What is smaller than a proton?

There are many elementary particles and mesons smaller than a proton, but a proton is the least massive baryon. Some examples of particles smaller than proton: electron, any neutrino, and kaons.

If a bartender sees that someone is overly drunk do they refuse to give that drunk person more alcohol or not, and why?

It is the law in all of the United States to refuse service to someone who is visibly intoxicated.
Bartenders go through training to teach them the warning signs of intoxication.
Responsible bartenders will refuse service to someone in that condition and try to make sure that they get home safely.
There are bartenders who are irresponsible and will continue to serve someone even though they are obviously intoxicated.
I always try to offer alternatives to alcohol, such as coffee, juice, or water and I will buy them food if it will keep them off the road.
A bartender can be held legally responsible for damages that intoxicated people cause. Here are two examples of what can happen:
Tulsa Man Hit And Killed By Two Cars, Bartenders Charged With Over Serving
Bartender sentenced to jail for serving drinks that led to fatal DUI crash

How could the UP election result affect the Indian Rupee value?

With BJP coming out to be victorious in the recent held state election it not only strengthened its presence in the upper house( Rajya Sabha) but it also showcased its strengthened to all the smaller state parties that if you are not with us we will destroy you.

This in turn will help BJP to pass most of the bill in both the houses at their disposal, bring in the multinational companies to their confidence and making them trust the Indian economy with their investments. Hence there will be a huge inflow of foreign currencies which in turn will boost the Indian economy. Hence the Indian Rupee will become more stronger which is evident after the UP election result.

Rupee has been strongest since last 1.5 yrs after the March 2017 election results.

How can we determine a main sequence star from its spectral lines?

I’m going to start this explanation with the assumption that you understand the basics about spectra (how they are formed, what they tell us, etc). If that assumption is wrong, please let me know.

So, spectral lines are broadened in a variety of ways. One source of spectral line width broadening is pressure. In a higher pressure environment, there will be more collisions between particles, and the lines will become broader.

What does this imply? Well, if we compare two stars of different masses, the more massive star will have a stronger force of gravity. More gravity means higher pressure in the star, and higher pressure broadens the lines. The result is that more massive stars have broader spectral lines.

Now, knowing both peak wavelength and mass, we can determine if this is a main sequence star or not.

What does one do with the furniture during a temporary move?

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Why do Western people come to India for treatments?

India’s modern and high-end technology are available at lower costs than in western countries. Rich cultural diversity and a health care structure that works for every seeker – local or international – has contributed to treatment costs far lower than the US and the UK.

On an average, the cost savings for treatments ranges from 60-90 %. India is famous for its Dental treatments with 90% savings. Apart from this, other treatments like hip replacement and spinal fusion is also a major cost-saver in India. The hip replacement procedure that starts from $24,000 in US is available from $6,300 in India. Spinal Fusion surgery cost which starts from $62,000 in US is available from $5,500 in India.
The availability of advanced technologies has been an important factor for medical tourists to choose India. The internationally recognized hospitals in India have invested a lot in the supportive technologies needed for medical treatments. Several state services like Cardiac surgeries, provides of the art equipment have been installed in hospitals which Neuro surgeries, cancer cure and all other complicated treatments. India maintains its high-end healthcare system with 22 hospitals having JCI accreditation, which is a good number on a global scale.
India has the largest number of doctors and paramedics – 3.37 million. Many have established their world-class credibility. With 50,000 doctors graduating each year, the competition for best quality has risen.There is little to no wait-time for medical treatments in India, as hospitals have dedicated beds for medical tourists. Visa can be got on arrival, the option available for people from 180 countries.
Among other medical tourism destinations, India has the largest number of English-speaking citizens. The hospitals even have translators for the convenience of medical tourists.
There are many medical tourist who travel for fertility treatments. Sperm and egg donations are considered illegal in some countries but are available in India.

Cardiology in India:
India is a top choice for cardiac surgeries because of its success rate of over 98% that is higher than the US and the UK.

Orthopedics in India:
India has over 15,000 accredited orthopedic doctors work with several physical therapists and wellness coaches to arrive at surgical or non-surgical solutions to problems.

Cosmetology in India:
Specialists with years of experience and state–of–the–art hospice infrastructure makes India one of the 10 top choices for cosmetology treatments at prices 60 – 90% cheaper than in the western countries.

Organ implants in India:
The Indian Transplant Registry is a website where the profile of donors and recipients are stored to facilitate legal organ transplants. Over 70% of organ transplantation surgeries performed in India are successful.

Dental treatment in India:
Dental treatments are one of the most chosen treatment options in India because the treatment period is usually short and painless to enable sightseeing. The success rate is over 90%.

Ophthalmology in India:
The All India Ophthalmic Society conducts regular conferences to discuss new advancements in technology. The ophthalmic treatments in India boast a high success rate globally and the cost of the surgery is much lesser than it is in Western countries. Treatment for Pediatric ophthalmic diseases are available at nearly half of the treatment cost in the USA.

Fertility treatments in India:
India is one of the top global destinations for fertility treatments because of its infrastructure. There are over 500 centres treating fertility disorders.

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What are the subjects taught in first year at SIMSR PGDM CORE?

  1. Second Trimester Time table
  2. Third Trimester Time table

We have three trimesters in each year. Couldn’t find the first trimester’s timetable, but it would be very similar to of the second one.

This was two years back. Subjects might have changed last year and might again this year.