What's the reason a lot of cars don't have enough legroom?

Let me assume a few things: you're male, you're from the US, that you're betweeen 30 and 39 years of age, and you're not Hispanic. Nothing prejudicial — it's just that those assumptions let me make one answer to your question and I don't have to answer lots of combinations.

Six feet four inches is 193 centimeters. According to the CDC, The 95th percentile for height in the demographic I assumed is 189 centimeters. I'd guess you're in the 98th percentile for human height.

The reason that car manufacturers make cars for normal (meaning, statistically normal — the 40th to 60th percentiles) people is because it makes the most people happy. Cars have adjustable features, but they can't adjust infinitely and still work well for all ranges. Consider the outside mirrors, for example. The window has to be wide enough to accommodate someone who's quite short and sits forward, so they can still see the mirror. The mirror has to cant inwards to accommodate them. Someone who's taller sits further back, and probably looks through the

Why do so many people in the Middle East say they hate America, yet want to come to the USA so badly?

There are many categories of Middle Easterners who hate America. Let’s go category by category:

Secular Middle Easterners

This category of Middle Easterners is the largest percentage of the Middle East overall, so they represent the largest number of Anti-Americans in the Middle East. However, this is a minority position within their camp. Most Secular Middle Easterners would not say that they hate America and would not participate in “Death to America” rallies.

Quite simply, what Middle Easterners in this category hate about the United States is its foreign policy which works against the local interests of Middle Eastern governments. Often times, the United States will support an overthrow of a regime that it does not approve of, will actively induce corruption in a Middle Eastern state, or take sides in a Middle Eastern conflict.

Many of them genuinely love American culture. They listen to American music, watch American movies, go to American websites for social media and videos, learn English to better understand Americans, and buy the latest American fashions. Their sole disagreement with the United States is what its government does in the Middle East. Accordingly, if they are in the United States, they can enjoy the culture and are safe from the foreign policy.

Religious Non-Theocratic Middle Easterners

This category of Middle Easterners often does not like American culture in addition to not liking American foreign policy. They don’t like American foreign policy for the same reasons as the seculars, but they don’t like American culture because they see it as godless and Anti-Islam.

These people want to come to the United States strictly for the economic opportunities which abound in the US relative to the Middle East and would prefer, once coming the United States, to effectively wall themselves off in a religious-minded community.

Religious Theocratic Middle Easterners

Like their Non-Theocratic brethren, this category of Middle Easterners reviles American culture and American foreign policy. They believe that the godlessness of America is its key failure and what must happen is that the United States government should be overturned and replaced with the Shari’a. In order to do that

Why are Millennials considered a worse generation than Baby Boomers?

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Awhile back, I wrote an article about Millennials in response to well-known author and speaker, Simon Sinek, and his then viral video discussing the woes of the Millennial generation.

According to Sinek, although his intentions seemed of positive intent, the Millennial generation is nothing more than a helplessly lost, impatient generation forever chasing the ethereal promise of “making an impact” — of which he is compassionate. It’s as if we’re so troubled we barely know we are troubled, and throughout Sinek’s viral-worthy video, he works hard to advocate for this new adult generation, as if we couldn’t possibly defend ourselves.

My response article has since accumulated over 10

What color and type of tie shall I wear for an interview?

Hey there,

So it might depend on what colour shirt and suit you’re choosing to wear. But if I were to pick 3 ties that would basically go with any suit for an interview I would choose these:

  1. Blue check tie – a very corporate tie that looks very professional and smart. Basically an “everyday” kind of tie for workdays Monday-Thursday excluding casual Fridays

  1. Solid navy – very simple and safe. Great for interviews

  1. Maroon tie – looks amazing with a navy suit and smart. Great for interviews that aren’t extremely corporate but still want to look smart. If you’re young, a maroon tie is perfect for looking more matured and to be taken seriously

Good luck with your interview my friend

Hope thi

Why did China go to war with India rather than some weaker country?


To Quote Mao Zedong over the reason for this war- “to teach India a lesson”.

The backdrop of this conflict is the McMahon line, the border considered by India to be authentic. This was drawn up by the British in an agreement with then independent Tibet, and China walked out of this agreement. Aksai Chin was never demarcated- the first maps of independent India show the region as blank or undemarcated. China thus disputes this border.

