What's something that sucks about being a woman?

Being female sucks at times. So does being a male.

But since I belong to the former gender. Let me highlight some of the instances.

Allow me to enlighten you, in no particular order.

Childbirth – Frankly, I find it hard to top this one. I have never experienced childbirth, but I have numerous friends and a mother who doesn't mind chatting about the sheer horror of passing a bowling ball between her legs. The nine months prior are not exactly a picnic, either, I hear. You experience insatiable cravings for ice cream and pickles, have to wear everything elastic, swing from mood to mood by the minute, puke every morning, get out of breath standing up, and then spend a year trying to lose the weight and hide the stretch marks.

We give up our last names – Thank God for the hyphen is about all I have to say to that one.

Periods – Nothing is worse than having a week of mood-altering hormones, tampons, and cramps that would make The Hulk wince. Once that week ends, you can find joy in knowing that you are going to do it all over again next month. And the only way out of it is to be pregnant or 50.

Birth control – Definitely not covered by insurance, but Viagra is.

Promiscuity – If a girl sleeps with more than one guy in, let's say, two weeks, she's any number of terms that comes to your head. But I'll let the guys have this one: if a guy doesn't sleep with any girl in two weeks, he's gay.

Unequal pay – A decent argument for why it's worse to be male is that society (sensing a theme?) instructs they should offer to pay, especially on that first, crucial date to Urban Tadka. However, since females make less for every dollar a male makes, suck it up and pay for all the butter chicken and garlic naan.

Makeup – If there was ever a more time-consuming, expensive, unnecessary endeavor than makeup, it should be made illegal. It's inflicted upon us that we're not beautiful in every single way, despite what Christina Aguilera bemoans, so we spend our hard-earned money on makeup and the power tools needed to apply it. First, you need foundation, which clogs your pores and makes you break out. Second, you need a deep-cleaning, pore-purifying, acne-preventing face wash that dries your skin. Third, you need a moisturizer. Fourth, you need natural makeup that looks like it isn't there. This process is not only time consuming and but also makes a hole in our pocket.

Shoes – A male must have invented female shoes, because I don't think a woman would voluntarily give herself scoliosis. Apparently only a 6 inch heel is supposed to make me feel sexy about myself.

Pants and pants sizes – Talk about an arbitrary system. Females are too emotionally unstable to handle knowing their waist size because we read beauty magazines which sells the wrong idea about beauty and size. I have pants that range from a size S to a XXXL, whatever that means. I'm not sure. And then there are the kinds of pants we have to select from. Let's just say you either don't sit down, or wear a really long shirt.

Everything's PMS-related – Did you look at someone weird? PMS. Have a bad day? PMS. Want to listen to Andra day? PMS. Okay fine! You will blame everything on our PMS.

Assertion of an opinion- Good luck, girls. Anytime we get forceful, we're either a bitch or a feminist. Or, even better, somebody pets our head and tells you that you're too cute. This happens to me all the time.

Bodily functions – If a girl burps, she's dubbed crude. A guy can spit something the size of river yamuna out of his mouth and fart as no one else is in the room, we pass it off as normal.

Harder to lose weight – If I hear one more guy complain about how hard it is to gain weight, I'll scream. I'm still trying to burn off a sandwich I ate in eighth grade. Thankfully, I don't care.

Shaving – Ever wonder why it takes us so long to get ready? It's because we have a lot more to cover when it comes to shaving, everything from plucking eyebrows to two entire legs. Sure would be nice to just have a jaw line, where you can just grow a beard if you don't feel like shaving.

Ah, that was therapeutic. I would just like to say, for the record, none of these reasons for why it sucks to be female are embellished in any way. They are all stunningly true-to-life.

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  1. Okay something?

    Listen now.

    We suffer walking on roads alone unlike men.

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We suffer covering our private upper body unlike men.

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We suffer answering/requesting parents for going out with friends/alone.

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We suffer painful periods unlike men.

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We get seperated from our beloved family(in India), taking the name of Marriage.

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We suffer the extreme pain giving birth to our kids.( I know, it is the best gift, but still 9–10 months is no less)

    After few years, this thing adds,

    We suffer managing all the household chores.

    ( Exception – If your betterhalf is extremely supportive, be lucky, your count goes less by 1.)



    And this happens all through our lives.

    I would sometimes be like, “God! Why is it always a GIRL?

    And then,

    Me to myself “May be if it was meant for men, my beloved man would have suffered all these stuff, Thank you, God!

    You know, the thoughts take a long loop, when it comes to the person you love.

    All that we expect is, a little of love and understanding, when we are out of mood, for many reasons haunting us.

  2. I always feel women living in other countries like the US, UK, Singapore and other such places are more blessed than women in India.

    But if you ask me about women in Arab countries or poor nations then I feel we are more blessed than them.

    So its relative.

    Being an Indian women, there are certain things that really suck.

