How to know if he/she is your twin flame

Truly you will know or discover this truth by engaging and interacting with your twin flame and within yourself. You will discover some of these characteristics I list below in your dynamic with your twin flame:

(As someone who has gathered what I like to call objective data in my line of profession and love psychic readings that I conduct on the topics of twin flames, soulmates and kindred spirits, I will tell you honestly…. you will sense it. Of course… if a psychic mentioned to you and gave you details about your twin flame and the timing of the introduction or you yourself had visions, dreams and interesting inner knowings about your introduction to your twin flame …and the introduction happened close to or exactly as envisioned or predicted..then these are other ways to gain insight or awareness. ULTIMATELY though the confirmation that you are with your twin flame will come from WITHIN YOU.)

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Excerpt from my post on 3 Key Differences: Your Soulmate and Twin Flame

1. The Connections Feel Different:

With your twin flame you are going to feel light and less anxious about LIFE (yes LIFE!) (and not just about love and your relationship with your twin flame). You will feel less strained and pressured. You are going to feel more ambitious and excited about looking at life straight in the eyes when you blessed with a twin flame relationship. You will feel supported, empowered and more confident during challenging times. Though hiccups crop up throughout the relationship, the connection with your twin flame also typically remains stable. The connection with your twin flame will also make you feel as if your twin flame is fully "permeable". You will feel as if you have 'merged' with your twin flame and your twin flame is very open and allowing of this merge. To a great extent you will feel like a "power couple". (As a side note, you do not need to be part of a celebrity or famous couple to be a "power couple". You and your partner can be a true "power couple" in your own world or realities.) The connection with your twin flame will feel lighter and essentially 'wholesome' even after the relationship traverses testy times. The connection with your twin flame truly feels 'GRAND' and the relationship is to be cherished.

2. How You Approach Testy Times is Different

When you are in a relationship with your twin flame, there is an ease you feel with saying "sorry" to the other person during challenging or testy times. You are also more prone to respond to your twin flame with less ego and more peace and calm than you would be with a love soulmate. You and your twin flame are also able to relatively easily 'see the bigger picture' and understand the importance of your partnership and the value of being together and staying together.

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  1. I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and and soulmates and I've been in Union with my own Twin Flame for a long time so I'll try to help.

    Recognizing your twin can best be described as recognizing ones self, basically. Twins are 2 halves of the same 1 soul housed in 2 separate human bodies. So, one twin will encompass all of one set of traits as will the other.

    Common twin flame signs & symptoms:

    1. YOU SHARE A CHAKRA SYSTEM: Twins share a chakra system unlike soulmates who have two separate systems. Soulmates can connect chakra while twins are already connected through the shared system.
    2. THERE'S 2 SEPARATE SETS OF TRAITS: Twins possess 2 separate sets of characteristics that compliment one another. One may possess all the logic and the other all the emotion. You may have struggled all your life because you're typically “too much one way and not enough of the other way.” When twins unite and merge, these 2 sets of traits merge to create one perfect soul.
    3. YOU HAVE ALWAYS SENSED YOU HAVE A SPECIAL MISSION: The twin flame divine mission is what sets twins apart from everything and everyone else. Their life purpose or calling will merge with that of other twins which raises the universal vibration. This is the reason twins exist in the first place.
    4. THE SYNCHRONIZATION: Twins sync up so to speak. You'll see signs and synchronicity all around you. These are the universal messages meant to guide you to union with your twin. For example, my twin’s address was 26300 and mine was 2630. The numbers add to 11:11 which is the universal sign meaning “pay atttention” regarding universal messages. That's a typical sync.
    5. YOU ARE COMPLIMENTARY MIRRORS OF EACH OTHER: Twins mirror each other. When you look in a mirror and wave to yourself, your right hand becomes your left. Twins are the same way. They mirror one another and are polar opposite in ways that turn out to compliment one another well.
    6. ILLUMINATION OCCURS: Twins go through illumination. This is also part of awakening. Both realize there's a connection and engage in the Divine Mission. Ascension also sets in.
    7. ASCENSION TAKES PLACE: Othen, it's twin flame awakening and illumination that brings about the onset of Ascension for many twins.
    8. TELEPATHY & TANTRA COME NATURALLY: Don't think you're crazy! Twins can and do communicate constantly and in 5-D as well. You might feel their presence when they're not physically there. You may feel their eyes on you when you're alone in a room. Don't worry, it's all normal!
    9. YOU BEGIN TO BE FOCUSED ON AN IDEA THAT YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR THE WORLD: Twins are meant for greatness so this is all normal. If your DIVINE MISSION hasn't revealed it's self yet, it will so don't worry.
    10. YOU SEEM TO SEE THE 11:11 & NUMBERS IN SEQUENCE CHASING YOU AROUND: This is also normal. The numbers are syncs and are trying to just send universal messages to help you get on the correct path. These numbers will lead you to twin flame union as well as the Divine Mission.
    11. YOUR LIFE SEEMS TO BE FOLLOWING THE TWIN FLAME TEMPLATE: This includes the push / pull of the relationship, the runner and chaser phases, separation and so in.
    12. THE TWO OF YOU ARE AN UNLIKELY PAIR BUT ARE WELL MATCHED: Twins often have those aforementioned polar opposites that actually compliment one another. Some have age differences, some are unlikely pairs, others struggle with geographical differences.
    13. YOU SENSE THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE SOMEHOW & THE CONNECTION HAS AN UNEXPLAINED INTENSITY: Twins tend to feel like they have an unexplainable soul connection they can't put to words. While one twin may not feel it right away, the twins have both a push toward each other but tbey also repel like opposite sides of a magnet. This is due to the 2 soul parts merged into the one single soul.

