What is the scope of a mechanical engineer in the design and fabrication of microprocessors?

Be it any stream of engineering, when it comes to bringing the concepts to reality, the work of a Mechanical Engineer begins.

Since anything that needs to be physical needs manufacturing processes, it is important that a Mechanical Engineer is involved in the process.

Coming to the design of microprocessors. The role of a mechanical engineer is to comprehend the requirement of the mechatronic system and state the same to the concerned electronics engineer. The design is seldom carried out by a mechanical engineer.

Coming to the manufacturing, Mechanical Engineers have complete responsibility in this regard. Right from defining the process parameters to actually manufacturing the components, tedious efforts need to be put in since the scale of manufacturing is in microns of accuracy. Designing the manufacturing process and successful execution can be attributed to a Mechanical Engineer.

The scope is wide provided the engineer has a strong foundation of precision manufacturing and mechatronics & microprocessors.

Why did you start smoking?

I started smoking as an early birthday gift to myself.

No, really, though.

Around a month or two before I turned seventeen, I discreetly bought a pack of what was called as ‘herbal cigarettes’ in Yogyakarta—I thought those things were hard to look for in Indonesia. It cost me USD 2, as averagely priced as any common cigarettes in Indonesia.

I just happened to look it up because I was enamored by the visual aesthetics of smoking of Mad Men. Since smoking an actual cigarette in the workplace was banned and the story would be meaningless without (excessive) smoking, the cast used herbal cigarettes as a replacement.

So anyway, two weeks before my birthday, I snuck at the backyard of my house and lit my first stick from the box. I put it inbetween my lips, expecting the burning sensation as the smoke carried out through my mouth…

… of course, it didn’t feel as strong as I thought it would be.

My mom—a former smoker who managed to quit after smoking for nearly 30 years which cost her a surgery upon her respiration system—found me in the backyard with a cigarette in my hand.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” she asked, closely sounding as appalled. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that thing is?”

I didn’t try to hide it from her. Yet I didn’t want to show it to her either. I dipped my head down and remained silent as I pushed the butt onto the ground to turn it off immediately.

“If this is only for your own knowledge, that’s fine.”

She wasn’t mad at me, but she was quite worried. “But just this once, okay? I don’t want your dad to know that you have been trying to smoke, otherwise he will obliterate you,” she said. “And you shouldn’t try doing this in college because it will affect your reputation.”

I nodded before I left to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Since I got into college out of my hometown, I have an easier access to buy cigarettes. My faculty’s dining place had these stalls, in which one of them sells a myriad of things—secondhand cheap magazines, stationery, phone credit, snacks and beverages, as well as cigarettes and lighters.

I don’t care about reputation obviously. In fact, I am known as the only girl who publicly smoke in my year, amongst most of my male friends who smoke to this date.

I am not really proud about it, though.

Lately, I haven’t been smoking much. I only smoke in front of friends or other people who smoke, as I don’t feel like wasting my money to buy a pack (I don’t smoke daily and it takes at least a month to finish a pack all by myself.)

Until now, I have been clean for a few weeks or so. This might be a good thing.

What is the nursing intervention for Chagas disease?

::sigh:: Nursing interventions are not based on medical diagnoses but on nursing diagnoses derived from nursing assessments. So what’s your nursing assessment and diagnoses of this patient?

:::i already graduated from nursing school…i won’t do your homework for you:::

What's something that sucks about being a woman?

Being female sucks at times. So does being a male.

But since I belong to the former gender. Let me highlight some of the instances.

Allow me to enlighten you, in no particular order.

Childbirth – Frankly, I find it hard to top this one. I have never experienced childbirth, but I have numerous friends and a mother who doesn't mind chatting about the sheer horror of passing a bowling ball between her legs. The nine months prior are not exactly a picnic, either, I hear. You experience insatiable cravings for ice cream and pickles, have to wear everything elastic, swing from mood to mood by the minute, puke every morning, get out of breath standing up, and then spend a year trying to lose the weight and hide the stretch marks.

We give up our last names – Thank God for the hyphen is about all I have to say to that one.