  1. Forward posts policy– the Indian army was instructed to go as deep as possible to the 'forward posts', patrolling lines or simply walk over as far as possible, to flash a banner saying 'This is Indian territory”. China back then was very conscious of national pride, so they took offence.
  2. Conscious lack of infrastructure- The Chinese built roads at breackneck speeds but we didn't. Our doctrine was that poor road networks mean China will have logistical troubles to invade deep. We underplayed that it would also mean poor logistics for us trying to defend territory.
  3. American involvement- India hosted the American 42nd Airforce bomber squadron at Kharagpur, whose planes spied on China. India also undertook recces and installed measuring equipment to spy on China and guage how far their nuclear programme is.

The war was never about territory, if the war dragged on the Chinese would've overstretched their supply lines and the war would end in a rout or stalemate for China. Stresses were evident at Nathu la and Rezang la too.

The war was about saying-

  • Don't venture into what we call our territory. We have disputes, but don't go too far.
  • Don't get too close to the Americans.
  • We are bigger. Don't test us.

It was more a symbolic war than an actual military goal oriented one. It was about ego and posturing.

Does drinking and applying amla juice on hair turn grey hair into black?


Lets analyze why our hair turns grey

Hair are made up of keratin and melanin gives them color so when melanin reduces it turn grey and slowly white.

  • factors responsible are
  • Strees
  • Using wrong hair care products
  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Improper diet
  • Not taking proper care
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Environmental pollution
  • Over sun exposure etc

We need to balance melanin level in hair naturally . Scientifically there are some components like ricinoleic acid , catalyse etc which helps to slow the process of white hair.you need to apply hair mask, oils etc containing such components.

How aamla helps to make hair black

Aamla from traditional indian way called superfood for hair .reason behind this is – most of the time hairfall is due to lack of vitamin c in diet so aamla is considered to have more vitamin c than orange so you can eat aamla , can make powder out of dry aamla , can make oil , can make juice . It is in every way extremely nutritious for hair

Essential fatty acids from aamla and vitamin c helps in making hair black and restores colour of hair

Other remedies for making hair black

  • Massage hair by hair oil leave it overnight for deep nourishment to hair
  • Eat sesame
  • Stop smoking and alcohol
  • Hair pack -Aawla powder and fenugreek poder soaked overnight in iron vessel
  • Curd and gram flour pack
  • Apply onion juice
  • Cover your hair in sun
  • Eat balanced diet containing hair superfoods
  • Live stress free
  • Have patience 🙂

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How was Venus first identified as a planet?

Hundreds of thousand of years ago, deep in pre-history, an early Homo sapien looked up into the star filled night sky and noticed that one of the brightest points of light there was not in the same place, relative to the other stars, as it was a few nights before. She probably scratched her head and told of her discovery to her husband. Being a typical man, I’m sure he waved it off, saying something like: “it’s probably just a star that wondered off, or something.”

I’m sure this observation was discovered, forgotten, and rediscovered countless times. No doubt it was given numerous explanations, from the mundane to the divine. At some point the ancient Greeks gave this phenomenon the Greek name πλανήτης (planḗtēs, “wanderer”), and that name ultimately was adopted into the English word “planet”. By this time, several such planets were known, and the consensus was that they were somehow linked to the gods.

The next breakthrough with regards to Venus was the discovery of its phases, similar to the lunar phases. This conclusively proved that it’s not like ordinary stars. The first recorded observations of them were telescopic observations by Galileo Galilei in 1610. However, there have been numerous reports stating such observations with the naked eye. The phases of Venus are alleged to have been seen in Mesopotamian times by priest-astronomers. Ishtar (Venus) is described in cuneiform text as having horns. However, other Mesopotamian deities were depicted with horns, so the phrase could have been simply a symbol of divinity.

What are the best places in the outskirts of Bangalore for a two-day trip with friends?

Bangalore has been surrounded by plenty of beautiful places covering up from hills to beaches (around 350km).

My first suggestion would be The Heritage city MYSORE

Its 3 hour drive from Bangalore. You have best restaurants in Bangalore-Mysore highway. If the option of Mysore is ruled out then here goes the other list.


Bisle Ghat: 246km far from Bangalore. One can see the Mountain view of 3 districts i.e Kumara Parvatha of Dakshina Kannada district, Pushpagiri and Dodda Betta of Kodagu district and Patta Betta and Enni Kallu of Hassan district.
Roads are not too good but enjoyable. There is no stay and food available. Its a remote place and hence care should be taken. It lies in the forest region of Kukke.

View from Bisle view point…

Mallali water falls : 28km from Bisle ghat.

Kukke subramanya temple : If you wish to visit the temple, its one of the good place. Food is served at temple and you can see devotees all around. Pretty good accommodations are available. After covering the Bisle ghat and Mallali falls one can plan for the halt in this town.

