What is a portfolio equity?

Asked: What is a portfolio equity?

Your question is too short to wander around all of the possibilities of where you heard this term and why, but I will explain just one of the possible concepts — could be useful.

Equity is, of course, an ownership stake in a company. You can own one or more shares of equity in a public company like Apple or IBM. This would be a percentage of the total equity ownership of the company. The same concept works for private companies, but the shares are not publicly traded, so you might “own” some equity (or all of it), yet not be able to sell it without permission from the company (or other restrictions written into the company’s bylaws).

The term “portfolio” refers to a collection of equities, literally, the proof of a percentage of ownership in more than one (usually a few or dozens) company. It is surely derived from the days when company ownership was only represented by physical certificates issued by the company on special paper with special seals. To hold your various certificates of equity, you would obtain a portfolio-style briefcase and put all of your papers in there. You would carry

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