Do the people of Hong Kong dislike the British?

No. Not at all. The British were never the captors of Hong Kong. They didn’t rule in a dictatorial way. Under British rule, it became richer than any part of China. Today, it is far richer than China and indeed, any part of it.

I lived in Hong Kong for two years and nobody resents the British. They are treated no better and no worse than anyone else. Relics of colonial rule are even celebrated and preserved.

The resent of China, however, is deep and widespread. Anywhere you go, you’re liable to see anti China posters, graphically depicting their human rights abuses.

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  1. Not at all. Their dislike if any, is more towards their new masters.

    Basically Hong Kongers have messed up the relation ship with the mainland. I travel a lot to China and the people there are quite amused by the silly antics put up here.

    With no innovation in sight, by 2047 when the Basic Law promise to keep the present special relationship with the mainland will lapse, the city may be unrecognizable from any other grade 1 mainland city.

    I only hope Hong Kong does not actually slip down more due to lack of dynamism in the leadership of the city. The chief executives are mostly coming from the civil services and one should not be honestly expecting anything from them than than running the city in an orderly way. That is what they trained for in their formative years and that is what we will will get.

    I supose after 2047 Beijing should simply send down a dynamic administrator to the city and get on with things.

  2. I have lived there for 23 years , no problems, people support Man U Liverpool Arsenal Spurs (precious few support Leicester City though)

    Some wave the UK flag or the old colonial at demonstrations

    Many work for HSBC, Swires Jardines Standard Charter etc Brit companies

    Many studied there and/ or send their kids there

    The English Schools Foundation and Kellett Schools provide an English education and are thriving

    One large chunk of the population has relatives living in the UK, another fled China swimming through shark infested water to get to British ran HK , where they were left to thrive with minimum Brit Govt intervention

    Chris Patten the last Governor is a folk hero , 7/11Tung, Bowtie Tsang (Stanley Prison number ABC 1234) and CY(ril) Leung the Chinese leaders since have not got a fraction of his adoration

    HK is incredably safe , met someone who decided to stay when they saw the weekly police show , the crime of the week that week was the theft of a transformer from a building site

  3. It was “politically fashionable” for student radicals to be anti-Britain when Hong Kong was a British territory (and anti-China now that Hong Kong has reverted to the Motherland).

    Historically, Hong Kongers in general may have resented the British for the privileged positions, terms of employment and lifestyles that they enjoyed, which were not accessible to locals. Or for the arrogance that some displayed as white colonial masters.

    However, now that Britain is irrelevant to the scheme of things in Hong Kong, there is no longer any reason for anyone to dislike Britain or the British.

  4. I almost never get that impression. The younger ones are far too preoccupied with showing their dislike of mainland China ( a sort of badge of honor) to care much about colonial overlord they never had to deal with. The older one are mostly too busy trying to make a living. Quite a few seem to have positive feeling about the Brits, like the bureaucracy and law they imported. Whatever horrible things they did in the past stay in the past. The really old ones might have a few things to say, but I only ever hear a murmur.

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