Assuming that every eligible voter in the US casts a vote, what minimum percentage of those voters can get someone elected as president?

22 percentage

Let’s assume there is only two candidates that gets any votes, just to make it more simple.

The electoral college ensures that the total amount of votes really isn’t that important; as we have seen both in 2000 and 2016.

What’s also important to understand is that the small states gets a certain advantage in the electoral college, since the amount of electoral votes a state has is decided by the amounts of representatives the state has in both the House of Representative and the Senate.

This means that since every state has two representatives in the Senate. The consequence of this is that a vote in states such as Vermont and Wyoming ultimately matters more than a vote in California.

Enough of that, let’s go on to the states.

The smallest state is Wyoming. Candidate A only needs one more vote than Candidate B in order to win – and that’s exactly how much Candidate A is going to win by. Candidate A gets 292 751 votes and wins Wyoming and the states’ three electoral votes.

Next on the list is Vermont. Candidate A wins 312 298, and just barely beats Candidate B. In an extremely close race, Candidate A beats Candidate B in all of the 38 smallest states, plus North Carolina, securing Candidate A 270 electoral votes.

What’s interesting about this election is that Candidate B won California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington. Those states weren’t close; every single voter voted for Candidate B.

When the results are coming in, it’s quite early made clear that Candidate B is projected to win about 78 % of the votes.

The Candidate B camp is cheering. With such a large landslide, B has written history. He runs up to the podium and holds his victory speech. The party on Candidate B’s camp continues, and suddenly someone notices that Candidate A is projected to win 270 electoral votes.

There has never been a night with more fingernail biting in the history, and when the final vote is counted in North Carolina, it’s clear that the winner is Candidate A, with only 22 % of the votes and an extremely slim majority in the electoral co

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