Can I reach the same number of audience on Twitter as on Quora or Reddit?

Absolutely. You can easily reach 0 people on all 3 channels, just don't post anything.

But for all seriousness, you could also reach a few thousand people on each channel with about the same amount of effort.

The important thing isn't about reaching the same amount of people, it's about reaching the right people at the right time with the right message, cost-effectively.

Each channel has it's unique pro's and con's:

Twitter is great for real-time marketing, events, and communicating with your customers. There is also a certain level of intent users have if they tweet something like “looking for a new home” or even “Go Titans.”

Reddit targets based on sub-reddit category, which could be great if your business is synonymous with a popular subr.

Quora is great for targeting users who are reading answers to very specifc questions. If you can answer the question yourself, or even just place an ad on a popplular answer, you can get a lot of attention, and high-intent website traffic.

While all 3 channels have different amounts of users, and different levels of intent based on your own business and criteria, they all can serve the job of reaching a substaintial number of users at the right time, with the right message, cost effectively.

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What is the difference between a cell receptor and a drug receptor?

And there you go. Howard is quite right.

Cells have receptors. Some of those receptors on some cells are affected by some drugs. This happens because the drug is shaped in a close enough fit to a natural biochemical, and thus causes the cell to behave as if it were stimulated/depressed by the chemical the body makes for itself.

I don’t think it would be possible to rephrase this any simpler.

What is your MBTI type and who do you not get along with?


Bigots. Prejudiced and privileged thinkers. People who are quick to judge but can’t even use their time to think things through or know about other sides. Closed-minded people, basically. Escapists, responsibility and intellect-wise. People who evade topics or work, or are inefficient with their styles. Liars.

Most often I find myself incompatible with SJs or FJs. The ones I know are stubborn, in a bad way! You present valid arguments and solutions while they want to go with theirs which can be irrational/insensitive/downright inefficient.

How to calculate enterprise value, and why do you think that is the best way to calculate it

Enterprise Value is fairly straight-forward. There’s not much of a ‘best way’ to calculate it.

[math]Enterprise Value = Market Capitalization + Preferred Shares + Convertible Shares + Debt – Cash[/math]

Market Capitalization: This could either be the actual Price * Number of Shares Outstanding of the company, if the company is public. If the company is held privately, you could make it Value * Number of Shares Outstanding of the company (Basically the Cumulative Discounted Free Cash Flow to Firm). When used for the purpose of calculating Ratios however, they both mean different things. I prefer to use a multi-period Discounted Cash Flow method to value the equities of companies.

Preferred/Convertible Shares: Assume that they will be converted to regular shares of the company upon an immediate takeover. These don’t make a major part of a company’s capital. So this approximation for the sake of simplicity shouldn't hurt a company’s EV too much.

Debt: The “Market Value” of Debt doesn’t change very often. But if the company has a substantial amount of long-term Debt and a constantly fluctuating credit score, you may want to value Debt as well. Consider the entire debt of the company as a single Fixed Income instrument. Therefore, the interest expense on that debt would be the coupon on the Fixed Income instrument. The Maturity Period would be the weighted-average maturities of all the different types of debt of the company (If they do have different types of debt). So, the value of debt would be:

[math]MV (Debt) = C*((1-(1/(1+r)^t))/r) + (D/(1+r)^t)[/math]

Where [math]C[/math] = Interest Expense on the Debt (Considered here as a Coupon)

[math]r[/math] = An appropriate discount rate (Say, the Repo Rate)

[math]t[/math] = Weighted-average Maturity of Debt

[math]D[/math] = Total Debt

Cash: Mostly taken at face value, unless ‘cash equivalents’ include stuff like Inventories and Receivables, which require their own market value calculations based on their quality. But ignoring the need for a perfect valuation, they can just be taken at their face value.

In summary, if the EV calculation is being done to calculate Ratios like EV/EBIT or EV/EBITDA, then I think going through all the trouble to calculate the market values of debt and cash equivalents is unnecessary. Taking the book value of debt and cash equivalents should suffice, unless you have reason to believe that the company is cooking its books.

Personally, EV/EBITDA or EV/EBIT as valuation metrics make no sense to me. EBIT and EBITDA are accounting figures tailor-made to make a company’s Financials looks better. If a company earns well, but fails to make proper allocation for Capital Expenditure, would you still be interested in buying that company? If a company earns well, but does no tax planning activities, would you still buy that company?