    1. Safety – This is the biggest concern area for Indian women. Safety on roads, in house and everywhere. For us, there is no specific time for feeling unsafe. We always live in the fear of getting molested, getting groped irrespective of whatever we wear or wherever we go. Public and crowded places are mostly unsafe for us. Lonely places are even more. So that’s how it is for us.
    2. “N “ number of rules for us: Get married by 25, have children by 28 (max) and settle down soon. “Oh my God!! You are still single. You are running out of age. Why don’t your parents start searching for prospective groom. Its okay, do not go for looks. You have to learn being adjusting”. Why do we need to be told what needs to be done? We are grownups too and our parents have taught us to take our own decisions as well.
    3. People feel its okay if a woman is not earning: Why?? Because she looks good being dependent on others?? On her husband, on her sons & daughters, on her parents!! Women can be breadwinners too. We feel happy to share the financial load in the family. It makes us feel good and important.
    4. Stereotyping us: Women means they should wash, clean, cook etc etc etc. The list goes on. Why cant they become pilots, why cant they join army? What is so shocking in that?
    5. Reservations against us: Everywhere!! In buses, trains, jobs, law. Its not required. Stop pitying us. We can take our load, we can stand in queues, we can offer our seats to senior citizens as well. Please do not compare us with physically handicapped or senior citizens. We may be weaker physically but we have strong will power.

    Thanks for reading!!

  3. -Real story –

    This happened to me and i remember it like it was yesterday.

    Year : 2016

    Time : Night

    It was around 0100 A.M after a long afternoon shift at the hospital where I work.

    One week earlier: A black car with dark tainted windows showed up from nowhere and the door suddenly opened one of the guys inside pulled a girl who was walking peacefully into the car and they drove away while the girls screaming was still being heard.The girl was kidnapped at around 1230 A.M with few witnesses and no trace. The worst thing was that we could hear screaming from our fourth floor at our building but never knew what was up ..never the less me and my sis called the police immediately.

    But you should know first that:

    The hospital I work at is around 1 hour and a half away from my hometown by car , so that means I have to leave house at least 2 hours earlier before work and when I finish I reach home pretty late .

    Anyways , our neighborhood has some sort of parking lot crisis and thus after work I usually have to search a lot before finding a place to park my car and usually it's really far from my flat.

    So in that fine night.I did the same.I searched and searched for an empty parking lot that was not far from my house but no use .At last I had no choice but to accept my 10 min away from home parking lot that I found.

    Now the neighborhood gets so dark at night and many drunk men walk around giggling and laughing and sometimes screaming around. I looked around me and I decided I'd walk as fast as possible to my way back home…AND I DID. At last i sighed with relief when i reached my building and i walked slowly towards the elevator but suddenly i heard the footsteps of someone who is walking too fast towards me…I looked around and it was indeed a man I never seen before in the building , hence i know he does not reside here (been living in this building for more than 10 years) who was RUNNING towards me and instinctively I went inside the elevator and shut the door , I felt cold with shock because ..hey the other elevator was ready to be used and obviously there was no need for him to try to desperately catch up with mine , and so all the bells rang in my head.

    With all those thoughts on my mind and my heart racing madly the elevator door shut open and I jumped out of it and ran towards my door , got my keys out and this was when I heard the sound of the second elevator reaching my floor and you guessed it …Mr.creep came out of it, actually he jumped out it full force and was looking around frantically searching for something or someone which took him maybe 3 seconds.

    I remember vividly how he looked :he was panting with his chest rising with each deep breath , forehead sweaty ,his belly looked so big as his pants was loose as he unbuckled it and then we looked at each other's eyes and I stopped there….I felt sudden ANGER instead of fear.I got ungry at the fact that this man was trying to sexually assault me and i was afraid! I did not do anything wrong to be afraid , I was away from my house for hours working non stop at the hospital and didn't get the chance to even drink water or empty my bladder trying to be there for my patients and do my work the best I can and here is a scumbag who thought it was ok to hurt me because I was someone who was physically weaker than him and because well, he was a sick asshole.

    The man stood there in confusion and seemed un certain how to react to me as i stood there infront of my house door and looked him in the eyes and after few seconds i asked him sarcastically

    ” how can I help you?”

    He muttered “I came here by mistake” and went back from where he came.

    Something that sucks about being a woman is that many times we get scared and concerned for our safety and have to look over our shoulders as we know many of us might get harrassed or even hurt by creeps like that man .

    Adding: I never saw this man ever again and we still remain uninformed about the state of the kidnapped girl till date.

  4. A few examples at varying levels of seriousness.

    1. The period taboo.

    Across cultures, periods have long been associated with dirtiness, disgust, and impurity. Girls are taught to hide a natural bodily function for fear of shame.

    There are girls (even in the United States) who skip school when they have their periods because they aren’t able to ask for or afford the necessary menstrual products.

    There are still places in this world where girls are banished to sheds or huts during their period — many girls have died as a result of this practice. Though officially outlawed, the practice still continues.

    When women and girls can’t take care of their themselves, get an education, or access shelter because of the stigma surrounding periods, that really sucks.

