Is it worth buying Baleno 1.2 Zeta or 1.2 Alpha?

Thanks for the A2A, for the variants that you have suggested above, I would suggest the Alpha. Thing is that you need to understand your priorities, but many a times what you see as your priorities fall a bit short into what you should have targeted. I am one of the primary examples for this case, I own a Baleno Delta. When I was looking for a car, my priorities were very clear.

  1. 2 Airbags and ABS.
  2. Powerful Ac.
  3. Good legroom for all and a good boot.
  4. Fuel efficiency because it will be my daily drive.
  5. Lower maintenance cost.

I wanted all of these and selected the Delta version because it fitted the bill perfectly. But once I started driving the vehicle, I felt somethings which if I had gone for, it would have been much better. I will list those down for you.

  1. Rear parking camera and sensors – Now Delta has parking sensors but the rear glass is very inadequate and the C-pillars are very thick. Although parking sensors are great and very much needed, parking camera would have been very useful.
  2. Projector headlamps – The standard headlights that cars have is a bit inadequate for highway drives, and during rains the situation is even worse. I can get a bulb upgrade but if I had a factory fitted projector, I would not have to do anything at all.
  3. Seat heigh adjustment – Now I have a height of 5′10″ and so the view is pretty ok for me even without any height adjustment. But if my fiance will try her hands she might find it a bit low (she is 5′2″). The work around that I would use is using a cushion on the driver’s seat :D. But this is a good feature to have.

Apart from these there are a lot of other things that Alpha gives that is very helpful but not for me. They are listed below.

  1. Alloy Wheels – The alloy rims provided on Alpha are so ordinary looking, that you can never figure out the difference between a wheelcap or those alloy rims.
  2. 16″ Wheels – Now Maruti has increased the rim size on Alpha to 16″ but reduced the aspect ratio of tyres, which essentially means that the sidewalls are not as lengthy as in Delta. Lower sidewalls definitely leads to improved handling but on the cost of a bumpy ride. And the Baleno already has a stiffer suspension setup which means that those potholes will be much more pronounced on an Alpha than on the Delta.
  3. Touch screen Infotainment – Now honestly I absolutely avoid touchscreens on the car and always prefer the tactile feedback of the buttons. Also I have seen the touchscreen system much more difficult to maintain. My friend’s Manza has a factory fitted touchscreen and its touch points have shifted like we face in ATMs. Its like you need to press slightly higher to touch the specific button.
  4. Fog lamps – The factory fitted ones are absolutely useless and serve no purpose at all. You would anyways have to change them if you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

Hence I would say that when comparing Delta to Alpha, Delta made sense to me. But when comparing Zeta to Alpha, I would suggest going for the Alpha because when you are going for the full package, Zeta just leaves you begging for that little bit missing. Happy driving!

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Baleno Zeta 1.2 !

    Although there is a marginal cost difference between the two make models of Maruti Suzuki, following are few of the peculiar features of Baleno Zeta 1.2 which are more better and a little different than Ignis Alpha 1.2:

    • It has 2 airbags
    • It has Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) enabled which allows the wheels on automobiles to continue tractive contact with the road surface as directed by driver steering inputs while braking, preventing the wheels from ceasing rotation and therefore avoiding skidding
    • It supports Tilt & Telescopic steering adjustment.
    • It has Steering mounted controls and body-coloured bumpers which are absent in Ignis Alpha
    • It has frontal fog lamps opening and halogen projector headlamps which are more improvised than the LED headlamps in Maruti Suzuki Ignis Alpha
    • For tours involving family visits with the small children and many family members, it ensures remote central locking and child safety lock absent in Ignis Alpha.
    • The Driver Seat Adjustment in Baleno Zeta is Manual with Height Adjustment which is again absent in Ignis Alpha
  2. Baleno is great car from Maruti, it is totally worth to buy a baleno.

    I would suggest go for the Alpha variant if their is not a budget constraint. As at very minimal higher price you will get plenty of features which costs much more in the aftermarket. The price gap is of around 70k for which you are getting reverse camera, projector headlamps with day running light(which looks awesome and also gives a better visibility), touch screen display with apple car play and better tire size as compared to the zeta version.

    I guess it is worth investing that extra 70k.

    All the best for your new car. 🙂

  3. If alpha fits in your budget, go for it. The projector headlamps and drls give the charm to baleno. With projectors it doesn't look that good IMO

    It totally depends on your priorities if you're ready to spend about 1 lakh for better and more functional headlamps and for infotainment.

    Anyways the maruti information will cost you around 40k. 3rd party ones will be around 25–30k

  4. Hello! I'd try to explain the whole scenario to you.

    See, you need to decide what do you want it for? Even from an amateur point of view, Alpha wins because it has a better infotainment system, rear parking camera and is GPS enabled.

    As long as these things are not your criteria, you're cool with finding your own way, you do not need the rear camera; you do not need to spend the extra money and take home a zeta!

    I leave the decision to you. Congratulations on buying any of these two. 🙂

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: Thanks @pulkit for the correction.

  5. I have just booked baleno alfa manual. i could take zeta automatic but thought of my kids who, if learn driving on auto, they may not be in position of driving manual ones. moreover, i found automatic is difficult to be maintained or repaired once i go out of city to my native place or smaller towns.

    please tell me you decision alonwith reasons therein.

  6. Baleno zeta petrol should be your choice if your car has more than 4 occupants most of the time and if you hit the highways often. Ignis alpha is the best compact premium car if you can do with 4 or less occupants and it is more suited for city driving even though its quite quirky on the highways. Other than that both offer more or less same features.

  7. Why don't you think of going with Delta varient of Baleno. I personally own Delta varient and i am satisfied

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