Why do so many people in the Middle East say they hate America, yet want to come to the USA so badly?

There are many categories of Middle Easterners who hate America. Let’s go category by category:

Secular Middle Easterners

This category of Middle Easterners is the largest percentage of the Middle East overall, so they represent the largest number of Anti-Americans in the Middle East. However, this is a minority position within their camp. Most Secular Middle Easterners would not say that they hate America and would not participate in “Death to America” rallies.

Quite simply, what Middle Easterners in this category hate about the United States is its foreign policy which works against the local interests of Middle Eastern governments. Often times, the United States will support an overthrow of a regime that it does not approve of, will actively induce corruption in a Middle Eastern state, or take sides in a Middle Eastern conflict.

Many of them genuinely love American culture. They listen to American music, watch American movies, go to American websites for social media and videos, learn English to better understand Americans, and buy the latest American fashions. Their sole disagreement with the United States is what its government does in the Middle East. Accordingly, if they are in the United States, they can enjoy the culture and are safe from the foreign policy.

Religious Non-Theocratic Middle Easterners

This category of Middle Easterners often does not like American culture in addition to not liking American foreign policy. They don’t like American foreign policy for the same reasons as the seculars, but they don’t like American culture because they see it as godless and Anti-Islam.

These people want to come to the United States strictly for the economic opportunities which abound in the US relative to the Middle East and would prefer, once coming the United States, to effectively wall themselves off in a religious-minded community.

Religious Theocratic Middle Easterners

Like their Non-Theocratic brethren, this category of Middle Easterners reviles American culture and American foreign policy. They believe that the godlessness of America is its key failure and what must happen is that the United States government should be overturned and replaced with the Shari’a. In order to do that

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