    Photo of a girl in front of her menstrual hut: A Girl Gets Her Period And Is Banished To The Shed: #15Girls

    2. The close scrutiny placed on women’s clothing choices

    Girls are sent home from school for wearing clothing that is “distracting” to boys (to be fair to boys, I don’t think they are really getting distracted anyways).

    Female lawyers can get kicked out of court for wearing a pantsuit.

    When Hillary Clinton was running for president, we cared more about her fashion choices and her hair than her policy positions. One example — people flipped out when she wore an expensive Armani jacket (price $12,495) but ignored the fact that Trump wears Brioni suits which cost up to $17,000 a piece.

    In addition, a man can wear the same thing everyday in a job where appearance is extremely important, and no one will notice.

    A man wore the same suit on TV almost every day for a year. Nobody cared.

    Just one example out of many where fully-covered girls are “too distracting.”

    Would anyone have made one of these for Obama or Trump? Probably not, but it’s still fun to look at.

    3. Mansplaining.

    Ask any woman and I’ll bet she can tell you all about mansplaining.

    For a personal example, here’s an answer that I wrote yesterday. Megan Mishra's answer to What is something that pisses you off with today's society?

    I wrote about how it was problematic that men condemn violence and discrimination against women by saying “She was someone’s wife, mother, sister, or daughter. Imagine how you would feel if someone did that a woman you care about.” Or “as the father of a daughter, I find this behavior abhorrent.”

    I, as a woman, wrote about an issue that directly affects women. I gave my opinion and backed it up with numerous references. The number of men who commented on my answer to tell me I was wrong was astounding.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that makes women quit writing on Quora and quit speaking up in general.

    How I felt when reading the comments on my answer …

    4. The Pink Tax

    We’ve all seen the aisles in grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, and toy stores where one side is pink, frilly, and feminine and the other is blue, tough, and masculine.

    It may seem harmless that among a set of similar products, the ones marketed towards women and girls are packaged differently than those marketed to men and boys. However, in addition to the differences in packaging, there is also a difference in price.

    Women and girls pay extra for dry cleaning, personal care products, clothing, toys, imported products (women’s products often face higher tariffs than men’s products), hair cuts, car repair, health insurance, and more. A few cents here or a few dollars there may not seem like much, but it adds up.

    How much is the pink tax on average? Almost $1,400 a year.

    Women smells = more $$$

    5. A lack of pockets.

    When my brother leaves the houses, he can throw his keys, phone, headphones, and wallet in his pockets, no matter what type of jacket or pants he is wearing.

    When I put on a blazer, jacket, or a pair of pants, all I’ve got are these teeny tiny pockets or fake pockets sewn shut — both of which are good for absolutely nothing.

    Every time, I grumpily pull out a small purse or pray that I’ll manage to juggle everything in my hands without losing something.

    Why do men’s clothes get designed for utility but women’s clothes need to have “nice lines?”

    Seriously, it sucks.

    I can’t even fit a phone in there!

  5. Some cliché work you are expected to do and above all the reaction that you receive when you refuse to know them…

    1. Hawww… you don't know how to cook, what will you cook for your in-laws after you get married..

    My reply: I am sure they are eating now without me cooking for them and they wouldn't mind cooking for one more person later.

    2. Stop laughing so loud ,you are a girl be soft .

    My reply: how can one laugh softly, laughing is meant to me loud,that is why it is called so.

    3. OMG you are so fat, you know you should reduce otherwise no one will marry you.

    My reply : as per India's sex ratio there are 940 girls for 1000 boys,so not getting married to me is not my loss ,it is there's .

    4. Stop arguing with elders, they are more experienced than you.

    My reply : Age doesn't bring experience,risk , learning and struggle brings experience and you clearly have none.

    5. They are your parents,they know what is best for you:

    My reply: I don't deny they are my parents,just like it was their choice to give birth to me,so it is my choice to live the way I want to.

    6. Apply some turmeric and rose water on your face to look fair, otherwise you will face problems in finding a perfect groom.

    My reply: unlike Kareena Kapoor in Jab we met ,I never fantasized getting married,there are other cooler things I have in my bucket list ,for which my colour is just perfect.

    And the last is the most famous we all have heard while growing up.

    6. Omg you are big now,you should get married, I will find you someone.

    My reply: how is my age proportional to my marriage,the government did set a lower limit to marriage age but not an upper limit . And you know what would be cool, if instead of finding me a perfect match,you find yourself a life.

    As an Indian girl,these are some things that I get to hear quite often , initially it really got into my nerves. But now all I think is


  6. Not living a “Free” life.

    Am not a fifty year old lady who would tell you about struggles in my past and my story about how I overcame all obstacles thrown in my path due to strong patriarchy, rather I am a 17 year old teen living in this century.

