipping checking this). So make sure that a career page is working fine, while you apply.
  2. Use platforms like Angellist and other hiring portals.
    Remember that competition would be fierce, since a lot of candidates apply through these portals.

A lot of times you would be faced with rejection and getting your first job could be frustrating. Because recruiters are hesitant about hiring freshers. Since they don’t have a means to assess your skills. However, don’t lose patience.

In fact, I would advise you to follow this simple approach—

  1. Decide a domain and learn the skills that product-companies are looking for in that domain.
  2. Work on a few projects and build your portfolio.
  3. Get hired in your desired domain at a product-based company!

Since you’re yet to start, I would advise you to use edwisor. This platform has a project-based learning model where you learn the skills related to front-end development, backend development, full-stack development, and even data science.

Plus, edwisor helps candidates get hired in product-based companies/start-ups. So give it a try!

What are the Google Ranking Factors?

According to a research which has revealed that there are more than 200 ranking factors that Google use.

However, recently, according to a Search Quality, Senior Strategist at Google itself has revealed about the 3 top ranking signals in the Google’s search algorithm and they are

1) Backlinks.
 2) Content.
 3) Rank Brain.

Anyway, I can assume that after knowing such important facts you must get curious enough to know about you can rank your website in Google, then you are on the right page to find the complete list piled together.

However, the key here is some elements that are mentioned are so true; even some are controversial, and whereas there are other factors related to the search engine ranking but that is regarded as just weird speculations of the SEO nerd.

And to get the compiled and comprehensive information, follow the blog and know the unknown factors responsible for the Google’s SEO ranking.

Myth related to Aging Domain

Google engineer, Matt Cutts itself has claimed that in the algorithm of Google, domain age is an insignificant factor. And as a matter of fact, a Good Content matters more than in the long run of the domain age.

The sentences that are made in concerning with the Domain aging has been very negatively understood and along with the fact, people find the myth as people on online PageRank are not able to determine its weight.

Instead of revealing its algorithm to the general public what Google does is, it provides most of the knowledge on the PageRank from the observation grab from the top websites. And even after the provisions, many people that PageRank is strongly affected by the aging Domain.

The most mysterious significance in the SEO related business is the determining factor of PageRank for the successful venture. What happens most of the time, that content only comes in the second but the primary factor for increasing the PageRank of a website which is considered as its keyword as well as the proper linkage in the inside as well as the outside of any website.

Likewise, wine, aging Domain is itself not the only fact that juxtaposes the “domain age” but instead of the fact this also includes the age of the content itself. And most importantly for being first in the list of the search result, it requires a little bit of early establishment as it has been explained earlier.

Use of Keywords in Domain:-

There is no doubt that having keywords in the domain is an important signal where the keywords appearing in the content affect very well incorporated and positively the search engine results.

Over the matter, we can find a number of debates over the year in the concern of SEO and values of keywords in the domain URL of the website.

Accordingly, in the year 2009, Google’s then-head of webspam Matt Cutts with the help of Google webmaster video, has confirmed that from a pure ranking standpoint of view keywords does help a little bit with its use in URL.

Very recently, the trend analyst of Webmaster John Mueller stated in a Google Webmaster Central Office hour’s hangout, that having keywords in the URLs are a “really small ranking factor”. But even after the fact small can make a big difference even in the grand scheme of things, and this also has compelling reasons from the usability standpoint of view over the relevancy in the include keywords.

According to a new study by Higher Visibility | ERP Software Solutions whose findings were shared exclusively with Search Engine Watch, set out to investigate the relationship between the top-ranked websites that vary from industry to industry and the use of keywords in the URLs.

It has been found that keywords have been used by nearly about two-thirds of top-ranking websites in their URLs but as a matter of fact, this varies significantly from industry to industry.

Use of Keyword as First Word of Domain:-

Keywords, that is used as the first word of the can be regarded as the crucial as well as an indisputable keyword ranking factor that can help tremendously to boost any website’s ranking on the platform of search engines.

