What is the scope of a mechanical engineer in the design and fabrication of microprocessors?

Be it any stream of engineering, when it comes to bringing the concepts to reality, the work of a Mechanical Engineer begins.

Since anything that needs to be physical needs manufacturing processes, it is important that a Mechanical Engineer is involved in the process.

Coming to the design of microprocessors. The role of a mechanical engineer is to comprehend the requirement of the mechatronic system and state the same to the concerned electronics engineer. The design is seldom carried out by a mechanical engineer.

Coming to the manufacturing, Mechanical Engineers have complete responsibility in this regard. Right from defining the process parameters to actually manufacturing the components, tedious efforts need to be put in since the scale of manufacturing is in microns of accuracy. Designing the manufacturing process and successful execution can be attributed to a Mechanical Engineer.

The scope is wide provided the engineer has a strong foundation of precision manufacturing and mechatronics & microprocessors.

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  1. Design of microprocessors:

    I dont think there would be any role except one area : Cooling mechanism of microprocessor .

    The design of the cooling system and fans for optimum heat transfer through convection is an area which would come under purview of mechanical engineering.

    Fabrication and manufacturing of microprocessors :

    The core area in the concept of making CPU is surely the physics and chemistry behind the semiconductors since the process takes place at a molecular level.

    The process design would be solely in domain of electronics and chemistry .

    Mechanical engineers would be involved in the high precision mechatronic equipments used to carry out the chemical processes .

    Those machines would require good amount of rigorous mechanical design which is dimensionally accurate and precise to order of microns to achieve results.

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