    Let us compare the life of any random girl and a random guy who are of same age as me-


    • Either of her parents drop her off and pick her up from her tuitions. If she opts to go with other girls, one guardian is mandatory.
    • In cases she goes to the tuition alone, two phone calls-one after reaching and one while starting from her destination is mandatory.
    • While coming from tution, she spots something that she needs. Her parents buy it for her and she doesn't need to spend the money she had in her bag, it's for her safety.
    • Information about every movement is relayed to her parents. From her Uber trip details to reasons for going out with a friend, their contact details, simply stating everything.
    • Parents form the first layer protection, may it be anything.


    • They live their own lives. Either they opt to go with their friends without a guardian or take their own cycles to run down the lanes.
    • No mandatory phone calls but appreciated if done.
    • While coming from the tution, he spots something that he needs. He goes to the shop, takes out his black wallet to pay, pays and runs back to home.
    • No need to share Uber trip details, even bunking the classes can remain uninformed, doesn't matter.
    • Make their way out of their problems on their own, forget informing.

    Do you see how much guys enjoy living? They live a “Life” I wish to live. They enjoy themselves far more than any girl does. But what else would the parents do when reports of harrassment, molestation, eve teasing and rapes fill in our newspapers? They care for their little girl afterall. They care for her safety.

    What sucks about being a woman?

    It leaves you vulnerable, if not in reality then apparently.

  7. These are the few things which totally suck being an unmarried woman in her 20’s.

    1. Monthly bleeding. Its like you visit bloody hell no matter which caste, creed and religion to be miserable for 5–7 days every month. Its a problem if we bleed and major problem if we don't.
    2. Shoe-bite. Its soo god damn difficult to find shoes that looks pretty and are comfortable with no shoe bites. You kind of always have to compromise on either of the two.
    3. Wearing a bra. Its tight and stuck around our chest all day long. I crave for the freedom when finally this thing can be taken off.
    4. All the people including other women assume you are a pathetic driver without even knowing or experiencing how good you drive. Its an unspoken understanding that ohh you are a woman and you drive?? You definitely suck at driving.
    5. Have to prove every time literally every time that you have knowledge and no less than you male colleagues. You can take responsibility and very well handle things smoothly,yet proof is needed all the time.
    6. This one is only for all the single ladies out there…it is not easy finding a decent nice guy to date.All the good men are ALWAYS taken.Also people assume being a girl its easy to find someone trust me it is not.
    7. If a girl sleeps with more than 1 guy and is open about it she has a bad character and if a guy sleeps with more than 1 woman he is cool he is a hero. If guys can have their life choices decided and not judged then same goes for women.
  8. Ok.. If I start, may be lot of females here won't agree to all points but deep down you must have faced one or the another situation in life:

    1. Only women have to leave their home after marriage, men never leave their home or family or anything.
    2. A Mr. After marriage stays Mr. But a Ms. Becomes Mrs. And has to change there surname too.
    3. A female child is considered a liability but a male child is asset.
    4. Men have all rights to take their desicions but a women stays a pet, first following the parents, later husband and in-laws.
    5. Men inform, women seek permission.
    6. A women has to leave her job for children but a men would never do it because after all, he's the bread earner for family.
    7. Periods is a taboo, she cannot enter the temple but as theif, a murderer or a rapist can.
    8. Freedom is not for women, she would be judged on her dressing, her type of occupation, late night working hours or even on her gestures and postures.
    9. Working is mandatory for men not for women, because she could get a hard money earner husband.
    10. A women needs a men to save her, either a husband, a father, a son or a boyfriend. She can never prove her individuality even if she's capable enough. (Society's context)
    11. Women are answerable to everyone surrounding unlike, men.
  9. Clothing.

    I searched up “women’s fashion” and this was the first thing that came up. Does any of this look comfy to you? Especially the glasses, little known fact, I wear glasses and it is so fucking annoying to do EVERYTHING with them on, so I don’t really get why anyone would willingly wear them.

    Then I searched up “men’s fashion” and the first image I got was this:

    I would wear that out! The difference between men and women’s apparel is mindblowingly insane (Is that a word?) Most women’s fashion are supposed to be attractive and appeal to men than to be comfortable.

    So between this:

    And this:

    They are both obviously meant to be stylish, but one is glaringly more comfy than the other one. For once I just want to be able to walk into Forever 21 or Topshop or some “trendy” shop like that and see a normal T-Shirt with a picture or something on it. I’m fine with a design or words on the actual shirt, but I don’t need some weird cut or frills to “make it stand out”. The list of places I shop at:

    1. Winners
    2. Hot Topic
    3. Some generic mall if I find something I like there because I was just there
    4. Anything my mom gets for me

    That’s where I can honestly say where I get all of my clothes from. My mom is awesome for understanding the clothes I want (with some persuasion from me). These are the clothes society expects us women to wear, but once we wear something just a little bit revealing, then we get slut-shamed. So you tell me? What are we supposed to wear?

    Finally, here’s a comparison:

    Experts reveal the reason why Kanye West stands behind Kim Kardashian in photos

    This is a photo of Kim Kardashian and her husband(?) Kanye West at a red carpet.

    There is an obvious difference between the way those 2 people dress. Kim is in a long(and probably uncomfortable) dress with heels, and Kayne is able to wear somewhat casual jacket and pants, with sneakers.

