What should I know before getting a cat?

To add to the list:

  • Cats are nocturnals: They are most active at nights and may keep you awake. Mine has "trained" ME to wake up between 5 – 5:30 AM.
  • Cats are lactose-intolerant: Don't share that bowl of cereal with them. Buy cat-specific milk product instead if you want to feed them milk.
  • Cat-proofing: Cats loves to chew on things. You want to cat-proof before bringing a cat home. Things to consider: anything stringy (ribbons, rubber bands, hair ties, etc.), cables (TV, phone charger, etc.), plants (some common household plants are poisonous to cats – see full list here: Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List – Cats). According to ASPCA, avg. yearly cat cost is about $600.
  • Human food: Part of cat-proofing but wanted to highlight that some human food is harmful to cats. E.g: grapes, raisins, avocado, raw

Which is better with regard to studies, discipline, placements, and salary packages: VIT, Amrita, SRM, or Amity?

Studies is same in all the above colleges.

Along with studies you will get ample opportunities to prove yourself in these colleges.

Discipline is more about yourself rather than about college.

There are drunkards, people who do drugs etc in all these colleges.

And there are entrepreneurs, artists, innovators etc too.

So its about you and your circle.

When it comes to placements, amrita might be better because it has few students than compare to other colleges.

Salary packages are almost same unless or until you are different from the crowd because only software companies come and very few core companies.

Why is Chile considered a communist country?

Communist? Hardly… if you ask a Chilean right wing politician or supporter, he will surely say “Yes”, that we are “seconds away from becoming a second Cuba” or that we are “about to turn into a new Venezuela”, and even some may say that “we desperately need a second Pinochet”. But the truth is that most of them are a bunch of alarmists and GOP-style nutjobs that see Communism even on their bed sheets!

I remember that in 2000, when Ricardo Lagos won the presidential election, there were some people who feared that his victory would spell the return of the Unidad Popular of the 70’s, because he was a socialist politician. But in the end he was more a Social Liberal or a Social Democrat in the way he ruled during his term. Not for nothing, Lagos is the current bogeyman of the Chilean left.

After Lagos, his successor Michelle Bachelet kept the same line on her first term. Sure, she took a more reformist path on her current second term, but those reforms are being made while Chile is still a capitalist country with a free-market economy (as Roberto said, Chile is the 10th most free economy worldwide) and with a

What are the recent cases of judicial activism in India?

Judicial activism means the interference of judiciary in legislative and executive branch. It is a practice of goin beyond the normal law of jury. Few recent cases are:-

1- The Supreme Court of India directed for reforms in BCCI due to huge Corruption.

2- Cancelling of 122 2G licences by Supreme Court.

3- The order passed by the Allahabad High court making it compulsory for all Bureaucrats to send their children to govt. School which limited executive freedom.

4- An order to conduct NEET exam by Supreme Court.

5- Levying congestion charges in peak hours at airports.

My parents said I will never be a writer because I don't have the focus to finish anything. I feel so discouraged. Should I give up my dreams?

The first thing to be successful in anything is to have a clear vision. If you don't have a clear vision then you should continue doing whatever you are currently doing. Every successful people on this earth has one thing in common and it is having a clear vision about what they want to do.

Personally I think there are 5 steps of success.

Clear Vision(FOCUS)

Making Decision or getting ready mentally



Perseverance and Patience

I wanted to be an engineer when I was child but then I dropped that thought because I didn’t have any clear vision about that. And it continues…. Mathematician, Lecturer, Scientist, Photographer, Entrepreneur,… I was also depressed like you because I didn’t have a clear vision about what I want to be.

One day I came across an online article of mindfulness meditation. I researched about it & after some time I started practicing it. I have to I mastered it very quickly. It took me only one week to focus my attention on my breath and then here comes the best part, day after day it felt very good. I was almost on the 7 th sky & I get a vision about my life. I left my post graduation and started pursuing my dream.

