Lord Krishna is in everyone in this beautiful world. If he is in us, in animals, in you, and in me, then why do people search him only in temples? Why do people build such big temples when he is the creator of this beautiful world?

Yes he is in every one in this world. He is present in every atom of this world and in every one’s heart.

So if Krishna is in every one then certainly he is in deity of temple also. And that deity is direct personal aspect of krishna which is very easy to understand and so we are able to connect with god. If you just see the all thing around us then you will perceive that thing not god .Suppose if you see tree ,you will think about tree,if you see bird ,you will think about bird and so on. So in all these cases you are not able to perceive god directly. Although if you learned the scriptures like bhagavat geeta then you can remember god by seeing all these thing but still you will perceive that material aspect also.

But what about when you see deity of god in temple. Immediately you think of god and connected with god. The devotee who has developed love for god , just by seeing deity they connected with god. And also in temple there are many person , who is there for same purpose to connect with god so you can associate with him and discuss with them and learn from them. This is not possible at all places. In temple i think there are more pure and spiritual atmosphere than any other places . That prasadam, that hyms, that bhajan, that arati and all other things. There are very positive energy so to connect and feel god , there are suitable place.

In short i can say , in temple all the spiritual energy is activated while on other places, it is deactivated or less degree of activation .

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  1. Any mammoth structure attracts the attention of a common man. The gigantic temple buildings also make a pilgrim humble before entering the temple. The Kingdom of the Lord is for the humble and meek. Hence it is necessary to cut down ones own self esteem before coming in front of the Lord who is the Supreme Personality.

    Temples serve as a cultural centre for overall growth of the society by hearing of and training in applying the Vedic value system. Every day there would be hari katha, bhajana and prasada distribution in the temple. These things have practically stopped in the traditional temples now.

    The grand temple structure were not built by extensive effort from the brahmanas to fill their pockets, rather they were personally built by the Kings. Most of the temples in Tamil nadu were built by the Pallava, Chola and other Tamizh kings. Hoysala and Vijayanagara empires built temples in Karnataka. Similarly the Rajput kings built numerous temples in Jaipur, Vrindavan and Kashi. The list is quite long. Since it is built off state exchequer, and substantial budget is earmarked for such expenses, public money is not pilfered.

    The saints are not bothered about building big temples. In fact the shastras condemn a sadhu who is running after building such monuments.

    In Vrindavan, Sri Rupa Goswami was requested by a King from Jaipur to guide him build a temple in the holy Dham. Sri Rupa Goswami encouraged the wealthy monarch in temple construction and eventually got built a 7 storeyed temple of Sri Radha Govinda in Vraja. Astonishingly, he didn't even stay there for a night, he used to live under a tree! (different tree each night).

    Although Krishna is in our heart, our senses can't perceive Him. We need a form made of matter that is tangible to our senses. Hence the Deity made of stone, wood or metal appears in a form whom we can render service and advance in spiritual life. If we are so advanced to see Krishna in everyone's heart, we will worship everyone's body as the Lord's temple. Not possible now- If we are chased by a ferocious lion and hallucinate that it is nothing but the Lord's temple, then our own temple will be demolished by the hungry beast!

    Lord Krishna says that by intense advancement in spiritual life, the practitioner becomes a Pandita- one who sees a dog, dog eater, a sannyasi and an out caste, all with equal vision. Hence we cannot emulate this advanced stage of Paramatma realisation, but remain a neophyte and serve the temple deities.

    The same Lord in the heart is Manifest in a perceivable form for us in the temples. There is no difference. Please visit the nearest temple and seek the blessings of Sri Radha Krishna.

  2. Hare Krishna,

    You are right that Lord Krishna is not limited to the deity in a temple. He is everywhere and He is in everything.

    To experience presence of Lord Krishna everywhere and in everything is the highest level of meditation or Samadhi. Shrimati Radharani is the personification of Mahabhava and she perceives Lord Krishna in such a way. She is the supreme manifestation of Bhakti. She is not an ordinary soul. She is the direct expansion of Lord Krishna.