    If this doesn’t show the difference, I don’t know what will.

    Thanks for reading my little rant!


    Update: Thanks to Adam Whittaker for correcting my spelling!

    Update 2.0: This will sound cheesy, but Holy Crap, thanks for these upvotes! This is the most so thanks to everyone that upvoted this.


    No, seriously!

    What makes me say this?

    A lot, a lot of incidents. However, I’ll tell you about a recent one.

    It happened a month ago. My roommate works in the afternoon shift at her company. She leaves the PG at around 10:30 and reaches back by 8:30 p.m. at night. However, if she can come out a little early, she walks all the way back as her office is at a 10–12 minutes walking distance. There’s a small marketplace on the way, where she stops by to get daily needs like dairy products, fruits and stuff. Thereafter, she has to cross two green belts to get to the back gate of the apartment.

    Now, the second and the final green belt looks quite eerie with all those dim lights that flicker more than they light up the pathway. There are always a few people around the place who are probably out for their evening walks or just a stroll after having dinner. However, there are rarest of cases when there’s no one in that area except the stray dogs lying all over the place!

    This is how that area looks like, except for the lights that are quite dim as compared to the ones shown here.

    Coming to the incident, I was sitting in my room with my earphones on, watching some random videos on YouTube. All of a sudden, my roomie enters the room in the strangest manner possible. She was pale, all drenched up in sweat in that chilling weather. She was panting heavily, baffled like hell. She had a packet of milk in her hands that were trembling like crazy and she could barely speak! I was shook by this behavior of hers. So, I just took off her belongings, made her sit, offered her a glass of water and rubbed her hands so as to comfort her. I told her to calm down and tell me what went wrong. She wanted to speak but was unable to. I rubbed her back, hugged her and assured that all’s well.

    Once she was okay, she told me everything. I was disgusted to know what she went through on her way back home! She told me:

    Like most of the days, she was on her way back to PG. She crossed the first green belt. Now as she was about to cross the second one, she looked around. The lights were quite dim and there was no one in that area. She could only spot a faint figure at some distance. She was reluctant to cross that area at first but she was too tired to walk all the way around to get to the front gate of the apartments. So, she decided to walk straight, assuring herself that nothing’s going to be wrong. As she resumed, she could see a person sitting on a bench. There was something unusual about him. He didn’t seem normal.

    “Just a few steps and I’ll get past him. There’s nothing to worry.” She told herself.

    As she reached closer, she could clearly see that pervert was masturbating! She froze there and then! She couldn’t move!

    This doesn’t end here, what happened next could have made her faint right there!

    That pervert, with his junk out of the pants, still masturbating stood up and started walking towards her!

    This was enough to scare my roomie like hell! She could literally feel her heart pounding at an unbelievable pace. She grew pale with disbelief but that was a moment when she couldn’t just stand there waiting for something to happen! She gathered all her courage and ran in the opposite direction and bumped into a guy who was from the same apartment! He was on phone. As soon as he sensed her abnormal behaviour, he asked her what the matter was. She could hardly speak. He asked her if he could help. She just pointed in the opposite direction with her shivering hands and asked him to accompany her till the gate in a broken voice. She was literally in a trauma for a few hours after this incident!

    And mind you, she is one strong woman. She always stands up against anything that’s wrong. She, in no case is ready to take any kind of S***! She is amongst the strongest women I’ve known in my entire life! But that day, she just couldn’t be her own self! She just couldn’t!

    If you are a woman, walking all alone, in a crowded place or an eerie place like the one I mentioned above, does that mean a man with no control over his sexual desires and uber excited hormones can assume you are a public property to be treated miserably?

    This is sick and sadly something that really really sucks about being a woman, no matter wherever you live, what you do, what age you are or how strong a personality you’ve been all this while!

    Image credits: Google images

  11. You always wanted to try that winged eyeliner, that red lipstick, that black colored skin tight dress, those black shiny high pencil heels which always makes you go awe.

    So finally you got that occasion. There’s a birthday party of your best friend which is to be held in a disc. Wow, that imagination of yours is going to be real finally. You can dress up in the way you wanted and feel beautiful.

    But hey !

    What about those stares which you are going to experience on the way while going to the disc?

    What about those cheap lunatics who start showcasing their singing talent as soon as they look at you?

    What about those other fellow women who are going to judge you because of your dressing sense ?

    You might be thinking cabs are another option. You will not have to face those pestering people on the roads. But that driver also steals a look of you with that rear view mirror, he also suddenly happens to listen all those romantic numbers of 90’s on the system, he also unexpectedly asks for the reason of you being on this earth and those questions like ,

    “Madam, kya karti hain aap?” (obviously, with that weird smirk)

    (“Madam, what do you do for living?”)

    So what , drop the idea?


    Because even if you were going to a temple wearing a salwar kameez or going to a mosque wearing a burqa, you will become a victim of those unwelcomed, uncomfortable, unbearable, irksome stares and comments !

