How to make a girlfriend happy without giving more time in a long-distance relationship

By making her happy in whatever little time you get to talk to her.

  • Reply to her texts on any messaging app you both use.
  • Drop in a ‘I love you’ everyday (only if you really really mean it).
  • Wish her ‘Good morning/ night sweetie/ sweetheart.
  • Listen to her chatter patiently.
  • Try reading her voice to know her mood so that you can make her feel better if she sounds sad. Be polite.
  • Be nice.
  • Be romantic.
  • Be sweet.

Trust me, she’ll be happy even if you do the above things. Even 10 minutes of a really nice talk on the phone is enough to keep her happy for the rest of the day. I can say this because of experience. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship since 3 months and the above steps work for him 😛

All the best 🙂

Can a marriage be successful despite opposing views on sensitive issues like religion and faith? If yes, how do you deal with it?

Can any relationship be successful despite opposing views? Yes, happens to me all of the time. It became very difficult during the last election process, and things got really tense between certain friends, and honestly I lost a couple of friends over our ability to discuss things rationally with each other. It is really tough being in any relationship in life, makes me truly understand the hermit types sometimes.

Being married to someone has little to do with views, at least in the aspect of respect and love. it does help, but to be honest even in a relationship where the two share most opinions and choices, you still have to be able to let your partner be themselves, and they have to allow you to be yourself.

Especially in new love its hard, you want to spend all of your free time together, smother each other in your pheromones, but you will get to a point quickly where that can be overwhelming to one or both of you and you have to be able to let each other do their own thing. Just like you would a good friend.

This is where separate opinions can be useful to a married couple, if you choose to listen and understand, then you have the ability to hear a trusted perspective of the things you differ on from each other, giving yourself a better understanding of these things and all the people around you who might feel this way.

But you have to be willing to listen and understand verses waiting for your turn to talk so that you can convince your partner that your view is the right one.

There is a term for this, its called civil discourse, and Americans in general are failing in this one right now. We cant talk politics to each other without screaming profanities or insults. There is no discourse when its not civil.

Civil discourse is engagement in discourse(conversation) intended to enhance understanding. Civil discourse – Wikipedia

But it starts at home, if you cant have civility due to opposing opinions at home, how will you have useful discourse with someone you don’t trust enough to marry?

What will be the long term impact of Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects on job creation in India? Will it increase competitiveness of Indian SMEs?

To provide energy to our body, efficient flow of blooded is needed through blood vessels. Some of the arteries and veins are broad which can be compared to national Highways and others are capillaries type which are akin to district roads/connecting.

Bharatmala and Sagarmala are such projects which will be built through huge investments from government. Under the project newer highways will be built along with up gradation of old ones. Newer roads will connect the difficult terrains like north east. Overall it will make the flow of goods smother till the last mile.

In case these are getting completed on time will not only generate around 14 Cr Mandays work but also a huge direct demand of steel, cement etc.

Further it resolves the problem of infrastructure roadblock. Because 65% of our good and 85% of passengers are transported through roads.

The average speed of our trucks is between 25–45 Kms compared to 60+ in developed countries.

Our trucks complete 250 – 300 Kms compared to 500+ in other brick countries and 700+ Kms in Developed countries.

Looking back at our population growth we need more goods to cater to the demand of our countrymen.

To get transportation done speedily overhauling of transport infrastructure is inevitable.

Every country which grew in leaps and bounds has worked on infrastructure first which led to their development be it Singapore, Dubai or for that matter US or Germany.

Even if we look at history Maurya Empire built roads connecting patliputra and Afghanistan to via khyber pass to increase the trade and commerce. Similarly Sher Shah Suri built GT raod.

If the blood vessels are choked one can get a heart attack on excessive pumping similarly inefficiency in roads and highways will lead to crippled economy with increased demand pressure.