Rather than having the keyword placed between words or the last word in the URL, the first most important step for developing and building a brand you must choose a brandable Domain. Step. With the use of the keyword first, some important benefits can be seen in the Search Engine Optimization,

Determining the message that you are trying to convey to your website audiences, must be the first strategy that one must opt for the digital marketing as well as the search engine optimization. Typically, this must be considered best strategy to start with a plan that will help promote and optimize your website for the services that you willing to sell the most.

Length of the Domain Registration:-

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, what he says is “To the best of my knowledge, no search engine has ever confirmed that they use a length of registration as a factor in scoring. If a company is asserting that as a fact, that would be troubling. The primary reason why renew a domain would be if it’s your main domain, you plan to keep it for a while, or you’d prefer the convenience of renewing so that you don’t need to stress about your domain expiring.”

In the same context when we speak about the Domain Registration Length it means for the numbers of years, and amount for the renewal of the domain must be paid in advance in the hands of the Registrar.

Sub-domain and the use of keywords in it:-

By the term Sub-domain what we exactly names is that are basically Web addresses which are created by adding a third-level domain to your existing domain name. We can talk about the is for sale might have the sub-domains is for sale or is for sale. as an example.

As a matter of fact, we can say that keyword ranking factor is to include keywords in the subdomain, we can add more here that Moz’s 2011 panel agrees with the fact that it can actually help in boost rankings.

In spite of the fact Managing, the sub-domains is very simple especially when you keep the same format or style as your actual domain. One of the important use of keywords inside of a sub-domain that it can help you to add an additional on page optimization per your URL structure.

When used properly, sub-domains can help organize the entire website, which will create a more user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website.

For examples:

For domain name-


In conclusion, I would like to show you another factor that will help your overall SEO strategy that is to establish your site, using sub-domains can help you achieve this. Sub-domains are typically viewed as separate entities so that each of the sub-domain can rank their own.

If your website is focusing on local areas, then increase your local optimization with the help of creating local specific and geography targeted sub-domains.

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What preparations are required to join an articleship in Big 4 firms?


Being an interviewee in 2 of the big 4s i.e. KPMG and EY , will try to help out you with this.

  1. You need to be good at carrying yourself in front of the interviewers. They check your confidence more than the knowledge. (Coz I have flunked badly at this in both of the interviews)
  2. Secondly, be good at your basic knowledge like-in AS/Ind-AS and basic taxation. Also, make sure you want to go for audit or taxation and prepare accordingly. If u choose taxation then be good at recent amendments.
  3. Next, if u want to go for taxation than be sure about the vacancies they have coz they asks you to swipe in audit in case they don't have vacancy in tax( which happens in most of the cases) And if ur desire of working in big 4s is greater than working in tax dept then go for audit.

Also, would like to make u aware about the no. Of rounds they have.

  • In first u will be asked to give a writing test which will be regarding your basic maths and questions about accounts and tax.
  • Then next you will have to face HR round where most importantly they'll see ur confidence. And they will only enquire about what's written in ur CV so just be well prepared for what all you have mentioned in your CV. And also there favourite question – ‘tell me about urself'. Just be prepared with this question b'coz they love to listen from your mouth about you and your hobbies instead of going through your CV.
  • Then next is technical round where you will be asked the basics of accounts and taxation.
  • And last will be your Partner's round where some partners of the co.will ask you more technical questions.
  • Sometimes they also keep a GD (group discussion) round.

In total they have 4–5 rounds.

I hope it will help you out. Just be confident about the knowledge you have and yourself.

Gud Luck !

What is your opinion of universal basic income (regardless of how it is funded)?

Ultimately there is no justifiable reason why a country like the US, that produces more than enough food, housing and resources for its citizens should allow a single person to be homeless or go hungry. There is no reason why anyone in this country should be allowed to hoard huge amounts of resources while others as struggling to survive. Only after the latter problem is solved should the former extravagence be allowed. The bottom line is that, with some restructing we can meet the needs of all of our citizens and STILL allow those who want to hoard resources to do this, albeit to a lesser degree.