    That crook on the street never judges you on the basis of your dressing. He will get excited with just an idea of you being a girl.

    And that scares us. This sucks !

  12. I'm a 25 year old Indian woman. I am suffering with PCOD and thyroid.

    Recently I got a marriage proposal and they thought I'm a good choice since I'm a nice person.I liked the proposal too because the family is good and the guy is good.

    I wanted to be honest with my health situation and told them that I have these ailments, but then everything is in control as I eat healthy and does yoga and exercises and most of my weight is in control.I look like a normal healthy girl.Hormonal imbalances can be cured with a proper lifestyle and diet.

    But now the attitude of the other party changed completely and they want me to get married asap and have kids because I might have complications in future or that I might become infertile.

    Half of the conversations revolves around my health situation, kids and marriage. They kind of made me feel as a person with an incurable health disease and sometimes I wonder if I'm not normal like everyother woman.I feel like a patient sometimes. Now I got indirect clues that since I have these issues, they are not much interested.

    I even said I'm okay with adoption if anything goes wrong , but they're too adamant about having biological kids and I respect their opinion and now the ristha got cancelled.

    So what sucks about being a woman is ,you are considered a worthy person only if you have a working uterus and if you are super fertile and can give birth to kids.Else, you are not worthy. You might be a loving, caring, understanding woman, but your worth is always decided on your ability to have kids. Nothing more.

  13. I am proud to be a girl, but !

    Yesterday two of my friends and I met after a long time, Let's name them 'A’ and 'B’.

    'A'’ is married while B and I are single.

    We three were talking about our lives, our crushes and old memories. We came to know that 'A’ is pregnant. She is disturbed, as from next month she won't be allowed to work.

    She is doing great for her company but she has to quit and go back to her in-laws. As of now she is living with her husband in south and rest of the family is in north.

    May be some girls can solve this problem by calling their mother or mother in-law to their place.But one day every woman has to take off, she has to sacrifice.

    Of course yes ! A mother has to sacrifice, but what will a father do?

    This period is very sensitive.

    I was just listening to her while she had mixed views. She is concerned about her baby as well as career. But why guys can't be at home for some time. Why can’t guys learn how to take care care of a baby, how to change napkins etc.

    I am not asking all the men to be same.

    I am not experienced but I would like to know, how people handle this situation ?

    How men behave in this situation ? If a woman is sacrificing and she is not saying anything it doesn't mean she doesn't have desires !

    What I recommended to my friend:

    Me: You can call your mom/mummy ji to bangalore”

    She: “They won't agree as they have to take care of papa and bhai”

    Me: “As of now it's your 4th month,you can wait for 2 or 3 months and then can take maternity leaves for almost 6 to 7 months

    She: “After this period my kid will be almost 4 -5 months old, who will take care if I go to office ?”

    Me:You both can quit the job and stay in North, you will get good opportunities in north as well”

    She: “My husband wont agree ! He is working hard for onsite opportunity and he is doing good as well”

    Me:Okay, you can quit the job and stay with your in-laws’

    She: “Why should I quit the job?”

    Lastly, I had to give an emotional speech, which sometimes I don't agree,

    Look dude, we women are very sensitive, but we can't do anything except sacrificing if not trying our best. There are many women who are successful, they also went through this phase but may be they used their brain.

    Hearing this, B suddenly came into the conversation and she said “Abort the child”, hearing to which A was like WTF and she got very angry .

    Even I was shocked, but then after few seconds when A showed her motherly love, B said “You are very concerned about this child who is not yet born, what will happen when you will see it, just imagine! When you have your child in your arms, will you able to say that baby I need to work, I cant take care of you, will you able to give your child in maid's hand? A big No. RIGHT?

    And finally she was convinced , that yes “ we have to sacrifice

    But I am not, still I am thinking about the best possible way.

    All the very best, take care !

  14. There are a number of things that suck about being a woman , like :-

    • You know the meaning of catcalling before knowing the meaning of catenation.
    • Pronouncing the *P-word* in public is a taboo, even when you know that it is just like any other function taking place in your body.
    • You are instructed not to wear stuff that invokes danger.
    • Your mom has to think twice before sending you to fetch your sibling from tuition at 9pm.

    And lastly,

    • You are called manly, tomboy and the bro because you are broad-minded enough to openly speak against these stereotypes. Like seriously, it isn't that only boys are to be blamed for this, a lot of girls don't speak against this either, as if being called manly is a great thing. NO! I am who I am, a girl with a whole different set of characteristics , we all are different , right? And I am very sorry but my mum and dad never handed me “ the perfect girl” manual so I always believed that there are no set of rules that I have to follow to “prove” it to the world that I'm a girl.

    Inspite of all of this I never ever felt my life would be better off if I wouldn't be a girl. Maybe the journey of breaking these stereotypes is pretty long and tough ,but then I know in my heart and mind that I am a strong girl.

