How to make an intro for a video on YouTube

To make a good intro, you need to find the right tool that could offer you what you expect. There are plenty of tools available that could help you make a stunning intro. But, most of them come with one major drawback- lack of customization and editing.

Customization is really important for branding. If you are serious about getting an intro, you would have known that it’s important to blend your logo with your YouTube intro for a professional touch.

One of the best tools you can try Animaker.

Animaker has launched 20+ free intro and outro templates that are completely customizable. All you need to do is just upload your logo, url, edit text, change colors or even add more effects if necessary. As Animaker has a versatile user interface, you can finish all of this easily in the least time possible.

Scroll down for a few free sample templates:

  1. Liquid logo reveal:

The logo and URL are revealed after the screen gets flooded with different colors. We have used a tinge of violet and orange as they are part of our Mascot. You can always change these colors to suit your brand!

2. Tetris style logo reveal

This intro template is both trendy as well as minimalistic. You can place the logo either on a white screen or a dark colored screen to emphasize on the Tetris effect. Both styles have a completely different feel to it!

3. Web Search Intro Video Template

Introduce your brand after a web search animation to give it a modern day digital touch. You can even combine this effect with ASMR typing sounds to hook your viewers!

And here is an interesting outro for your YouTube video:

You can find many more intro templates in the link given below:

Free Video Intro Maker | No design Experience required

Hope this helps you!

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  1. If you lack the skill and software (Adobe AfterEffects, White Board Animation, etc.) to produce an engaging introduction you can use a work for hire site like Fiverr or Upwork to have someone create one for you.

    I’ve used to outsource various digital work including some motion animation. The results were generally very good although you often will find yourself having to fit into the framework of a previous animation sequence (which is not necessarily a bad thing for the money).

    Recently there was a product being promoted that will produce 3D animations without a tremendous expense or without you having to have animation background. The product is Vinci3d: Vinci3D

    The above URL is not an affiliate link and I am not promoting or endorsing the product. It simply seemed to be a potential solution for producing a video introduction without a great deal of expense or the need to have an animation background.

  2. You can make an intro in many different ways, all the way from holding up a piece of paper saying intro to a custom after effects motion segment.

    Now you do not need a super fancy look intro to improve your YouTube channel. Sometimes a silly or cheaply made intro is superior for your brand or the audience enjoys it more. It is up to your style. Have a look at Pewdiepie’s intros that are bad on purpose.

    Here are some example ideas to help you create a unique intro for yourself.

    • stop animation
    • black&white, high contrast, amazing music
    • timelapses and cut scenes
    • after effects graphic
    • Something you physically do at the beginning that lets the audience know its started

    Here is a video and link showing you how to download professional made intros you can download and add your own writing into for the fastest possible way to get a quality After Effects intro.

  3. if you take my opinion..then i would like to tell that ..Youtube is a platform for artist with their independent skills….so as to make a grand entry on youtube follow steps

    1.make your advertiseent by paying money or u can also make of ur own (as u wish).

    2.weekly updates..try to post a video…..weekly

    3.have a great tagline and video description…..this will make u rank higher

    4.try to be responsive

    and thats http://all…….so as to make a intro either create ads of ur own or make a video using different video editors(fr ex:filmora ,vegas,etc…)introduce yourself to youtubers……gain attentionn and this will make u shine with colour thank you..pls subscribe my channel:mainak 1234

  4. Here are 2 ways that you can create an intro for a YouTube video:

    1. Create it on your own Adobe After Effects or some web-based app like flixpress. If you don't want to get all the graphics elements, you can pick a template (there are plenty both, free and paid). For desktop software, working with templates is really easy. You basically download it, open it with some software, and then change the branding, slogan, etc. But if you want to modify the intro template and make it unique, you will need to know what you're doing.
    2. Hire someone to do it for you! This can be a cheaper option in case you don't own video editing software or you don't have the time to learn to make intro videos. Try Fiverr, Upwork or even freelance platforms that exclusively offer video editing services like Valoso.

    PS. Check out this article to fully understand your alternatives, and some useful tips for making video intros:

  5. Having a good intro at the beginning of your videos is cool. There are many ways you can get an Intro for your channel. I think the simplest and more mind triggering of them all is via Panzoid.

    Panzoid is an online app. It runs smoothly on Desktop. What if you don't have a PC or just want to make your intros using your Android device?

    It's quite frustrating if you want to use your Android device to make intros using Panzoid. This video will show you how. I found it useful. Now I have my own intro and can make one for you too. Click How To Make Cool 5D Intros Using Android Via Panzoid | Make Cool 3D/2D intros by BEazzy Shifts to watch it and thank Me later.

  6. Nowadays you can create your intros in several minutes without any difficulty. All you need for a powerful intro is an Internet connection and an online video platform. From platforms you can try Renderforest, as it offers a bunch of customizable templates that you can use for creating your videos. Just pick up the template you like the most, add you logo, customize texts and colors.

    Neon Power Logo Reveal

    This template is featured with a cool neon atmosphere and is perfect for presentations, online channels, introductions and more. Just drop your logo and text into the timeline and render.

    Ocean Rifts Logo Reveal

    This amazing template is suitable for any intro, outro, company promo and many more.

    Glass Logo

    This template features a visceral breaking glass effect. It fits for YouTube intro maker, company introducers or any other project that requires a stylish logo presentation.

    Abstract Universe

    Featuring digital synapses and swinging transitions, this template shows logo surrounded by futuristic technology and hard, evocative sound effects.