    A jivatma or soul who is completely pure and spotless can also experience presence of Lord Krishna everywhere and in everything. Such souls are nitya siddha devotees of Lord Krishna. They are free from faults like envy, lust, greed, anger, fault finding.

    Humans like us are generally not capable of perceiving Lord Krishna everywhere. We have many faults like anger, lust, envy, greed. For us the scriptures have recommended construction of temples and installation of deity form of Lord Krishna so that we can practice devotional service and purify our mind. By visiting temple, seeing the deity, offering obeisances, listening to Hari Katha, Hari Kirtan, asking questions to knowledgeable devotees, getting guidance and answers, and doing physical service slowly our consciousness gets spiritualized and purified. Then the devotee does not need a physical place like temple to focus on the Lord. An advanced devotee perceives Lord Krishna everywhere.

    To reach this ultimate state of Krishna consciousness, we need temples and deities as a starting point. Afterwards everything becomes a temple and Lord Krishna will be before our eyes at every moment.

    If you are sure you are able to perceive Lord Krishna at every moment and in every situation, then you don't need to visit a temple. You have become completely pure and faultless. You have achieved the ultimate goal of Human life.

    So ask yourself this question and get an honest answer from your mind. Can I see Lord Krishna everywhere? Am I free from all faults like lust, anger, greed? Am I completely pure?

    If the answer is no, then you need a spiritual school like temple. Go there, ask questions, do service, listen to hari katha, meditate on Lord Krishna. It is a facility provided to achieve Krishna consciousness. Use this facility and uplift yourself to the highest level of Krishna consciousness. This is the real success of Human life – To become a pure and faultless devotee of Lord Krishna and to meditate on Him in every single moment.

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

    Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

    Hare Rama Hare Rama

    Rama Rama Hare Hare

    1. Yes , he is in everyone . You know this , there is a materialistic knowledge inside your mind that he is in everyone . So you claim this . But you can't feel this . Only an enlightened soul can feel this .

    A beautiful example :

    You know that God is in everyone …….

    Let's take a situation :

    You are walking on a road . All of a certain , a person comes in front of you and slaps you hard without any reason (Just for fun ). What would be your reaction ? Most of you must be thinking to reply him in the same manner .

    Where does your knowledge goes ?

    You know that the person in front of you is lord Krishna (in him) . And what you did . Slapped back .

    There are many good people who might not slap back. But they will definitely abuse them or call them mad .

    So what if I ask you then , why did you slapped /abused Lord Krishna ?

    (The fact : He is always within you until you find him , when you find him , He and you will become one . This oneness will lead you towards nothingness and thereafter Moksha.)

    2. No , everyone does not only search him in the temples . They also worship him at their home . And some peoples also worship him within themselves.

    3. People build huge temples to show faith in him . (The most common answer )

    Actually god does not needs temples. We need it . If there will be no temples then we will slowly start to deattach ourselves from God . If one is is in need of help , who will help him . A common person in this world still thinks there is one , who is watching everything , He will manage everything and sleeps with a new hope for the next day.

    Old peoples still go to gossip with their friends in temples while on the evening walks .

    Children still worship god for a good result before the declarations.

    This keeps the faith alive .

    Suppose , all of a certain all the temples of the world disappear and you cannot build up new buildings . Then just after a hundred years or so, it will not be a special case when a child will not even have an idea to the question : Who is Krishna ?

    This is why we need temples ?

  3. In olden days there were no temples , so how did sadhus medidated on the lord ? No temples means no deities , it's because they had lots of mental strength .

    In srimad bhagavatam Krishna says to uddhava , dear uddhava if you want to concentrate or medidate on me , just see me once or imagine about me once and close your eyes for sometime , and see me inside your heart, then again open your eyes concentrate on me through your eyes and then again close your eyes , this way you will also see me inside your heart when you close your eyes .