How to appear on the first page of Google, for a keyword my blog is already getting traffic for

Nowadays in digital marketing the main trend is not the traditional way of advertising but social media and influencer marketing. Why is this happening? The answer is simple, the world has become so small in social media that you can even comment on your favorite celebrity picture on Instagram and even get a reply in some rare cases. According to PageFair, nearly 615 million devices now use Adblock and almost 74% of American Adblock users say they leave sites with AdBlock walls. This means people can’t stand any kind of ads popping up during their favorite shows and videos on YouTube. What do they do when they can’t block the ad? They start panicking and clicking the back button or take their smartphones and scroll up and down through their Facebook or Instagram news feed instead of watching the ad. The world nowadays is becoming smaller and smaller and can even fit in our smartphones. We live in an era when even a high school girls can become influencer on Instagram just by uploading photos. People are becoming famous on YouTube just by uploading reviews about beauty hacks or books and etc. Moreover, high-end cosmetic brands send their products to these people so they could make a review on their YouTube channels. As weird as it is, but likes and followers nowadays have become powerful instruments in people’s hands. This means that banners and ads are going out of trend and you have to bid on social media even if you’re doing B2B. Some marketers are predicting price increase on social media ads like Facebook and Instagram, because even the most famous brands are switching to social media ads instead of traditional advertising. This is your chance to use as much social media to make it visible to your target audience as it is possible before it will become something you can’t afford, especially for small businesses.

Here are some useful tips on how you can increase your content visibility in Social Media in 2017:

1. Create a High Quality Blog

This is what SEO professionals always advise if your websites doesn’t have one it is your job to create it now. Using right titles and keywords for each blog post, you will attract the right audience to your website, the one that is searching for you and needs your advice, tips, product or services. Show people what they need and turn them into your loyal customers. This is the best way of inbound marketing, because people make decisions by searching the Internet and often know what they are going to purchase online even before even entering stores or websites. Also, this will be a proof of the trustworthiness and reliability of your company. Giveaway necessary tips for free so they would come back for more and finally convert into your customers.

2. Share your Content on Social Media

Content is king and it is what every digital marketing specialist knows. In 2017 having a great content is not enough you also have to be present on social media. You want to make your content shareable, engaging and relevant. It will be useful to add social buttons to your every post so people will be able to share it immediately on social networks like Facebook or Twitter and etc. Nowadays social media presence is very important and you don’t have to just share your blog content once, you want to continue sharing it with your followers, highlighting different aspects of your blog posts. Even if your audience is not on Facebook you have to have a high quality Facebook page with reviews, otherwise people will not consider your company trustworthy. What we do when we are trying to find a new company in the searching stage? Yes, we are trying to find that company on Facebook and if this page doesn’t look good enough it obviously influence on our decision.

3. Use Hashtags

Almost all social media websites have hashtags and this is where it is necessary to be creative. Always follow the hashtag trends but keep it relevant, not all hashtags can make sense for your posts. To stay relevant follow the trending hashtags you are planning to use and see what kind of posts are the most popular out there. Posting your content with the trending hashtags increases the chances for your post to be seen by more people but don’t end up going too far from the intention of the hashtag and your posts niche.

4. Use Trending Topics

It is obvious that you are not going to create a content which is not relevant. Trending topics usually not last very long, sometimes even hours. Make your website content flexible and work on content which is not very large and doesn’t take much time to create. Nowadays everything changes very fast and if you want to catch a moment you have to be as flexible as it is possible. Mainly try to invest your time and resources in a content which is easy to make and finding your target audience every day rather than spending hours on a work that’s gonna last for seconds.

5. Collect Testimonials

This is very important if you are selling a product or service. Try to collect as much consumer or clients testimonials as it is possible. This way your company will gain a good reputation and trustworthiness. You always read someone’s testimonial in socials or another kind of websites before buying a product or service especially if it is expensive and without any doubt, these reviews always influence your decision to purchase.

As you can see, nowadays the most important aspect of the good marketing strategy is content. We see a crazy amount of content on the internet and most of the content is given for free. Everyone can create a content every day and the most powerful tool for sharing your content is Social Media. Try to have new content on your blog from 1 up to 3 times in a week with the blog posts not less than 600 words and not only articles videos are becoming more and more popular day by day. This will also help your website’s SEO. Boost your content in social media before it will become more expensive, especially on Facebook and you will see the results.