UBI seems like a great way to – at least partially – address a lot of the problems that are growing in severity and stand to continue growing in the future incuding:

  • increased income inequality,
  • pervasive institutional inequality,
  • decrease in the availability of jobs due to automation,
  • the long term negative effects of temporary personal events (like losing your job, suffering a health related issue),
  • government complexity,

There is no doubt that instituting UBI formally would be a challenge. It would require a serious restructuring of how our government works and how our society functions. It would also be cathartic: lots of people would lose their jobs and have to adapt to the new system, but overall it could stand to provide a net benefit to society. The down-sides: things would be more expensive, consumer culture (and the brands and people that benefit from them) would likely suffer a decline, the extremely wealthy would likely become less wealthy.

UBI is unusual in that is enjoys arguments on both ends of the political spectrum: some liberals find it appealing because it stands to benefit the needy while some conservatives find it appealing because it simplifies and reduces the size of the government. It is an exciting idea (which gets a lot of idealist liberals fired up) but would need the caution and rigor of fiscal conservatives to get anywhere, at least in the USA.

UBI would have other less critical, but certainly important, results as well:

  • There are certainly many really intelligent people who are stuck in menial jobs due to circumstances out of their control. UBI would free these people up to afford more education or the funded time to devote to achieving their full potential. I would argue that number of innovative start ups would INCREASE as a result of this.
  • Lots of people who hate their jobs, but stay in them because they don’t know what else to do or need the money, would quit. Companies would become smaller but far more dedicated and efficient. Again an increase in innovation and efficiency.
  • Academia would shift from a rite-of-passage/pre-adult time killer/profit monster to a place where people…went to learn and pursue their intellectual passions. Teachers and students would be more engaged, classes would be smaller, college admin would shrink. We would likley have more young adults who were
  • Schooling in general would (hopefully) switch from training children for menial, rote work and teaching them to take tests toward letting them play, explore and develop their personal interests. Many more young adults fresh out of school would posess strong curiosity, problem solving abilities and the ability to be self-directed. Fewer young adults would look toward outside forces like jobs to tell them how to be great and do great things.
  • More parents could justifiably choose to stay are home, thereby strengthening families.
  • There would be less of a drive to ‘survive’ or stock pile for the future, the option to work reasonably for the time being would be available.
  • Jobs that attract intelligent people, but provide only a meager benefit to society, like stock brokers, investment bankers, financial analysts and the like would become less attractive. These industries would shrink in size and the smart people that are a part of them would have incentive to use their intellectual powers to benefit society directly.
  • There would be less of a drive to do things quickly just to make a profit and the option to do things slowly at higher quality. Failure would not be a terminal point but a point on the path to failure.
  • Those who realize at mid-life that they path they chose at 18 or 22 is not ultimately fuflfilling would be allowed the option to go back to school, take time off or pursue a different path.
  • When faced with a bad job beople would be more likely to quit. Quitting a bad job would not punish the employee but would put bad companies out of business.
  • Manufacturing would move away from cheap, flimsy, replacable goods to more expensive but more durable and higher quality good (as well as food, buildings and other things). People would buy fewer things but have them for longer.
  • Waste would decrease.
  • It would eliminate much of the government’s benefit checking systems and reduce beaurocracy. Every social security number would just get a transfer of $X a month. Millions (at least) of dollars would go from government paper pushers into the hands of those who really need it (and thousands of government paper pushers would be able to pursue their dreams of being full time philatelists).
  • Ultimately, ideally, it would shift away the motivations of people and companies and other institutions away from the profit motive toward the passion motive. Everyone would still want to make a profit and a bit of money, but the all encompassing nature of this would be reigned in a bit. It would reduce the impact and incentive of human greed and allow more constructive human impluses to flourish.
  • Is it possible that people would stop working and waste time? But would it be everyone? Certainly not. Perhaps some people, but then are these the people we want working in our soceity at all? Why pay these people fifteen dollars an hour to have bad attitudes and be lazy at a job when we can pay them far less to just stay at home, out of the way playing video games and eating cheetos? Isn’t it more important too that people choose jobs that they care about and care to do well at rather than just to make as much money as possible?