    Now when he says concentrate on me with your eyes open means you see me in everything , trees , plants , animals , human beings , inside every atom. But in kaliyuga there is a lot of intoxication everywhere , concentration is very less , no mental strength, so it is difficult to concentrate on the beautiful form of lord , that is why Acharyas gurus sadhus through vedas establish vigrahas or deities of the lord and invite sakshat bhagavan through vedas to come inside that idol and bless everyone, so we all go to temple to get blessings and concentrate on the beautiful form of lord , sit with sadhus , listen to vedas , in short remove the rajas and tamas Guna and pray to lord that may we always get sadhu sangha and sattvik Guna.

    Jay Sri Krishna

  4. Not everyone goes to a temple. Those that want to go to temples go there.

    How do you worship Krishna in a dog, or fly, or your neighbour or shopkeeper? For sure the Lord is there in all of them, but how do you worship Him?

    This world is only superficially beautiful. One form of life is food for another and the different species are engaged in a constant struggle for survival. Their day is spent in finding food, and avoiding becoming food for another species. Being ‘out in the wild’ is only beautiful if the weather and conditions are nice. Being in thick jungle, arid desert, in the ocean, up a mountain, out on a moor, in a cave etc., is not beautiful for long if you don’t have all the man-made kit to make survival possible. If it was really so beautiful everyone would leave civilisation and move there.

    If anyone goes to a Krishna temple they don’t have to search for the Lord, He is standing right there in front of them, waiting patiently, pretending to be a statue, in case they want to come and see Him and do a little service for Him, or ask for a favour. How are you going to do that in a busy market or a crowded street?

    Not everyone can maintain deity worship in their own home, so temples are facilities to go and offer respects, and obeisances to the Lord, have His darsana and do some small (or large) service for Him. It puts a person into a better consciousness, uplifts them and renews their faith.

    Nowadays people don’t need to go to a concert to hear music, nor a cinema to watch a film, but still they do, because there is a better experience than doing them at home on a cell phone.

  5. You understood this.

    If you are P.hd in particular subject, why did you went to school? And now when you are P.hd, you realise that there were many things in school that actually meant nothing but you learnt it for support.

    Even in normal life, we do things for support which are actually not the part of real life.

    Now since you have understood what you have mentioned in question, you have went to next level, say college. But that does not mean School (here temples) should be closed down because you are in college.

    There are other batches who are following their time zones.

  6. He is in everyone but everyone is not Lord Krishna. Krishna is different and we are different. You cant have idea how krishna looks like by seeing everyone in the world. hence temples are required to know how lord krishna looks like, to worship him, to serve him, to attract people towards krishna, to participate in pujas, festivals, to chant , to sing, to dance with joy for krishna, to preach , to give spiritual lectures on gita and bhagavatam, to distribute prasadam, to associate with devotees , to learn spiritual facts, etc, etc. Obviously, all these things are not possible by seeing other people even if lord krishna is inside them, because they are not lord krishna but human beings.

  7. Hmm, Here you go:

    1. Paramatma/ Bhagvan/ Ishwar/ Krishna is there in you and everywhere, so there’s nothing wrong in building and finding him in temples because he is there in temples too
    2. Temples and matt were/ are just not for finding god/s but finding knowledge. In all ancient temples you will see
    1. Birds, animals’ curving at the level of Kids’ view
    2. War, arts, horse-riding etc to the level of teens’view
    3. Kaamsutra/ sex curving to the level of youngsters’s view
    4. Ramayan/ Mahabharat story above of all these for elderly people
  8. Vaastu/ Architecute of temple ease you from disease and stress (Psychology)
  9. Temples and mutt are great place for science, space knowledge too
  10. If there’s no requirement of any of above benefits or you obtained all these knowledge you just find god by below paths without visiting temples