Periods – Nothing is worse than having a week of mood-altering hormones, tampons, and cramps that would make The Hulk wince. Once that week ends, you can find joy in knowing that you are going to do it all over again next month. And the only way out of it is to be pregnant or 50.

Birth control – Definitely not covered by insurance, but Viagra is.

Promiscuity – If a girl sleeps with more than one guy in, let's say, two weeks, she's any number of terms that comes to your head. But I'll let the guys have this one: if a guy doesn't sleep with any girl in two weeks, he's gay.

Unequal pay – A decent argument for why it's worse to be male is that society (sensing a theme?) instructs they should offer to pay, especially on that first, crucial date to Urban Tadka. However, since females make less for every dollar a male makes, suck it up and pay for all the butter chicken and garlic naan.

Makeup – If there was ever a more time-consuming, expensive, unnecessary endeavor than makeup, it should be made illegal. It's inflicted upon us that we're not beautiful in every single way, despite what Christina Aguilera bemoans, so we spend our hard-earned money on makeup and the power tools needed to apply it. First, you need foundation, which clogs your pores and makes you break out. Second, you need a deep-cleaning, pore-purifying, acne-preventing face wash that dries your skin. Third, you need a moisturizer. Fourth, you need natural makeup that looks like it isn't there. This process is not only time consuming and but also makes a hole in our pocket.

Shoes – A male must have invented female shoes, because I don't think a woman would voluntarily give herself scoliosis. Apparently only a 6 inch heel is supposed to make me feel sexy about myself.

Pants and pants sizes – Talk about an arbitrary system. Females are too emotionally unstable to handle knowing their waist size because we read beauty magazines which sells the wrong idea about beauty and size. I have pants that range from a size S to a XXXL, whatever that means. I'm not sure. And then there are the kinds of pants we have to select from. Let's just say you either don't sit down, or wear a really long shirt.

Everything's PMS-related – Did you look at someone weird? PMS. Have a bad day? PMS. Want to listen to Andra day? PMS. Okay fine! You will blame everything on our PMS.

Assertion of an opinion- Good luck, girls. Anytime we get forceful, we're either a bitch or a feminist. Or, even better, somebody pets our head and tells you that you're too cute. This happens to me all the time.

Bodily functions – If a girl burps, she's dubbed crude. A guy can spit something the size of river yamuna out of his mouth and fart as no one else is in the room, we pass it off as normal.

Harder to lose weight – If I hear one more guy complain about how hard it is to gain weight, I'll scream. I'm still trying to burn off a sandwich I ate in eighth grade. Thankfully, I don't care.

Shaving – Ever wonder why it takes us so long to get ready? It's because we have a lot more to cover when it comes to shaving, everything from plucking eyebrows to two entire legs. Sure would be nice to just have a jaw line, where you can just grow a beard if you don't feel like shaving.

Ah, that was therapeutic. I would just like to say, for the record, none of these reasons for why it sucks to be female are embellished in any way. They are all stunningly true-to-life.

I am 13 and I can't sleep without a pacifier. I've had this for my whole life. How do I stop this habit without sleeping issues?

My answer to this is wholy unqualified, and I'm just giving my first thoughts.

good sleep practices will be your best tool here.

a) make sure you're in a totally dark room, or wear one of those eye cover things. Or a long sock tied around your head to block all the light.

b) start running cool water on you feet for 15–30sec first thing in the morning. And then eat breakfast. This will help your body know when “wake-up” time is.

c)Avoid any and all screens for at least 30 min before bed, phone, computer, tv, etc. Even if the have a “"night shift” option.

d) read a book (a paper one) by candle light (if your parents are okay with you burning a candle) if you really can't sleep. If you can't use a candle listen to a quiet audio book till you fall asleep.

E) try to go to bed, and wake up at the same times every day, even on weekends.

F) once you have those things in place you'll be doing most of what you can to get your body's natural sleep rythem running properly, so pick a time when you don't have any tests in school, and ditch the pacifier. If you don't sleep the first night, it will definitely not be fun and you'll be a zombie the next day, but my the second night you'll almost certainly fall asleep.

G) if you're really, truely, not able to sleep without the pacifier try talking to your parents about getting some help. Additionally you can probably talk to your school counciler.