    There are some helpful and insightful articles on my website that are free to read in the blog section. If you're interested in taking a look here's the link: Sage Advice: Psychic Helena Roman

    I wish you the best of luck!

    Blessings xo

  2. One of the ways of figuring this out would be doing a Past Life Regression therapy or Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. As twin flames are parts of the same soul – you can only see past lives in the same body, not as 2 different characters. If you see many past lives in different roles with your loved one – you are soulmates, or members of the same soul group, but not twin flames. In past life regression or QHHT session you can communicate with Spirit Guides and Higher Self (which twin flames share) – and you can ask them to tell you if your relationship is TF or “soulmate” type, if it will not become obvious from the exploration of past lives. From many clients who came to me to have past life regression and wanted to know about twin flame relationships, only a few got confirmation that they were indeed in TF courtship. Most found out that they were dating a soulmate, a different soul with whom they had many past lives together, and some were just working out some past life karma with a soul who were not even in their soul group, just paying off some karmic debts or learning a life lesson. Some clients were indeed in TF relationships, and got insights on how this current life was planned, why the soul created a twin flame polarity and divided itself into 2 bodies, what it wanted to achieve, how Guides are working with both of them etc. The only time a past life with a TF was seen in a PLR session so far – it was on a higher dimensional planet, where inhabitants were only allowed to have offspring with their twin flames…so a soul who wanted to experience parenthood had to divide itself into 2 bodies…

    In my experience with clients many “Twin Flame signs” are common to both TF and soulmate relationships – deja vu when meeting each other, precognitive dreams before the meeting, syncronicities, double digit numbers everywhere, inspiration, new possibilities, constant thinking about each other etc. Soulmate relationships seem more balanced, and easier, twin flames are like living on the edge…(I never met a TF couple after the Permanent Union, only in the separations or temporary reunions, so I might be a bit biased, as I saw a lot of pain my clients went through with their TFs). I can not claim a deep knowledge of TF relationships as they are very rare in my opinion – out of several hundred past life regression clients I worked with, there were only 6 whose TF relationships were confirmed, all women, all metaphysical practitioners…Interesting thing – all of them carried male/yang polarity of the TF split while their boyfriends were female/yin energy…