In the US at least it would take a massive readjustment in attitude and national character: we would have to admit that the American dream, if it was ever truly valid, no longer is. Many, many people are born into this country with massive, often unsurmountable hurdles before them, and it is every citizen’s duty to do as much as we can to address these hurdles. If this means paying more into taxes but not being able to buy a new iphone every year so that a kid in inner city chicago can discover the cure for AIDS I am all for it. It is a pipedream, but one that, with enough planning and forethought would have a net benefit on society.

As someone who is interested in UBI I think it is very important to be open and aware of valid criticisms of UBI. There are ways it could go wrong and, in order to implement a long term, sustainable and equitable system the criticisms need to be addressed. Having said that, just because there are criticisms does not mean that UBI is untenable or impossible. Could UBI be implemented in the US tomorrow? No. Could it be implemented in the next few years, I’m very skeptical. But we must plan for what the world will be like 10, 20, 100 or even 500 years from now. Could some form of UBI be phased in over those time spans, especially taking into account phenomena we see on the rise and need to plan for, like the rise of automation? It seems, at the very least, unwise to ignore UBI completely and probably very wise to start doing research into if/how it might work (charities like GiveDirectly are doing this now and if you think UBI is an interesting idea donating to them is an excellent way to vet and strengthen the idea through real world applications). Even if UBI is not instituted in my lifetime genuine, thoughtful conversations and research into the net outcome of a UBI implementation need to be discussed openly and in a frank manner so that it might one day, in some form or another, be instituted (or left in the dust heap of history).

Often I see the primary argument against UBI is that ‘If UBi is instituted no one world work’ and, by extension, society would crumble. But it seems relevant to point out that people do not just work for money, they also work for a sense of identity, community, fulfillment and personal advancement. A well implemented UBI should not prevent anyone from working, rather it would free many up to engage in more fulfilling and fruitful work. Surely everyone has met at least one person who works out of intrisic motivation and one person who works a job they hate in order to make enough money to survive. Many people have experienced each situation in their lives. In most cases the intrinically motivated worker can work 8, 10, 12 or even 14 hours a day and still have energy while the survival worker might work 8 hours and only have enough energy to watch tv at the end of the day.

Another argument agains UBi is that it would undermine or eliminate competition. Our current system in the US values, I think overvalues, competition in so many areas. But competition is not an unmitigated good. Competition is a tool used to bolster productivity and efficienty, but must not be a goal in itself. We should use competition wisely, use it in so much as it benefits us, but make sure that the toll of competition is justified by its benefits. In many ways UBI would be a method to balance out the toll of over competiiton, to mitigate its negative aspects while leaving many of its beneficial aspects intact.

Finally, this change must necessarily come from the bottom up. Not in a ‘Revolutionary’ sense, but rather a UBI should be implemented because i has been found to be the best solution to the problems society is facing. It will require a cultural shift: many people will need to come to the recognition that, by giving a little bit more and adjusting ones expectations for what a ‘good life’ looks like, the country or world as a whole could be a better (or at least less terrible) place for many, many people and that a change to the lives of the least fortunate will result in an enhancement in quality of life for the most prosperous. I am not sure about others interested in UBI, but I firmly believe that the institution of UBI must not involve any totalitarian aspects. One major benefit is to shrink the burden on government and any Soviet, Communist or otherwise Totaitarian style system is antithetical to the goals of a UBI.

What are your experiences in Dhaka for Pathao or Uber?

My Uber experiences are just awesome! They are very responsible about their customers… you can find a car in your door by this service…. In my opinion,it can fill up the place of a private car! :v There are so many discounts too!

Just try a trip…it's not so much costly!

I don't have an experience with pathao yet