Good luck!

Why is division by zero undefined or no definition?

Division by 0 is NOT ALLOWED in mathematics. Reason :-

Let's see the following scenario :-


Let the answer be x.

Thus 5/0=x , = 5=0×x, = 5=0.

See! What we proved! 5=0 ! Impossible.

Here the value of the answer (x) is also not defined because there is no such number which gives the answer 5 when multiplied by 0 (0×x=5; in this case x doesn't exist).

Thus, division by 0 is not allowed and undefined.

Hope you understand.

What measures should be considered for selecting the best hosting services?

The main parameters by which you should always consider a good web hosting service are:

  1. Load time – the time it takes to load web pages from their server for your target audience.
  2. Support quality – the time & quality of answers from the support team.
  3. Uptime – the reliability/guarantee provided by the web hosting service for their services being online on an annual basis.

Since each customer’s experience is different and subject to their own requirements, the best way to know is to use the service yourself.

You should go in for a free trial of web hosting services to be sure.

What are the most recommended animes?

So I am not going to repeat answers written by others. Here are some of the shorter animes that will leave you wanting for more, but you have to deal with the fact that you are not going to get more.

DT Eightron

Set in the future where humanity is driven to live under a dome system as the surface of the earth is inhabitable due to global warming, and humans are controlled by few and are made to live like robots.A group of rebels who escaped the system must find another place to find a better place of living. Soundtrack is captivating.

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

This is not Captain Tsubasa. A teenage Kanō Kyōsuke, who have a famous brother playing for AC Milan. People starts comparing him to his brother and starts criticizing for his playing style to a point where he is gives up on football and couldn’t care less about anything. This follows his journey to rediscover his passion for football.

Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X

A story of a wandering swordsman who is actually an infamous assassin trying to leave his past and looking for a peaceful life. He is given shelter by a woman in her dojo in return for saving her from murderers.

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Ginji Amano is the former leader of a gang called "The VOLTS" who have the ability to generate and control electricity which is how he got the nickname of Lightning Emperor.

Ban Mido possesses incredible superhuman strength, speed and fighting techniques. He also inherited the Evil Eye technique from his grandmother which allows him to force anyone he makes eye contact with watch a one-minute-long illusion

The story of Ginji Amano and Ban Mido who operates a freelance repossession service. For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client with "an almost 100% success rate". Which often leads them into bizarre and dangerous situations.

How is Cuba's government dictatorship?

Cuba very certainly does not have freedom of speech or press. People can be arrested for simply speaking out or expressing a different belief system.

Castro Regime Arrests Member of Mises Cuba


Is it scientifically true that giving birth helps a woman's body renew itself?

Pregnancy and childbirth take an awful lot out of women. Their organs get shifted out of place, they may suffer from pregnancy- and breastfeeding-related osteoporosis, they could be (and probably are) permanently scarred from surgical cuts (either episiotomies or C-sections) made during delivery, and a good number endure gestational diabetes and a host of other health problems they never dreamt they’d have before they got pregnant. Not to mention the exhausting process of taking care of the newborn after they’ve finally evicted the baby from their womb, the lack of sleep, and the danger of post-partum blues.

The only “renewal” I can think of is a teensy bit sinister: the cells of the foetus often make it past all the barriers that are supposed to keep the developing baby separate from the mother’s immune system, and these cells are known to invade the mother’s brain, her bloodstream, her organs, her breast cells, her skin… potentially any part of her body, really. And they lodge inside the mother for the rest of her life, long after the baby is born and the kid grows up. Some studies have put a positive spin on this foetal-cell invasion by suggesting that the cells could help the mother heal from various illnesses and injuries. Others have suggested that these foetal cells behave more like cancerous cells and may raise the mother’s risk of cancer. Either way, they’re a kind of “renewal”, aren’t they? Whether they heal, or whether they “renew” cells the way cancer cells are so good at growing on and on, foetal cells that have permanently invaded the mother’s body are one way I can think of for childbirth to be a factor in a woman’s body renewing itself.

Here’s a link to one of the reports that takes the more positive perspective:

Fetal Cells May Protect Mom From Disease Long After The Baby's Born