Are worm castings an effective fertilizer for the home vegetable garden?

Worms break organic materials to a very small size and it allows roots to readily absorb nutrients from it. However, you would need a lot of worms to produce enough castings for even a small garden, making it ineficient for a home garden. Now if you raise worms for bait and use the castings as an after thought on your garden, you may be on to something. If you are looking for volume to cover a garden, raise rabbits. Very effective.

Can EU students study for free in U.K. schools?

Yes. All children under 16 and resident in the UK are required to be in education and school places are provided, free to a children under 18.

Until the UK leaves the EU, which will be sometime after March 2019, all EU citizens can freely move to and settle in the UK and so, like all other children here legally resident, those children are entitled to a school place.

If, however, by “school”, you meant college or university and you meant students over 18 then they're entitled to a place subject to meeting the institution's entry criteria and paying the same fees as any home nation student.

Which means, for example, paying £9250 per year to attend university in England, just like English students pay.

Is it true that the Sahara desert is the exact boundary which separates the black-skinned and the white-skinned people of Africa?

No its not true. In fact in Africa the fertile and the desert lands have changed over and over though the millennia. People moved around and interbred. Paler Egyptians nearer the Mediterranean married Nubian nobles and then later Nubia was part of Egypt.

There is no pure race. Within a race, there are no pure anythings. And lets be clear. The northern Egyptians were not ‘white’. They were less dark then southern people, because it wasn’t as bright. There is every mix of shade among the people as people move about.

Lets hit one more point. There are no black, white, red or yellow people. There is one skin color, Melanin. It is a matter of how much you have, which varies a great deal. It is not a on/off thing. The Northern Egyptians had less pigment because it wasn’t as bright. There is however no real division between them. There is a gradient of color that only matters in avoiding sunburn.

Try reading this The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality eBook: Cheikh Anta Diop, Mercer Cook: Kindle Store

What are the advantages of integers in computer representation and their limitations?

The main advantage is that they are precise – computers can represent integers exactly and do integer mathematics precisely; but there is a major caveat; In most programming languages integers are stored in memory ‘cells; which are just large enough to fit into CPU registers which means that integers have a relatively smallish range (on a 32 bit CPU the range of integers is from 21,47,483,648 to – 2,147,483,647; which may seem large but is can be quite limiting in some applications).

Note that floating point number cannot be precise. A very large range of numbers can never be expressed exactly as a computing floating point number : Floating-point arithmetic – Wikipedia

Some languages have BigInt or BigDecimal libraries which allows the representation of integers far far larger than the simple limit of what can be held in a register, and Python for instance has those libraries available by default (which means it can calculate almost unlimited length integers). These libraries are a lot slower than doing calculation directly in the CPU (i.e. when value are held in just one register).

It used to be that integers were significantly quicker than floating point numbers when doing calculations, as many CPUs did not have Floating point capabilities and therefore all floating point calculations had to be done in software. That gap has shrunk significantly recently as most CPUs now have FPU (Floating Point Units) built in meaning that the CPU can do floating point calculations directly without needing extra software.

How much importance does an OCA Java certification have?

It depends on how you got Certified. If you have used dumps to clear exam, then it's worth no more than a fancy cervical you get for participating in college level coding competition.

But if you earned your certificate by hard study of concepts and hands on exercise then it values a lot. You can get real good job as you have in depth knowledge of core concepts, as nothing is better than having in depth knowledge.

What is recruitment and selection in Human Resources Management?

Everyone will have slightly differing opinions of the exact definitions of recruitment, sourcing, hiring, selection, etc. However, it all boils down to about the same process. There are different stages, of course, but the ultimate goal is to build the best team for a company. The best way to do this is to get the existing team on board. Read more on collaborative hiring here!

If you’re curious about any recruitment terms, there is an awesome dictionary for such terms that you should check out and bookmark. I agree with all of the definitions, because I helped write them! 🙂 In regards to your specific question on recruitment and selection, here is a bit of the definition for ‘recruitment process’:

A recruitment process is the steps which employers take to attract, select, hire, and onboard talent. The goal of a recruitment process is to select the right candidates to hire, often compiling talent pools (lists of talent to keep for future use) and, when the opportunity arises, filling a position or multiple positions with the best possible candidate. This can be a combination of qualifications and overall fit.

The recruitment process can vary greatly from employer to employer, as each business has different hiring needs and company culture. However, there is a guideline that outlines the basic steps involved in the process:

  1. Define hiring needs (job description, type of employee, benefits offered, etc.)
  2. Search for talent (using a sourcing tool, employee referral, etc.)
  3. Keep talent pools (whether you are ready to hire or not!)
  4. Create a careers site (promote your employer brand)
  5. Post job openings (on job boards, forums, blogs, etc.)
  6. Advertise the position
  7. Screen candidates
  8. Conduct interviews
  9. Salary negotiation
  10. Hire!

This list may be edited according to an employer’s own timeline and needs, and thus, the order may shift around as necessary. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the experts at Recruitee! They’re happy to help. Just shoot an email to!

What are you predictions for the Panthers this coming year?

If its 2017, Then id say they'd have a pretty solid season. First of all, They've gt First round pick Cristan Mcaffrey. I think hes pretty good dont ya think? Please excuse me if I have spelling mistakes. Their defense is AWESOME. With James Bradberry, They’ve got good secondary.Their defensive line is also good. With Kony Ealy, Star Boy and Mario Addison, they also got a good D. Their Special Teams are also good. With Ginn as Punt/Kick Returner, Their Special Teams are good. So I say the Panthers are going to have a good season this year. Oh and one more thing. Im a Panthers Fan.Go Panthers! WHOO-HOO

Would Goku or Batman win in a fight?

I think everyone knows the obvious answer. However I can elaborate. Remember the movie Watchman.

I would imagine Goku someone between Dr.Manhattan (ability to manipulate matter, and shoot plasma beams) and Ozymandis(flight, durability – basically superman rip off). In case you don't know they are the two characters on the left.

In the movie the bootleg superman had no problem subduing Rorschach and Owlman (bootleg batman), and Dr Manhattan is so powerful he can only be hurt by his feelings literally. Owlman however in this movie looks like a guy highly trained in martial arts flying around in some sort of plane shaped like a pair of boobs.

Let's assume goku is just as durable and strong as Ozymandis and has 1 percent of Dr Manhattans abilities and let's assume batman is 10 times more competent than Owlman. I still see Goku coming out on top with ease. And without radiative rocks from Goku’s planet nothing will work on Goku.