What are the benefits of Birkenstocks?

Let me just preface this by saying I LOVE Birks. I am, in fact, wearing Birks as I type this. Be prepared because I will answer this in gratuitous detail. I may or may not wax poetic.

If you’re the TL;DR type of person, I’ll sum it up with: they offer amazing arch support; as a result, they are insanely comfortable and you can wear them walking all day. They also come in a bunch of lovely colours and styles (though depending on your geographic location they might not all be available where you are, as is the case with my country, the Philippines.)

That’s pretty much it, but if you want to go on a bit of an adventure with me, read on.

When I went to Europe in 2013, I brought my Doc Martens and Keds with me. They were cute and stylish and went with the outfits I had planned to wear.

Then I experienced a day walking around Rome in my Docs. By 4pm, we were in Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatic

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