    Past Life Regression in New Orleans

  3. I always ask people what came first, the motivation to recognize a TF experience, or the possible TF experience itself or an aspect of it. This is important bc it probably isn't relevant for you if it's coming from wanting to recognize an experience or an aspect of it that hasn't yet occurred. Bc then it becomes distorted bc it becomes abt seeking to HAVE this experience and when that's happening it is going to make the whole thing distorted. However if you feel like you may have had this experience or an aspect of it then I'd really recommend letting yourself be guided to someone who specializes in helping to recognize this experience or to resources and material to help you recognize this experience. Allowing yourself to trust your intuition. I do specialize in this, but you have to allow your intuition to draw you to someone or something that feels “true” for you! If that's me I'd be happy to help and you can check out my website at Intuitive UNshrink Life Coaching/Consulting | Twin Flames | York ME and/or email me at 🙂

  4. You will know if someone is your twin flame from your gut. Getting confused about the truthfulness and the validity of being a TF is normal. But with time, things would get clear.

    some parameters you could check:

    1. overwhelming sense of un-conditional love for him. (even if he hates you, you love him)
    2. you keep coming across each other, no matter how many times you were separated or disconnected
    3. you will grow spiritually
    4. Strong sense of inner knowing that he is part of you
    5. You will be guided by the divine. You will feel many times that some third positive force is guiding you.

    *caution: If at all you arrived to this term twin flame – but searching on the internet and got overwhelmed by the loads of information available there about TFs, and started feeling that someone was your twin flame, please do not derive to any conclusion till you are 100% sure about it.

    • I went through the TF experience for 25 years, but i came to know, it was a TF thing only in 2011. That awakening happened, but it took so many years. Everyone’s timing is different.
  5. i think it depends on different person and cases. For me, as an Asian, the concept “twin flame” doesn’t even exist here. Most of the Asians are not aware of this concept.

    She was one of my friend’s roommate, while i was having a course at her country years ago. We only met 2 times, and barely knew each other.

    So it happens when i questioned a lot to myself: Why does this girl feel so special to me? like i can never forget about her? even though we had been separated by distance (i went back to my country) for almost 2 years without any physical contact.

    So, 3 months ago, we recontacted again online. She first liked one of the photos online. The moment i saw her photos, something was telling me she’s the one, it was a very strange excitement, like i finally “remember” it, and i had a very weird familiar feelings like i knew this girl before, and we lived together long time ago, but i just couldn’t remember when it was, i just couldn’t explained any of these feelings.

    So i started to follow her online as much as i could, and i think she sensed that too. But due to unknown reason, her reply to my message was cold and polite, seems like she’s keeping a distance between both of us. But yet, I felt she still care on me, i was surprised that she still remember me, and she still remember all the details we used to chat 2 years ago. I'm not very sure whether she had the same feelings on me, but I knew she felt something, something call the “connection”. And what I'm pretty sure is, even though we only met 2 times, she never forget about me, which is totally different from what I expected.

    Meantime, I did a lot of research on the internet, and found the terms “TWIN FLAME”, I was surprised that everyone is experiencing the same thing as I experienced.

    Sometimes I just couldn't let go of her off my mind, she will just popped out from no where, and I will start thinking about her again, this is so weird, because I never had the same feeling for others like this before, without contacting with them physically, but still thinking of her every minute.

    Currently I'm looking for a job opportunity at her city, I felt I should go and meet her directly.

    When it comes, you will know, something or someone, will try to remind you as hard as they can, and you will get the message for sure.

  6. Dont use logic …and you know. Dont think about it …and you know. Dont work it out or them out …and you know. Dont analyse it …and you know. Dont over play it …and you know. Dont second-guess it …and you know. Dont deconstruct it…and you know. Dont compare it…and you know. Dont use your head to sort it… and you'll know.

    The moment the mind steps down, and removes its own crown. The moment a heavy heart can make its own off-grid electricity start. The moment you see the illusion of that which is, is actually that which is not. The moment you surrender to being; in love, for love, too love, with love nothing but love, for just the sake of love. The moment you give in, and let go and let go again and again, the bone deep desire to control and steer the magical might of the great universal force.. you know.

    There is a peace, a pure indescribable peace which exists in you right before you even ask the question ‘are they my twin?’. Well in this moment there is a split second of sweet untainted silence. And in this pure silence lives, divine love, divine you, divine them and in this stillness, this quiet, you will have your answer before you have even asked the question. You will feel it. No words or workings-out, can reassure you, no words can point, prove or uncover for you. Only the vast and powerful divine within you knows. Now If you give that divine the Crown there is nothing that you need not know my friend.

