Who is the most powerful demigod in the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series?

This is a very hard question. It would come down to many conditions to be met. for eg,

  1. In what way are we talking about powerful? In terms of strength? In terms of abilities? In terms of potential? In terms of battle tactics?
  2. Are we going to count the Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase and Kane chronicles too as they are interconnected.
  3. Are we just counting the new generation or to ever have existed.

In terms of just battle and physical prowess Frank Zhang , the son of Roman equivalent of Ares, Mars, would be the strongest and most potent in combat. Given that is firefood is kept safe from harm, because if you harm the wood, Frank Zhang poses no threat whatsoever. Honorary mention the Hercules or Heracles, son of Zeus, strongest Demigod in terms of strength to have ever lived.

In terms of slyness and manipulation and getting out of a situation , Piper Freed, Daughter of Aphrodite or Venus, would be the best, as she could just hypothetica

How long after breaking into a mall are the police likely to arrive?

A lot of variables there. How fast is the break-in discovered? What is the police response time? How much security does the mall have when it’s closed? Dogs?

If your crooks trip an alarm going in, the mall security would be the first to respond. If they found the entry point, they’d call the police. The police response will depend on the location (how far away) availability of officers (how many on duty, how many on other calls, etc.) My guess would be that the responding officer would call for help trying to search such a large space, and probably a canine unit or two. Once they turn the dogs loose, you’ll be measuring your freedom in seconds, minutes at the most. I saw one go after a drugstore burglar once. The officer called through hole that the burglar had chopped through the (cement block, very dedicated burglar) wall. The officer gave him one more warning that he’d be sending the dog in, then turned it loose. It was not more than 10 seconds before the guy started screaming. They don’t train the dogs to bite anymore, just bark and hold, but for your scenario, the dog spells doom. (This was back before the lawsuits, so this dog was trained to bite, and he did exactly as he was trained. Did you make hamburger out of that burglar? Who’s a good dog?)

So, how long would it take? My guess would be that normal police response times would get them there within 10 minutes. Two or three hours in Detroit. They’d probably get with the mall security and cover as many exits as possible, then release the hounds as Mr. Burns would say. At least a couple officers would go with the dogs, but it won’t be long now. Also, there are alarms in the individual stores, especially the high value places, so if/when those are tripped, that will narrow the scope of the search right down. Don’t forget about video. Malls are about the most video-ed places on the planet, cameras in the mall area and in the individual stores. If one of the security guys stays in the office watching the video feed, he’ll be able to direct the search by radio. Three guys in hoodies busting into Cartier. That will get people (and their large furry partners) moving in the right direction.

Bottom line: better have a good exit strategy and a plan that lets you get in and out in 15 minutes or less. Maybe ten. And to deal with the surveillance on the mall while you’re inside.

How to prevent my hens from fighting

There is a natural tendency amongst hens to show their dominancy. Normally this aggression plays out during eating.

I try and feed the bullied hens seperately so that she is able to get a fair share of the food.

You'll notice that the smaller hens receive the worst treatment. I've found that as they mature the bullying dies down.

How to become a good cricketer like Sachin and Kohli

  1. U need to stop comparing yourself with others
  2. U should achieve mastery in cricket which can be done by investing lot of hardworl and time…. Research says if you practice 20000 hours on any field you can achieve mastery in it….
  3. Proper diet and physical training…..be discipline
  4. Focus on your goal….dont get distracted or divert from your goal.
  5. Take training from someone who is expert in cricket…..
  6. Develop a positive and never giveup attitude.
  7. Learn to work in team…..be a good team member than best individual…after all cricket is a team game.
  8. Always try to learn new techniques from various sources.
  9. Guide otthers..be an inspiration to others…
  10. Follow all points from 1 to 9….

If u do so…u can even become better player than them….



How is it possible to summon a demon?

It is possible. But do not!

Demons are incredibly powerful malicious beings. You do not want one hovering around your house, trying to make you go insane or possess you – or both.

With today’s media, one could get their hands on a conjuring book really easy.

I tell you once more, do not. If you think it’ll make you cool, it won’t. If you think it’ll give you powers, it will, but at a very costly immortal price – your soul.

I recommend reading up on the dangers of summoning demons before doing anything. If you still think it’s a good idea, and do end up doing it, make sure you have a Catholic priest on speed dial.

