How to overcome my fear of atheists

Original question: "How can I overcome my fear towards atheists?”

My answer: your fears about atheists are probably because of your upbringing, and the stigma against us that your religion has imbued you with. What do you need to do is actually very simple: get to know some atheists. You can start with me.

I'm Rick. I was born in the late 50s, to what was then a lower middle-class family in Appalachia. My father was an engineer, but they were hard times. We moved around a lot, but by the time I was six we settled in Rhode Island, where I spent my youth.

I was a classic college prep student in high school, and I took all the band courses. I started college as a music composition major at Berklee College of Music in the late 70s, and like many Berkeley students I dropped out and went on the road for a while.

I finished college in Louisiana after joining the Air Force. My degree is a BS in electrical engineering. I've been in that field now more than 30 years. Music remains my first love, and I'm currently recording a collection of my own songs.

I've been married and divorced and remarried. I have four children, all of whom are either in their early 30s or late 20s. I love dogs, I love debating things of interest to me (politics, news, science, music), I'm an excellent cook, and I love hiking, kayaking, and if global warming ever settles down and we get some snow, I'll be able to do some cross country skiing again.

My family were believers, but they weren't hard-core. I read the entire Bible when I was 12, and made the conscious decision that was a myth. I became an atheist then, and with very few minor excursions into various spiritual practices, I have never change from that position.

I'm a father, a grandfather, a veteran, a homeowner, and I've been a college-educated working professional for most of my adult life. I'm very accomplished and I'll be 60 soon. I'll be retiring in the next 5 years, but I remain active and engaged and plan to be so for the rest of my life. I'm a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, and I love a sweet, warm good night kiss every day.

There now. That's me. Do I sound like a big scary guy to you? I might make more money than the majority of other people do,

What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at Iowa State?

I’d say that depends on your priorities, interests, age, and year in college. There are literally so many great things to do on the weekend, I’ll just cover some popular considerations.

  1. Priorities:
    1. Excel in college: You should spend time from each of your weekdays doing good college things like studying. But first: maintain your Iowa State gmail calendar (google cal): adding due dates, scheduling all the time from each day according to when things need to be done. This will help you to make wise decisions and is the best step toward determining what you must do on your weekend. Update your calendar on weekends as well to reflect the demands of the week ahead and get your mind thinking about what you must do. Follow throug

Which is the best test series for the CAT 2017? How do you use it effectively?

I don't know about the IMS test series. I only know one thing; if you are aiming for IIM ABC, YOU SHOULD AIM FOR 100%ile. Also, when it comes to test series, AIMCATs of T.I.M.E are given by most of the serious CAT aspirants.

  1. So, the results of AIMCATs provide your real test performance when compared with the other serious test takers.
  2. AIMCATs are difficult than the actual CAT. If you are a serious aspirant, AIMCATs are better coz they prepare you for the worst.
  3. Even in CAT, the paper toughness doesn't matter, does it? Coz CAT is a %ile based exam. So, AIMCATs are better.

Regarding how to prepare,

  1. Never miss an AIMCAT.
  2. Take it as if it is your CAT, ie try to maximise your score.
  3. Never forget to analyse it. Allot a minimum of 5-hour time to analyse it.
  4. Maintain separate notes for AIMCAT analysis.
  5. Solve the whole paper in 3hours again. Start with the questions you haven't solved in the exam and finally solve the on

How true is the accusation that Save The Children failed to pay local employees of its projects in Somalia?

Save The Children is one of the highly respected organizations that work in Somalia.

I’ve tried to investigate about this question. I made some calls to ask people who have friends in the organization, but none of them confirmed this.

I don’t know the source of the information, I didn’t read the book in the description of this question.

Even though I don’t have enough evidence to proof or disproof this, I’m confident that Save the Children would not do such a thing to their employees.

Can referees be seriously bought in football matches?

I have been following football for last 10 years. It is the most famous game in the world but every good thing always have some drawback.

These days people are saying and bragging on internet about Fc Barcelona and Real Madrid buying referees . Well their are many wrong decisions happening in several other matches of other teams but our main focus is on these two teams.

The main reasons about this is-

  • These two are like the juggernauts of football and are the two best teams in the world.
  • No matter which team u support, u will watch el classico and thus due to increased viewer ship more accusing takes place.
  • They have huge amount of money(obviously).

So its completly foolish to think that a team is buying the referees in order to win.

But why most of the wrong decisions occur during their matches?

Well what I think is this is due to the increased pressure on the referees. Firstly their is no video assistant referring in LA liga and that can be a main point and Secondly the referees are not trained to handle that pressure.

I think we should enjoy this beautiful game and let referee do his job properly. Barca vs real can never get more exciting because of Messi and Ronaldo.


Which book should I read for The Mahabharata?

The epic is so huge in scope and has such a large canvas, that it must be quite difficult to capture it's entire grandeur in one modern book. There are many novel and interesting interpretations to the epic in English and other Indian languages I have heard of but not read.

As a teenager, I read the Tamil version of the epic by Chakravarti Rajagopalachari aka Rajaji titled Vyasar Virundhu meaning the Feast of Sage Vyasa. It was not a big volume and the episodes were condensed yet comprehensive.

So in my subjective opinion the English version Mahabharata by Rajaji can be a very good starting point to explore this magnum opus.

Will playing PC games with the recommended specs provided on the game disc get you 60fps or 30fps?

I personally would automatically assume closer to or under 30FPS, since it really does vary.

Some developers make the recommended specs list to get about 30, if not lower, FPS on the lowest settings, to make it at least playable. On the other hand, some developers will make the specs list to get a solid 60FPS on low setting, possibly 30FPS on medium, and this all depends on the developer.

I would suggest having specs that are substantially higher than the recommended specs list of the games you intend to play, which also shouldn’t be very hard, since on most games the recommended parts list is full of pretty old hardware, so a modern PC should be able to handle most games. As long as you have a good, modern graphics card, and a good CPU.

If you need any more help, like picking out a PC or what to upgrade, feel free to ask.

Good luck!

Is history biased?

Yes because the victors write history.

The victors of each war or conflict are the ones to scribe the events after they have happened.

Take a source from around 1486 about the Battle of Bosworth (1485). It will speak negatively of Richard III and his actions because it is written in Henry Tudor’s reign. Henry Tudor could write history essentially and secure himself on the throne by dating his reign to the day before Bosworth making those who fought against him traitors. It was Henry VII’s power, as a result of his battle victory, which allowed him to assert his monarchy, ask for papal dispensation and bring the houses of York and Lancaster together and to write history as a Lancastrian victory at the end of the wars of the roses.

Alternatively, look at more modern history. The western victors of the Second World War mean that the Nazis are, quite rightly, portrayed very negatively however, if Germany were victorious in World War II then the history that we know today would be favourable to the Nazi cause.

The victors get to write history.

What are the essential features of Marxism?

Marxism advocates there are two classes bourgeois and proletariat.the war is between classes which is causing disparity in society.the purpose of Marxism to establish an egalitarian society which has no haves and have not.people must reject religion as religion is opium of the masses.