  15. I live in the biggest crowdest city in Ecuador (South America) and use public transport every day to go to my job, college and back to my home. I wear jeans, sometimes dresses, my physiotherapy uniform, sometimes sweatpants, and no matter what time it is (earliest time was 7:00 am) or what I wear (even in my loose uniform) there are men catcalling on the street, in the bus, at the bus stop, the guys who sweep street, they are literally everywhere.

    This sucks af

    Let me tell you some experiences of my own:

    • Almost every time while going up on a bus I pay the fare and the bus driver will touch my hand in a pervert way and even look at my face for a reaction. While I'm going to my seat the guy in the opposite line will turn his head around to look at my butt. While going down at my stop the guy sitting at the last seat will say ‘bye baby’ (for not mentioning the abusive words some of them usually say) or in the same bus if it happens to be fully crowded there will be some men trying to ‘accidentally’ lean on you and touch your body, or pretend they are holding their bags and will touch your legs or butt with their knuckles. Women can feel, we get to know when they are touching us, human beings have sensitive nerves on their skin did you know that?
    • Two weeks ago, looking for a print shop at 7:00 am, busy, sleep deprived, messy hair as hell, but still with the best mood ever I heard a guy on his motorcycle telling me how he will rape me from behind. Few steps more one old guy (more than 70 yrs old for sure) throwing kisses at me. And while getting back to office the street sweepers telling me a bunch of pervert words (that I prefer not to remember exactly what it was). we don't need any of that. It feels bad. It hurts, it can ruin our day even if we try not to pay attention.
    • Few weeks ago, 1:00 pm, extremely sunny day, going out from one of the best hotels in Guayaquil one guy in suit, tall, fancy and shit turn around to look at my butt and say good afternoon beautiful, that day I have had enough. Normally I tried to ignore and forget this kind of abuse (it is not that easy) but I was tired, late for college and I just looked at him and called him a pervert, that instead of catcalling me he should go and take care of her daughters from monsters like him on the streets. And you know what he replied? That I should be thankful for him to call me beautiful and he called me Ignorant. He doesn't have the right to even say a word to me not even good morning. NOTHING. Do I need to hear I'm beautiful from strangers men on the street looking at my body with their eyes of a hunger beast? Not at all.
    • Five years ago (18 years old) going to my first day of college I sat on the bus and a guy sat next to me, few minutes later while I was trying to take a nap resting on my arm I saw he had taken his d*ck out, I just stood up and changed seat. Hot tears rolling down my cheeks, felt helpless, powerless, thinking many scenarios in which I would have insulted him or embarrass him in public but I couldn't. Cannot imagine how it feels like being raped. Sexual harassment is something that you can't just forget and pretend it didn't happened. But that incident as small as some people may think it is ( that is what many of my friends have told me) changed my life I decided to be brave and fight back, I became stronger. Since that day I try as hard as I can to stand against it. Sometimes they feel ashamed and look away other times they laugh and think it is cute to see me angry and continue with their abuse. But at least I don't remain silent and if I see a girl in the same situation I try to interfere and help.
    • I could make this list a lot longer but there is no need to go through all of this just felt like I should answer to this question.


    • Puberty:

    Puberty is different for men amd women. For girls, it is mostly painful and emotionally challenging. Imagine waking up in blood one day. It feels disgusting; plus the unbearable pain and emotional trauma. And boys of that age makes fun if they see red stains on your skirt or jeans. No! You’re not comforting or understanding us.

    Body changes; breasts are not an overnight affair. It pains when the body changes in the way you were not prepared for. Top of that, you get unwanted and weird attention from men. And by men, I not only mean the younger section of society, I also mean the older men of 30s, 40s, or even 70s.

    You’re very lucky if you're not molested by anyone ever in your life. You cannot understand molestation if you're not at the receiving hand.

    • Eve teasing/ harassment:

    I often hear people telling that why does women need separate coaches while traveling in public transport if they want equality with men.

    Well, imagine yourself standing in a fully crowded bus and somebody squeezed your body parts or humped you. And know the worst part! You don't know who did that. But not only women, but men are also the victims of Eve teasing and public harassment.

    • No expectations:

    “Dekho! Ladki hokar bhi itna kuch kar liya”.

    “See! Being a girl, she did so much”

    This is something most of us have heard either from family, relatives or neighbors. Well, I have been to co education school same tutions and college as my brothers and male friends went then why do you have so much problem to accept and believe my success when it's obvious for my brothers and male friends to achieve it.

    • The last point I want to add to this is following:

    One of my neighbors says “maine apni biwi ko sari chhoot de rakhi h”

    “I have given all the freedom to my wife”.

    Such a kind man, isn't he!

    Well, who are you to give freedom to your wife. She is well educated and should be independent to take her decisions without your “permission”.

    I can go on and on about this but I'm not here to rant. I don't have any problem with any particular gender but it's worse when people don't understand each other.


  16. I love being a woman. I can't imagine being born as a man ever. Yes there are problems and stereotypes, but that happens with men too.
    What irritates me is when men having no idea about what we go through, comment or give their valuable advice on our situations.