    Trust & Love


  7. To the questioner: I will write more later when I have more time, but I have been wondering about something the past week or so; regarding my own situation with someone I KNOW is my twin flame, but also from reading stories here including yours; I wonder how many of us grew up in abusive homes & somehow get roped into these dynamics with these TFs or whatever they are where we are longing for their love while they seem to be playing some kind of game & throwing us scraps to keep us on the hook.

    Sadly, I know the guy who is doing that to me now IS my twin flame, but seriously what are they offering? I mean, theyre not man enough to commit, or offer anything substantial emotionally or in any other way; many are involved with other women for any number of reasons; honestly, what are they offering—particularly with the men, what the heck are they offering & how is it appealling, and yes I know, just as in your case, they act weird and try to get attention & get us to bite back on their hook if we stop giving them attention….but do they honestly deserve our attention or even our thought? Im really not sure they do…perhaps if you, me, all of us stop contacting them or commenting on their stuff or responding to their FB antics, maybe it will serve as a wake-up call that they need to appreciate us or they simply need to accept they are losing us.

    Men are supposed to be the ones to take action….I cant even respect mine anymore…that is just the truth…maybe in a year or two, but right now, no. You need to ask yourself, is your interaction with him actually serving any of your needs? Is he acting like a man or playing silly games? I would stop responding, commenting, and see what he does. Let him be the one to take action.

  8. Super difficult question. I guess primarily time will confirm if they are your twin flame or not. I have thought I met mine several times but hadn't. I think one big tell tale sign would be that you have no reservations about them. There is nothing about them that makes you crazy or homicidal. You love spending all your time with them, when you aren't with them you are thinking about them. You don't find yourself interested in anyone else. If you were trapped on an island with that person alone, with no chance of being rescued and with no electronics or outside distractions, would you be content and happy? Stuff like that. BUT you have to be realistic and not sugar coat things or settle because they are “close enough” or “better than your ex” and you still know in your heart they aren't “the one”. Good luck and I hope you locate your TF. 🙂


  9. In my case, I always wondered if there was somebody out there like me, somebody I resonated with, I could feel comfortable with and be myself around, my best friend. I never got my answer early enough, so without knowing what love really was, I married somebody who could not be more wrong for me.

    Then, this union comes upon you suddenly, usually, when you going through something life changing. If you have never experienced anything like this ever in your life, initially, you will feel like, what is this? why am I so drawn to this person? I feel like I am walking on air when I’m around this person, but I am scared because I am going to fall, so I am going to keep things real and stop this madness, but wait, it feels so good I don’t want it to stop, I just want to revel in this feeling, aaah euphoria.

    Your mind tries to make sense of this, but you are acutely aware that something else is taking place that defies all logic. Synchronocities abound. You start seeing 11:11 everywhere. In my case, I started to enter 1.11 on the microwave no matter what I was heating up. Both your birthdays numerology condenses to 1.1.1. You start to see their name everywhere. This was way before I knew about twin flames.

    There is an undeniable intense connection between the two of you. There is also a raw attraction between the two of you, but you both behave yourselves. Your dreams of your twin is so real, it is like you interacting with them in real life. You can see their faces and expressions clearly. You start to pick up some of their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, you won’t pick up anything if there is blocks in their energy.

    You will have so much in common with them, similar interests, ideas, maybe upbringing, but there will also be complimentary differences, which I guess is nice. You don’t want an exact carbon copy of yourself.

    When you are around them, you are just so happy and inspired. There isn’t an unhealthy attachment to them, like I just want to be with this person all the time. Once a lot of that naughty energy settles, then there is that feeling of wanting to take care of this person, but you can’t explain why since you both hardly know each other in the 3D realm.

    Separation is inevitable and indefinite. But during this time, your spiritual awareness becomes more pronounced. You are evolving, and you start to feel closer to God. I still think it so amazing that twin souls share the same spiritual DNA. They are your divine spouse and your perfect compliment.