    Quick Logos Animation

    You can create your Intros with the help of this template. It features soft, light animations and a clean, modern look.

    Hope this was helpful:)

  7. From this easy tutorial, you will learn how to create an intro for YouTube videos for free. Learn how to make a intro video in quick time.

    New YouTubers always think how they can create intro for their youtube videos easily. They just want a simple intro video and thus place their name on a ready intro template. But good thing for them is that they now can easily and quickly make an intro for YouTube videos by downloading this intro apps for YouTube or software. I would also like to suggest the new YouTubers not to use a template that are not interesting for their YouTube intro video. This software is also available for Android and iOS.

    This is an easy tutorial on how to make or create intro videos by following this simple video intro tutorial. You can also create amazing video intros online in minutes or follow this free and simple video intro making tutorial. After watching this tutorial, you will be able to make a beautiful intro for youtube videos.

    Imagine this, a YouTube user stumbles upon your video, and upon watching it, he immediately is turned away by your ugly and out-of-place video intro. And according to ShoutMeLoud, it can even help you gain subscribers! Never ignore your YouTube intro. A good intro can easily hook in the viewer and help keep them around until the final second.

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  8. A decent video intro would give the user context about the video she is going to watch.

    A well designed video intro will (aside from giving context) pull the user into the video and increase re-call in the user’s mind.

    The thing about really good intros is that they are hard to make – You have to go through the steep learning curve of learning something like AfterEffects to give fruition to fantastic intros with motion titles et al.

    This is where Typito can help – It gives an easy to edit experience to add motion titles to your videos. Just drag and drop one of our motion titles to make an intro.

  9. How to make a intro for YouTube channel?

    Now you can learn how to make an intro with Blender for free! This Blender intro tutorial teaches you how to edit every intro template and how to make an intro for free using Blender (2D and 3D and 4D)! With Blender, you can easily make and edit Blender templates and create awesome intros! A lot of you guys asked on how to make an intro with Blender, how to make a intro for YouTube channel?so here is the tutorial! This tutorial is going to work in 2017 and in the years to come!

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  10. If you are talking about the motion graphics you see at the beginning of many videos – After Effects is an option, but the learning curve is steep. Consider hiring someone on Elance (custom graphic) or Fiverr (stock graphic adapted with your name. Plan on spending $5 to $100 for something simple or based on a stick graphic – and you could spend thousands on a kick-butt motion graphic.

    I hope that answers your question.

  11. Nowadays many online platforms are available which provides you various templates as well as high-quality themes. You can prefer many of the online intro maker platforms. According to me, one of the best online platforms for making video attracted is MotionDen.

    This is the place where you will find different types of templates and graphics which makes your website eye catchy. There are many steps given for creating stunning video intro. You can visit this online platform and learn the steps easily.

  12. Well, thats great question. Youtube has many catagory to work with.  You can start with Trealing Momento video or Funny Video. Cricket Games video or other Android Games Video can be easy option to deal with. Learning video can be a great option.  Cartoon Video will be interesting one. Traveling Video ,Sports Video and many others options are there. What you have to do just make them, upload and share them.

  13. Very good question. I can’t see before this question in quara.

    Wow very intelligent question.

    if you want to make good intro video from your logo or text for your website/ for youtube channel.

    you make intro via adobe premiere pro/ corel video studio/ pinnacle etc.

    i suggest you these software because i use it also.


    you have problem to make intro video ?

    Not problem, very nice & good intro wait for you.

    Just CLICK HERE.

    Thank You.

  14. Great question. I feel there are two big issues with intros…

    1. Most of them are corny, loud, distracting or too long.
    2. Many channels don’t have them.

    Now, #2 is better than #1! Having one and using it the right way is the best bet though for extended YouTube success.

    I was able to get my intro done using 99designs and then hiring a video editor (from a site called to make a 5 second animated clip for me out of it.

    Check out the article below to see the clip and for more details on what I did to get something I really enjoyed for under $400.

    How to make a youtube Intro (Without Doing Any of the Hard work) –

  15. There are may online platform available which provides you samples of making intro videos. According to me, one of the best online software is Motionden.

    An intro maker is necessary for increasing viewers in any of the videos. If you want to make an intro for a video on youtube than this application would be a perfect choice. Here you will get many templates and graphic designs samples which will help you to choose from it. After choosing one of them you can put your own logo which you have made.

  16. An intro is something way too important for your video as those are the few seconds which are actually going to hold your audience to watch the full video !

    So here are a few helpful tips:

    1. Summarize your video in the first 20 seconds !
    2. Give your viewers a REASON why they should watch it !
    3. Make it funny, impressive !
    4. Do not just go straight into the video, talk to your viewers as if you're talking to a person right in front of you !

    Hope this helps !

    Cheers !

  17. Well in my opinion a short and not overly ‘loud’ one. I tend to find a lot of videos, especially long ones, have a very brash and long flashy animation before you get to the actual content which I usually skip to.

    An intro should be quick and unobtrusive allowing you to create yourself as a brand without drawing attention away from the content. Also softer music if any. Similarly please don’t explain what you are about to cover at the start at length (if tutorial) as that is usually unnecessary as that can be figured out from the title.

    Nope ^

    Sorry that’s rather a list of what not to do. Just keep it brief.

  18. There are Very Less apps available for Making Intros-

    But I will show You How to Make an INTRO

    Simply Through Your Android Phone..

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