Source: 5 Ways to Increase Content Visibility on Social Networks

Hope this was helpful! Please read more about CEO and digital marketing in my blog here: Varduhi Chakhkalian – Medium

Can a man wear ballet pointe shoes?

All of the answers below, in particular Griffin and Charlene’s answers, are correct. Yes, men can do pointe, the Trocks are stupendously talented, and yes, it is quite difficult for a young man to start studying pointe for all of the reasons that Griffin pointed out. However, there are a few other things that I wanted to add to the conversation.

Some men have very tight ankle ligaments that inhibit getting over the box of the pointe shoe. It is true that there are also women with the same problem, but this problem is more common in men. If you are a young man considering pointe, be honest with yourself regarding your ankle flexibility. Do not put yourself in danger. Wait to start pointe until after you stretch your ankle enough that you can balance safely. Note that I am talking about the ankle joint itself, and not the top of the foot, or the arch. While having a strong arch is an advantage in pointe, a flexible ankle is an absolute requirement.

If you are interested in dance beyond classical ballet, there are many really wonderful contemporary choreographers who are working with men and pointe shoes in beautiful, creative ways. Many years ago I attended a performance of Rite of Spring that included a man in pointe shoes that had been painted to resemble the hooves of a satyr. He could balance in his shoes with bent knees and a curved back, and he could hop on his pointes. He was such a real satyr, it was such a powerful effect. If you are open to new ideas, there are choreographers who are interested in men who can master pointe and create exciting new ideas.

Do you think teleportation will be possible?

First, teleportation needs two devices not just one, so we should just call it ‘technology’ versus device. Second, your answer has two parts also, depending upon which science one uses. If you use the current science taught today, proposing some exotic scenarios they someday hoping to find, your answer would have to be NO, not today, but MAYBE someday in the future. Some declaring that future could be centuries. If, however, if one climbs out of that box which ‘all’ those folks being constrained by, and use Nature verses the taught science, your answer would be an unquestionable YES!

The ‘unquestionable’ reason

One huge, and basic cause making object teleportation feasible being it is happening in Nature today. However, even with this natural phenomenon happening, current science denies its existence, and hangs either ‘it never really happened’ or provides ‘some lame excuse’! We experience it in weather phenomena, in some paranormal phenomena, and accidentally within some of our technology experiments. Just a little research in these areas quickly confirms that Nature is playing a huge role in ‘putting’ objects, both physical and nonphysical, elsewhere instantaneously; doing it for a real reason!

Nature’s reason

Quite simply, a natural law states: ‘nothing can ever leave the Universe’. Therefore, when something tries to leave the Universe, Nature just ‘puts’ it elsewhere. However, there is a huge reason nothing can ever leave the Universe, and it is not entirely science’s law of ‘Energy Conservation’, but instead an ‘Intelligence Conservation’. Every object within the entire Universe has a whole series of ‘evolutionary steps’ in its creation process; these ‘steps’ are the intelligence. Keep in mind, these ‘steps’ go all the way back to the beginning of the Universe. Many of these ‘steps’ are not just unique to any particular object; they are shared with other objects; sometimes many other objects; i.e. the beginning of the Universe! Therefore, if an object tries to be removed permanently, Nature would need to remove all the intelligence (‘steps’) used to create it, including the beginning of the Universe. To avoid this removal scenario, Nature just ‘puts’ the object elsewhere. So, where is the proof of this natural phenomenon?

