What measures should be considered for selecting the best hosting services?

The main parameters by which you should always consider a good web hosting service are:

  1. Load time – the time it takes to load web pages from their server for your target audience.
  2. Support quality – the time & quality of answers from the support team.
  3. Uptime – the reliability/guarantee provided by the web hosting service for their services being online on an annual basis.

Since each customer’s experience is different and subject to their own requirements, the best way to know is to use the service yourself.

You should go in for a free trial of web hosting services to be sure.

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  1. Ohh wow.

    Firstly thanks for asking my opinion about web hosting.

    Actually there are some important factor which is required while you selecting the best web hosting services.

    1. server uptime
    2. Free 24/7 Priority Support
    3. Daily Backups
    4. Free SSL
    5. 45 Days Money – Back
    6. Easy to use interface
    7. One Click Installation of important softwares/applications

    These all factors are important while choosing best web hosting.

    I will suggest you some worlds best web hosting providers list,

    • HostSoch
    • iPage
    • MilesWeb
    • DreamHost
    • InMotion Hosting

    This the #world’s best web hosting providers.

    I hope you will happy with this answer. 🙂

  2. Yes, Yu must go through some of the aspects of the hosting company which your going to. Such as,


    As you all are aware that in this world there are more than millions Hosting companies are there providing different Hosting services to their customer. But is it satisfying their customers need ??? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

    After trying most of the top hosting provider companies including Hostgator , Dreamhost, Godaddy and Bluehost. I found Bluehost to be the best hosting provider in because of its outstanding performance. I have worked on more than 40 clients in my 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing and I have tried almost all hosting provider companies.

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  3. Well mate there few aspects to be looked before selecting your host provider because a wrong choice can be your worst night mare ever which eventually leads you no where.

    But I recommend you to write down your business requirement on piece of paper then examine any hosting provider because these are some general factors which are mandatory.

    1. User Friendly Console
    2. Managed Backups
    3. Real-Time Monitoring
    4. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
    5. Support
    6. Managed Hosting Platform
    7. Single Click Deployment
    8. Free Site Migration
    9. Vertical Scaling

    All the best mate. Cheers

  4. You should check reviews online for hosting companies, should check their support services, packaging plans, hosting packaging plans online with other sites and choose the right one. Talk to them or visit them in person if possible.

    If you are looking for hosting services, I will suggest you Bagful International. It is one of the most trusted hosting company which offers windows hosting , dedicated hosting plans, linux vps hosting and so many other service. To know more about their hosting plans , visit at https://bagful.com.au

  5. Many things depend for considering if you buy web hosting services. Like Price, Uptime, Support, Hosting Management Control Panel, Technology used on the server, Server Hardware Performances.

    Our company Advika Web(www.advikaweb.com)providing cheap cPanel Web Hosting Services. And we provide 24×7 support with latest technology hardware, operating system, PHP Version support 5.4 to 7.2, Maria DB etc.

  6. Server Up-time – Server up-time means the overall amount of time in which the server is running. Almost all Hosting providers give 99.99% server up-time Guarantee.

    Server Load – The time taken for loading the web pages should be minimum.

    Bandwidth – Bandwidth is the amount of speed for transferring the data.

    Extensive Live Support – 24/7 monitoring support is needed for best hosting services.

    If you are looking for a good web hosting, you can go through Server Management Company which provides unlimited bandwidth, 99% up-time etc… with a 24/7 Server monitoring and dedicated live chat support.

  7. Well, with hosting you're measuring something different then the application speed. However, a better host can render your application quicker.

    Apart from that you have your TTFB and download time. Server with slower upload speed will result in slower websites.

    Slower TTFB will be wasted time.

    Combined with that comes your load testing. So how many user can this one server handle. Of you can get all the others results exactly the same, but one can handle twice as many visitors then that'll mean that you can potentially cut your costs in half.

    Then there is shared vs dedicated. With a shared your entire server could go down because another website that doesn't belong to you is doing some nasty stuff. (Only with the crappy hostings)

    And then you have your own personal preferences, and potential partners. Like.. do they need SSH, do they offer GIT to be installed, what cachings are enabled, and can you install your own?

    And last but not least..

    Service. Do they respond to tickets, and if yes.. Do they reply within a day or within a month ?

    Can you call them ? What if they have downtime? And do they offer email?

    So quite a lot there.

    A nice tool is the whichisfaster tool, as it gives you a nice race between them.

    Good luck!

  8. 5 things to consider before choosing a Web hosting provider

    1. 1. Not all big-name Web hosts are good for you
    2. 2. Cut-rate hosting may not be your best bet
    3. 3. Information from third party reviewers
    4. 4. Testing customer support is allowed
    5. 5. Security strength

    SSLs: If you’re designing an e-commerce related website, and you aren’t planning on using a third party service to handle your customer’s payments data, you’d need a hosting service that can provide SSLs instead.

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  9. It should be consider,

    • Quality
    • Speed
    • Ranking
    • Customer service
    • Reliable

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