How to make secure router, sub-int, accest list, NAT config, 2 vlans, port 1-10 vlan1, port 11-20 vlan2, & other ports down on my Cisco Packet Tracer Student

This question is too specific and seems like a homework assignment. I’ll get you pointed in the right direction though.

Break down these requirements into different steps. Hint, most of these requirements can be completed independently (at least in virtual/test environment).

You might research the following questions:

How do I configure NAT on a Cisco router?

How do I change a switchport’s mode to access? Change its VLAN?

How do I configure several ports at the same time?

How do I configured an ACL?

How do I shutdown a port?

Answer all these and the end result will come together. My preferred way to answer these type of questions is not based on textbooks or similar online educational counterparts, but to look at known-working configurations/samples of where the required techniques are implemented.

Is it safe to hypnotise yourself to become confident?

A few years back I fell for the mystical realms of prestidigitation and mentalism. I started studying, among other sleights of hand, how to drive into a hypnotised state unfortunate volunteers.

When a classmate agreed to get hypnotised, I was thrilled, and started writing a basic script that was supposed to gently bring her into a garden of eden where her will would have been mine to play with. I could already envision the astonishment in the eyes of my other classmates when seeing our friend, submissively doing thing she would never, under normal circumstances, have done (simple actions as poking her nose or other humorous and lighthearted acts, I did not intend to do anything bad).

The following day we were there, sitting in our classroom, my head full of knowledge and expectations. I started my, let’s call it with this improper name, “routine”, driving her towards semi-consciousness, with my eagerness breaking the ceiling.

After fifteen wasted minutes, she reopened her eyes and said these exact same words: “yeah it’s cool, because it makes you feel a little dizzy”. That was all, nothing beyond some drowsiness caused by keeping her eyes shut.

But what am I trying to prove?

You wonder if it might be dangerous. Yes, definitely, hypnosis is not to be played with in absence of experience and proper knowledge about what you are doing. What you should be wondering though, is if you could be capable of being dangerous.

I’m not an expert, as that failure was my last encounter with that world, but I can say without any shadow of doubt that if you are asking this, you are not remotely capable of hypnotising someone, and even further from being capable of hypnotising yourself.

It might appear as an easy and effective way of relegating your low self-esteem in the back of your mind, but you should defeat it by either entrusting your consciousness to an expert (preferably a psychologist, more than a hypnotist) or by dragging your will, body and mind outside your comfort zone, instead than outside your control.

What does Dhoni do?

Dhoni stuns batsmen by getting them stumped when every logical calculation on the batsmen's part tells them that getting stumped was an absolute impossibility.

The latest in the list of stunned and stumped by Dhoni is none other than the superman, Mr. 360 himself, AB de villiers in IPL 2017. Search for the video if you haven't witnessed it happen live.

Besides, Dhoni suggests umpires if a batsman is out and the Umpires are in doubt. The rule that most umpires like to follow is – when in doubt look for Dhoni's decision.

He is also a consulting captain. Whenever he is in team the captains and players alike, look up to him for strategy and field placings.

Among his other roles:

turning dull matches into interesting ones by hiking runrates and then dramatically winning them. Also losing them occasionally and getting heavily criticized, mostly over the social media – use of terms like selfish, is rife when he loses.

Making Malinga lose his length and accuracy by repeated use of helicopter shot, which he learned from Santosh in exchange for Singhada in Ranchi.

Scaring Ussain Bolt with occasional sprints.

And being the only captain to have won all the trophies there are in international cricket.

His Inter-galactic sixes and elaborate answers to short questions are also worth mentioning.

END OF THE DAY is a phrase he'd use till the end of his days.

For more about Dhoni, you could always watch

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. The Man You Know; The Journey You Don't.

What if a Pluto-mass object passed halfway between the Earth and the Moon (120,000 miles) at 95% the speed of light?

At that speed, if it were possible, I doubt even our most sensitive instruments would register an effect. However, at that speed, it would have been disintegrated long before it got here from collisions with dust and other objects in space. Remember, F=ma. At near light speed, the smallest mass would hit the object with tremendous force.

This is a small rock hitting the Moon at about 40,000 miles per hour. Meteorite smashes into moon in largest lunar impact ever recorded

Imagine the same rock hitting an object 20% the size of the moon at 176,700 miles per second (.95c). That is 636,120,000 miles per hour, or 15,903 times the speed with which that small rock impacted the Moon, converting much of its force into energy. Imagine a rock ten times as large as that boulder sized rock hitting your object at a speed 15,903 times as great as that small space rock hit our Moon.

My sister is secretly dating someone. What should I do?

You are not lying to your parents. You are deciding not to accept responsibility for policing your sister. But let’s assume your parents directly asked your ‘is your sister dating anyone’? Well, I would adopt this perspective:

a. How reasonable are your parents? Believe it or not – your parents have raised you with certain values, or failed to do so. At any point, you will have a responsibility to regulate your decisions, quite apart from your parents regulation of you. Aren’t they raising you to live by your own standards, when you become an adult at 18yo? Unless you have any doubt about, I would ascertain whether you think your parents are reasonable. Now, you are asking us, so you sensibly did that. Next step is to make a judgement, and live with the consequences, good or bad.

b. If I might help, you might consider several issues. Do you want your sister to suceed in college? Are her results suffering significantly because of this guy? In your estimate, is this guy of poor character? Is any attempt by your sister to deceive your parents in keeping with the unreasonableness of your parents, or is she attempting to gain some ‘unearned value’ by doing so?

Doing nothing seems like a good strategy, unless your appraisal is that her well-being is in jeopardy.

How should I get my game suggestions put into this MMORPG that I play and that has a vast amount of potential?

If you participate in surveys when they are offered to you, usually you will be offered them more often with a wide variety of websites including games.

You can also start forums and Facebook pages about it and add friends.

Most programs and websites have a contact us section where you can submit feedback and suggestions. There are many ways to do it. Use them all.

Money talks. If you support the project financially it will move much faster.

Should I get Barron's AP Calculus 13th or 14th edition?

The latest edition is always the best to reflect any recent changes in the AP exam.

However, basic calculus never changes. Infinite series, advanced integrals, differential equations, as well as the basics of integration and differentiation are the same no matter which edition you buy.

It doesn’t matter, particularly. You can always look up what the test is like on the CollegeBoard website. The calculus is the same no matter which edition you buy. Note that if you are paying attention in class and doing the homework, you shouldn’t need the review book. Calculus is just calculus. There’s no element of AP to it. It’s not like any of the AP history courses where there’s a specific way to write the essays.

Can I do an MA in History from IGNOU with my B.Tech?

Thanks for the A2A

  • According to IGNOU one cannot pursue 2 degrees simultaneously.
  • You could however in reality do it but in future will stand a chance of getting either of your degrees deemed void (i.e if IGNOU gets a clue about it).
  • If on the other hand, you are doing the course for the pleasure of learning, then previous point should mean little to you.
  • Master of Arts (History) (MAH)

All the Best!!!

What else can I do if I am preparing for CAT right now?

You can do pretty much anything you want. I did it while doing a job, and there are many like me. The important thing is to be focused while preparing. Do not try to do too many things at a time. Be regular at studies, and be sincere while studying. Don’t go for too many different type of books, or too many suggestions. Take care of the small things, and the big things will fall in place.