    1. Yoga
    2. Dharma
    3. Karma/ Deeds/ Kayak/ work/duty
    4. Daan/ Social service
    5. Jap/ Tap
    6. Nasik/ Atheism

    Finally, Sanatana Hindu Dharma has given you a great freedom in a Democratic way to choose your path for search of god

  11. The truth is if someone tells you a place is haunted and 10 people say the same you will feel that place is actually haunted even if there's nothing negative about it. If wind blows you feel like something is weird or it's a spirit . If a person tells you that there's something positive about this place and it's a holy place you will go there and feel the same even if it's not . You will feel everything good will happen in your life you'll think that maybe this is true. A temple is actually the same , it's a building in which people believe that this is where they can meet god . Yes, god is everywhere and he is watching us because everything in the world is design in such a way that one thing is related to another. We eat plants and we also grow , everything is organised in such a perfect manner and everything has it's own time . There is definitely something whether it's God or some power which we believe as god. Why is a body design in a particular way ? Why is the earth green on some parts and water on the other. Why aren't all places similar ? Why is there a desert in why is there coastal area ? Everything is designed in a particular manner which we as humans can't understand , our brain is not capable enough to think so much. Maybe there were humans who actually created all that but don't you ever feel that there is something more to it not just our brain is not just our thinking . I believe in god or some Power ( god )who has made the world like this. By building a temple, Church etc . people feel like they are visiting god. They feel protected in those four walls of the temple they feel like no one can harm them .

  12. It is true that lord is everywhere.

    We do namaste to people by thinking that lord is inside those people

    Doing namaste to people is not just enough to do devotion towards lord. Sometimes we blame people ignoring that they too act as per lord’s wish. Our mind will not accept this fact everytime.

    So there must be some midium which can make our mind to devote towards lord more.

    So there comes the idol. Idol itself is not lord. But it helps us to imagine lord’s qualitied and form. Temple creates an environment ,where people csn feel the presence lord more in that place.

    Its just like we are in dark room . You want sunlight to enter the room. You try to make hole on wall so that light can enter. You invested your time and energy to make hole in that particular place ,so you are seeing the light.

    Similarly, if you invest your time and energy ,deovtion .. at particular place ,you can convert a normal place to holy place.


    1. Dark room is entire world.
    2. Place of the hole is temple
    3. Light is lord
  13. Krishna Talking about atma(Soul) which is required to live. Hence he said I am everywhere. So atma is glass of water where atman is ocean, so if we achieve moksha then we will merge into supreme soul.

    People does not search krishna in temple, and nobody can find it. Temple is for peace, for reminder of god, to know god characteristics.

    If any hindu people think they will pray to krishna and he will give you everything then it’s false. Now a days new temple are money making machines.

    There is lot of story in our hindu scripture which says if any farmer chant god name only three times in day and narad chant god name every time, then still that farmer is great devote of vishnu compare to narad.

  14. Because people are dumb and think that God exists only in religious places.

    I don't have anything against idol worship, because in hinduism, idols help give a shape and focus our energies better on the particular deity. We worship through the idol, but that's been saturated by centuries of idiocy and colonial/ Mughal rule.

  15. There are religions that profess that God doesn’t have a shape.. Still even they build huge places of worship-those who dont even believe in idol worship do it…

    Guess a community needs a place of worship for religious aura and to invoke religious discipline amongst its members…. As Ramakrisha paramahamsa said: For a normal man the thought of nirakar brahm is impossible..

    GOD is present everywhere but we need a place to feel him.. Like even after hearing the story or watching Camrip why do u still go to a theatre to watch a movie..

    Even though u believe God is everywhere.. U can never feel him everywhere.. When u look at ur mom u see only mom instinctively.. NOT Krishna.. That is impossible.. Same with ur friend or enemy or dog or tree or porn or faeces or prostitute or scenary or traffic or any other bullshit.. It is only when u go to a temple u can see Krishna in each and everything in life.. Rest of the time n places u have your own life to live..

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