‘Where’s the beef’or proof

In my research, I found four scenarios that can only be explained by Nature ‘putting’ objects elsewhere. There are probably many more; for me these four were enough to determine how it is happening. You might want to research more, seek objects just vanishing is a good start. Where Nature ‘puts’ objects could be anywhere within the entire Universe; not constrained to just Earth. The four explained being: two happening in weather phenomenon, one using psychokinesis, and the last being with technology. The first being ‘within certain dual tornadoes’, objects under tremendous stress trying to vanish and being ‘put’ elsewhere. Nature does not care if other objects are where it ‘puts’ its object. Not any other means, besides a Nature’s ‘put’, could objects be embedded within other physical objects:

The second weather phenomenon is just like tornadoes, but instead the vortexes being vertical, they are horizontal and happening at certain locations on the Earth surfaces. The one I studied and concluded that had to be a natural ‘put’ phenomenon was an aircraft with three people on board being naturally and instantaneously ‘put’ 87 miles. Many believe it to be some kind of time warp; talk about feasibility? This not just being an isolated event, many other events happening in these places on the Earth’s surfaces. Believed lenticular clouds providing the major vortexes.

The third ‘put’ phenomenon was discovered in the U.S Air Force Teleportation Report conducted by Eric Davis, PhD, outlining some teleportation experiments conducted by the Chinese. They trained some children in using psychokinesis and had them perform this method to move objects with their brain. Of course, ‘moving’ objects without using energy and momentum cannot happen, so the children was actually teleporting these objects, as Mr. Davis alluded.

The fourth phenomenon happens with technology, most based upon Tesla technology. Tesla stated in a speech some 110 years ago he could make objects disappear and reappear. If this being making an object just vanish off the face of the Earth, then it being removed, or trying to be removed. Thus, it would reappear elsewhere. Tesla was not the only person making objects vanish with technology, the Navy had it happening with a hi-energy welder that started Project Rainbow. This project led to the Philadelphia Experiment with teleportation happening. Many other people have had objects just vanish when performing experiments. Keep in mind, objects ever leave the Universe.

What device is needed

One can ascertain from just the four phenomena researched, the common denominator is vortexes attempting to remove objects from the Universe. One can use Tesla’s technology to create a teleporter. This would initiate the natural ‘put’ phenomenon for any object, however, one would need to inform Nature ‘where’ one wants the object to be ‘put’. This also being Tesla’s technology. Keep in mind Nature works only in the nonphysical world, so any physics solution would need to consider a totally different line of thought.


All teleportation devices are technology, one to remove objects (both physical and nonphysical) from the Universe, thus invoking Nature to use its ’put’ ability to teleport it elsewhere instantaneously. Additional technology is needed at the desired destination to inform Nature where to ’put’ the object. Todays science is seeking imaginary warp space, warp time, worm holes, etc. to develop some physical means to teleport objects. Nature laughing at these scenarios; the solution is nonphysical, the reason being Nature is doing it, and Nature is nonphysical. The technology (devices) needs to initiate the transfer and to control its destination. Nature is playing with a full deck, and today’s taught science with just half a deck of cards; thus being the reason for two answers!

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way. Aristotle

How many square yards are in an acre?

There are 4840 square yards in an acre. An acre is an international unit of area used to measure large parts of land.

Other important conversion factors for an acre:
1 Acre = 4046.86 square meters
1 Acre = 43,560 square feet
1 Acre = 0.405 hectares
1 Acre = 0.0015625 square mile

You can use the conversion table here – Land Measurement Units or use this Land Area Calculator to convert from any land area unit to any other.

What is the best, and low cost, treatment for infertility?

Infertility is an issue which is growing through years, it is very necessary to treat it. There are many options available through which infertility can be completely treated. Many clinics are offering this services to help the couples conceive who failed to do so naturally.

The best solution for infertility is IVF in this procedure the eggs are retrieved from the mother and fertilized through the sperm in the lab and kept for few days and then it is transferred to the uterus and then normal pregnancy is considered, with this procedure there are also chances of multiple pregnancy.

The cost should not be the important factor to consider while selecting the surgeon or the clinic for IVF rather the experience and successful surgeries is something which needs to be considered, but this does not mean that either you end up more for the treatment or select a clinic at the low cost but with the bad results. For this you need to do a proper research prior to the surgery.