If you won’t, then you have no business considering the EBITDA or the EBIT – or the more recent, more convoluted and retarded EBITDARD (It’s a thing, I swear, look it up). Oh look! It has more alphabets, so it must be more authentic! It’s almost like Accountants are trying very hard to dress up the Earnings figure for the Financial Statements, just like how parents try very hard to dress up their kid for a stage show. In the end, both the Earnings figure and the kid end up looking awkward as hell.

What causes you to have for chronic diarrhea for months?

Something that isn't normal should not be taken lightly. It could be IBS or nothing or something serious how do I know? Well. All and sundry need not be subjected to a battalion of tests.

A good history is very important ..if there is blood,or weight loss ,or symptoms of protein vitamin deficiency one has to be investigated.

Common tests include screening for hyperthyroidism, diabetes,HIV, inflammatory bowel diease, and malasorption.rarely malignancy is to be considered.common causes are giardiasis,amoebiasis and even stress and irritable bowel diease.

So if it's chronic it's worth a good history and some investigations what we say diagnosis by exclusion .and hopefully nothing comes up

What is L'Hopital's Rule?

The L’Hospital’s rule is a very powerful tool that allows us to easily evaluate limits of the [math]\dfrac{0}{0}[/math] or the [math]\dfrac{\infty}{\infty}[/math] forms under certain constraints. Let there be two functions [math]f(x)[/math] and [math]g(x)[/math]. If both of these are differentiable at [math]x = a[/math] and if both [math]\displaystyle\lim_{x\to a}f(x)[/math] and [math]\displaystyle\lim_{x\to a}f(x)[/math] are either equal to [math]0[/math], or equal to [math]\infty[/math], then provided that it exists, [math]\displaystyle\lim_{x\to a}\dfrac{f(x)}{g(x)} = \lim_{x\to a}\dfrac{f’(x)}{g’(x)}[/math].

[Note to reader and self] The following must not be considered a proof. Rather, you might want to think of it as an intuitive explanation for why L’Hospital’s rule works.

Case 1: [math]\dfrac{f(x)}{g(x)}[/math] is a [math]\dfrac{0}{0}[/math] form at [math]x = a[/math].

So you know that [math]\displaystyle f’(a) = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h) – f(a)}{h}[/math] and [math]g’(a) = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g(a + h) – g(a)}{h}[/math]. Provided [math]f’(x)[/math] and [math]g’(x)[/math] are continuous at [math]x = a[/math], we can say that [math]\displaystyle f’(a) = \lim_{h\to 0} f(a + h)[/math] and likewise for [math]g’(a)[/math].

Divide the two (this is kind of playing a little fast and loose but it works if [math]f’(a), g’(a)\neq 0[/math]). You get:

[math]\displaystyle\dfrac{f’(a)}{g’(a)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h) – f(a)}{g(a + h) – g(a)}[/math]

Since we know that [math]f(a) = g(a) = 0[/math], [math]\displaystyle\dfrac{f’(a)}{g’(a)} =\lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f’(a + h)}{g’(a + h)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h)}{g(a + h)}[/math]

Case 2: [math]\dfrac{f(x)}{g(x)}[/math] is a [math]\dfrac{\infty}{\infty}[/math] form at [math]x = a[/math].

If [math]\displaystyle\lim_{x\to a}f(x) = \infty[/math], then [math]\displaystyle\lim_{x\to a}\dfrac{1}{f(x)} = 0[/math]. Let [math]\dfrac{1}{f(x)} = f_1(x)[/math] and [math]\dfrac{1}{g(x)} = g_1(x)[/math]. Then, [math]\dfrac{f(x)}{g(x)} = \dfrac{g_1(x)}{f_1(x)}[/math], which is a [math]\dfrac{0}{0}[/math] form at [math]x = a[/math]. From case [math]1[/math], we are able to say that

[math]\displaystyle\lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g_1(a + h)}{f_1(a + h)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g’_1(a + h)}{f’_1(a + h)}[/math]

However, we know that [math]f’_1(x) = -\dfrac{f’(x)}{f^2(x)}[/math] and likewise for [math]g_1(x)[/math]. Making these substitutions, we have:

[math]\displaystyle\lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h)}{g(a + h)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g’(a + h)/g^2(a + h)}{f’(a + h)/f^2(a + h)}[/math]

Or, upon multiplying both sides by [math]\dfrac{g^2(a + h)}{f^2(a + h)}[/math], we have

[math]\displaystyle\lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g(a + h)}{f(a + h)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{g’(a + h)}{f’(a + h)}[/math]

Take reciprocals, and you have:

[math]\displaystyle\lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h)}{g(a + h)} = \lim_{h\to 0}\dfrac{f(a + h)}{g’(a + h)}[/math]

How does ethanoic acid (acetic acid) react with Na2CO3?

