What is the relation between Robotics and Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems is a part of robotics.

If you’re building a complete robotics system, here are the different layers you will need to implement (from lower level to higher level) :

  • Mechanics : structure, materials, …
  • Actuation : motors (DC, servo, stepper, …) and power supply
  • Embedded systems to control the actuators and sensors, and to communicate with the higher levels :
    • Micro-controllers for dealing with hardware I/O and motor control
    • Embedded computers which include a software to control the robot (ex: ROS for PID controllers, a little bit of AI, etc) and make a bridge with user applications
  • User applications : desktop/mobile app, joystick, …
  • (optional) Web services to connect the robot to the cloud and do some AI, multiple robot control, and distance control

You can see embedded systems as the backbone of any robot.

When suffering from allergies, which medication is better, homeopathy or allopathy?

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