  10. Give time. Wait! This person is the only person in the world who will help you to break the shell of your ego and be happy forever. This person is making you depressed now. This depression is an opportunity this person is giving you to break the shell of your 'sorrow' and get over it.

    Go for it. Be determined. And when one day the shell of your ego/sorrow breaks you will know that he or she is the one.

    Shell of the sorrow within can break in two ways (1) when one is unconditionally loved – When one is loved the shell of sorrow starts to melt and flows in the form of tears – slowly one is relieved – this feeling is sheer joy(2) sheer determination – When you say ‘he or she is the one and I will not quit’ – with a warrior like attitude.

    One twin would need unconditional love as he or she may not have a warrior like attitude – everyone may not have this kind of attitude and its ok. This twin is generally the runner twin – he or she would remain eternally depressed and hide and try to cover. He or she is not even capable of receiving love and hence runs (hide should be the right word). In this case the other twin is bound to be a 'warrior' – with diametrically opposite attitude.

    He or she will not quit till he or she is relieved. The ‘warrior’ twin will do it alone without the help of the other twin.

    After relieving oneself the job does not end for the ‘warrior’ twin. He has to bring the other twin to his or her level. He or she is waiting – knowingly or unknowingly for the twin to come and help her out. He or she may not agree but he or she is waiting. And now the 'warrior’ twin will be able to love unconditionally because, he or she is now relieved of the sorrow. He or she does not need anything from his or her twin. His love becomes unconditional.

    All these things take time – years, may be decades…so wait and do not be depressed…have a warrior like attitude…then you will know.

  11. It all started when I was fourteen and I made a dream

    The most striking dream of my life

    So strong that I somehow knew waking up that it must be real, that it was actually real

    In that dream, a girl was holding me and I was holding her, all our force clenched in this embrace

    And it felt like the most perfect and complete embrace that could exist on earth

    In her arms I felt entirely at peace, entirely accepted for who I truly am, entirely loved

    My schoolmates sniggering was in an instant blown away by this powerful wind

    It didn’t matter if people didn’t like me, if they made fun of me because I was different, because I didn’t know how to behave like them, because I didn’t want to conform

    It didn’t matter if I felt so lonely and misunderstood, if I had no real friend except my family

    No, nothing mattered before the potency of this dream love

    In that brief instant I understood there existed a love so deep and powerful it upheaved our existence

    In that brief instant I knew that I had to find her no matter what

    And I started looking for my dream girl everywhere

    I somehow knew I would recognize her

    Not because I would be physically attracted to her, no it had nothing to do with physical attraction

    But because my heart would bleed and cry and dance when seeing her, when looking in her eyes

    I knew it would be of an intensity that surpassed everything I witnessed around me

    In my teen years, I sometimes was of a deeply melancholic state of mind, without knowing why, without realizing that it was unnatural for a young boy to be so thoughtful, to have such a brooding mood

    The only thought that brought real sunshine and warmth to my life was that of meeting her

    Each time I went to the New Year’s mass with my parents, I prayed to find her

    And for long, long years I didn’t

    There was no trace of her


    With time, I overcame my natural shyness that when I was a teenager made me stutter with everyone around at school, so afraid was I of my peers’ judgmental eyes

    I didn’t know how to speak in slang as everybody else, I wasn’t capable of chitchatting

    Before speaking I had to prepare the sentences I would say in my mind beforehand

    And each time I cursed my stupidity, how socially unfit I felt I was

    Later, much later, I became much more at ease with myself when I understood that speaking with others was not an exam I had to pass, but more like a discussion to discover more about them, about their life experiences, about the secret book of their soul

    I wanted to become a writer and so I knew I needed these interactions, and I started asking many questions, carefully listening to answers

    And in few years I met many close friends, as many as I didn’t have in my entire life, and with each of them the relationship seemed meaningful to me

    And yet, despite not being lonely anymore in the physical plane, I continued feeling this loneliness of the heart

    I never dated with any girl because each time I would get to know someone from close I’d understand it wasn’t the right person for me

    I would go out of my comfort zone, speaking to strangers out of the blue, in the library, in public transportation, each time I’d notice a beautiful face

    For I believed that I would recognize her from her face

    But each time I was disappointed, the whole did not feel right, they didn’t have the sensitivity I was looking for

    Almost a decade passed until I met her…

    You can continue reading this story with chapter 2 – the shadow and chapter 3 – meeting my twin flame – first encounter

  12. This is my favorite question, I don’t even have to imagine, nor to consult my mind, I just have to describe what happened to me , and how I knew that this particular lady.