IVF can give you the best results, if you are suffering to get pregnant. But it should be done an expert surgeon and hospital. Currae Hospital is one of the best hospital to treat IVF. It has been giving the best service to its patients with satisfying results.

IVF treatment mumbai

What is blockchain technology?

“Arguably the most significant development in information technology over the past few years, blockchain has the potential to change the way that the world approaches big data, with enhanced security and data quality just two of the benefits afforded to businesses using Satoshi Nakamoto’s landmark technology.”

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database system that acts as an “open ledger” to store and manage transactions. Each record in the database is called a block and contains details such as the transaction timestamp as well as a link to the previous block. This makes it impossible for anyone to alter information about the records retrospectively. Also, due to the fact that the same transaction is recorded over multiple, distributed database systems, the technology is secure by design.

With the above in mind, blockchain is immutable – information remains in the same state for as long as the network exists.

Blockchain and Big Data

When you talk about blockchain in the context of Bitcoin, the connection to Big Data seems a little tenuous. What if, instead of Bitcoin, the blockchain was a ledger for other financial transactions? Or business contracts? Or stock trades?

The financial services industry is starting to take a serious look at block chain technology. Oliver Bussmann, CIO of UBS says that blockchain technology could “pare transaction processing time from days to minutes.”

The business imperative in financial services for blockchain is powerful. Imagine blockchains of that magnitude. Huge data lakes of blocks that contain the full history of every financial transaction, all available for analysis. Blockchain provides for the integrity of the ledger, but not for the analysis. That’s where Big Data and accompanying analysis tools will come into play.

Opportunities for Big Data Analytics

Recently, a consortium of 47 Japanese banks signed up with a blockchain startup called Ripple to facilitate money transfers between bank accounts using blockchain. The main reason behind the move is to perform real-time transfers at a significantly low cost. One of the reasons traditional real-time transfers were expensive was because of the potential risk factors. Double-spending (which is a form of transaction failure where the same security token gets used twice) is a real problem with real-time transfers. With blockchains, that risk is largely avoided. Big data analytics makes it possible to identify patterns in consumer spending and identify risky transactions a lot quicker than they can be done currently. This reduces the cost with real-time transactions.

In Industries outside of banking too, the main drive for adoption of Blockchain technologies has been security. Across healthcare, retail and public administration, establishments have started experimenting with blockchain to handle data to prevent hacking and data leaks. In healthcare, a technology such as blockchain can make sure that multiple “signatures” are sought at every level of data access. This can help prevent a repeat of events such as the 2015 attack that led to the theft of over 100 million patient records.

Possibilities in Real-Time Analytics

Up until now, real-time fraud detection has only been a pipe dream and banking institutions have always relied on using technologies to identify fraudulent transactions retrospectively. Since the blockchain has a database record for every single transaction, it provides a way for institutions to mine for patterns in real-time, if need be.

But all of these possibilities also raise questions about privacy and this is in direct contradiction to the reason why blockchain and bitcoins became popular in the first place. Several industry experts have expressed concerns that a technology that can provide a record of every transaction can be exploited for everything “from customer profiling to other less benign reasons”.

From another perspective however, blockchains greatly improve transparency in data analytics. Unlike previous algorithms, the blockchain design rejects any input that it can’t verify and is deemed suspicious. As a result, analysts in industries such as Retail only deal with data that is completely transparent. In other words, the customer behavior patterns that blockchain systems identify are likely to be a whole lot more accurate than it is today.

Uncovering Transactional Data

The data within the blockchain is predicted to be worth trillions of dollars as it continues to make its way into banking, micropayments, remittances, and other financial services. In fact, the blockchain ledger could be worth up to 20% of the total big data market by 2030, producing up to $100 billion in annual revenue. To put this into perspective, this potential revenue surpasses that of what Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal currently generate combined.Big data analytics will be crucial in tracking these activities and helping organizations using the blockchain make more informed decisions.

Data intelligence services are emerging to help financial institutions, governments, and all kinds of organizations delve into who they might be interacting with on the blockchain and uncover “hidden” patterns.