Now after a day trip you can head back to Bangalore covering the places below

Manjarabad fort : 44 km from Bisle, this fort attracts a huge number of tourist. It is the Star shaped fort.And here is the aerial image of it.


Belur and Halebidu

Hemavathi Dam

The Marine Corps is a department of the Navy. Therefore, are the Marines eligible to become SEALS?

The Marines being under the Department of the Navy is largely irrelevant in considering this question. Requesting an interservice transfer into the Navy would be the first step a Marine who wants to be a SEAL would have to take toward achieving this end. So the answer to the question is technically yes, but bear in mind that someone in the Army or Air Force can also pursue the exact same opportunity.

In fact a significant number of people I served with while enlisted in the Marines had gone on to request and receive interservice transfers into the Army with the intent of trying out for special forces teams therein like the Green Berets. I guess once their efforts at getting into Force Recon were exhausted they figured they might have an easier time of some other special forces assignment as the Army provides. A couple of them made it, but the rest were then stuck on the Army side of things (because there’s no backsies with an interservice transfer) boring their fellow soldiers to death with stories about their glory days when they were in the USMC*.

Otherwise, it should be understood that interservice transfers – regardless of whether special forces are involved – should not be looked at in the same way as a promotion in rank. A Marine who wants to become a SEAL has to initiate the steps himself to make this happen, and then work insanely hard to see it through, but it will never be the case that a Marine (or Airman, remember, for that matter) suddenly finds himself “promoted” onto a SEAL team the same way a baseball player from a farm team might be called up to the major leagues.

*Before I hear it in comments – Yes, I know: “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” and I agree, but I further personally believe there’s some value to getting to say “Once a Marine, always a Marine, and only a Marine”.

Is it worth buying Baleno 1.2 Zeta or 1.2 Alpha?

Thanks for the A2A, for the variants that you have suggested above, I would suggest the Alpha. Thing is that you need to understand your priorities, but many a times what you see as your priorities fall a bit short into what you should have targeted. I am one of the primary examples for this case, I own a Baleno Delta. When I was looking for a car, my priorities were very clear.

  1. 2 Airbags and ABS.
  2. Powerful Ac.
  3. Good legroom for all and a good boot.
  4. Fuel efficiency because it will be my daily drive.
  5. Lower maintenance cost.

I wanted all of these and selected the Delta version because it fitted the bill perfectly. But once I started driving the vehicle, I felt somethings which if I had gone for, it would have been much better. I will list those down for you.

  1. Rear parking camera and sensors – Now Delta has parking sensors but the rear glass is very inadequate and the C-pillars are very thick. Although parking sensors are great and very much needed, parking camera would have been very useful.
  2. Projector headlamps – The standard headlights that cars have is a bit inadequate for highway drives, and during rains the situation is even worse. I can get a bulb upgrade but if I had a factory fitted projector, I would not have to do anything at all.
  3. Seat heigh adjustment – Now I have a height of 5′10″ and so the view is pretty ok for me even without any height adjustment. But if my fiance will try her hands she might find it a bit low (she is 5′2″). The work around that I would use is using a cushion on the driver’s seat :D. But this is a good feature to have.

Apart from these there are a lot of other things that Alpha gives that is very helpful but not for me. They are listed below.

  1. Alloy Wheels – The alloy rims provided on Alpha are so ordinary looking, that you can never figure out the difference between a wheelcap or those alloy rims.
  2. 16″ Wheels – Now Maruti has increased the rim size on Alpha to 16″ but reduced the aspect ratio of tyres, which essentially means that the sidewalls are not as lengthy as in Delta. Lower sidewalls definitely leads to improved handling but on the cost of a bumpy ride. And the Baleno already has a stiffer suspension setup which means that those potholes will be much more pronounced on an Alpha than on the Delta.
  3. Touch screen Infotainment – Now honestly I absolutely avoid touchscreens on the car and always prefer the tactile feedback of the buttons. Also I have seen the touchscreen system much more difficult to maintain. My friend’s Manza has a factory fitted touchscreen and its touch points have shifted like we face in ATMs. Its like you need to press slightly higher to touch the specific button.
  4. Fog lamps – The factory fitted ones are absolutely useless and serve no purpose at all. You would anyways have to change them if you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

Hence I would say that when comparing Delta to Alpha, Delta made sense to me. But when comparing Zeta to Alpha, I would suggest going for the Alpha because when you are going for the full package, Zeta just leaves you begging for that little bit missing. Happy driving!