    Once you meet your soulmate/twin flames, the exact moment, something within you lightens, it’s the soul detecting the presence of it’s long missing half or part, you get mildly confused due to a strange feeling, all of your thinking parts, starting with your brain have never felt this way before, there is love in the air as they say ….. then as you progress, things will keep getting more mysterious and strange, but evolving almost exponentially , specially if you are with the soul mate, the first hug will shock you, you become glued almost literally, you will have to exert an effort to part from your soul mate, to me, I saw the connection literally, in my own mind’s eye, I saw a white solid object hooking me to her, it was stretchable, I kept trying to pull away, and it was expanding, with a tough electricity, finally is got ripped, I was sweating almost profusely, I’m an old man, I’m not a virgin, but I was sweating … and each part of that “thing”, well, it’s not really a “thing”, it’s the soul separated and withdrawn slowly to their homes ….a kiss will make you see things, beautiful things, in my case, it was and is just crazy, as I parted from her, I saw tiny beautiful birds in all colors, shiny and happy flying fast while almost dancing, back and forth between my chest and hers ….I later, after I calmed down, I asked her, did you see anything, she was bamboozled to even talk, then she said yes, I saw colored birds flying back and forth between us exhibiting happiness that cannot be mistaken or misunderstood.

    This is only a fraction of what I can say, but with these things that I described, would you doubt that this is your twin flames? Right now, I’m waiting for her and her mother, my music is KG, and I feel in heaven, real heaven, nothing exist in my mind but her, how can I be confused? ….I wish you this my friend, it’s a cosmic event of priceless endless rewards, should you find your twin flames, always respect the divinity and the holiness of this event, and thank the originator sincerely from the depth of your being.

  13. Good question. Most people who experience TF do not know. The initial approach would be a love at first sight of sort, there will pushing and pulling between the two. Can’t stay but can’t seem to stay away. Most will have Mystical qualities within the experience of Self and the interrelationship with suppose TF. As in Serendipity like. Repeating names and events. Situations pulls you apart and few months you bump to each other. You will keep ripping eachother apart but keep loving as well. It is quite chaotic and painful. You will also have hallucination like situations, massive download of information from the akashic, and all sorts of awakening symptoms. Including angel and demon temptation of sort, like in those donald duck cartoon show. You will be inclined to spirituality and yearn to seek and keep seeking what will bring back your sanity. Until such time you just surrender everything and peace becomes you. You then stand in your own Light. Your illuminated truth.

  14. You will know because no matter what is going on in the 3D world, your twin’s energy will inspire you, uplift you and elevate you to new levels of awareness about yourself. Whether they are with you or apart from you, it will never feel as if you are abandoned, alone or in fear they will not come back.

    There is none of the old 3D relationship paradigm drama and heaviness. Instead you will have an almost otherworldly ability to hone into what you need to shed, cleanse purge and move on from in your life so that you can be together in service to others.

  15. Deep down, you just know. The moment you meet, it’s like you’ve met them before. You have this instant ‘I’m home’ feeling. You know who they are without even having a proper conversation. It sounds make believe, but it isn’t. I’ve never felt the way I did when I met my twin.

    I met my twin and it was just that, I was home. I know Him, trust Him, love Him… care for Him. And He feels the same for me also. He is my home, my love, my light, my darkness. I belong to Him. He belongs to me.

    There are synchronicities around you, signs that guide you toward one another. Things just makes sense. You both just… fit. It feels like obsession, but this is so much more than that. Obsession you feed yourself… with this, it is there. You can’t forget, try as you might, you can not -will not – forget them. The universe makes damn sure you know who they are and what they are there for.

    There are some many other signs, but they seem to be more individual to each set of twins. There are other questions on here that are similar to yours. So many interesting questions. Go yonder and read to hearts delight my friend.