This book about the Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren tells a lot about modern demons and the dangers of summoning. I recommend reading this.

I will say again, do not summon a demon. They are not something one should joke around with. They are malicious beings and will cause you harm.

Edit: It describes how people summoned demons in the book, too. It says many times over why you shouldn’t.

If a pregnant woman did drugs before the placenta was formed (8th week of pregnancy), would it affect the fetus? If yes, how?

A lady who smokes takes in toxins, for example, Oxycodone[1], nicotine and carbon monoxide (similar gas that leaves an auto's fumes pipe). These toxins get into the placenta, which is the tissue that associates the mother and the child before it is conceived. These toxins shield a baby from getting the sustenance and oxygen it needs to develop. Smoking is related to pregnancy inconveniences, early menopause, and decreased fruitfulness. Ladies who smoke amid pregnancy increment the danger of unsuccessful labor, stillbirth, unexpected labor, low birth weight babies, ectopic pregnancies (embedding of the developing life outside of the uterus), and baby demise. Tobacco use amid pregnancy moderates the development of a hatchling, particularly in ladies who smoke more than 1 pack for every day. Newborn children are additionally more inclined to bite the dust from Sudden Baby Passing Disorder (den demise) if their moms smoke. Second-hand smoke from other individuals additionally influences a pregnant lady and her baby. Read more about drugs effects, Visit Carenician.com


[1] How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Your System or Urine – Carenician

Is the syntax used in Django intuitive as the syntax used in Python?

Django is a python library. So, mostly yes. There are just a few exceptions. First is Django ORM, which you can learn in a few days, but this part is not very obvious, mixing relations and boolean operators together. The second one is database fields in Django models. From the first look, models look like normal classes, but each field has its own setter and getter. For example, Datetime model field can receive text value but returns datetime object.

How effective is mail marketing in B2E?

B2E mail marketing is a major factor every employer and corporate gives importance theses day.

Understandably, when people think about marketing, they think about external marketing – marketing to potential customers.

But, no business can afford to forget to actively and regularly market to it’s own employees. I’m not sure why business owners and leaders don’t see the importance of marketing to their employee base, but it’s often either completely forgotten or it’s one of the smallest line items in the budget.

Why is marketing to your own employees so important? Who usually interacts with your clients? It’s not you. It’s not the CEO. It’s the front line employees. Typically, the employees who are paid the least and told the least – interact with your customers the most.

So, to your customers – those employees embody your brand. How confident are you that those employees even know what your brand is, let alone how they should communicate it?

Here's five ways you can consistently market your core messages to your internal team.

  1. Mission, vision, and values: Companies often communicate these values incorrectly to employees. They’re either too long, too full of jargon or so full of clichéd words that they are ineffective. If every employee can’t understand and recite them from memory — they aren’t going to do the job. Your vision is what the future looks like because you do what you do best every day. And your values are the guiding principles or beliefs that set the tone and boundaries for the work you do.

2.Employee handbook/orientation: What you deem important enough to include in your employee handbook and orientation speaks volumes. Don’t just talk about the functional aspects of the job. Talk about their role in the company and how they influence and communicate the brand. Also take the time to tell them how the brand came to be and give them some tangible examples so they can begin to connect in a real way to the ideals of the brand.

3.Employee recognition and reviews: If it matters enough to you to make it a part of an employee’s review or in the way you reward employees – they’ll understand that it must be pretty important. When you recognize an employee for something specific in front of the entire team – believe me, they take notice.

4.They should see everything first: Most employees see their company’s new brochure, TV spot or website the same time the general public first views it. I’ve seen many a retail employee get blindsided by a coupon, special offer or sale that they didn’t know anything about. Make a commitment that you’ll find a way to give your employees first viewing rights to all your marketing materials. Otherwise, they rightfully feel like an after thought.

5.Tell them the whole story in real time: Usually employees hear about a great marketing initiative after the fact. They hear about the record sales or huge product demand once the consumer has reacted. Instead – unfold the story as it is happening. Tell your employees about the research and development discoveries. Show them the early comps of the packaging.

Not keeping your employees in the loop is a little like buying an ad in the local paper or trade publication – and then not filling the space with anything. Your employees are going to interact with your best customers and most promising prospects.