Basically, the reaction above is the one on the baking soda volcano experiment.

Baking soda’s chemical name is sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and vinegar is acetic acid. Though, the concentration of acetic acid in commercialized vinegar is only between 5–20% thus making it quite diluted. That is so as highly concentrated acetic acid is very corrosive so remember to handle concentrated acetic acid with the utmost care.

After leaving a verbally abusive relationship with a man I believe to be a narcissist, how do I get my self worth and life back?

  • Deeply reflect on your life so far and write a book on the mistakes you made, the good things you did and what you learned so far
  • Then put that book for publishing through Amazon, set up a website for yourself and the book.
  • Showcase thought leadership in your area of expertise.
  • Be active on Social media, both Facebook and Linkedin, reach out to all your friends and past acquaintances, talk about your book
  • Writing is healing for the mind & soul as well as helps you get your name out.
  • Once you are known as a though leader, jobs will automatically come looking for you, or the response will be much better if you apply for any jobs
  • Join a gym and work our like crazy, join a work out club and get your body in shape
  • All this will give you significant confidence, with which you can go back and conquer the world
  • All this can be done, you just need to grind it with grit, obviously easier said than done, it is difficult, but not impossible
  • Don't give up, find that profession/job/project that gets you excited, and just do that, don't worry so much about money, just enjoy the job and have fun, all the things do come to you, money, respect, status, friends, women, men, etc.
  • Life is all about excitement, excitement is the most important thing in life, if you are excited about something and give all you got to make that product or project the best thing you ever did, everything else automatically falls in place
  • Also instead of looking at this as an adversity, look at this as an opportunity, opportunity for a new beginning, opportunity for a fresh start, opportunity for a major turn around, you can get a lot more from this experience. There is this story of a gentleman who had this beautiful bone china cup in which he would enjoy his tea, while reading his books. That was such a nice experience for him he relished that experience every day. Even I remember growing up during my teens reading the morning daily newspaper with a fresh coffee by my side. With no disturbance catching up on the morning news with a fresh delicious coffee by side in a serene ambience was such a nice experience, like this, this gentleman was enjoying a book with tea in his favorite bone china cup. One day while doing that, he accidentally dropped his bone china tea cup and broke it. The gentleman was disappointed thinking that he was never going to be able to have such a calm. relaxing reading experience with a nice cup of tea by his side in his favorite beautiful bone china cup. He didn’t have another one and he wasn’t able to find another one that was as sleek and beautiful as the one he had. So he asked his master craftsman to fix it. But that master craftsman was not able to think of any way to fix it. So he pondered over it for a long time and finally came up with a clever idea. He made a golden glue by adding some gold powder to the glue and then glued the broken pieces together with the golden glue. By doing that, he not only fixed the cup, he made it reusable. The old man can have his reading experience back, but also with a nice design to the cup and made it even more beautiful than it was before. So this master craftsman transformed an adverse situation into an opportunity and made that cup even better than it was before. It is very important to see those adversities that happen to us as an opportunity and turn those adversities around and make something better out of them.

  • Good Luck

How long can people sense the passage of time without clocks?

Any kind of motion or change of state marks time passage. The more regular the better, like motion of objects in the sky:

  • daily motion of sun marking days
  • phases of moon marking months (literally moonths)
  • annual raising and lowering of sun in sky marking years, sometimes observed with elaborate structures (supposedly Stonehenge)
  • cycle of human birth and death marking generations

That last one really got to me over the weekend at my aunt’s funeral. My parents are long gone and several of my cousins. I have one aunt left. I realized it was like clockwork.

Ancient people kept careful genealogy records. This enabled them to sense the passage of hundreds and likely thousands of years, without clock or calendar. That is a “long” time. But not long enough for them to grasp evolution, the motion of tectonic plates, or the expansion of the universe, thus their creation myths were of the duration of only thousands of years. While we not intellectually understand much longer periods of time, I’m not sure we intuitively or emotionally understand thousands of years nearly as well as people who could list and tell stories about their ancestors. I cannot really go back past my grandmothers.