  16. When life as you know it, turns itself in on its head. It's like suddenly you've gone from third gear to fourth. Everything feels deeper, more meaningful, more symbolic and you've just briefly encountered the depths of the meaning of love: and you want more.

    Only, the source of that love you've just discovered, doesn't resonate from the person you've just met, or have known. You know what I'm going to say next… as sobering as it may be… as much as you don't want to believe that ‘this’ person is the answer to your wholeness. The capacity to love, which you've discovered, is within you. You’ve turned the light on and seen the whole room. It's the beginning of ‘self actualisation’ as Maslow would say…

  17. We are one, perfect, complete inside, one pure consciousness never separate in 2. So no initial cut, no twin flames. Twin flames is a dualistic human concept as soul mate, other half.

    We certainly feel alone lost in matter world, disconnected with the ONE source energy. We are disconnected from ourselves, because we have been told that we are not perfect, cut, the half of something. The concept of being cut in 2 is a dualistic brain conclusion. Good and bad, up and down, inner feminine and masculine, 1=2. One is never 2 as one is always one. Our pure consciousness as soul is one doing an experience in matter world. No cut, no 2, no need to bring the 2 in one. Because deep inside we are already one, never cut. NO Twin flame. Only sharing the same “frequency” with several human being sharing the same level of consciousness, as vibration and sharing the same “values” as respect, loyalty, truth etc. This is a better definition of being in the same frequency. In that concept there is no desperation, no fear of missing the twin flame, no waiting, not being with someone because we have been told that he is our twin flame and loosing our faith in love.

    We are missing our own oneness, pure consciousness. We initially cut ourselves from it then we are trying to find the missing part that does not exist as we are and always have been a complete, perfect, one piece soul. So Twin flame is an UTRUTH dualistic concept creating despair, suffering, loneliness and the wrong hope that there will be someone out there who will give us joy and happiness preventing us to find our true inner oneness happiness, love and joy and then sharing it with another “complete” soul.

  18. When you meet, you feel dizzy, woozey, but in a pleasant way. Your eyes lock and it's as if you can see into the Twin's soul. It's a dreamy sensation, like the entire world falls away and it's just the two of you. Silence is never uncomfortable. You get visions of their past… childhood, parents,etc.even if you know nothing about it. You want to nurture and protect like a mother, but also devour like a lover. But it's different from the typical sexual chemistry you've had with others. This feels pure, spiritual and just a means to an end, which is bodily union in order to meld souls again. Unconditional love is present even when they wrong you. In fact, your love doesn't really grow over time with your Twin flame, like in a marriage, for instance, because it's already whole and complete when you meet. Lastly, the runner/ chaser dynamic happens, which feels maddening, like you're going crazy. You both adore each other but stay away because you fear that this is all in your imagination, or that your Twin doesn't love you as much as you do him or her. I'm still in this phase, so I can't comment on what final union is like. But I'm going to heed everyone's advice and work on loving and forgiving myself, in the hopes that he's doing the same, so that one day we can experience bliss together.

  19. Not having a clue what a twin flame was at the time I connected with mine I didn’t understand what was happening to me at all.

    If you were not aware of what twin flames are at the time of having crossed paths you may have thought oh this is a soul mate. People say you’ll just know. You cannot “just know” if you don’t even know what a twin flame is.

    How can you know if you are not even familiar with a term like twin flames nor experienced anything of kind in your life up until that point? I for sure as heck had not ever and I mean EVER experienced anything with any other man that I was in a relationship with.

    I DID NOT KNOW! When we crossed paths on Twitter he felt familiar but I just thought the same, oh maybe he’s a soul mate, for 6 months we chatted online and THEN after doing some intense spiritual work on myself not related to him .. the dreams started and we connected in some other plane of existence – for lack of a better term.

    It wasn’t until I had a reading that I was told that after that length of experiences I’d had and other things – the familiarity of him yet I didn’t actually know him and some other things that the reader who happened to be in union with her twin flame, she told me I’d found mine.

    I started to research blogs and such and found some helpful information but it has been talking with her and working with her that has been the best thing. (Carol Mary) she has been and is an godsend and I’m grateful to her for her showing up in my life.

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