What are the benefits of Birkenstocks?

Let me just preface this by saying I LOVE Birks. I am, in fact, wearing Birks as I type this. Be prepared because I will answer this in gratuitous detail. I may or may not wax poetic.

If you’re the TL;DR type of person, I’ll sum it up with: they offer amazing arch support; as a result, they are insanely comfortable and you can wear them walking all day. They also come in a bunch of lovely colours and styles (though depending on your geographic location they might not all be available where you are, as is the case with my country, the Philippines.)

That’s pretty much it, but if you want to go on a bit of an adventure with me, read on.

When I went to Europe in 2013, I brought my Doc Martens and Keds with me. They were cute and stylish and went with the outfits I had planned to wear.

Then I experienced a day walking around Rome in my Docs. By 4pm, we were in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatic

What is the good thing about NIT Rourkela?

Beware! …Sarcasm ahead.

Good thing about NIT Rourkela, right?

  • Read thoroughly for 4 years (it’s 5 for dual degree), do all sort of practicals, clear all courses, submit assignments, always be prepared for tests and viva, to end up in a company which pays you a salary of 2.6LPA. I am NOT joking, here’s the proof :

  • Now, do you think learning is all about listening to lectures? Extremely strict attendance system has curbed all possibilities of creativity. Absence of more than 8 lectures in a semester, and the grade is mercilessly reduced by one step 🙁

<img src="http://img.bijil.com/13500/National Institute of Te

How to deal with relatives who are control freaks

Thank you for the A2A Anisa! You happened to ask the right person, since I “might” have one or two of those!

The quick answer is this: boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

Control freaks have a secret they don’t want you to know. Want me to tell you? Shhh don’t tell anyone, ok? They have loads and loads of anxiety because they feel out of control. Yeah, isn’t it weird? They act like bullies, but they are filled with anxiety, which is, in essence, fear. So what they do is they strong-arm people into doing what they think they need them do to in order for them to feel like they have control over the situation. But it’s all an illusion anyway. You are not responsible for their anxiety or fear. You don’t want to freak them out, of course, but you can’t shoulder the burden of their panic! Fuck that shit.

There are a few truths I have adopted as sort of “relationship policies” that might help you as well. It’s not exactly a manifesto, but some really helpful guidelines and rules of thumb when it comes to those really super challenging people that you can’t seem to extricate yourself from.

  • Takers don’t like boundaries, so it’s up to givers to set them, and enforce them.
  • You can’t use logic and reason to explain things to people who are irrational and unreasonable.
  • Never sacrifice your needs for the conveniences of others.
  • If someone asks you a question, you are not obligated to answer.
  • If someone is awful to you they are probably awful to other people (so don’t take it personally)
  • If someone talks about others behind their back to you, be assured they are talking about you too
  • Don’t share personal things about your life with people who are inclined to hurt you
  • Whether you do what “they” like or don’t like, they will be no more, or less, angry with you. How they respond is not your responsibility.

I think most are self explanatory, but I want to say a little about the last one.

If you have to walk on eggshells to keep someone happy and calm, you have to look at th

Is America scared of North Korea?

The United States isn’t “scared” of North Korea. The United States, like Japan, South Korea, and honestly, China, is concerned that the leadership of North Korea is so unstable and erratic that without warning it may do something extremely dangerous, with ramifications that no one wants to contemplate.

Economically North Korea is a basket case. It is led by a young , impulsive, insecure thug, who derives his authority merely from being the son of the former autocrat — who derived his authority from his father’s dictatorship and his legend as a “revolutionary hero”. The regime is sustained domestically through terror and internationally through the threat to its neighbors posed its large military. It holds South Korea — and by implication, the US — hostage to its irrationality by the deployment of hundreds of artillery pieces and rockets within range of Seoul. It maintains a nuclear program with no clear objective other than, as revealed by its propaganda, as a tool to incinerate its enemies, most notably (even if impossibly), the US. But because of that artillery threatening Seoul, they are somewhat immune to any preemptive military s

What is a portfolio equity?

Asked: What is a portfolio equity?

Your question is too short to wander around all of the possibilities of where you heard this term and why, but I will explain just one of the possible concepts — could be useful.

Equity is, of course, an ownership stake in a company. You can own one or more shares of equity in a public company like Apple or IBM. This would be a percentage of the total equity ownership of the company. The same concept works for private companies, but the shares are not publicly traded, so you might “own” some equity (or all of it), yet not be able to sell it without permission from the company (or other restrictions written into the company’s bylaws).

The term “portfolio” refers to a collection of equities, literally, the proof of a percentage of ownership in more than one (usually a few or dozens) company. It is surely derived from the days when company ownership was only represented by physical certificates issued by the company on special paper with special seals. To hold your various certificates of equity, you would obtain a portfolio-style briefcase and put all of your papers in there. You would carry

Why are not black holes assumed to be virtually hollow?

I suggest starting your research with understanding:

Penrose diagram – Wikipedia

In a nut shell, matter falls to the singularity in a finite amount of time. For the most part if you treat the matter as if it fell at the speed of light relative to the outside observer, you’ll be correct within an order of magnitude. Beyond that it gets tricky. All I can say with 100% certainty is the matter reaches the singularity before the black hole decays from Hawking radiation.

Really what is interest inside the black hole, is how it appears as you fall in. And for that you never actually have a sudden change of crossing the event horizon. From your perspective it is always somewhere in your future, right up util you hit t=0.1s, by which point ever atom of your body has been destroyed.

An external observer sees, the you falling in forever. But just as when we look at distant stars, the observer knows he is looking at the past. The only thing is, from that external observer it is never too late for you to have turned on your rocket engines. It is a calculation that tells them you are at the singularity, not observation. If they calculated with no acceleration, and you used your rockets they could see those activate and you come flying away from the black hole, long after they assumed you were dead.

Will DC catch up to Marvel after they finish up their Infinite Wars movies?

So far it’s early to tell but it appears that Wonder Woman is going to do well and be respected by both dedicated comic book fans and the general movie going public. That makes a total of ONE real success for DC so far. Marvel has a dozen.

At this point there is a ray of hope for DC, but one data point does not a trend make. It is still incredibly premature to think that DC is on it’s way to catching up to Marvel’s success.

Do the people of Hong Kong dislike the British?

No. Not at all. The British were never the captors of Hong Kong. They didn’t rule in a dictatorial way. Under British rule, it became richer than any part of China. Today, it is far richer than China and indeed, any part of it.

I lived in Hong Kong for two years and nobody resents the British. They are treated no better and no worse than anyone else. Relics of colonial rule are even celebrated and preserved.

The resent of China, however, is deep and widespread. Anywhere you go, you’re liable to see anti China posters, graphically depicting their human rights abuses.

When during the day do Muslims start fasting?

Ramadan starts at dawn and goes till dusk of a day. It becomes little difficult for individuals to figure out exact start and end time of the fasting, Therefore Islamic scholars and designated authorities prepare fasting calendar every year for every place (having different time zones). And we all follow the calendar prepared for our time zone.