How to score maximum in IELTS and NEF

Not sure of NEF. But for Ielts. Read, read and read. And practice, practice, practice. Trust me the more you go after it with a intent to nail it the more it will work for you. Ielts-liz, ielts-mentor, Elevate Your Writing Skills are your friends. For the span of prep period read business standard and other illustrious publications. Develop a knack to decipher accents and learn to listen for the answers. For speaking which I think is tough for most…. Pick a list of topics…. Generic. Think and list down all the points you can come up. Try and make a friend your partner. It works. All the very best. Touch base if you need more idea.

What are some examples of genetic drift in nature?

Genetic drift reduces genetic variation in populations. When a small group somehow becomes isolated, genetic drift is amplified. This is called the founder effect. Amish communities in the US provide an example of this. Polydactyly is found among Amish communities at a higher rate than in the general population. This is an example of genetic drift due to the founder effect.

When can I expect a call letter from L&T Technology Services?

That’s a very difficult question to answer because you see various companies have different policies to roll out the call letter and it depends on various factors such as availabity of projects , need for new recuits and so on .And if they do they roll it out in batches .

For instance one of my friends who was placed in Cognizant got his call letter in December while many of our batch mates had already joined Accennture in May .

So its very difficult to predict the answer to your question.

You can get in touch with HR or the placement cell of your college.

The velocity of a particle is v=v+gt+ft^2 if its position is x=0at t=0 then its displacement after unit time (t=1) is?

I’m not sure if I’m reading this correctly, but I think you meant to write something like…



This? If not leave something in the comments to clarify.

The best way to approach this is with good old calculus. You can note that, assuming there is only one dimension, velocity can be expressed as.


Meaning that our original expression can be written as the differential equation


…”Differential equation? Oh, no!” I hear you say (since I assume you aren’t familiar). It’s really a differential equation by technicality, this is just a simple calculus problem.

Multiply both sides by the differential [math]dt[/math] to get


Which can also be written as,


I can almost hear the little guy screaming “integrate me”

[math]\int dx=\int gtdt[/math]

This yields.


So, now that we have that, all we have to do is fix this a bit with our initial condition.

We know that [math]x(0)=0[/math] so…


So our equation is now.


Almost done, now we just plug in our time elapsed, which is 1 second.


It looks like our units were feet, so [math]x=16.1ft[/math]

There you go!

1 year on, what has happened to the transgender toilet issue?

North Carolina repealed part of HB2 (the bathroom bill) after immense economic pressure — tourism revenue plummeted, and organizations like the NCAA boycotted the state. As North Carolina was the public face of transgender oppression during the whole bathroom-bill debacle, I would say that most of that facet of transgender activism has been won. Transphobia, of course, is still prominent in the US, and other legal fights are still being fought (a Supreme Court case is being reconsidered after the Obama administration left, for example).

N.C.A.A. Ends Boycott of North Carolina After So-Called Bathroom Bill Is Repealed

How many SAT tests are needed to go to Harvard University?

Harvard accepts either the ACT or the SAT test. It uses the College Board Score Choice option which means that you can select as many tests as you like but are not required to submit more than one of either the ACT or SAT test results. However, they say they will look at your highest scores if you send multiple test results but they won’t recalculate your composite score in either test. Unless you have a wide range in component scores from one test to the next, there is probably little reason to submit more than your highest composite SAT or ACT score.

At least two SAT Subject tests are recommended but not required Generally when you see that a school recommends something for your application, you should read this to mean required. Not submitting a SAT Subject Test will put you at a disadvantage with someone who has submitted one.

The only reason to not submit a SAT Subject Test would be a poor performance on the test. For instance 88% of last spring’s MATH 2 Subject Test test takers scored a perfect score of 800. So if you scored in the low 600s, you might want to consider sending a different test score or not sending this test score at all. The College Board includes a ranking of your test score in the report they send when they send your score.

Is it morally right to own the lottery?

Given the incredible odds against winning, a lottery is not morally right. It’s simply a way for the upper-class to exploit the underclass by giving them an unreasonable hope to become wealthy.

And when considering the incredible profit made by those than sponsor lotteries, it just seems unfair that current laws allow for such exploitation. Even casinos give better odds.

Its been said a lottery is for the unfortunate poor with little education, that skipped high school math, are spiritual in natural, and fall into a category called, “a fool and his money are soon parted”.