Uncovering Social Data

As the popularity of bitcoin advanced in 2014 and 2015, the virtual currency began to fluctuate heavily as a result of real-world events and the general public’s sentiment about the technology. These fluctuations are proof that the virtual currency has several characteristics that make it ideal for social data predictions.

According to Rick Burgess of Freshminds: “Using social data to predict consumer behavior is nothing new, and many traders have been looking to include social metrics into their trading algorithms. However, because there are so many factors involved in pricing most financial instruments, it can be extremely difficult to predict how markets will change.”

Fortunately, bitcoin users and social media users tend to align quite well, and it may be beneficial to use them both for data analysis, as he further explains:

  • Bitcoin users tend to be in the same demographic as social media users, and so their attitudes, opinions, and sentiment towards bitcoin are well documented.
  • The value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are determined almost solely by market demand because the number of coins on the market is predictable and are not tied to any physical goods.
  • Bitcoins are predominantly traded by individuals rather than large institutions.
  • Events that affect Bitcoin’s value are disseminated first and foremost on social media.

Data analysts are now mining social data for insights into key cryptocurrency trends. This, in turn, helps organizations uncover powerful demographic information and link bitcoin’s performance to world events.

Uncovering New Forms of Data Monetization

According to Bill Schmarzo, CTO of Dell EMC Services, blockchain technology also “has the potential to democratize the sharing and monetization of data and analytics by removing the middleman from facilitating transactions.” In the business world, this gives consumers stronger negotiating powers over companies. It allows consumers to control who has access to their data through the blockchain. They could then demand pricing discounts in exchange for revealing data on their personal consumptions of a company’s product or service.

Schmarzo also explains how the blockchain may lead to new forms of data monetization because it has the following big data ramifications:

  • All parties involved in a transaction have access to the same data. This accelerates data acquisition, sharing, the quality of data and data analytics.
  • A detailed register of all transactions is kept in a single “file” or blockchain. This provides a complete overview of a transaction from start to finish, eliminating the needs for multiple systems.
  • Individuals can manage and control their personal data without the need for a third-party intermediary or centralized repository.

Ultimately, the blockchain could become a key enabler of data monetization by creating new marketplaces where companies and individuals can share, sell, and offer their data and analytical insights directly with each other.

Spearheaded by the large scale adoption of bitcoin, blockchain technologies are gaining ground throughout the business and financial worlds. The fast and secure transactions it facilitates could potentially revolutionize traditional data systems. According to a survey by KPMG and Forrester Consulting, one-third of decision makers trust their company’s data. But with blockchain technologies, this trust can be considerably strengthened, and real applications will become much more commonplace.

Has there ever been a period in time where all the Earth was at peace?

My history teacher once challenged us kids to come up with a year when there was no war. No matter which year we suggested (at random), he could always tell us of a war or wars that were going on at the time.

And we obviously haven’t stopped with Wold War II either. Almost immediately, we launched into the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Laos, Cambodia, the Cold War and the accompanying arms race, several wars between Palestinians and Israelis, the Falklands War, the Iraq Wars, Afghanistan wars (first against Russia and later against the United States), Chinese invasion of Tibet, the Balkan wars, Russians invading Hungary, Russians invading Czechoslovakia, and numerous armed conflicts throughout Africa, in Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Angola, and many more.

Wars just never seem to stop. But then someone also wisely pointed out that if we didn’t have any wars at all, that would mean accepting the current status quo, cementing the current world situation for ever. And yet, there are many injustices in the world that would be perpetuated that way if people couldn’t fight to right the wrongs. Oppressed people will only gain freedom by fighting for it. It seems that is the only language those in power understand.

In other words, it would be unfair to enforce a world peace, because that would mean making people accept the current injustices and the current world order.

Hopefully, humanity will some day grow out of this once everyone becomes compassionate enough to see other people’s grief and be able to address it in a constructive manner, and find suitable peaceful solutions for everything that grieves us. But this probably won’t happen for another few thousand years!