Now, the secret of success is you must have a clear vision. You’ll face many difficulties in your life but you have to remind yourself each and everytime that you want to become a writer. When you write always tell yourself that you’re one of the best writer of the world. Don’t only dream. Live your dream… work hard to achieve your goals… be patient about your results… be persistent with your hard work… If you don't like your habit then first change your behaviour. It is all about the mindset thing.

Success isn't a one night thing, It is a years of practice of discipline of doing same thing again and again. When you will use your 86,400 seconds wisely you’ll get success. Don’t give in to anxiety… Don’t give in to fear… keep fighting…

If you really want to become a writer you surely will, But if you don’t want to be you’ll find your excuses.

This is my first answer on quora. I am not very good writer and also my english isn’t as good as others. So, if any mistake please correct me. Any grammatical mistakes corrections will be welcomed.

My friends are obsessed with aesthetic pictures of anorexic girls who have their spine and ribs sticking out. I feel nauseated. What's wrong with me?

  • Nothing is wrong with YOU!
  • Once I accidentally had this happen as a result of a situational depression, causing an enormous weight loss, (gained it all back in a year or so) and I DO remember seeing the back of myself in the mirror and thinking, wow… THAT is waaaaaay weird!
  • That your friends are ‘obsessed’ indicates they may have a form of what is called ‘body dysmorphia’ where normal weight seems fat.
  • This ‘thigh gap’ trend is just plain nonsense too but that’s another letter.
  • Both anorexia and bulimia are KILLING DISEASES.

  • Google ‘anorexia and bulimia’ and hit ‘images’ and pay attention.
  • A mind, holding the ‘dysmorphia’ belief, begins to play visual tricks on one. The image of the apple, above in the mirror, is EXACTLY the illusion a mind creates. Your eyes simply can NOT believe other than what it is being told by your ‘self belief’.
  • The underlying ‘self belief’ is, often, “I’m NOT good enough.”
  • It is beyond shocking that this is really happening… and it IS.
  • I have had patients, one of whom nearly died, in my practice.
  • The belief that one is ‘less than’ is insidious and can creep up on you.
  • PLEASE stay away from these girls lest they influence you.
  • You’re smart. (How do I KNOW that about you?) You had the good sense to write and to ask the question!

What is the definition of limit?

Limit a general term but not so easy term with respect to Mathematics. People are defining limit in various fundamental or Mathematical terms.

Basically, It is one of the most important things in calculas. So, Mathematically speaking, limit is the value that a function or sequence approaches as the input or index approaches some definite or non definite values.

Genarally,It is used to define :

  1. Continuity.
  2. Derivatives.
  3. Integrals
  4. Etc

What is the best way to simplify a mixed number?

A mixed number:

[math]x \frac{y}{z}[/math] is short for [math]x+\frac{y}{z}[/math] with [math]x, y \in \Z[/math] and [math]z \in \N^1[/math]

So what you have as a(n un)real fraction is [math]\frac{x \times z+y}{z}[/math]

than you simple short this fraction.

but normally a mixed number is a simplification if it’s fraction is shorted.

[math]1 \frac{5}{7}[/math] is much nicer than [math]\frac{12}{7}[/math] or [math]1.7142857142857142857142857142857 \ldots[/math]

Are higher capacity cars easier to drive in stop go traffic?

First, I'm assuming we're talking about manual transmissions here.
At the extreme large-displacement (capacity) end of the spectrum, I sometimes find myself in traffic while driving my 7.3L diesel pickup truck. 7300cc means lots of torque, and diesel means even more torque at even lower engine rpm. As a result it is VERY easy to deal with stop and go traffic because you do not need to use the gas pedal at all to accelerate from a stop. Just let out the clutch in first gear while idling and away you go. You can idle along in second or third as well to match traffic speed. So yes, generally more low end torque = easier to drive in stop and go traffic.