    – Puberty
    Puberty is different for boys and girls. For girls its mostly painful and emotionally challenging
    Imagine waking up one day in blood. All you can think of is that you are going to die, plus the unbearable pain and the emotional trauma. Its not a happy feeling. And boys your age makes fun of you if they see that red stain on your skirt. No they were not understanding or comforting.
    Body changes, breasts are not an overnight affair. It pains when you are growing up, your body changes in the ways you were not prepared for. Top that unwanted and weird attention you get from men, and by men I mean men in 30s, 40s or even 70s.
    You are lucky if you were not molested when you were a little girl. The trauma stays forever.
    No you can not understand molestation if you were not at the receiving end.

    – Eve teasing /harassment
    I often hear people telling that why does women need reserved seats and coaches in public transports if they want equality with men.
    Well my friend imagine yourself standing in a crowded bus and somebody squeezed your breasts or ass or humped you, you know worst part you don't even know who did that, and what if this has been happening with you since you were 11or 12yrs old, maybe younger,and happens every time you step out.
    A male friend of mine was complaining how a woman in mid 50s grabbed his balls while he was travelling in metro, all I could say to him was "welcome to the club"
    No we don't over exaggerate our life. Why we don't speak up or fight, sometimes shock or fear or frustration of facing this every day.

    Imagine this happening to you when you were 12 yrs old, fear takes over from there. Yes for us it is an achievement if we travel alone and safely.

    – No expectations
    I often hear this from my relatives and neighbours "dekho ladki hokr bhi kitna kuch Kr liya"
    "she is a girl still see how much she has achieved,"

    I have gone to same school, same tuitions , same lifestyle as my brothers, then why its so difficult to believe and accept my success and its so obvious if my brothers have achieved it.
    Apparently that's why our biggest achievement is when we marry a well settled guy and have kids.

    – older men
    You grab their attention since you were 12 or younger and goes on (I don't know till when).
    I go for a meeting and see the other guy asking the client for a smoke or a drink and getting the order, if I do that, well even when I am not doing that still I get the unwanted messages even before I am out of that place. FYI they are happily married, have kids and are ideal man according to the society.
    And then people say, its easy for girls to get work.

    I can go on and on about this, but I am not here to rant. I just hope that men understands what we grow through, its not easy, and it becomes worse when men around you feels its easy to be a woman.

  17. Gautam Gehlot A2A.

    I probably have an unpopular opinion here, but I am going to say nothing sucks about being a woman.

    I love being a woman.

    Sure, getting my period every month isn’t the most fun thing but that’s something I can deal with.

    But everything other than that, I just love.

    The very fact that one day I can hold my baby inside me for 9 months makes me the luckiest person ever. Men cannot do that even if they want (Apologies if that is possible by some medical miracle). Imagine, you’re getting 9 full (extra) months with your baby, and that’s something only you get!

    Other than the main factor above, there are a few little other things too :

    1. I must mention that I come from a family, city, and live in a city where women and men are treated as equals.
    2. I have always been treated with respect in every country that I have been to.
    3. (On a light note) There are ton more options in terms of clothing for me.
  18. You have probably heard about this.

    A woman’s brain is differently wired than a man’s brain.

    Male brains utilize nearly seven times more gray matter for activity while female brains utilize nearly ten times more white matter. What does this mean?

    Gray matter areas of the brain are localized. They are information and action-processing centers in specific splotches in a specific area of the brain. This can translate to a kind of tunnel vision when they are doing something. Once they are deeply engaged in a task or game, they may not demonstrate much sensitivity to other people or their surroundings.

    White matter is the networking grid that connects the brain’s gray matter and other processing centers with one another. This profound brain-processing difference is probably one reason you may have noticed that girls tend to more quickly transition between tasks than boys do. The gray-white matter difference may explain why, in adulthood, females are great multi-taskers, while men excel in highly task-focused projects.

    Females often have a larger hippocampus, our human memory center. Females also often have a higher density of neural connections into the hippocampus. As a result, girls and women tend to input or absorb more sensorial and emotive information than males do. By “sensorial” we mean information to and from all five senses. If you note your observations over the next months of boys and girls and women and men, you will find that females tend to sense a lot more of what is going on around them throughout the day, and they retain that sensorial information more than men.

    The female brain, because of more natural blood flow throughout the brain at any given moment (more white matter processing), and because of a higher degree of blood flow in a concentration part of the brain called the cingulate gyrus, will often ruminate on and revisit emotional memories more than the male brain.

    Now, here comes the disadvantage.

    When there is something wrong going on with one part of their life, women can’t focus properly on anything else. For example, if you are a woman, and you are struggling with your relationship, you will not be able to focus on any other area of your life. Your ability to focus on a particular task suffer to much greater extent. This happens because of too much connections inside the brain. Everything is connected to everything else. This is also one of the reasons why women who are highly motivated to achieve something try to stay away from flings and dating. Because if something undesirable happens, they really are screwed for a longer duration than men.

    It’s an irony how something which was designed by the nature to help women actually is capable of such devastation.

    Source : Brain Differences Between Genders

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